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Sarah and the bully

By Zahra

Sarah and the bully Chapter 1 Sarah is 10 years old. Sarah and her parents just moved to Paris to get a better life. When Sarah got to their new house all she could say was “Wow”. On Monday Sarah got up at 6:00 and got ready to go to her new school, she was excited and nervous. Her mum and dad had told her everything she needed to know about school. She was ready to go! The whole family said a prayer before Sarah got on the school bus. Before she knew it, it was recess and all of the kids went out to play. Sarah met two girls named Krystal and Katelynn. While the three new friends were playing on the monkey bars, Krystal and Katelynn ran away and Sarah was left hanging on the monkey bars alone. A girl came over to the monkey bars and said “Why are you still here?” Sarah said “Who are you?” , The school bell just rang. The girl said “Don’t ask those questions, its time to go back to school, I’ll deal with you after”. Sarah went inside then caught up with Krystal and Katelynn, “Why did you run away?” Katelynn answered “She is the meanest bully in this school!” Krystal then said”Let’s not talk about this right now, lets go to class”. Sarah got home and said a prayer of thanks that God kept her safe in her new school.

Chapter 2: Sarah and the secret passage

On Sunday, Sarah decided to explore her new room. She called Krystal and Katelynn and they came to Sarah’s house. The three girls looked around the room for something to explore then Sarah said “Oh yeah I forgot.....did you bring a flashlight Katelynn?” “Of course I did! I’m prepared for everything” Katelynn said with a smile. Soon they were in the closet, Sarah shone her flashlight in the closet and saw a little door. She tried opening the door and it opened! she went in and her friends followed. In the secret room there were lots of old things that worked. Sarah was shocked, so was Krystal and Katelynn. While they were looking around the room Sarah’s mum called them to have lunch. The girls ran out of the room and shut the door. But the girls didn’t know that they had a mission ahead of them.