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like to rebel..

Model: Jo-Louise Dekker Photography

for teens that

Spirit Girls:


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Allan Amato Adhoskinsphotography Rod Trussardi Vizualography Bilacious Photography Linus Pettersson Astar picz

Photograph Front :

Main - Linus Pettersson Small - adhoskinsphotography Image Below: Model: Emma Summer Photography: DRW Images

Editors Intro: We l c o m e all you Spirit Ad d ic ts to 2013! ! Unluc k y f or s o m e bu t this ye ar Teen Spirit is going to e xp lod e ! S o w ha t do e s t h a t m e a ns.. More Ink!..More B a b e s !. . M ore Fa s hion a nd j u s t m ore o f what w e love t o sh a re w ith y ou! P ure S p ir itne s s! E n q uirie s?. .Con tact us: teen s pi r i t m agaz i n e@l i v e. co. u k L o ve

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Model: LuxBot Lacheln Hair: Girard DeMuro MUA: Sabina Chowaniec Styling: Jen Deveroux Costumes and animal heads provided by: Easleys Fun Shop Photographer: Tage Michael Photography

Photography by : Astar picz

Jade .. 201e3Get



Jade on s i l l A on s i l l A


of the e n O “Jade’s t inked up HOTteso have graced t babes it! Unreal!” pir Teen S

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the Startar with e New y! Insanely Jade F!!


Nam e Nick : Jade Allis nam on e: Base d: Lo Jadey ndon Age: 30



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Photography by Linus Pettersson

“Best c hat up l you’ve ine had?: A re you a parkin g ticket because y ou have got fine writt en all ov you! hah er a”

Giahi Tattoo & Piercing Campaign with Rico The Zombie

Favourite band?: Not a band but love jonny cash Classic Rock Lover or Heavy Metaler? Rock lover Favourite food?: Japanese Party animal or duvetmonster?: Party animal If you could take 3 things to a desert island what would they be?: My hubby, i love him, enough alcohol to last us a life time, id take a yacht if we love the island we can live on the yacht if its horrible we can sail the hell out of there.

Rod Trussardi Vizualography

?: n o i t e, a s r i e p e s t n l/I on nfident, v “Ido a t i is d s co

y idol i love, she d. She’s m y a g te I’d s rythin nd talene ue dance v e shes nspiring a rlesq r and u b m i sexy, rything fro e designe tum eve er done deling, cos en have h o ev leg!” y ing, m actress. I m n o an


e o o t t ta

de Blonshell

Bom M! OO




Photography by Bilacious Photography

If you were queen for the day what would you do? If i were queen id put millions of pounds into all my friends and families back accounts. Id throw a massive party nation wide and id ride and in my horse and carriage waving at all- must be such an ego boost haha Cats or Dogs?: Dogs 100% i have two frech bull dogs Skiing or Snowboard?: Never done either but id like to try both New era or Beanie?: New era Heels or High Tops?: Definatley heels

of ?: cared fter. s t s o ou m ever sleep a are y n W hat ovies, i can osts too h m g y f r o a Sc red lly sca lf ?: I’m rea ourse t of y r a p rite Favou y eyes ? m y m job I’d sa r drea I used u o y be job. dream would g to W hat eady did my ncer, gettin el a lr d a l i nd trav iona Well rofess us artisits a of my p a e rio to b time with va mzing t full perform was an a to doing tha ld my r k o c d n an the w ould go ba passio c i y If m . its life would, time i life.



“Why you love teen spirit ?: Teen Spirit has

everything i

love fashio n, inspiring women s and most of all


Photography by: Rod Trussardi Vizualography

fols i o h one w y r e v have e I . r e o f m s g Thank d supportin rojects p an lowing ew exciting tch this n wa lots of in 2013 so e to com . space xo

o x 3 < ade



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Model: Jo Louise Dekker Photography

Photography by: adhoskinsphotography

you y h W “ Teen e v lo ?: coz Spirit ture ea they f s like fit biredee!!!” meee

y k ec


Name: Becky holt Nickname: Bex Based: Birmingham Age: 25




he t f t ce o a s e e gr ! n â&#x20AC;&#x153;O tt to et ho abes plan olt n b is H he up y h k t c re t ked Be mo in eck is st a ! ch !â&#x20AC;? ju be ut ba r o he

n Holdoour.. to yches crot ys! Bo

Keep Connected

with Becky!

