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Meditations leads to Ultimate Flowering


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   Ma Prem Sutra   

Dec 11, 1931 - Jan 19, 1990

Jan 13, 1863 - Jul 4, 1902

Celebration of Samadhi              ! ""# $%        # &     %' ()*+, # -  %       $    .  % %        ,  ' $    .   .$   # /  $          0%   .$   #   $       .$ $  % .  $ # -   # %   ( $ %   $#

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Sufi Brij Mohan Lal 1898 -1955

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Osho never born never died simply visited this planet Dec 11, 1931 - to Jan 19, 1990

Nobody is going to be a successor to me. The very idea of succeeding was an idea borrowed from the royal families. Just as kings were succeeded by their eldest  )%          somebody would become their successor. I want to make a complete break. As far as I am concerned, you are all intimate to me. I can afford the intimacy of all of you, because there is no question of any succeeding. Nobody is going to be my successor. I want everybody to be a master unto himself. To be a successor is a little humiliating. It is against the dignity of an enlightened man. Neither has he anybody before him as his predecessor nor has he anybody after him who is his successor. He is alone, standing like an Everest; no one precedes him, no one succeeds him. His aloneness is a message to all who fall in love with him, that they also have to be alone. In your aloneness you are beautiful, pure. It does not mean that you have to renounce the world. It simply means that you don't have to belong to the world. You can remain in the marketplace, but just be a mirror, a witness, watching whatever is going on.     $  $        against the freedom of the individual to be a successor. It makes a spiritual experience almost like a treasury or a kingdom. It is neither. Nobody can succeed. Everybody has to be on his own, and that independence and the taste of that independence is so valuable that I want to bring a new kind of master and a new kind of disciple into the world. They are intimate in their love, in their trust, but they are not bound in any way - by any thread, visible or invisible. The master is himself, the disciple is also himself. And the function of the master is to prove to the disciple that to be oneself is the greatest glory in the world, the most splendorous thing.


Another year of mystical wonders and inner transformation. The past year saw the fruition of many of the projects of the production team. This year we hope to do even more and to bring many inner secrets of spiritual life to the aspiring and weary travellers along the mystical sojourn. We present this January issue as a tribute to the Samadhi Day of two

B        3 #       merged into the vast cosmic â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;atma-sphereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and dissolved into the being of the sincere seekers who sojourn along the pathless path. We hope this issue is received with the same enthusiasm and fervor as last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s editions. On behalf of the entire production team we take this opportunity to extend a rewarding journey on lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inner sojourn for the new dawning of higher consciousness.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I would like that what I am doing is not lost. So I am trying in every possible way to drop all those things which in the past have been barriers for the revolution to continue and grow. I don't want anybody to stand between the individual and existence. No prayer, no alone are enough to face the sunrise, you don't need somebody to interpret for you what a beautiful sunrise it is....â&#x20AC;?

Osho talks about when he leaves his body I love the Himalayas. I wanted to die there. That is the most beautiful place to die - of course to live too, but as far as dying is concerned, that is the ultimate place. It is where Lao Tzu #,  $  &  $  ) ) ) Moses died. No other mountains can claim Moses, Jesus, Lao -P) )    )   )  )-  )   ) -P) )    )   )  )-  )   ) and thousands of others.... I wanted to die there; and this morning, standing and looking at the sunrise, I felt relieved, knowing that if I die here, particularly on a day as beautiful as this, it is okay. And I will choose to die on a day when I feel I am part of the Himalayas. Death for me is not just an end, a full stop. No, death for me is a celebration.




is the very essence of finite existence overflows the essence of Naqshbandi Sufi Shakuntala Devi.

Keep your eyes slightly closed. Make yourself comfortable. It matters not what posture you choose. Choose the one that makes you comfortable. Only then you can move from the realm of the body and the mind to the realm of the being. Allow the music to sink deep within you. This is not merely music or the words. Through this flows the energy field of the master. Feel it deep within you as I take you on this eternal voyage. Each moment life presents different situations, circumstances and conditions. Certain are acceptable to human understanding while others are not. In all circumstances you choose to be unhappy. And to human understanding this is normal while to a meditator it is not. In all circumstances you choose to be unhappy. This is not your essential nature. And slowly and slowly this becomes your musculature. And your entire life centres on this unhappiness. Be aware of this situation. Awake and arise! Therefore o Friend this is your right to ‘Choose to be happy!’ I teach you to be happy under all circumstances. Be it sorrow or pain or anything else always ‘Choose to be happy’! Life will begin to move in a new dimension. You will find this difficult in the beginning. I am here to bring an energy field that will help you make this beginning. And once you have consciously decided for this journey will begin. How long will you continue the saga of misery and unhappiness? Now is the time! To be happy is your choice and right. To be happy is a conscious choice only you can make. But in all situations you choose to be unhappy. Remember a happy heart is the door to the beyond, or door to the inner, or door to the being. You tend to be happy or unhappy because of the other or the circumstances.

No one chooses to be happy for no reason. A happy heart is filled with gratitude towards the WHOLE. To be happy is the greatest blessing. It unfolds a totally new unknown and unknowable realm. One Sufi Naqshbandi master Shakuntala Devi, always used to bless any one bowing to her by saying “BE ALWAYS HAPPY”. If you really decipher these simple words, these will manifest a totally new realm. When a master says something, the seeker needs to introspect on these words. The master can never be wrong or Shakuntala Devi – Spiritual Consort of unconscious. The very fact that he or she is a Sufi Brij Mohan Lal master implies now something has changed within. A master may look like you, but in reality he differs in his understanding of the cosmic phenomena and awareness. None of his actions are ever guided by unconscious. Even when he moves his hands he is totally aware of this. Let this be your meditation each moment. A new meaning will unfold in life. Serenity, blessedness will engulf you. Only then it can be said that you are living in the image of a master. Then something of the master, his awareness, his understanding, will be part of you as blessing. Awake and arise O mortal being! Immortality pulsates within you. Allow it to overflow. The overflow needs the door. A ‘Happy Heart’, a ‘Heart full of Gratitude’ is the door. And ‘Choose to be happy’ is the window. Through this window look at the existence each finite moment! A new meaning will arise.

HANUMAN - AN INSIGHT By: Pt. Mahendra Nath Maharaj Shiva Temple, 3000, NW 29TH STREHT, OKLAND PARK Florida, 33046 US

mhabIr ibnv^ hnumana ram jasu js Aap BaOaaNaa/ Thy existence narrates thy being, thy presence!

Birth and the family of Hanuman: Many stories and anecdotes are there to relate to the birth and the family of Hanuman. Shiva Purana, Bhavishya Purana, Vayu Purana, Padm Purana, Valmiki Ramayana, Anand Ramayana, Mahabharat all give separate anecdotes about the birth. Siva-Sat explains that Anjana was the daughter of Sage Gautam. Skand Purana confirms this as well. Being the son of the king of monkeys Kesri Hanuman is

also known as ‘Kesri nandan’ – the young one of Kesri. Another source says Hanuman came as partial incarnation of Shiva. It is said that at the prayers of all gods and the inhibitants of the earth, Vishnu took the decision to incarnate as the son of the King of Ayodhya Dasrath. When Shiva heard of this he decided that he will also assume the human form as the eleventh rudra to serve lord Vishnu in his cause. You may wonder how Shiva could take this partial incarnation. This happens if you are aware of the cosmic phenomena. Also the medical science has used the DNA test to know of the parentage of the child. When an individual is enlightened he can choose all such things. All options are open to him. When the Absolute consciousness chooses to assume the human form then the entire sequence of events take place in accordance with role that such a consciousness has to play in the evolution of human consciousness. It is something like a play. It is the story writer that chooses the MEDITATION TIMES

role for each character. And when the roles are decided upon then the director chooses the actors for various roles and thus conducts the entire play according to the script. It is said when Vishnu choose to assume human form as the son of Dasrath then the entire cosmic play came into existence. At the command of Prajapati Brahma all gods and gandharvas were asked to assume form as monkeys and bears. It is in this sequence of events that Shiva also chooses to assume human form as Hanuman. Shiva took the decision. It is to be now decided as who will be his physical parents. Now you can see the entire sequence of events. Shiva has to come into existence as monkey. Who will be the parents? Because he has to appear as monkey! Naturally the parents have to be of the same clan. But Hanuman has to have the element of Wind God as well. For his role Hanuman needed the swiftness of wind. The mother has to be special one. In an ordinary womb such seed cannot be implanted. Gautam’s daughter assumed the role of Hanuman’s mother as Anjana. Anjana is female monkey. Kesari the king of monkey clan became the father. But in reality it is the decision of Shiva to manifest as the eleventh Rudra. And the seed blew because of the wind. And reached the womb of Anjana! Thus Hanuman is known as Shanker Suvan, Kesrinanadan, Anjani Putra, Pawan suta, and Maruti nandan. The wind god gave him the capacity to fly even faster than the wind. This became a tool in his role for Rama. An ordinary human consciousness cannot understand such cosmic planning. However once you attain to inner oneness then it becomes very easy to understand the entire cosmic play. You come to realize that world is the cosmic play. And each one of us is here to perform a specific role in the cosmic scheme of evolution. How Shankar assumed the form as Hanuman, Tulsidas in Dohavali sings. Thus abandoning the Rudra form Shankar manifested as Hanuman:

jeih srIr rit ram sae sae# Aadrih sujan rud deh tij bs s<kr _ae hnuman The body shall remain meaningless if it can be of no use for its beloved! Therefore Shiva out of his own Maya assumed the form as Hanuman to be the part of Divine plan for the establishment of dharma - righteousness and the protection of the virtuous and sage!!!

