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Norman McNewman By Hattie

I would like to dedicate this book to Jamie and Allie Pashby-Rockwood. They are my best friends.


nce upon a time there was a big, bad frog who’s name was Norman

McNewman. Norman was a green frog with big, blue eyes. He had no wife, he just lived alone. He was very slimy and had brown spots running down his back.


orman lived in a very swampy forest. The forest was at the end of this

little town with a huge kingdom. In the kingdom there was a princess named Mia. Mia was the beautifulest daughter in the world and everyone wanted to be with her. She had long red hair and green eyes. Everything she wore was green. She was the daughter of the queen and king but she had no prince for her. The princess talked with her mother about not having a prince.


e’ll come some day sweetheart. You’ll just have to wait for the right

one.” Mia’s mother promised. So Mia just listened to her mother like she always did.


ack in the swamp, Norman decided to go for a long walk into the town

to see what was new. He grabbed his coat and was out the door. Norman walked through the forest and arrived at the town just before noon. It was Sunday so Norman was going to see the parade. He waited until twelve thirty and the parade started.


he first thing that came through the parade was a band playing

a tune that the frog had never heard before. Next was the king and the queen in a carriage followed by the princess. On the side of the carriage that the princess was in there was a sign that read in big red letters, IN NEED OF A PRINCE!


mmm. Norman thought. If I could get to be the prince, I could get

changed back into a human and take over the whole town. Everyone could do what I say and what I want. This plan is perfect. However, Norman kept a sinister smile walking away from the parade to go to the costume shop.


hen Norman got to the costume shop there was a sheep at the cash register.

“How are ya?” the sheep asked. Norman didn’t answer the sheep and just walked back to the mustache isle. Once Norman got there, he picked out a mustache in size “F” for frog. It was five cents. Norman put it in his bag and went on to the costume isle. There was a nice suit sized “F” for frog. He put that in his bag and went to the shoe isle. There were very nice, slick, black shoes.


might need a couple sizes up for shoes to make me look bigger. Norman thought.

Norman looked passed the “F” sized shoes to the third level up sized “P” for pig. Perfect size. He put them in his bag and went over to the cash register. Norman put his bag on the counter. “Hello, did you find everything ok?” the sheep asked. The frog nodded and watched the sheep scan everything through the scanner. “Paper or plastic?” “Uh. Paper please,” Norman replied. The sheep put his items in a paper bag. “A dollar fifty.” Norman handed her a dollar and two quarters and walked out of the store.


orman walked through the town and found a nearby restroom. He

walked in and changed into his new outfit. Norman walked to the other side of town to get to the kingdom.


t the kingdom, Norman walked up to the entrance. The

entrance was a beautiful rock wall of stones. Ten flags hung from the wall. Grass filled the outer edge of the kingdom while flowers bloomed right up against the kingdom walls. Two soldiers were rigidly standing next to the entrance. They were wearing blue suits with red on the tip of the sleeves. Norman didn’t think that they would move a muscle so he just walked right towards the opening. Unexpectedly, the soldiers put both of their rifles in front of Norman so he couldn't go by.


hat do you think you’re doing, entering the kingdom

without permission.” the chubbier one asked Norman. “I was wondering if I could speak to the princess.” Norman replied. “No one talks to the princess unless they have a scheduled appointment to meet with her.” the taller one clarified while kicking Norman across the field and into a pile of leaves.


ww, flies,” Norman raged to himself.

“People think that we fall for disguises like those,” Norman heard the faint voice of one of the soldiers speaking. “If I cannot get the princess by disguising myself, I shall go up to her window, like in all fairy tales,” Norman spoke to himself once again. So Norman got up, brushed himself off, fixed his fake mustache, and walked up to the princess’ window. The princess was surely there, watching the sun set. Norman tried starting with this. “Hello, Princess Mia.”


he princess looked down in surprise and just stared. She did not

say anything, she just stared. “I would like to ask for a hand in marriage,” Norman sang to the princess. “I don’t know you,” she exclaimed. “Oh but you will, you will.” Norman warned.


he princess was in shock and called to the guard waiting outside

of her room. The soldier walked into the room and shouted, “What is the meaning of this?� He pointed the rifle at Norman and before he shot the bullet, Norman hopped away. He walked into the woods and back to his house.


orman decided to go for a walk in the morning. He grabbed his

green and yellow plaid jacket and walked out the door. Norman walked through the misty, foggy air into the middle of the forest. While Norman was walking through the forest, he saw a red cape in the distance. Norman hopped faster towards it. Once he reached it, he realized that it was the princess.


ello,” the princess called. The frog looked at the princess in

disbelief, did she recognize him? The frog walked happily towards her. “Why hello,” Norman played along in a sad voice. “What’s the matter little frog?” the princess asked. “Oh nothing. Just that exactly one year ago I got changed from a prince into a frog,” Norman lied. “Oh well who would ever do such a thing?” the princess asked.


ell, the Fairy God Pig did this to me and the only way to

cure it is to be kissed by a princess as beautiful as you,� Norman flirted.


orman saw that the princess’ lips were already puckered up.

At that moment Norman pictured himself as a prince


orman didn’t even think, he just kissed the princess. All at

once, Norman turned back into a prince. “Hahahaha now the kingdom is mine, all mine!” Norman shouted evilly. “You tricked me!” the princess clarified.


es, I did,” Norman spoke with pride. “And now the kingdom

is mine!” Norman skipped away happily. “No, no,” the princess screeched. She laid down and started crying. Her tears fell on a nearby flower. But what the princess did not notice was that the flower was a fairy flower. All of a sudden, the Fairy God Pig appeared right before the princess’ eyes.


ho has come to seek the pig? Whether your problem is

small or big. I can help you out anytime. If you listen to this rhyme. I can only help with happiness and love. If you come from down low or up above. This magical flower is very near. To find some help it needs one tear.� The Fairy God Pig rhymed.


es, yes, yes I do need your help with an evil frog,” the

princess explained. “Hmmm. I could think of a rhyme for that,” the pig fibbed. “Get this princess out of this fog. And help her to defeat this evil frog.” Within an instant the frog fell from the sky with only his mustache on.


h thank you thank you thank you so, so much!” the princess


“You’re very welcome my darling,” the Fairy God Pig replied. Norman looked very, very angry but there was nothing he could do about it. He had been defeated. Norman just sat and wailed, “Aww, flies!”


’m sorry to say that the story ends here. But later on in life, the

frog found a new hobby of working for the Fairy God Pig. The Fairy God Pig and the princess became the best of friends for life. And as always they lived happily ever after.

The End

About the Author Hattie was born in Omaha, Nebraska. She lives in a great town. She has one sister, a mom, a dad, and a cat.

Norman McNewman  

A fairy tale written by a 6th grader

Norman McNewman  

A fairy tale written by a 6th grader