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Letter From the Editors: Talon Marks Fall 2011 Editorial Board

Pete Moye’ Editor-in-Chief Don’t be spooked, but the second issue of the “Wings” magazine is finally available. After returning from a threeyear hiatus with our “Freshmen Survival Guide” themed issue released in August, the magazine publication of the Talon Marks brand is sure to send chills up your spine with in-depth looks at some of the best that October has to offer.“Wings” Magazine Editor Stephanie Romero, and several other members of the staff explore the history of “Día de Los Muertos,” the hidden talents of Cerritos College’s Daniel Schaper, and attempt to shed light on Breast Cance, being that it is national Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Editor-in-Chief Pete Moye’

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Stephanie Romero

Pete Moye’ Stephanie Romero Magazine Editor Many of the stories in this issue will open you up to people that you may know, but don’t have a clue about what is important to them. There will be stories related to Halloween and literature. These stories will inform you on what is happening or will be happening on the campus. Wings magazine is keeping the campus informed with what is going on in the daily life of a college student at Cerritos College. Hope this Halloween issue gives you insight to the activities and interesting features about individuals that are involved on campus.


Media Editor

Yurixhi Gutierrez


& Multimedia Editor

Stephanie Cobian

Staff Alejandra Ayala, Robert Beaver, Carlos Blandino, Rogelio Gallegos, Ereny Halaka, Nicole Hill, Andre Khatami, Lee Mclaurin, Rosaura Montes, Cristina Navarro, Philip Okoli, Robert Olmos, London Overton,Paola Perez, Sri Ramanathan, Enrique Rivera, Alan Sanchez, Michelle Moreno, Lucia Sarabia, Nury Vargas, and James Williams Faculty Adviser Rich Cameron

Instructional Aide Alicia Edquist

JACC Pacesetter Award 2009-2010

Stephanie Romero Wings 3



Putting on a ‘Poker Face’

during a ‘Bad Romance’

Story by Yurixhi Gutierrez/TM

Photo by

Cerritos College has been the home to linguistics major Daniel Schaper, linguistic for more than three years. He is active around the student body and a full-time student. He attends school five days a week. Being an active member of QueerStraight Alliance Club and actively participating for the poster, fundraiser and float committees keep him constantly busy around school. Steven Castillo, photography major and a friend of Schaper, has had the opportunity to interact with him inside the classroom. “I’ve had a few dance classes, with him. He’s always up for everything, tries everything out and I think that’s the best thing about him. He’s willing to go pretty far for his classes,” Castillo said. His native language is Spanish which, he enjoyed it, but he quickly began to grow an interest in different languages. “Everybody speaks Spanish in Southern California,” Schaper said. Portuguese, Italian and Romanian, and French are some of the languages that captivated his attention and led him to choose his linguistics major. Now, he is one step closer to his AA degree. Some of his interests dance, painting, drawing, and sculpting. Schaper also expressed his fascination for the mother monster, Lady Gaga. “From the first time I heard the song ‘Poker Face’ to her first album ‘The Fame’, I fell in love with this girl. She was just a fierce one,” he said. As a homosexual male, opening up to family and friends was turbulent. Some accepted him for who he was, others did not seem to care much, and then there were many

of those that stood completely against it. “I felt like [I was] walking on egg shells when I first had to reveal it to my mother and father that I was gay.” “It was just that typical dramatic scene where you come out to your parents and they just shove a bible down your throat and tell you, ‘you’re going to Hell if you’re doing this’ .” Diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at age 7, individuals looked at it as a possible cause of his sexual preference. Asperger’s syndrome is often considered a high-functioning form of autism. People with this syndrome have difficulty interacting socially, they repeat behaviors, and often are clumsy physically according to Schaper. This led the people that surround him to believe that there might be some confusion within his personal preferences. “I’m not confused, I’m not messed up in the head, he said , I am quite sure of what I like and what I want. I know what I need, people to be behind me and support me and for them to love me and accept me for who I am,” Schaper firmly said. He has had more than his fair share of obstacles placed upon his path, but they never stopped him from being the outgoing person his friends have grown to adore and appreciate. Castillo continued by describing Schaper as a “very outgoing person, full [of] energy. [He] knows how to pick up the energy for everybody else too, he’s lovable, and not judgmental.” Schaper is an individual who has lived through tough experiences, but managed to pull things together, remained the happy person he is, and work toward his academic goal.