January 2009

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;EK OMKARâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; The Existential Sound: Omkar is the only existential sound. It was in the beginning of the creation. It will be in the dissolution of creation. Also it is nowhere! You will feel it deep within as the noise of the mind dissolves!


anak says that which is cannot be given any name. All names are given by man. Omkar is the only name that is not given by any one. Ram, Krishna, Allah are all names given by men of different sects. The only name that is not created is OMKAR. And why this name Omkar? Man is a constant chatterbox. Thought keep on floating on the inner sky. Constantly waves keep on appearing on the surface. When thoughts are no more! Waves have subsided and merged in the ocean, and you drown in your innerness, only then you can hear a mystical sound. This sound is uncreated. No one has created it. This is the sound of the existence. This is the echo of the existence. Omkar is the way of existence. This name is not assigned by anyone. Aum is not a word. This is the sound. Not only an ordinary sound, is it unique as well. Without any source, uncreated this remains hidden in the existence itself. All sounds are created by friction. A musician vibrates the strings of the instrument and thus creates a sound. This sound is created because of the friction between the strings and the finger. The river flows. A sound arises through the flow. This is the sound created when water strikes the shore. You sit by the waterfall. There is a sound. Water falls on the rock a sound is created. This is the sound of the waterfall. Breeze blows and rustling it passes through the leaves. Rustling is the sound created between the breeze and the tree leaves. We speak singer sings all such sounds are created because of duality. When all duality vanishes a sound continues to echo. This is the sound of Aum. Remember Aum is not a word. Each language be it, Hindi, Sanskrit or Gurumukhi has a special letter to represent this sound.


Science says electricity is at the root of the entire existence. Science revolves around the trinity of electron, proton, and neutron. Accordingly if you go on dividing the entire existence to reach the solitary unit then we obtain electricity or electric-energy. The ultimate search of science is electron. Science says entire existence is composed of electricity. For the scientist even the sound is composed of electrical-energy. And the root of everything is electrical-energy. This is objective. Science is outward journey. The search of the mystics is subjective. Mystics have reached the very core of the existence by uniting the discordant elements that constitute the creation. By uniting the entire sense organs mind attains to oneness. By uniting various individual minds one attains to cosmic mind. The difference is very insignificant and yet still it is not. To science existence is composed of electrical-energy. And for the mystic the entire existence is composed of sound-energy. Science reached to this conclusion through an objective analysis. And the mystics reached to this conclusion through a subjective analysis. To science sound is a form of electricity. And to the mystic electrical-energy is another form of sound energy. The difference is not so big. It is like two different persons with different levels of understanding, and frame of mind are looking at a glass half full. One sees it as HALF FULL and the other sees it as HALF EMPTY. The object is the same. One object! However people with different frames of understanding are

January 2009

looking at the situation. And the outcome is two different conclusions.

always only you need to attain to silence. Nanak says: ‘Ek-omkār Sat nām’.

The search of science differs from that of the mystics. The way of science is that of dissection and that of the mystics is unification. Mystics or religion moved from many to one. And when all discordant elements are united oneness happens. In that oneness meditation attains fruition as Samadhi. And something echoes as the pulse of the cosmos. This echo is discovered both within and without. He finds this echo like the dissolving notes of an enchanting melody. Everything seems to be dissolving in that sound.

The word ‘Omkār’ has three sounds viz., or A, U, and M. The sound ‘A’ resembles the last syllable of Brahma. This sound-energy creates, and evolves. The second sound- energy ‘U’ resembles with the last syllable in the word Vishnu. This is the energy that preserves and sustains. And lastly the sound of the syllable ‘M’ resonates with the sound ‘M’ in Maheshwara. In this sound the other two sounds dissolves to attain Samadhi, or oneness. Even a lifelong is not enough to understand the essence of this existential sound. And even one moment is enough for this experience, only the grace of the master is needed, says an ecstatic Nanak.

Something like this has never happened before. Bemused, dazed, he finds no one creating this sound yet still it is there. He knows not the source. Suddenly something dawns. A realization happens. Awareness comes. He understands this sound is not created by any friction. Not a created sound, it is uncreated. This is ANHAD NAAD. Nanak says this is OMKAR! This is the only authentic name of that which is. Nanak calls this NAAM. Again and again Nanak uses this word NAAM. Remember whenever Nanak uses the word NAAM he refers to God or Creator or ‘rub’ as he calls. And says that alone is Truth! That alone is existential! He says one who drowns in this remembrance of the word will certainly attain. Nanak is referring to this existential sound as ‘Ek-Omkār’. This alone is ‘Sat Nām’. Each time Nanak uses this word he refers ‘Omkār.’ All other names cannot take you far. And even if any of these names take you anywhere along the journey it is because each name finds resonance with ‘Omkār.’ Try to understand this. When you chant Ram, Ram, Ram a stage comes in the process when the word disappears and only a sound remains. The sound of letter ‘M’ in Ram resonates with the ‘M’ sound in ‘Omkār.’ Thus chanting Ram the sound dissolves into the existential sound of ‘Omkār.’ As you attain to silence meditativeness happens Ram transforms into ‘Omkār.’ Such is the experience of all the mystics: one may begin with any name ultimately everything dissolves into ‘omkār.’ As silence descends ‘omkār’ is. ‘Omkār’ is


I will take another sutra to explain further the sound Omkar. This is a Tibetan Sutra. The only country in the world which has devoted all its genius to the inner exploration is Tibet. Its findings are of tremendous value. ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ is one of the most beautiful expressions for the ultimate experience. Its meaning is ‘the sound of silence, the diamond in the lotus.’ Silence also has its sound, and music. The outer ears cannot hear it, so too the outer eyes cannot see it. We have six outer senses. In the past man knew only five outer senses. The sixth is a new discovery. It is inside your ears. As a result people failed to recognize it. It is the sense of balance. When you feel giddy or when you see a drunkard walking, it is the sense of balance that is affected. Just as these six senses are used to experience the outer, exactly the same six senses exist within to experience the inner to see it, to hear it, to feel its utter balance, its beauty. It is invisible to the outer eyes but not to the inner. You cannot touch it with your outer senses, but the inner senses are absolutely immersed in it. OM is the sound when everything else disappears from your being! No thoughts! No dreams! No projections! No expectations! Not even a single ripple! Your whole lake of consciousness is simply there! Silent too! It has become just a mirror. In those rare moments you hear the sound of silence. It is the most valuable experience because not only it shows a quality of the inner music instead it shows that the inner being is harmony, joy,

January 2009

and blissfulness. All this is implied in the silent music of OM Nanak says.

so that you can experience something of what happens to the mystic in his inner world.

You are not to say it. If you say it you will miss the real thing. You have to hear it! You have to be utterly calm and quiet! And then suddenly it is all around you like a very subtle dance. Or like a subtle melody. And the moment you are able to hear it, you have entered into the very secrets of existence. You have become so subtle that now you deserve all the mysteries to be revealed to you. Existence waits till you are ready. Matters not how low it has to wait!

OM is one of the great achievements of the seekers of truth. There have been cases which are absolutely unbelievable. However these are historical.

In the East all the religions without exception agree on this point, that the sound which is heard in the final. It is the highest peak of silence something similar to OM. Or what Nanak calls as ‘Omkār’. The word OM is not written alphabetically in any language of the East because it is not part of language. It is written as a symbol. And the same symbol is used in Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Tibetan, Hindi, or Gurumukhi with slight variation in its writing style. All the mystics of all the ages have reached to the same experience, that it is not part of our mundane world. Hence it should not be written in letters. It should have its own symbol which is beyond language. It does not mean anything as far as mind is concerned, but it means tremendously much as far as your spiritual growth is concerned. It is not the part of your language, or grammar, or mind. It is concerned with your being, your inner sanctum, and your spirituality. All music, particularly the classical music, has been trying to catch the sound of silence so that even people who have not entered into their beings can experience something similar. But the similar can never be the same. It is a very faraway echo. Even the greatest musician has to use sounds. But howsoever beautifully he arranges them, he cannot be absolutely silent. He gives gaps of silence in between. The whole play of music is between sound and silence. Those who do not understand hear the sounds, and those who understand hear the silence, as the gaps between two sounds. The real music is in the gaps. This silence is not created by the musician. The musician is creating the sounds and leaving the gaps as a contrast,


When Marpa, a Tibetan mystic, died, his closest disciples were sitting all around him because the death of a mystic is as tremendously valuable as is his life. And perhaps even more. If you can be close to the mystic when the consciousness is leaving the physical body, you can experience many things, because his whole consciousness is leaving the body. And if you are alert and conscious, you can feel a new fragrance. You can see a new light. You can hear a new music. However we do not understand the mysteries of dissolution of consciousness into existence. We call this as death. And lament when the consciousness is leaving the body. When Marpa died he was living in a temple. And all his disciples became suddenly surprised. They looked all around to find from where is the sound of OM coming? Then finally they realized that it was not coming from anywhere. Instead it was coming from Marpa! They heard it by putting their ears to his feet, to his hands, and they could not believe it – inside his whole body there was a vibration creating the sound of OM. He had been hearing that sound for his whole life since he became enlightened. Because of his constant inner experience of the sound, the sound had entered even into his physical cells. Every fiber of his body had learned a certain synchronicity, the same wavelength. And the same is now being heard by all gathered around. I had the experience to witness such occasions several times when the masters were entering back into existence. It is indeed benediction. But it has been experienced with other mystics also. The inner starts radiating, particularly at the moment of death when everything comes to a crescendo. But man is so blind and so utterly unintelligent: knowing that the mystics experience the music of silence within them and they call it OM. However people start repeating OM as a mantra, thinking that by repeating it they will also be able to hear the pulse of the existence.

