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Top 5 REASONS your Mixtape is Not Being Downloaded (And what you can do about it)

1 You are a terrible rapper OR singer Not Everyone with a beat,mic and a voice should use them. So people might listen to it but they won’t download that shit.


2 You have NO MIXTAPE COVER Or.. the one you use looks like this. FACE OFF THE MIXTAPE

The way your mixtape cover is presented honestly determines if someone will even click your link ... Make it clean.. doesn't have to be too flashy but make it good.


You posted it on a website that makes it MANDATORY for users to have an account with them to download it.. IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID FOR YOUR MIXTAPE TO BE SPONSORED AND YOU ARE NOT A MAJOR OR INDIE ARTIST WITH A HUGE FOLLOWING .. Posting it on sites like DatPiff will only make your download #s look like shit.. Let's be honest People hate signing up for shit.. Make your mixtape easily accessible by posting to sites like, AND also a bonus is most sites you upload files to often pay you for the downloads of your file (mixtape). To further help you in your quest for mixtape downloads and promotion heres a free directory for mixtape promotion. PDF FORMATTED MIXTAPE BIBLE VOL 1.

4 None of the Tracks are titled except for the number ... That shit is annoying and looks unprofessional as well as sloppy. At least post the title of the song or something. You should use a mp3 tagger to name the tracks so your shit doesn’t get lost in the sauce. You want your music to be able to be tracked back to you. How can that happen if you fail to title your OWN SONGS CORRECTLY?????

“What the Fuck is THIS??!

5. You didn't get a MIXTAPE REVIEW FROM ME!

We also provide promotion ALONG WITH IT .. telling the TRUTH About your mixtape.. so .. people will also want to hear it for themselves to find out if I'm just tone deaf or dick riding.. NEITHER OF WHICH I AM GUILTY OF! Contact me today to get yours ( )

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5 Reasons why your Mixtape Download Numbers are Crap!  

The Top 5 reasons your mixtape numbers are garbage and what you can do about it!

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