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1: I had a dream I was 21. Like I had just turned 21. So I went to a bar, and the cops kept harassing me, asking me for ID and shit. And for some reason a drug dog sniffed me 2: That's a really weird dream (2 leaves) 1: I'm going to do laundry 3: you seem to do laundry more efficiently than most people 1: that's cause I do it the same day every week

2: did you eat pancakes last night too? 1: last night? 3: no he wasn't there. jessica made pancakes last night 3: I tossed our room into the mix just alright? 2: I just swallowed a whole thing of beef, it was all in my throat...anyways 3: yeah, all those guys were trying to figure out where to live so I threw our room into the mix 1: yeah what'd he say 3: he wasn't too into it 3: kyle came with us, he made a deal 1: is he really living with us 3: well he better 3: he's gonna live with ryan in the basement 1: needs a big space 3: and because ryan doesn't care about where 2: it's got a basement? 3: 3 story townhouse 1: living room, kitchen, upstairs is 2 bedroom, utility room, and a bathroom 2: awesome 1: we might have a deck 2: ryan said you have like a porch, patio type deal 1: it was pretty interesting to see their arguments. my main argument was we have an organ and call of duty 2: yeah (something about females living with them) 3: that was my main thing against both of them. and ryan

1: girls are weird cause they have like feelings and shit 3: but they were like we'll cook for you, wer're both good cooks you guys have like 4 think about it, jesse was thinkging for like 4 minutes, I was like think what do you have 4 of 1: even better than the topless chef 3: nah I think we're gonna have that anyways. especially during the 3: didn't cody ask us to remind him to not cook with his shirt offf? oh it was not cook anything with grease with his shirt off 2: the first time I met himn he was like "don't fry bacon naked, it burns" 3: my house said we're going to have mandatory nightly dance parties


overheard in Edmondson Dining Room