January 2009

By repeating it you will never be able to hear it. Your mind is functioning when you are repeating it. But perhaps I am probably one of the few to tell you this. And for centuries people have been teaching: ‘Repeat OM’ and the quagmire. This creates a false experience, and you can be lost in the false and you will never discover the real. I emphasize repeating will not help you at all. Simply be silent and try to listen to it. As your mind becomes calm and quiet, suddenly you will become aware. Like a whisper, the sound of OM is arising within your being. When it arises on its own, it has a totally different quality. It transforms you. Even modern physics says that everything in the world is composed of electrical energy. According to modern physics even sound is nothing but electric waves. The physicists have been working from the outside. The mystics say just the opposite, but I see no contradiction. They say the whole existence is made up of the soundless sound OM. And even electricity or fire is nothing but a certain condensed form of the sound. In the East it has been known for centuries. There have been musicians who could create by their music a flame on an unlit candle. As the music falls over the unlit candle suddenly the flame arises. It was a test in the ancient days that unless a musician could create light, fire, or flame, with his music he was still amateur. He cannot be recognized as a master as yet. The explanations of physics and the mystics look different, but perhaps there is some deeper source which can withdraw the contradiction and opposition. Perhaps it is only a different interpretation, because the mystic is coming from the inside and the physicist is looking at the outside. What the physicist feels as electricity, the mystic feels and knows as the pulse of the cosmos or music of the existence. They are both saying the same thing in different languages. And if there is a choice, I would choose the mystic, because he is experiencing it in his very center. His experience is not just an experiment on objects. His experience is an experiment on his own consciousness. And consciousness is the very essence of existence.


This mantra has many secrets in it. The first wordless word is OM, and the last is HUM. OM is the flowering and the HUM is the seed. The Sufis do not use the whole name of Allah. They use Allah hoo, and slowly, slowly they change Allah hoo into simply hoo, hoo. They have found that the sound of hoo strikes exactly at the life source just below the navel. You were connected with your life, with your mother, from the navel. Just below the navel is the source of your own life. Just try: when you say hoo the hit is below the navel. ‘Hoo’ is a Sufi discovery. And ‘Hum’ is the Tibetan way. ‘Hoo’ seems to be a little harsh. ‘Hum’ on the other hand seems to be a little softer. But the softer will take a longer time to wake up your energies. It is possible that in the particular climate of Tibet, the softer maybe perfectly good. They did not need such a harsh sound in order to hit the life source. But in the harsh desert of Arabia Sufi mystics had to use ‘Hoo’. ‘Hoo’ is better than ‘Hum’. In the colder heights of Tibet ‘Hum’ is perfectly right for. Hum is the hit to create OM in you. If you hit the seed of your life it starts disappearing in the soil and green leaves, sprouts start growing. Between the two OM and Hum is ‘Mani Padme’ in the Tibetan Sutra. I do not think anybody has been able to express the ultimate experience, the ultimate beatitude, better than ‘Mani Padme’. You have to visualize it. The lotus flower in the East is the most beautiful, the mystical flower. And if you put diamonds on the lotus flower in the early morning sun, you will have a tremendously beautiful experience... the lotus flower with diamonds. It is very difficult to say anything about the ultimate experience. However Tibetan mystics have tried the best. Many things have been said about it, but ‘Diamond in the Lotus’ seems to be the best expression. It is the most beautiful experience, and they have chosen two of the most beautiful things of the ordinary world, the lotus and the diamond. It is just a visual expression of the beauty that January 2009

you come to see within yourself. This mantra ‘Om Mani

tremendous struggle. But still every family used to give

Padme Hum’ has a whole philosophy within its womb.

their first-born child to the monastery.

Start with ‘Hum’, the last word, and the first will arise on its own accord. And when your inner being is filled

There were hundreds of monasteries. None of these

with the sound of silence, you will also have the

monasteries can be compared with any Catholic

beautiful experience of seeing a ‘Lotus with a Diamond’

monasteries. These monasteries had no comparison in

in the early morning sun. The diamond is radiating. The

the whole world. These monasteries were concerned

lotus is so soft, so feminine, and so delicate! It has no

with only one thing: to make you aware of yourself.

comparison in any other flower.

Thousands of devices have been created down the centuries so that your lotus can blossom and you can

It became so important to the mystics! You must have

find your ultimate treasure, the diamond. These are just

seen Gautama Buddha's statues sitting on a lotus. They

symbolic words. However the destruction of Tibet

are showing symbolically that he has reached the

should be known in history, particularly when man

ultimate; his own inner lotus has flowered. And not

becomes a little more aware and humanity a little more

only the lotus has flowered, the diamond hidden behind


it, inside it... as it opens its petals, you find a Kohinoor the most precious diamond.

Meditation gives them a feeling of immortality; hence

The diamond has a quality – that's why it has been

their fear will disappear. Meditation not only gives

chosen. It is symbolic of eternity. The diamond is

them the experience of their own immortality instead it

forever, it knows no death; it is immortal. The

also gives them the experience that everybody is

experience is beautiful and eternal.

immortal. Death is a fiction. They will be living. And you cannot kill them. Not even your nuclear weapons

But unfortunately, Tibet has fallen into darkness. Its

are going to kill them. Krishna, in the Gita, has a

monasteries have been closed. Its seekers of truth have

beautiful statement:

been forced to work in labor camps. The only country in the world which was working a one-pointed genius, all its intelligence in the search for one’s own interiority and its treasures has been forced to stop by the communist invasion of Tibet. Nowhere has such concentrated effort been made to discover man’s being. Every family in Tibet used to give their eldest son to some monastery where he was to meditate and grow closer to awakening. It was a joy to every









wholeheartedly, twenty-four hours a day, working on the inner being. They were also working but they could not devote their entire time. They had to create food and

nEn< iDNdiNt zSÇai[ nEn< dhit pavk> … Nayanam chhindanti shastrani; nayanam dahati pavakah! ‘No can any weapon destroy me nor can any fire burn me.’ Yes indeed the body will be burned. However I am not the body. Meditation gives you this feeling, for the first time. This is your authentic reality. This is existential. This is the pulse. This is being. This is OM. This is ‘Ek-Omkār’. This is the EXISTENTIAL ONENESS that Nanak calls ‘Ek-Omkār.’

clothes and shelter, and in Tibet it is a difficult matter. The climate is not very helpful. To live in Tibet is a



January 2009



omeone asked: The word Soul creates restlessness in the mind. One had never known soul! This word then creates restlessness within. If the soul cannot be seen, then why so much importance is given to it? Why something that remains invisible is given so much attention? Why do masters talk about the same unseen atman? This is the question of the vast majority of the seekers. It is quite difficult for an ordinary consciousness to explain this. But not really indeed for one who knows! Only one who has experienced soul can really unfold the mystery. Let me take an analogy. Because it is only through an example that something intricate can be explained. Now look at a tree. The tree is visible. But not the roots! The roots remain hidden in the ground beneath. This does not mean that the roots not there. Or the roots are less significant! In fact the visible part of the tree is entirely dependent on the invisible part for its existence. You cannot have the tree and neglect the roots. Without the roots tree is sure to vanish. The tree cannot exist without the roots. Without the roots tree cannot bear flowers or fruits. The life-force of the tree remains hidden in the roots. Whatever is of significance in life is always hidden from view. What is manifest is the outer cover! And that remains unmanifest is the soul within. The body can be seen for it is the outer covering. But that which is within the body, is not open to common view. This does not reduce its value. However its quest becomes all the more necessary because it is invisible. Along the path of life you mistake the outer manifestations of life as the end of existence. We live through life, taking the visible as real and of consequence. That which exists, is really imperceptible and invisible. Because it cannot be seen with the ordinary eye does not mean that it does not exist. But one who develops his insight and cultivates his understanding and power of discretion, soon begins to see that which is. This is transformation. Thoughts continue to float within us like clouds floating on the sky. However if the skull is dissected, there is no sign of thoughts can be seen within! The scientist can declare that technically speaking, thoughts do not exist. However we all know that thoughts are very much there. You experience them each moment. If thoughts cannot be proved in a laboratory, it only means that the apparatus used, are too coarse to detect the subtle element of thought. Recently certain experiments have been conducted in this regard. However and very soon we shall be able to develop the method of detecting thoughts. MEDITATION TIMES