“If you were queen for the day what wo uld you do? Probably sit on the thrown n aked and have nak ed female butlers feeding me treats! ”



y Beckff Bu t! Aler

Favourite band?: Arctic monkeys Favourite food?: Nandos or Wagamamas Party animal or duvetmonster?: Partyyy If you could take 3 things to a desert island what would they be?: My iPhone my eyebrow kit and my dildo!! Idol/Inspiration?: Tank girl! Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been my fave ever since I was a little girl! So much so I had her tattooed on me! Cats or Dogs?: Dogs!

year e h T . . 2013 ck Holt Be ver the o takes UK!

Skiing or Snowboard?: Snowboarding New era or Beanie?: Beanie although I do collect SnapBacks I have like 50 Heels or High Tops?: High tops

te.. t e n u r B eyes.. Blue GoD! My

What are you most scared of?: People with massive gums! Or awful teeth! Favourite part of yourself?: Right arm! What would be your dream job? I’m doing it baby!!



t ch

line y at up

had? ou’ve : Get the van! in ”

â&#x20AC;&#x153;What do you want to say to all your fans ?: please st op sending m e pictures of your cock s!â&#x20AC;?

y Beck x x x 3 <

Nike Air Force 1 Downtown nrg


Model: Jessi Anne Steve Squall Photography


The Dolls Day Out

The Dolls Day Out

Photographer: Adam Truszkowski MUA: Bombshell Beauty by Yolanda Hair Stylist: Vanessa Ripoyla Models: Lindi Hop Kimber Olson Lauren Perry Apparel:

A designer and artist by trade, Zhijun Wang‘s affinity for Nike Basketball sneakers, along with his penchant for unique creative projects and access to state-of-the-art tools, have all allowed him to create some truly dynamic sneaker customization in recent years. Though its Wang’s ability in utilizing his designs as a story telling medium, like his Air Force 1 “30th Anniversary & Year of Dragon” Gold Bespoke, that really set the Beijing-base creative type apart from his peers. This week, Wang finalized his latest work, the Nike Air Force 1 “AF1 Year of the Snake” Custom in celebrating the upcoming Year of the Snake. One of the dopest sneaks we’ve ever seen!

Model: Emma Kate Dawson Dekker Photography

Model: Ruth Vaquerizo Photo & Design: Pedraxas Photography





Photo: Allan Amato, HMUA: Jeremy Austin, Dress: Collective Chaos



screams out pure ultimateness.. just check out this babe and be in awe!”



n i r o l U x e V f One o est FF the BUon the Babes net! pla

Nam Nickn e: Ulorin Vex ame: T Fox. Te he Vex. chnico lour Based pigeon girl. the yea : I spend ha lf r in Lon half in don an Los An d Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m from geles. But Newca stle. Age: 2 5

Photo: Allan Amato, Hair/MUA: Ulorin Vex, Outfit: Westward Bound

on WalkWild the !


uld “If you co hings t 3 e k a t ert to a des at island wh ey would th creen, s n u S ? e b pe to o R . m u r iant lash to g make turtles to pe.” my esca KRISTINA LABAHN | 23 | LONDON ULORIN VEX | 25 | NEWCASTLE

Favourite band?: I hate picking favourites. My musical tastes are way too diverse. I’m listening to Queen right now though. Classic Rock Lover or Heavy Metaler? I lean a bit more towards Heavy Metal Favourite food?: The spicier the better. I have yet to meet anyone who can out-spice me! Party animal or duvetmonster?: I party hard and I rest hard too If you were queen for the day what would you do? Declare it a holiday for everyone and throw a free party Idol/Inspiration?: David Bowie and Cyndi Laupher.

Cats or Dogs?: I have 5 cats! I love dogs too though. Skiing or Snowboard?: I’ve never tried either (yet!). The only sport I’ve ever enjoyed is cross-country horse riding New era or Beanie?: I had to google New Era so I guess I should go with Beanie. ha.

Heels or High Tops?: High heels for parties and biker boots the rest of the time Best chat up line you’ve had?: People never use chat up lines on me.. I dunno why! They just get straight to the point.

! Unreaol be il-

tt It’s go o be this legal t ANE! INS

Photo: Allan Amato, Hair/MUA: Jill Fogel, Dress: Mother of London


lorin U y x e ra S nreal!” t l U “ yU l p Sim


abe This ibn’ the is kill e atm! scen e!



Photo: Allan Amato, Hair/MUA: Ulorin Vex, Outfit: Westward Bound

Favourite part of yourself?: I’m really grateful for my very clear skin What would be your dream job? I’m already doing it, I really love modelling! But I’d love to be able to turn my artwork into a profession in the future too.