Stephanie Rom ero/TM

Wings 5

Christina Fernandez’s

Personal Work

“Coldwell” from the Sereno Series. (2010) Archival ink Jet Print 30 x 24 in.

Another piece from the Sereno Series which is titled “On The Road”. Archival Ink Jet Print 30 x 24 in. Sereno series.

The California Community Foundation Website With more of Fernandez work

The Latino Museum Website to Christina’s Gallery Work Stephanie Romero/TM

Christina Fernandez sits with her son Diego Fernandez, on her lap. Fernandez has more to worry about than work.

Wings 6

Juggling photography and motherhood Story by Patrick Dolly/TM


any Cerritos College professors split the responsibilities of personal endeavors along with their teaching duties, but Cerritos photography professor Christina Fernandez takes those duties to a whole different level. Fernandez, who is a single mother to a 5 year old son also balances the responsibilities of being a college professor with the passion of her personal photography related endeavors. Much of her networking and professional related establishment as an artist that displays [her work] in galleries and museums began before her son was born. Along with the personal responsibly that parenthood and professionalism requires. Professor Fernandez is widely regarded by her students and coworkers alike due to her extensive knowledge in photography. Photo technician Matthew Castellanos spoke about her success saying, “ She is featured in many galleries. She recently had one of here sets appraised for a lot of money.” Fernandez is an artist with experience in sculpting, painting, printing and photography especially with video, photo and text, photocollage, and instillation. “Photography has played an important role in documenting the different movements in architecture. I think that is where the interest lies. It’s the sort of blend of sort of a symbiotic relationship between architecture and photography,” she said. Growth of Interest

Growing up with an uncle with art related talents, Fernandez was sometimes surrounded with the types of motivation that would form her passion. However, she did not know with certainty that she possessed something special until a professor in college requested that she show her work. Having obtained success as an artist, Fernandez is now at a point where she is able to somewhat sustain herself financially. She spoke about this by saying. “I think that some artists are able to sustain themselves through their sales of work and others not at all. I am sort of in the middle. I do make somewhat decent money as an artist selling my work, but certainly would be living a frugal life if I were to solely depend on my sales.” Pursuing her Education

Fernandez’s combined education in photography includes Los Angeles Trade Technical College, East Los Angeles Community College, Pasadena Community College, before transferring to UCLA where she graduated. Fernandez recalled the beginning of her interest in the arts commenting, “I started out as a painter, printer, and sculptor doing under grad work first at PCC [Pasadena Community Col-

lege] then UCLA.” While at UCLA, Fernandez decided switches majors to photography. Since 1989 when she graduated from UCLA, her focus has photography. She spoke on when she began to receive public recognition. “As far as becoming known as a photographer, that’s a different story. I would have to say that it really emerged when I was in graduate school at California Institute of the Arts where I graduated with my masters in 1994 or so.” She said. She worked as an adjunct professor teaching photography at Pomona College, California State Long Beach, California State Los Angeles, as well as teaching full time at the University of Florida. After College

During the course of time that she spent as an instructor, Fernandez was also very active in her other professional endeavors as well. Fernandez recalled her second body of work as the Transition series stating, “It was very much about spirituality. It was very much about how we are here and then we’re not. We disappear and appear in our lives.” She continued on saying “Actually, when I think about the depth of that series and the work that it produced, I can’t believe that I was 23 years old when I produced it.” Her Work

Fernandez also has additional bodies of work such as Maria’s Great Expedition, Untitled Multiple Exposure, Ruin, Space Available, Lavanderia, as well as her latest series that she is currently working on which is titled Sereno. Her ultimate goal was always to have her work be displayed, but she continues to set new goals. As she works on concluding her most recent body of work, Fernandez is constantly searching for the perfect shot. Fernandez is strives for continued success and is focusing on her latest interest of architectural photography.