One university in America has carried out a test in this connection. A man was made to sit before a very sensitive camera and he was asked to concentrate with all his energy on a single thought. The camera was loaded with an extra sensitive film and it was hoped that if a thought was projected with full concentration, this film might be able to capture its reflection. The man fixed his mind on a knife, with one-pointed attention and to the surprise of all, the film showed the picture of a knife. The camera was successful in capturing the subtle waves of the mind. This was the first time that thought was ever photographed. There is a great scientist in Soviet Russia Fiadov. He carried out an experiment in telepathy over a distance of a thousand miles. Sitting in Moscow, he sent a wave of thought vibrations, without the help of any instruments, to a place called Tiflis, a thousand miles away. A few men were stationed in a garden in Tiflis to keep watch over a bench that bore the number ten. Soon a man came and sat down on this bench. Fiadov was informed that the seat is now occupied. Sitting in Moscow, Fiadov began to concentrate on him and send him suggestions: ‘Go to sleep, go to sleep’. The man on bench number ten fell fast asleep in three minutes! Fiadov was duly informed. And he was told to give more proof of his experiment. It may be possible that the man was tired and as a result he had fallen sleep. Then he was asked to wake him up in the next five minutes. Fiadov sent a fresh wave of suggestion to the sleeping man: ‘Get up! Get up within five minutes.’ And within five minutes, this man, a thousand miles away, woke up from his sleep. And to the surprise of all present, he looked curiously from side to side, as if he was looking for someone. They went up to him and asked him what had caused him to get up so startled. The man said I came and sat here, as I normally do every day. Then it seemed to me as if someone was asking me to go to sleep! I thought perhaps I was tired and it was my mind telling me to rest. So I went to sleep. But then hardly five minutes had gone by, when the same voice ordered me to wake up. ‘Get up’ it said, ‘Get up within five minutes’. This is the reason I am so intrigued. I really want to know – who could it be?’ Fiadov has carried many such experiments in telepathy and gave proofs thereof. Thoughts cannot be seen but they are very much there. Thoughts are subtle. But the soul is even more subtle and invisible too. This does not mean that it does not exist. Those who go deep in meditation will be able to ‘see the soul’. The roots of the tree are hidden but if we start digging January 2009

around the base of the tree sooner or later roots can be seen. Depending on the nature and growth of the tree you can reach the roots of the tree. It is a similar action when you go deep within and try to separate the living consciousness from the gross body. This leads to the seeing of the Self within. If the journey through meditation continues you will reach to that depth where soul exists. There was a Sufi Sheikh Fareed. People used to come from far and near to touch his holy feet. One day a man asked him: ‘It is said that Jesus was smiling when he was being crucified. How could this be possible? Also it is said that when the limbs of Al Hillaj Mansoor were being cut off, he too was laughing. When they pierced his eyes, there was not a trace of pain on his face! This is impossible.’ Fareed picked up a green coconut from nearby and handing it to the man, asked him to break it without injuring the kernel within. ‘That is not possible,’ said the man. ‘The coconut is tender, and the kernel is stuck fast to the shell. Therefore, when I break the coconut, the kernel is bound to break.’ Fareed then picked up a dry coconut. ‘What about this one?’ Fareed enquired. There is no problem with this one, because when the fruit is dry the kernel is free of the shell,’ replied the man.

Why is soul so important? The soul is ‘THE THING’, therefore it is significant. The body is not of much value. Of what value are clothes? The perpetual is to be prized and not the transient one. The clothes do not have the same significance as the wearer of the clothes. So too, the body does not have the same significance as the Self that dwells within the body. No one knows how many bodies this soul has acquired and how many it has abandoned in the process! Soul’s journey is long but we do not know anything about it. You know only the body, the covering and take it to be the thing. Those who know will tell you that ‘Truth is within’. That which is outside, is the covering that changes and keeps on changing every day. Perhaps you do not know that your present state of the body is not at all the body you were born with? The cluster of cells within the embryo in the mother’s womb was entirely different from what you are now. The body changes every finite moment – just as the water in the river. Scientists say that every cell in the body will be replaced, so that in seven years’ time, you have a completely new body. If a man lives for seventy years, his body changes ten times. The body is a perennial flow and therefore undergoes change. But within the body there is something that does not flow. It remains the same forever. This is eternal! Indestructible!

‘Exactly so!’ replied Fareed,

The body passes from infancy to youth and from youth to old age – but not you? You are the same today as you were yesterday. And you will be the same tomorrow and in the days to come. This is the reason why you can remember that you were once a child.

This is the answer to your question as well. There are people who are attached to the body as the shell. If the body is hurt, they are hurt. There are others who have detached themselves from the body, that even when the latter is severely castigated, they are not affected. Jesus and Mansoor are like the dry coconut and you are the green coconut.

If you had undergone a complete change there would be no one left behind to remember I knew the body when it was a child. Now that it is young. I know it as such. When it gets old, I shall know it as such. Those with deeper understanding are also aware of death when it comes, and are capable of witnessing the same.

The body is gross. It is visible. But not that which is within! And the two are so integrated that the two cannot be located separately. If we can separate the two, only then it can be observed.

Only this much for now!

“Whenever you create something that is not a copy, not an imitation, there is no prayer that is greater. For you are nearest to God; in fact, in the moment of creation you are like Him! You too are a creator. Therefore creativity gives so much joy. How happy and satisfied you feel when you create something, however small, however insignificant.” - Osho


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FOOD IS CONSCIOUSNESS AND YOU ARE THE EMBODIMENT OF THIS CONSCIOUSNESS WHY COOKING FOR BUDDHAS? You may wonder! I was also amazed with the heading when I first heard Taoshobuddha talk about cooking. He said cooking is meditation. I could not understand this in the beginning. I was intrigued with the topic. How can I cook for Buddhas. Buddha is no more. As my meditation deepened I came to realize that each one of us a Buddha. May be the flower has not yet blossomed. But the seed is there with all its potentialities. What is important then? I realize that: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Each one of us has to take care of this seed that is the Buddhahood in us. We have to prepare the soil of our heart with positive emotions. It is the understanding of the emotions that prepares the soil. The cosmic awareness nourishes and nurtures the soil. Then one day fully aware allow the seed to be implanted. With austerities allow the seed to grow. Then one day the seed shall sprout giving foliage, flowers, fruits and the seeds. Thus continues the process of transformation.

Cooking is meditation. So when you cook meditatively overflowing with love and awareness the food is transformed. Not only that you are also transformed. This is the beginning. This is how we need to engage in cooking. Not otherwise! As our lessons continue in â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Cooking for Buddhasâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; I will go on unfolding more from the upcoming work :




DAHI VADAS Dahi Vada is an important dish of North Indian delight. It can be served as a side dish or as an appetizer. Also it is served as Chat an important way of serving this. It is made by using three separate items. First I will take these items and then combine together to make this savory dish. INGREDIENTS FOR VADA 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.















enlightened person and the unenlightened person is not of quality – they both are absolutely alike. There is only one small difference: that the enlightened person is aware; he recognizes the ultimate pervading the whole, permeating the whole, vibrating, pulsating. He recognizes the heartbeat of the universe. He recognizes that the universe is not dead, it is alive]




A REJUVENATING CLASSIC THAT CREATES RIPPLES DEEP WITHIN! May the ripples that this classic THE SECRETS OF BHAKTI creates within you, continue to linger in your being erelong, like the dissolving notes of a sweet melody. An Enlightened Taoshobuddha overflows: Bhakti is the Union of Formless to Formless — bhakti nirakar se nirakar ka milan hai . With mastery of language and phonics, clarity of thought, and the understanding of the subject matter, Taoshobuddha overflows the inner secrets of Bhakti as revealed by Sage Narad. The entire classic is the poetry of the being. Sing and dance your way to being, along with this voyage with Taoshobuddha as he unravels these Secrets of Bhakti. The entire overflow is like a pristine elixir gushing from the being of the master, Taoshobuddha towards you. Drink it to your heart’s content. Life will attain a new meaning! Adieu… adieu… adieu!

STERLING PAPERBACKS An imprint of STERLING PUBLISHERS PVT. LTD. including a Multi Media Audio CD in MP3 format Rs 350


Born in a Sufi family of Enlightened Masters on Feb 6th, 1951 Enlightened Taoshobuddha officially known as Brij K. Saksena majored in Economics, taught at Kanpur University in India, and authored many books on Economics. In 1981 he migrated to Trinidad in West Indies where he started a business, but his eternal quest continued. He felt the need for the expansion and transformation of human consciousness. And thus began his first Radio programs in 1990 as Hour of Introspection. These programs were voiced by Ms. C M Salisha Baksh. Later in 2005 he began another series of inspiration Y programs called Whispers of the Unknown and this time he himselfK presented the programs in his soul-stirring voice. Thus the work of transforming human consciousness continues. As part of his works he conducts meditations, yagnas, and talks in Trinidad and worldwide. He is the author of Meditation: The way to self-realization . His upcoming works are: Leaves from a Sufi Heart vol. 1; Leaves from a Sufi Heart vol. 2; Japji: Songs of Nanak Dev ji; and Meditation: The ultimate in healing and more.

The Secrets of Bhakti


May the ripples that this classic THE SECRETS OF BHAKTI creates within you, continue to linger in your being erelong, like the dissolving notes of a sweet melody. An Enlightened Taoshobuddha overflows: Bhakti is the Union of Formless to Formless — bhakti nirakar se nirakar ka milan hai . With mastery of language and phonics, clarity of thought, and the understanding of the subject matter, Taoshobuddha overflows the inner secrets of Bhakti as revealed by Sage Narad. The entire classic is the poetry of the being. Sing and dance your way to being, along with this voyage with Taoshobuddha as he unravels these Secrets of Bhakti. The entire overflow is like a pristine elixir gushing from the being of the master, Taoshobuddha towards you. Drink it to your heart’s content. Life will attain a new meaning! Adieu… adieu… adieu!