“Why you love teen spirit?: It has a great fun, e h t colourful vibe!” all e t a i prec s if you p a lly do a u e k my r d h “I g n a ou

ort thr p p d u a s re y l l a actu !“ e ffl wa

3 < n lori


Photographer: Andy Watson Model: Cat B

Click to BuyApparel Photographer: Andy Watson Model: Emma Summer

Hiya Your Demise..For all the Teen Spirit readers out there tell us abit about yourselves. Hello, This is Stu from YD - I play guitar and the Old Man role in the band. The other guys are Ed on vocals, Tailby on Drums, Jimmy on bass and Oz on guitar. What genre of music would you put yourselves under? Honestly I could not tell you, it seems like there is a genre for every kind of style, and so much debate around those. But essentially we are a Hardcore Punk Rock band.

042 076

If you could collab with one person/ band who would it be and why? Not speaking for the others, but it would prob be someone like Hetfield from Metallica, or Paige Hamilton from Helmet, both massive inspirations for myself. A lot of the other guys would probably say some obscure hip hop artists or even One Direction, that would be an interesting mix ha ha! When you boys are jamming does the songs come naturally or does it take a while to really get the sound your looking for? I would say 50% comes from jamming, but there is always a basic Riff which leads to the finished song. We all write together, everyone’s input, it keeps it level and insures everyone is in to it. If you could plan your destiny where would you lead yourselves to? Playing on the Moon, touring with The Wyld Stalyns?

guna e r a !” oys b m e o s o e “Th 013! B 2 n i kill it

Any embarrassing things we should know? Ha, we don’t really get embarrassed, nothing really bothers us to that point, whatever goes really. If someone around us is, we all just kinda look at each other ha ha.

Hiya Your Demise..For all the Teen And what has been your career highlight to date? There has honestly been so many that its hard to pin point any exact highlight. We’ve toured all over the world, shared the stage with so many great bands and met so many awesome people on the way. I guess I would maybe say being friends with bands, that from my younger days were hero’s, is the main highlight. It’s still very strange to be in place where you can call them fiends.

Your favourite venue/place/festival you’ve played? The best venue in the world, hands down is The Underworld in Camden, its the perfect venue. It has no barrier, so it’s really intense and great for stage diving and getting involved. It’s like the spiritual home of hardcore in London these days to. Second I would say is Chain Reaction in Anaheim. We love festivals to, European ones always smash it and Download 2011 was a highlight for us.

Billionaire Boys Club Spring 2013 Start Up Collection

nt You doo be a needatire to be Billion club! in this

024 044

Since last August, Billionaire Boys Club has been focusing their energy on the Japanese market again by opening up a new flagship store in Tokyo. The opening represented a new start in Japan, with a handful of Japan-limited products filtering through its shop in the bustling shopping district of Harajuku. Billionaire Boys Club is gearing up for the New Year with a Spring 2013 Start Up Collection. All of the pieces are screen printed with their signature Pharrell Williams character, throwing up the famous hand sign. These items will be available exclusively at Billionaire Boys Club Tokyo starting Wednesday, January 2, 2013.

Model: Sofie Kneight Photographer: David Clic

o check t e v a h u o y “One brand r! Quality!” a out this ye

Anything Goes Apparel - One of UK’s Dopest brands to come


r search fo ’re on the e 2 1 w 0 d 2 n a m fro w 2013 eir game So it’s no e upped th d the one who’s v a h t a th brands we foun l! You god have thing goes Appare ues and my y n is A vious s e best.. from pre m done it th e rand! th r e emb ifferent b might rem they’re a totally d ear e is but this y have don Apparel pros e o to G k c edba ything ed What An nd drawn upon fe e produc da u! They’v o y en r expande m fo o s goodie en and w s, ie duce more e of clothing for m n a e b ng uch as a wider ra ore accessories s m as well as nd back packs. a ts n a p s l’ gir up and tepped it s e v a h ey hem tags e this th bels and la a n e Alongsid v o elp make custom w details h le tt included li s a rments on all ga rand! a super b to in brand

to you in 2013! Anything Goes Apparel sees their range changing and into a more positive direction from their old stuff. The attention to detail, quality in print and overall ideas have grown and grown and it’s all paid dividence when you see just how dope their products are! In Our Words..Simply INSANE! Coming in numerous colourations and made in women & mens stylerizations; Anything Goes have made sure no one is left out and that there is an option for everyone who comes to their stores. Customer satisfaction to the max! Click here to visit the store today!

ere H k c i l C out k c e h To C range the Y! TODA


FTC x intheyellow x Radio Eva Neon Genesis

Evangelion Collection The wide spectrum of collaboration projects compiled by Neon Genesis Evangelion is a testament of their popularity amongst all ages and all genders. Following up to the release of t-shirt collection with XLarge, Radio Eva, an official apparel company under the creators of the popular anime series, teamed up with FTC and intheyellow, producing these limited edition t-shirts and skateboard decks. The collection is divided into two parts, 1.0 and 2.0 designs, using the same graphics on the garments and boards. Scroll down below to preview the items, and these are available from FTC Tokyo online shop and flagship store in Harajuku.

e FTCga2r 013 hittin ime! BIGt

These sneaks are simply too insane! The colouration and model makes heck of a Nike!

