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Bunny Spoons

You'll need: Wooden spoons, paintbrush, paint, googly eyes, black pen, coloured felt, craft glue, white sticky labels, ribbon

1. Give the spoons two coats of paint and leave to dry.

2. Peel off the backing from the eyes and stick them on the back of the spoons.

3. Draw on eyebrows, eyelashes, a curved mouth and spotted cheeks. 

4. Cut out noses from pink felt. Make them fat T shapes with curved corners, about the width of your bunnies' mouths. Glue in place.

5. Stick sticky labels to the back of strips of felt. Cut out smaller inner and larger outer ears from these in different colours; glue together. Glue to the spoon from behind. 

6. Tie pretty ribbons around the necks of the spoons in a bow.