STERLING PAPERBACKS An imprint of STERLING PUBLISHERS PVT. LTD. including a Multi Media Audio CD in MP3 format Rs 350


Born in a Sufi family of Enlightened Masters on Feb 6th, 1951 Enlightened Taoshobuddha officially known as Brij K. Saksena majored in Economics, taught at Kanpur University in India, and authored many books on Economics. In 1981 he migrated to Trinidad in West Indies where he started a business, but his eternal quest continued. He felt the need for the expansion and transformation of human consciousness. And thus began his first Radio programs in 1990 as Hour of Introspection. These programs were voiced by Ms. Salisha Baksh. Later in 2005 he began another series of inspiration programs called Whispers of the Unknown and this time he himself presented the programs in his soul-stirring voice. Thus the work of transforming human consciousness continues. As part of his works he conducts meditations, yagnas, and talks in Trinidad and worldwide. He is the author of Meditation: The way to self-realization . His upcoming works are: Leaves from a Sufi Heart vol. 1; Leaves from a Sufi Heart vol. 2; Japji: Songs of Nanak Dev ji; and Meditation: The ultimate in healing and more.

The Secrets of Bhakti


Swami Vivekananda: A Short Biography Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) was the foremost disciple of Ramakrishna and a world spokesperson for Vedanta. His lectures, writings, letters, and poems are published as The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda. He felt it was best to teach universal principles rather than personalities, so we find little mention of Ramakrishna in the Complete Works. Swami Vivekananda represented Hinduism at the first World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893 where he was an instant success. Subsequently he was invited to speak all over America and Europe. He was a man with a great spiritual presence and tremendous intellect. Most of the Vedanta Societies which were founded in America and Europe up through the 1930s can trace their origins directly to Vivekananda or the people who heard him speak from 1893 through 1900. After his first visit to the West, Swami Vivekananda returned to India and founded the Ramakrishna Order in 1898.

Swami Vivekananda â&#x20AC;&#x201C; foremost disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa.

Direct Quotations from Swami Vivekananda "Religion is not in books, nor in theories, nor in dogmas, nor in talking, not even in reasoning. It is being and becoming." "Infinite power and existence and blessedness are ours, and we have not to acquire them; they are our own, and we have only to manifest them." "Be an atheist if you want, but do not believe in anything unquestioningly." "I do not believe in a God or religion which cannot wipe the widow's tears or bring a piece of bread to the orphan's mouth." "In judging others we always judge them by our own ideals. That is not as it should be. Everyone

must be judged according to his own ideal, and not by that of anyone else." "He who has no faith in himself can never have faith in God." "The first sign that you are becoming religious is that you are becoming cheerful. When a man is gloomy, that may be dyspepsia, but it is not religion." "The living God is within you." "Manifest the divinity within you and everything will be harmoniously arranged around it." "He alone is worshiping God who serves all beings."

What Others Said About Swami Vivekananda Mahatma Gandhiâ&#x20AC;? "I have gone through Swami Vivekananda's works very thoroughly, and after having gone through them, the love that I had for my country became a thousandfold. . . . His writings need no introduction from anybody. They make their own irresistible appeal." Jawaharlal Nehru: "Where can you find a man like him? Study what he wrote, and learn from his teachings, for if you do, you will gain immense strength. Take advantage of the fountain of wisdom, of Spirit, and of fire that flowed through Vivekananda." Indira Gandhi: "I had the special privilege of being introduced to the writings, sayings, and life of Swami Vivekananda and the Ramakrishna Mission. That was when I was very small. In fact both my parents and specially my mother had very close connections with the Mission. And I can truly say that the words of Swami Vivekananda inspired the whole of my family, in our political work as well as in our daily lives." Leo Tolstoy: "The book by Vivekananda is more than a pleasure; it is a broadening of the soul." William Jamesâ&#x20AC;? "The pagaron of all Unity systems is the Vedanta philosophy of India,

Swami Vivekananda

and the paragon of Vedanta missionaries was the late Swami Vivekananda. The man is simply a wonder for oratorical power. . . . The swami is an honor to humanity." Sir John Woodroffe: "The qualities I most admire in Vivekananda are his activity, manliness and courage. . . . He spoke up and acted. For this, all must honor him, who, whatever be their won religious beliefs, value sincerity, truth and courage, which are the badges of every noble character. A.L. Basham: "It is very difficult to evaluate his [Swami Vivekananda's] importance in the scale of world history. It is certainly far greater than any Western historian or most Indian historians would have suggested at the time of his death. The passing of the years and the many stupendous and unexpected events which have occurred since then suggest that in centuries toi come he will be remembered as one of the main molders of the modern world, especially as far as Asia is concerned, and as one of the most significant figures in the whole history of Indian religion." Christopher Isherwood: "One of the very greatest historical figures that India has ever produced."

Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Sri Sarada Devi

Hanuman Chalisa A Mystical Dimension AN UPCOMING STERLING PAPERBACK


Swami Anand is a beautiful being. One whose beauty reflects through every composition that overflows. His coming is a so called mystery. Indeed the coming of any being to the master may appear a mystery. Yet indeed it is an embodiment of Sufi assertion “when the disciple is ready Master appears”. It was in 2007 when I was busy with ‘Meditation: the Way to Self Realization’ and “The Secrets of Bhakti’ that he asked me to write something on Hanuman Chalisa. I told him to wait until I return from India. And when I returned in Feb of 2008 he again mentioned of this. At this I told him to write Hanuman Chalisa himself. This startled him and mentioned of his inability and that he will take years. I told him, ‘I simply asked you to write. You are an instrument only. Once you begin everything will descend.’ The work began. It took only three weeks for this work of 108 pages to finish. Now that the work is over! Not only finishing this work, the end has unfolded another dimension of the work - his insights into scriptures and many unknown dimensions. These will be made available through the upcoming works. For now delve into these mystical dimensions of Swami Neelamar. -

daeha ïIguru crn sraej rj inj mnumuk…ru suxair, brn^~ r"ubr ibml jsu jae dayk )l cair.

Grant me strength, wit, and wisdom, and remove my sorrows and shortcomings. Siyaa vara Raamachandra pada jai sharanam. Knowing this body to be devoid of intelligence, I recall the Son of the Wind. Chaupai

buiÏhIn tnu jainke suimraE< pvnk…mar, bl buiÏ ib*a de÷maieh< hr÷ kles ibkar. ? Dohä çréguru charana saroja raja nija manu mukuru sudhäri. baranaü raghubara bimala jasu jo däyaku phala chäri.

jy hnuman }an gun sagr, jy kpIs it÷~laek %jagr. 1. Jaya Hanuman jñaana guna saagara Jaya Kapeesha tihun loka ujaagara Victory to Hanuman, ocean of wisdom and virtue, Hail Monkey Lord, illuminator of the three worlds.

buddhihéna tanu jänike sumirauà pavanakumära. bala buddhi bidyä dehu mohià harahu kalesa bikära.

Jaya means victory for attaing that which seems impossible. Hanuman is Hanuman.

Having polished the mirror of my heart with the dust of my Guru's lotus feet, I chant the pure fame of the best of the Raghus, which bestows the four fruits of life.

jñaana guna saagara means ocean of knowledge and virtue. Jaya is victorious.

Kapeesha means lord of the monkeys. It refers to one who has mastery over the wavering mind. tihun loka refers to the three worlds but actually symbolizes the three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep states of consciousness. ujaagara means to enlighten or awaken thus refers to the forth state of consciousness or turiya. The mystical interpretation is: Salutations to the one who has attained to realization and transcendence! And thus filled with wisdom and compassion! Salutations to the one who is awakened and has conquered the mind and three states of waking, dream and deep sleep!

ram Ët Atuilt bl xama, A<jinpuÇ pvnsut nama. 2. Raama doota atulita bala dhaamaa Anjani putra Pavana suta naamaa You are the emissary of Lord Rama, the abode of incomparable strength, the son of Anjani, and also called ‘son of the wind god.’ Rama doota means one who is an instrument of the Divine. One who is a hollow reed in the hands on the Divine. One who merely resonates the eternal echoes from the Beyond. One, who has attained transcendence and becomes divine as well, thus functions as a medium to relay the ‘whispers from the unknown’. Atulita is used as the instrument has no personality of its own hence it cannot be compared to anything. The instrument is totally dissolved into the Divine. And hence is called atulita.

Bala is limitless strength. It means energy coming from the infinite source and not coming from the muscles or an intellectual prowess. Dhaamaa means one who is a repository for the transmissions of the Divine. It is really a connection with the Divine from which flows unlimited energy and true nature. Dhaamaa can be compared to a satellite radio station which merely transmits whatever is being broadcast from the main hub. Anjani putra is really a paradox. Anjani means unborn, causeless. Anjani is the daughter of sage Gautam who manifested in this form for the birth of Hanuman. The birth of Hanuman is similar to that of Sita. They both come into existence without a source. Putra is the male offspring or child that delivers one from the lower realms into the higher realms of the being. One who ascends from the lower chakras and moves up the higher psycho-spiritual centres. Pavana suta means not having a direction of its own. This needs to be understood. Egoless! Just coming and going as an instrument of the Divine. It appears from nowhere and disappears into the horizon without a map or trace. Like the clouds in the infinite sky. With no cause it comes into being and then dissolves like burning camphor. Remains in total harmony with the WHOLE! Naamaa is the same as Guru Nanak’s “eka omkar sat naam”. It means the existential source from which everything comes into being yet having no cause of its own. The mystical interpretation: You are an instrument of the Divine that resonate the eternal message. You are a repository of infinite energy. You are the unborn harbinger that is known as the cause of its own existence.



‘Maybe my master had seen your reflection through me. And this forecast is for you. Take care and be ever aware about this forecast. Maybe these people will come to you.’

Before the advent of Sufi Ramchandra the Naqshbandi nisbet was confined basically with the seekers of Islamic community. This was the time of ‘tassubi’ or spiritual narrowness, division on the basis of religious beliefs and many atrocities in the name of religion. There was division and ignorance as far as spirituality or ‘roohaniyat’ is concerned. However with this the nisbet came to Hindus beyond the narrowness of religions and religious belief.