13 in

Hit 20



Courtesy of Germany’s Asphaltgold, we get a better look at two upcoming styles of the Nike Air Base II VNTG, set for an early 2013 release. The colorways on offer — White/Black-Dark Grey-Court Purple and Black/Light Wild Mango/Varsity Maize/Imperial Purple — are wholly evocative of the shoe’s ’90s origins, featuring a subtle vintage treatment across the midsole for a distinct weathered aesthetic. The first ever re-issue of an unfairly overlooked classic, the Nike Air Base II VNTG opens the new year on a high note for retro runner fans.

Nikes e s e h T XT Are NE ope! D Level!



Lunar Force 1 Digi

Model: Bex Fisher Photographer: Will J Carman

Photo&edit: Bengt Moberg Model: Kya Wolfwritten MUA: Madame Noire


Adidas Originals JS Snow


Model: Emma Summer Photographer: Will J Carman

w Dr

es g I m a graphy

to Pho n o ats W y And 102

Photgraphs permissioned by Princess Flower (C)



“The Pr incess of Pink h tainly s as cereed become ed to one of the fin e ers on t st flowhis plan Phwooa et! r!”

uff! B & t Brigh tastic! Pink

Name: Princess Flower Nickname: Pinky/Fowler Based: London Age: 23

s s e c in

Hit It UP!

r P lower F

Favourite band?: Marilyn Manson Classic Rock Lover or Heavy Metaler? Heavy Metaler Favourite food?: Oooh toughy! Italian or Mexican. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll go with Italian. Party animal or duvetmonster?: Party animal! If you were queen for the day what would you do? Well asides from making sure everyone is living comfortably, I would change the Union Jack to be various shades of pink. There would be a National Princess Day where everyone dyes their hair pink and raves/moshes for the whole 24 hours and there would be latex uniforms for every profession would be mandatory, well, in the Winter months at least! Cats or Dogs?: I have a spiritual connection to the cat species...puuurrrr...


uld “If you co s hing take 3 t ert to a des at island wh ey would th musiA : ? e b 2 cats d n a n a i c ously.”

! OMGply Sim ! sane In


nson ing a M n ly i r a n? M anyth is

atio do “Idol/Inspir n. This guy cannot unique.” io d t a n ir a p t s n in e ig my yes. Intell e y m in rong


: ad? h e ou’vss as aand y e lin y dre o me t’...I p u t g in fanmc e up tspecialisg for a h hin ca an st c bin “Beas club a guy ‘Seam op laug I w lor and was a n’t st !” sai ed if i couldnutes ask uinely 20 mi gen next the

Skiing or Snowboard?: Snowboarding New era or Beanie?: New era Heels or High Tops?: High tops with heels, can I say that?! What are you most scared of?: Spiders, eek! Favourite part of yourself?: My dinosaur roar-like laugh because it makes other people laugh (or recoil in shock) each result makes me happy!

ove “Why you l : Hot teen spirit? re at, girls to sta thing lo c g in m o c up ine brands to p over.”

What would be your dream job?: Angelina Jolie’s personal trainer

ower fl s i h T fo has deed! Bloom 066

What do you want to say to all your fans?: Firstly, thank you for following my antics as I progress through life! It really means a lot when I wake up to sweet emails from you guys and especially when people say they are inspired to be themselves! Also, if you want something badly enough, use your intellect and you will get it. Whatever you do in life, do it with huge passion and soak up every experience like a sponge. Life is miraculous and fragile and we should always have that underlying thought in our heads. Even in the dark times, remember the darker the place you are in now; the brighter the place youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be in when you make it out. BOOM!


