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April 2009

For lovers of classic motoring

10 essential items to keep in your car

The global recession in full swing This years Knysna car show Determining the market value of your classic

The Buick

Anything you could ever want to know about this vintage Super Star


May 2009

For lovers of classic motoring

Top 10 classics of all time

The battle between the Beetle and the Mini

Collectors from all around the globe

Bio-fuel , the environmentally friendly alternative?

The Beauty of the Bentley


June 2009

For lovers of classic motoring

10 tips to maintain the polish on your body

How to make your classic work for you

Classics in the movies Finding the best place to store your Classic

Spyder 356 Taking a look at the bite behind this bad boy


For lovers of classic motoring


Building a collection to be proud of

tips to gage whether or not you’ve got racing blood in your veins Living a movie star lifestyle with the help of your classic

July 2009

The annual Australian car show

Classic car racing Taking a closer look at the sport that’s taking South Africa by storm

Classic Magazine cover options