All along Sufi Fazl Ahmad Khan waited. The destined time of the meeting was coming closer. It was rainy night! Thunder and lightning! Amidst such an atmosphere when serenity prevailed amidst turmoil indicating that at the center of cyclone exists tremendous serenity. The destined meeting happened! Sufi Ramchandra came in the company of the master wading through the external turmoil. This was followed by his younger brother Sufi Raghuber Dayal. These were the two destined ones about whom the forecast was made nearly one hundred years ago. The entire system of roohaniyat is based on such forecasts or wisharads.

ufi Brij Mohan Lal a Naqshbandi master was born on Ramnavmi (a day when according to Hindus Rama was born) in the year 1898 in a family of Naqshbandi Sufi Masters. His father Sufi Raghuber Dayal (Chacha Ji) and uncle Sufi Ramchandra (Lala Ji) both were Naqshbandi masters.

Spirituality is beyond religions and narrowness of any kind. Almost one hundred years ago a forecast was made by Naqshbandi Master Hazrat Naim Ullah Shah Bahraichie, UP India. This was mentioned to Sayadina Hazarat Kutub-i-alam Abul Hasan Naseerabadi. Who in turn mentioned of this to his khalifa Sufi Ahmad Ali Khan (Khalifa Sahib) Kayamganji. The forecast meant: ‘I am witnessing the lack of interest among the Muslim community as far as roohaniyat is concerned. I am also seeing two people will come from alhe hinud or Hindu Religion. They will be true inheritor of this spiritual treasure. Do not hesitate in giving them this wealth.’ This was mentioned by the master of Sufi Naim Ullah Shah to him. He waited no one came. When he was leaving the world he mentioned of this to the next master Sufi Ahmad Ali Khan. Sufi Ahmad Ali Khan too waited lifelong for these two people. No one came. So when it was the time for Sufi Ahmad Ali Khan to leave the finite realm he spoke to his chief khalifa, Sufi Maulana Fazl Ahmad Khan, who became the next Naqshbandi master:

Thus came the dawn of a new era in Naqshbandi order of Sufis. I will not go into details for now. However you can go to the upcoming book of Taoshobuddha ‘Leaves from a Sufi Heart vol. 3’. Now about the birth of Sufi Brij Mohan Lal! Sufi Brij Mohan Lal was born to the parentage of Sufi Raghuber Dayal and Sufi Jaidevi. Before the birth his mother Sufi Jaidevi was of quite advanced age. And she had no children. It was then decided by the family of his mother that she be carried to a Hindu holy place Rameshwaram in South India for pilgrimage. It was the belief of Hindus that if someone goes to this place with any wish it is granted. While arrangements were being made for this pilgrimage the Sufi master Hazrat Fazl Ahmad Khan happened to come by. Seeing all the arrangements he enquired. He came to know that the arrangements are being made for the pilgrimage as the parents have no child. Seeing and hearing this grand master Sufi Fazal Ahmad Khan said:

The grace and the kayanat or existence is not confined to any place. The God that is there in Rameshwaram is here too.’ Saying this he asked for some water in a bowl. Looking at the water he cast a loving glance and asked the water to be given to the daughter (the mother). Thus he transferred his energy field in the water. This is a mystical way of the masters. No human intelligence can ever understand this. This can only be understood when you are beyond mind and its dualities. This is how advanced souls are brought into the world. Furthermore, after the water was given to Sufi Jaidevi he asked the family to wait for the blessing of Allah. Thus pregnancy happened and after ten months Sufi Brij Mohan Lal was born to this family. When 4-5 months had passed and there was the fear of miscarriage the message was sent to master along with the family servant. The master sent a note with the messenger back. The message read: ‘When God has accepted the prayers of this humble servant there should be no fear of any kind. Allah is gracious and benevolent. I will be blessed with a grandchild. I name him Brij Mohan Lal.’ Thus Sufi Brij Mohan Lal is the outcome of the grace and the blessings of a master. Such beings come into existence as the promise of the Lord. It is for the protection and transformation of erring humanity that Totality assumes human form. So that the journey of transcendence may continue! Later one day when Sufi Brij Mohan Lal was still a little child Sufi master told Sufi Ram Chandra: ‘Look! The entire upbringing and training of this child is your responsibility. This child will be my Khalifa or descendant. And when God will enquire as to what did I bring from this world—I will definitely present you and this child as my offering as gift to Allah.’ Thus the entire upbringing of Sufi Brij Mohan Lal was carried on by his uncle Sufi Ramchandra. Thus continued the upbringing, and training! By the time Sufi Brij Mohan Lal grew up in spiritual stature Sufi

Fazal Ahmad Khan was no more. Instead the uncle master – the fellow disciple Sufi Shah Abdul Ghani Khan was alive. It was Sufi Shah Abdul Ghani Khan who conferred the status of khalifa and the master onto Sufi Brij Mohan Lal. Thus continued the life! And time came for the continuation of the role that Sufi Brij Mohan Lal was to play in the process of transformation of human consciousness. Journeying like this life continued to unfold many pages from the scripture of the soul. Along the path many came, got transformed and attained to fruition. Life is a moment. That which blossoms one day must dissolve into the vastness of the existence. Life comes and life moves to the beyond. Life is vast and beyond all finiteness. No one is greater than life. Life is the embodiment of God on earth. That which comes into life must exist one day as well. No one can escape this. Ordinary human beings are at the mercy of the coincidence. It is only the man of awakening really knows what life is. A man of awakening is beyond both life and death. Life comes death comes. One unfolds into the other. Life/death is the door to beyond. Life and death are like a door sign which has on one side written ‘Life’ and ‘Death’ on the other side. As an individual you have to go beyond both life and death only then you can one day attain to fruition. Then came the January 6th 1955 when the Sufi Master set for the final journey full of awareness and understanding that time has now come for the final transcendence and dissolution into the vastness of the existence. His program for journey to Mumbai (Bombay then) began. Along the journey many came to seek his blessings. To everyone he gave the hint for the final journey. At the same time he veiled the cognition of all those who visited him en route. Such things are kept a secret from ordinary human consciousness. Ordinary human consciousness has not yet transcended beyond his life and death. First the aspirant has to transcend beyond individual life and death. And then he goes beyond the cosmic dissolution and evolution. Or simply cosmic life and death! Only an individual who has experienced cosmic life and death in the moments of solitude can really

witness soul’s journey to the life beyond. And such secrets can only be revealed to such a person. I had experienced this when during my visit to India I met my uncle Sufi Master Sufi Omkar Nath. During this meeting a hint was given that this is our last meeting. But I could not reveal this to anyone. When such secrets are revealed you are plunged in the ocean of bliss and serenity full of gratitude. A master is not body. The body must undergo its metamorphosis. But the rooh is ever indestructible. Rooh is the incarnation of the whole or Allah as noor within the finiteness of the body. His (Sufi Brij Mohan Lal) program for the return journey was not published in the monthly magazine. And no one could notice this. It was only after the demise that it was noticed that the Sufi did not allow his return program be published. When someone is no more how could he plan anything then? His return journey was to be planned by others. This is the reason it was not published. On January 17th, 1955 he reached the city of Mumbai early in the morning. And in the evening congregation amidst disciple his discourse had the message of forgiveness. He spoke of ‘forgiveness’ in the light of a Hindu Scripture – Ram Charit Manas. The talk centered the understanding of the one who is beyond narrowness. Generally it is not easy for anyone to forget and forgive. We seem to forgive only on the surface and deep down the seed of forgiveness never grows in the barren soil. The story narrates the fierce battle between the demon king Ravana and Ram was over as Ravana was slain. Now, Ravana is no more. And with this all enmity also vanished. But such is not the case. We continue to nourish and nurture the seeds of acrimony even after the person is no more. Thus you continue to live in the graveyards of the putrefied emotions. Ravana’s dead body lay in the battlefield. He is still counting for the final journey of the rooh or the soul. Rama went close by. And in a flash the soul of Ravana dissolved in the vastness of Rama.

As this happened the soul or rooh of Sufi Brij Mohan Lal left the finite existence to merge in Totality! Fruition happened. Totality merged into totality. It took nearly three days before the body was brought to the city of Lucknow in UP, India where he lived and where his Shrine now exists. When the body was brought to the central railway station in Lucknow seeing the congregation all the gates were opened. The congregation included young and old; male and female; and people from all faiths. A leading local national news paper ‘THE PIONEER’ published the article as ‘Kabir Relived’ to commemorate the advent of the event. After the cremation according to Hindu rites the mortal coils were enshrined. The place where the mortal coils are enshrined thousands of people gather during special occasion and always for the grace of the Sufi. The shrine complex is a place of pilgrimage for thousands of seekers world over. The present structure of the shrine complex has undergone many stages of transformation. In its present form it houses the shrine complex with shrines of Sufi Brij Mohan Lal his consort Sufi Shakuntala Devi; his son Sufi Omkar Nath and his consort Sufi Shyam Wati. The complex also houses the second son Sufi Devendra Nath of the Sufi Brij Mohan Lal. Sufi Devendra Nath continues to guide the aspirants visiting the shrine complex. This is a real spiritual sojourn where Sufi Prabhat Mohan and others also stay. And one can really sojourn in the serenity that the energy field of the master has created. The energy field pervaded the entire cosmos. Only you have to be open and ready to feel this tremendous energy field. Let us go into a peace invocation before we sit in meditation. This part is contained in the audio available on You Tube ‘Taoshobuddha01’. Or you can choose your own peace invocation according to your cognition. I am the link between you and the Sufi Brij Mohan Lal.