es c n i r P Love

xxx r e w o l F


Jam i e so n


Thesuetins Loubo ext are nvel! le

Christian Louboutin

Golfito Flat Souris Leather Sneaker Joining the spiked Roller Boat Flat Sneaker and the floral Rantus Orlato Flat Sneaker we previewed earlier today, French shoemaker Christian Louboutin continues with the Spring/ Summer 2013 releases with this colorful Golfito Flat Souris Leather Sneaker. When designing the typically conservative and formal wingtip, someone must have slipped something into the Louboutinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s drink as this sneaker takes a multi-colored turn for the best with two glossy leather options, a grey and a pink rose. These shoes are stylish and a complete step forward from the normal wingtip sneaker, but fashionable for any season with white midsole and matching laces. Retailing for $675, these are available now at Louboutinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s online store


Models: Kya Wolfwritten and Gita Bonebreaker MUA: Linda Avsikt Photo&Edit: Moa P


W o l f w r i t t e n K y a Model: Kya Wolfwritten Photo & Edit: Peter Gaudiano

All photographs permissioned by :Sara Devika

Favorite band: I listen to seriously everything in the world. My music taste begins with Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding and ends with Trapped Under Ice and More Than life. Classic Rock lover or Heavy Metaler: Actually both. I still enjoy listening to some old tunes, but I also donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mind listening to some heavier stuff from time to time! Favorite food: Definitely chocolate. Party animal or duvetmonster: Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m more of a duvet monster, love to stay at home with a good book, or just a guitar by my side!


londe b s i h T hell is s b m o b ure p % 0 10 fit! 074




a vik

If you could take 3 things to a desert island what would they be: That would be my Ipod, I can’t live without music, my leather jacket and a boat, so I can go home whenever I feel like. If you were queen for the day what would you do: Families with children wouldn’t have to pay taxes Idol/Inspiration: My mother! As long as I know her, she’s been mentally one of the strongest women I’ve ever met, she has showed me that nothing is impossible. Cats or Dogs: Cats! They’re always soft and cuddly

W hy

It’s o you n l I’ve e of the ove t een seen mos you t i don’ n a whil tasteful spirit othe e, It t ha mag : v a r a your people e to be lso sho zines w self, think a s confi have of yo fraid of that d wha best ent abo your on u. You t c ! ut it . It’s ly style an be and simp be ly ju st th e

New era or beanie: I don’t really wear any of those, but if I must choose, than I would be going for a beanie. Heels or High Tops: Heels! I’m always wearing heels! It’s kind of an addiction


“How much does a polar bear weight? Enough to

break the ice!”

Sexya! Sar m! Boo

one Sara isus babe

rio Myste ant to get you w ow! to kn


e, l f i l r ou y m rea ! d m a t â&#x20AC;&#x2122; e n r d Do your

o x o x ara



Model: Sofie Kneight Photographer: David Clic

Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Concept Rendering


Behind BMW and Audi in market share, Mercedes-Benz is hoping to shed its stodgy images with the new CLA-Class, somewhat of a cross between the new A-Class and BClass. Nimble enough to take on the likes of Audi A3 and BMW 1-Series, Mercedes will also be adding the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system along with a AMG performance variant. Scheduled to launch during the 2014 model year, the CLA will likely be making its debut during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Though the general consensus has the debut on a much earlier date at next monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Till the official unveiling, Auto Monthly happened upon a few leaked renderings of the anticipated vehicle.

Aztec G Snapback Caps

Acapulco Gold drops some heat from central Mexico to liven up this chilly winter season with a pair of Aztec G Snapback Caps. Beginning with the familiar dog bone-styled Acapulco Gold “G” logo, this 6-panel snapback brings some subtle tribal spice with a muted horizontal Aztec pattern wrapping around the entire cap. The first of your two choices comes with the oversized embroidered “G” on the front crown in white with a navy background print and a black brim while the second sees the G in yellow set against black with charcoal for the print and a navy brim. Both are finished up top with a cherry red crown button, which adds a nice touch of contrast, and an AG tag on the side. Each cap is constructed with a premium imported cotton yarn dyed especially for the look, providing ample strength for a cap that is sure to see a lot of use this season. Buy it now directly from the source at AG’s online store.


074 084

Model: Kimblee Photographer: David Clic


Model/MUAH: Andreyha Seraphin Photographer: Tage Michael Photography




Model: Jade Green Set by Photographer: Jason Perkins

Model: Cherri Pi Folly House Photography MUA - Kelly Odell


Model: Cherri Pi David Clic Photography HMUA - Samantha Lyann


Contact us on: (+44)7922219482 or Visit us at: Yorkshire Tee Studio, S1 Artspace Upstairs, 120 Trafalgar St Sheffield S1 4JT

Model|: Em m a S um m er P hotog ra pher : A n d y W a ts on

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