Alham dil Allah!


cmn hae cmn me< inralI i)ja hae xqaAae se #k coeR nv bn gya hae jha< @en mStI me< hae %skI ccRa vhI< hE vhI< hE vhI< merI duinya.


What shall Neelambar sing of the eternal beloved? Whose songs forever echo in his being? Anon and evermore the enchanting melodies Reverberate throughout the entire cosmos. The whole spectrum of nature is filled With the wondrous whispers of the beloved!

Neelambar sings: Even silence is a song Of the eternal beloved! Who can hear this chant of ecstatic rapture? In the inner sanctum of stillness He alone can see the beloved Pervading in all quarters!


I think of deathâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hypocrisy, That parting gift that life bequeaths Of preachers, prophets and even priests Who pauperize us with beliefs? Oft guided by their private tastes And fuelled by a founding faith They claim to know our final fate And feed the fear our minds create. Religiously, they understand The market says supply - demand And so conceived, the master plan To sell acres of a promised land! Our guilt, greed and passions are The secret salesmen of a war That helps the sickness to the cure: Prescriptions from a vast dogma! Now, I am not an atheist, Or some religious heretic I do believe love exists perennially In everything, feel it within. But often in a timeless haste We end the journey at the gate And seek to buy, when we should wait To search ourselves: to Meditate.


Tears come to my eyes… As I feel thy grace sublime now and ever I welcome them… ‘Cause these create grooves in my consciousness. Also these prepare for still higher flights! They are not tears of sadness… Instead tears of gratitude Gratitude for the existence… Gratitude for this opportunity… I was called “a confused buyer”… Confused…because I was not looking within… I was not searching... Nor was I? I stumbled upon this presence… And I could no longer be the same…


Vivekananda’s Maha-Samadhi JULY 4th 1902 It is always so whenever a buddha is born his incoming and the presence becomes a threat to common man. In this category of the ordinary man I include even the priest. He is even more ignorant than you. More in the sense your ignorance has the flavor of innocence. But in case of the priest it is not the case.

being debated as whether it was a deliberate act of will—through the Swami’s powers of yoga, or took place because of his illness, aggravated by overexertion. The reality only a master can reveal. Or if you in the state of Samadhi through meditation yourself! In this regard you can only fool yourself. When Samadhi actually happens the entire life g y understandingg etc changes! Then you move from

We throw stones at Buddhas and when they are no more we establish organized religions in the name of these Buddhas. Their lives remain a controversy and death too. Such souls are advanced in their inward journey. Somewhere something is left to finish before he can leave the finite realm of body mind and intellect. He enters the finite realm of body, emotions and intellect out of his own free will. Chooses his parents and associations out of his own free will! And then finally chooses his own way of leaving the world. Such is not the case with any particular one. Instead such is the case with entire Buddha community. Mystery surrounds their live and even after life it continues regarding his Samadhi or death. You cannot understand this unless you have reached to the inner more core of your being. This can happen through meditation. A vast majority considers the first stage of meditation VELHERI as the ultimate. This is the state of somnolence or sleep state. And then remain in this state lifelong because of so called charlatans and vested interests. Inward journey is different. It is difficult. There is no set pattern. It is like a thoroughfare which you carve as you tread along the path. You have to lose everything that you consider as your possessions and even then the master cannot guarantee you for any gains. Only the courageous can tread this path. That is altogether a different matter that you can pretend to be spiritual. And remain in the outer or non-essential or the superfluous dimension of rituals. Alike any other Buddha the cause of Swami Vivekananda’s death on the 4th of July, 1902, is still

ntelligence to intuition or what Sufis call as Kasf. intelligence Each master gives the hint of his final journey in one way or the other. It is only an awakened one who can really decipher this message. But he has to keep this secret. Even those who are connected with the outer dimension of the master for decades cannot

understand. Vivekananda is no different. In 1898 he wrote a poem which Imention for you. In this poem he made mention of this day 4th July 1902. It was in April of the same year another master Naqshbandi Sufi Brij Mohan Lal was born. These masters may be separated from each other by time and space but not eternally. I have never met Sant Keshav Dass. But he made arrangements for one of his disciple to come to me. This incident is worth mentioning for you to understand the work at the realm of spirituality.

Then he left with some unanswered questions. I extended him the invitation to visit me anytime he can. The questions relating to this first meeting intrigued him. Then one day he told me. He said that he was a stranger and I directed him to my office. I did not even ask his name or whereabouts. At this I told him that he is known to me. And there is no need of any formal introduction. Names do not matter. What really matters the inner state of the being. And I have know him for long. Then he said many years ago he spoke to Sant Keshav Dass, ‘Guruji you only come here once in a while. And many a times I want to ask you something. Speak to you. And so on. He spoke all that is expected at such moments.’ Hearing this Sant Keshav Das assured him, ‘Not to worry. I will send you to someone before I leave.’ He is a person of African descent. He is given a loving name of Sudhama – the childhood friend of Krishna. A very effable person! Things happen like this at spiritual plane. Now back to Vivekanand and his awareness of the final journey. Read the poem and now you will understand as I am the link in between. This might favor the former view that Swami ji had the awareness. But I say to you move away from such talks. Enter the energy field of the master and you will find the answers in his voice. You will be prepared to understand the mystical meaning of the master. I am simply bringing you closer to this awareness through this Issue of Samadhi Day. This Issue Samadhi day Celebration is a very unique one. This is to explain how a Buddha leaves the finite realm of duality fully conscious and aware. He leaves singing and dancing. He is a message indeed. His life is a message. His living is a message! And in his death too a great mystery is hidden. Unravel this mystery. This issue is a revelation in this regard.

I had a program on radio here in Trinidad, where I now live. We had a program ‘The Hour of Introspection’. This person heard a program one Saturday morning. Something happened. He went in search of the program. Wandered somewhat until he reached my place. On reaching he asked for me and requested for a copy of this morning’s Radio Program. This was arranged. Then he asked to speak to me. Putting my hand on his shoulder I took him to my office. On his way to the office many thoughts came to his mind. We sat and had a talk.

This poem was written when he was travelling in Kashmir with some disciples, including some American and English disciples—it was read aloud at breakfast that early morning.This poem was preserved by one of his American disciples, Mrs. Ole Bull. While it may have been a coincidence and possibly not unique that someone wrote a poem in praise of this holy day on which he happened later to die. Never consider such things as mere coincidences. Such are the mysteries to be understood. It may be

singular that it was written by someone whose death has been much debated as to its cause (and for reasons other than this poem). Moreover, Swami’s meaning in the poem, while clearly refers to the ideal of American Independence day celebration, possibly alludes to a greater more eternal freedom that he is communicating. Such are the mysteries of the unknown and unknowable. It is not a coincidence that he chose to leave this day for a greater freedom. It indicates that America needs to strive for a greater and real freedom. Introspect! The Swami passed away at the age of thirty-nine years, five months and twenty-four days, thus fulfilling a prophecy which was frequently on his lips, “I shall never live to see forty.” Three days before his passing away, as the Swami was walking up and down on the spacious lawn of the monastery in the afternoon with Swami Premananda, he pointed to a particular spot on the bank of the Ganga, and said to his brother-monk gravely, “When I give up the body, cremate it there!” On that very spot stands today a temple in his honor. Sister Nivedita, mentioned many significant facts in connection with the Swami’s passing away and his foreknowledge of it. Nivedita writes: When June closed, however, he knew well enough that the end was near. “I am making ready for death!” he said to one who was with him, on the Wednesday before he died. “A great Tapasya and meditation has come upon me, and I am making ready for death!” Once in Kashmir, after an attack of illness, I had seen him lift a couple of pebbles, saying, “Whenever death approaches me, all weakness vanishes. I have neither fear, nor doubt, nor thought of the external. I simply busy myself making ready to die. I am as hard as that” — and the stones struck one another in his hand — “for I have touched the Feet of God!” Personal revelation was so rare with him, that these words could never be forgotten. Again, on returning

from the cave of Amarnath, in that same summer of 1898, had he not said, laughingly, that he had there received the grace of Amarnath — not to die till he himself should will to do so? Now this, seeming to promise that death would never take him by surprise, had corresponded so well with the prophecy of Shri Ramakrishna — that when he should know who and what he was, he would refuse to remain a moment longer in the body — that one had banished from one’s mind all anxiety on this score, and even his own grave and significant words at the present time did not suffice to revive it. [I am not going into the conversation between him and Ramkrishna. Ramkrishna said three days after the experience of Samadhi you will be no more. Or the experience of Samadhi will happen only three days before his final journey. This Ramkrishna told him because of an incident that happened many years ago in the Ashram between Vivekanand, Ramkrishna and one of the disciples Kaloo.] Did we not remember, moreover, the story of the great Nirvikalpa Samadhi of his youth, and how, when it was over, his Master had said, “This is your mango. Look! I lock it in my box. You shall taste it once more, when your work is finished!” “…And we may wait for that,” said the monk who told me the tale. “We shall know when the time is near. For he will tell us that, again he has tasted his mango!” How strange it seems now, looking back on that time, to realize in how many ways the expected hint was given, only to fall on deaf ears. It would seem, indeed, that, in his withdrawal from all weakness and attachment, there was one exception. That, which had ever been dearer to him than life! And therefore kept still its power to move him. It was on the last Sunday before the end that he said to one of his disciples, “You know, the work is always my weak point! When I think that might come to an end, I am all undone!” On Wednesday [July 2] of the same week, the day being Ekadashi, and himself keeping the fast in all strictness, he insisted on serving the morning meal

to Nivedita. Each dish as it was offered–boiled seeds of the jackfruit, boiled potatoes, plain rice, and icecold milk–formed the subject of playful chat; and finally, to end the meal, he himself poured the water over the hands, and dried them with a towel. “It is I who should do these things for you, Swamiji! Not you for me!” was the protest naturally offered by Nivedita. But his answer was startling in its solemnity — “Jesus washed the feet of His disciples!” What a solmn reply by an awakened Vivekanand.

courtyard of the monastery, his mind was withdrawn. Suddenly the tenseness of his thought expressed itself in a whisper loud enough to be heard by Swami Premananda who was nearby. Vivekanand then spoke in a soliloquy, “If there were another Vivekananda, he would have understood what Vivekananda has done! And yet, how many Vivekanandas shall be born in time!!” This remark startled his brother-disciple, for never did Vivekanannd speak thus, save when the flood-gates of his soul were thrown open and the living waters of the highest Consciousness rushed forth to merge in the unfathomable ocean of the cosmic being.

Something stopped the answer — “But that was the last time!” — as it rose to the lips, and the words remained unuttered. This was well. For here also, the last time had come. There was nothing sad or grave about the Swami during these days. In the midst of anxiety overfatiguing him, in spite of conversation deliberately kept as light as possible, touching only upon the animals that surrounded him, his garden experiments, books, and absent friends, over and beyond all this, one was conscious all the while of a luminous presence! Of course! A luminous presence of which his bodily form seemed only as a shadow or symbol! Never had one felt so strongly as now, before him, that one stood on the threshold of an infinite light. Yet none was prepared, least of all on that last happy Friday, July the 4th, on which he appeared so much stronger and better than he had been for years, to see the end so soon. On the day of the Mahasamadhi itself, consciously and intuitively, his actions were most deliberate and full of meaning. His solitary meditation for three hours in the morning from eight to eleven was the most striking one. He rose rather early that day and, after partaking of his tea, entered the chapel of the monastery. After some time it was noticed that he had closed all the windows and bolted all the doors from inside. Noone was allowed inside. What transpired there, no one will ever know. In his meditation with his Master and the Divine Mother — to his own realization One and the Same Being — must have been present, for, when he had dissolved in the vastness of the unfathomable ocean. The silence was then broken in a touching song in which Dhyan mergerd with Bhakti. Descending the stairs of the shrine, he walked back and forth in the

The priest is a businessman; his whole effort is to exploit people in the name of religion. He oppresses people, dominates people, and of course he goes on saying, “It is for your own sake.” He makes people afraid of hell and greedy for heavenly joys. This is a psychological trick. He knows people are afraid, he knows people are greedy, so these are the two things that he goes on manipulating: fear and greed. And this is done by all the priests of all the religions in all the traditions all over the world. - OSHO

To the Glory of this day Fourth of July Ramkrishnaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Naren or Vivekanand sang: Behold, the dark clouds melt away, That gathered thick at night, and hung So like a gloomy pall above the earth! Before thy magic touch, the world awakes. The birds in chorus sing. The flowers raise their star-like crownsDew-set, and wave thee welcome fair. The lakes are opening wide in love Their hundred thousand lotus-eyes To welcome thee, with all their depth. All hail to thee, thou Lord of Light! A welcome new to thee, today, O sun! today thou sheddest LIBERTY! Bethink thee how the world did wait, And search for thee, through time and clime. Some gave up home and love of friends, And went in quest of thee, self banished, Through dreary oceans, through primeval forests, Each step a struggle for their life or death;

Then came the day when work bore fruit, And worship, love, and sacrifice, Fulfilled, accepted, and complete. Then thou, propitious, rose to shed The light of FREEDOM on mankind. Move on, O Lord, on thy resistless path! Till thy high noon oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;er spreads the world. Till every land reflects thy light, Till men and women, with uplifted head, Behold their shackles broken, and Know, in springing joy, their life renewed! - Swami Vivekananda

Book Review

Meditation The Way to Self-Realization [AS APPEARED IN TRINIDAD GUARDIAN AUGUST 12, 2008] Prof Rattan Lal Hangloo Chair of Indian Studies University of the West Indies St Augustine, TRINIDAD WEST INDIES

To me meditation means living silently with love for total existence in the world. I do not mean imposing changelessness of thought process on oneself but to understand very deeply one’s body and sense organism by controlling ones mechanism of mind. In this book on meditation, apart from introduction, Taoshobuddha has presented his views and experiences about Meditation in four sections. These deal with definition of Meditation, Methods, Techniques and the necessity of indulging in meditation! The author’s foremost aim has been to give a connected and comprehensive account of Meditation. There are no time space limitations in this work. The mode of treatment has rendered it possible for the author to bring so many of details in one volume. The characterization of meditation clearly reflects author’s comprehensive understanding of the subject not only in theory but in terms of practice as well. He has brought out plethora of personal examples to illustrate the growing nature and the process of meditation which is intertwined with ones material existence. The misery of existence particularly in today’s world is due to the fact that one’s spiritual being (jiva) very easily subjects itself to materialism at every stage without slightest resistance to corruption, cheating, sensual activities, marginalization of one’s honest and integral self for very small opportunities. The material existence is repetitively so tempting that one is never satisfied with anything till death. This is brought out by the author very clearly when he says, “Strangely enough

desires are never fulfilled. The more you go on fulfilling them the more will arise. One gets fulfilled, many arise. This you see around you every day and yet you remain unaware of this. “Food never satisfies the hunger. If it were so, you would never be hungry again. “Water never quenches thirst. Drinking water gives birth to new thirst. For a while you may feel fulfilled but very soon thirst again becomes intense. “The desire for sex never fulfils you. For a while you feel satisfied, and that, too, happens because you are tired, but the desire will soon arise again. As a result after fulfilling one desire be it food or sex, or any other material gain you realize its futility only for a while and then again the same desire arises.” The author puts forward some of the principles such as discipline and learning, inner awakening, alertness, freedom, self realization, unification and consciousness etc as necessary ingredients for invoking of absolute being. What is required is the awakening of one’s inner self. Awakening of inner self to author is, “key in meditation. One need not talk about meditation. It is only to be experienced. Awakening is the phenomenon that radiates like the sun. An awakened person is recognized by particular signs. “An awakened person has united all his discordant elements within him. This radiates through his being and presence…..The first characteristic of such a person is liberty. “He does not allow himself to be tossed about by the vicissitudes of life-fear, joy, anxiety success and failure.”

Taken in conjunction with author’s personal experiences, as a practitioner of yoga, the work covers a wide path. The nature of subject matter has made it necessary to treat the scientific and spiritual together. Many people reject the mediation and its philosophy as inhuman and selfish because they consider it as a cold, deliberate shunning of everybody and everything for the sake of working out one’s own salvation. But the truth is exactly opposite. However, those who are not sure that revelations obtained through Samadhi are genuine revelations or not some form of delusion to such minds the analysis in this work would appear to be devoid of historicity and at times logic. “Meditation implies to pass through the door of death consciously. To die consciously is meditation. However, you cannot wait for death, because death happens every moment and the door is not somewhere outside. And also it is not a normal door that you know. The door is inside you. It is right there now. What is necessary for this is to accept the very fact of death.”

consciousness of rebirth. Both the mind and body cease to exist as a conditioning. Then also ceases the sense organs. And then without these there can be no contact when birth ceases also ceases death. You experience that which is never born, never dies. Thus ceases the process of Dukkha or pain.” The work is original in nature with deep intuitive insights. Most of the questions have been handled with fresh insight yet in very simple terms but in a stimulating manner. This work is truly an excursion into the physical and divine domain of meditation. Entire picture is painted by the author with rare acuteness, simplicity, mastery of language, and the understanding of the subject matter. He is endowed with a rare talent which is reflected in the construction of a true narrative that attracts attention and purifies mind and consciousness. It is indeed a precious possession and a gift from someone who has not only known but has tremendous capabilities to transfer his being-ness to those who seek inner serenity, bliss and harmony.

However, despite such occasional interpretations, the work carries out the sustained and rigorous analysis of the philosophy of meditation and its techniques through a variety of experiences. It is based upon the understanding of Patanjali’s Yog sutras and the writings and inspirational speeches of Osho and his vision. The entire volume reflects in depth the feeling of this life and beyond matched with perfection of expressions and rhythm. “For meditation it is essential that the ego cease to function. Discipline is therefore necessary to challenge this false centre—ego. Ego is negation of truth. It does not like any sort of disciplining. Sometimes the ego pretends to have discipline. This is to avoid discipline and be more comfortable. And then create a small world to live in, to avoid any possibility of interaction with other egos. Negative feelings like anger, fear, and repression are variations of the ego. They give you the feeling of reality and constitute your behavior pattern. These remain hidden, within. Furthermore, these form rigid and inflexible ways of living and interaction, even without paying any attention to actual situation of life within and without.” The author also shows how meditation has posed such questions as whether we can be sure we know anything, whether words mean anything, whether it is possible to generalize from observed regularities in nature and whether there is anything in nature (Prakriti) or in reality corresponding to our concept of self and consciousness around us. “When ignorance is no more, there is no conditioning. When conditioning ceases, we are no more leagued by

The audio CD creates the meditative effects. Like an enlightened master Taoshobuddha connects you to your being. His voice and modulation creates inner serenity and harmony in the listener. ©2005-2006 Trinidad Publishing Company Limited



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