When is dressing up going too far? Everyone, if not most of us, remember this quote from the movie Mean Girls: “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like total sluts and no other girls can say anything about it.”

and fluffy gogo dancing boots. It is safe to say that Halloween is not the only day females can dress like they work at a brothel and get away with it, so why judge a girl so harshly over a Halloween outfit?

There is a major factual error in this quote depicting that females only have the opportunity during Halloween to dress skimpy and not be judged for their promiscuity. When in fact, if you walk into a nightclub and the dresses are long enough to barely cover a females back side if anything and tight enough to deprive them from breathing.

Could it be that Halloween is one of the few occasions a female’s promiscuity is on display for different crowds, not just the nightlife scene you find in clubs or raves there for being blown out of proportion within society?

Moving on to raves, womens’ breasts are pushed to their ears and their thongs are a mile high up their derriere, and to dress a bit more discreet at a rave, the answer is fishnets

by : Jim Brannon/TM

8 Wings

Sexy costumes do not come cheap. The costume alone can cost up to 50 dollars. Add accessories, make up and the right shoes, that busts you up another 60 dollars easy and sums up to 110 dollars. So look at the bright side, females are helping the economy.

Trick or treat, smell my feet, the only place on the body with an article of clothing. A disturbing trend is only gaining more steam, with young women opting to show skin on Hallows’ Eve. Remember that first sugar rush? The silly act of taking a white sheet, cutting holes in it, making it into a ghost costume and spooking your siblings? That’s all been thrown out the window. Now, young women in these creatively seductive costumes are the candy, and eyes that fall upon them are the creepiness incarnate. Some women walk around at night in these ridiculous outfits, putting themselves not just in immediate danger but also affecting them longterm in subtle ways. The struggle for equality is at the heart of this issue, reflecting a generation obsessed with image.

If a woman takes care of herself, works out, and has a great abdominal area, she has the right to show it off with revealing clothing regardless of the occasion. Males do it on a regular basis. Therefore, it is incomprehensible why females are looked down upon for it if we do the same thing males do with a feminine touch. There’s nothing wrong with Halloween costumes that are too revealing because youth does not last forever and there will be a point that females’ bodies will begin to change, and not for the better, so might as well flaunt what is provided. If that means overly revealing costumes, then let it be.

Forty years ago, women were burning their brassieres, jilted by a society that had a different set of rules for each sex and demanding better treatment. Women’s liberation seems a thing of the past, and now women seem more inclined to bind themselves in chains and define themselves as objects instead of as equally valued members of society. The counter-argument that dressing slutty on Halloween is a right in and of itself is nonsense, based on the idea that it is a woman expressing herself through her lack of clothing. The truth is that it only serves to objectify oneself further. Actor Zac Efron’s advice may not always be highly sought after, but his character from the film “17 Again” perhaps best sums up the point that needs to be reached: “Listen, girls. If you don’t respect yourself, how do you expect others to respect you?”

by : Yurixhi Gutierrez/TM

Unfortunately, this statement is met with even further advances by the girls, and one suggests that he need not even remember her name. That woman at the party isn’t just slutty Snow White, she is a volunteer at the nearby homeless shelter. The naughty police woman could just as soon be a real officer that protects the public and upholds the law. People cannot see that. To demonstrate that greater depth of humanity and especially compassion, you have to dig deep, past the facade of slutty woman number five, Dom and into soul of a woman. atthe aP eko Don’t let them turn you into a character. Find a sheet, cut out the holes and scare the willies out of them. Prove to them that a woman can be just as scary and strong as any man.

Your school, your voice, what matters.

Free Speech zone What’s the strangest Costume you’ve seen? Angela Tech Undecided Major “Two years ago, down in Hollywood, I saw this guy dressed as Shakira in ‘Shewolf.’”

Elizabeth Makanani english Major “When I was younger, I saw some little kids dressed up as raisins.”

Frederick Coleman Business “A man dressed up looking like a woman. He was really tall, like 6’3”, with big breasts and had butt pads in, stockings, ugly heels and a wig.”

Mark Martinez theatre Major “A guy dressed up as lady gaga at Cerritos College in the costume contest.” Wings 9

How aware are you about breast cancer? October is identified as the National Breast Cancer Awareness month. There are many people developing cancer; not just women but men. It’s one thing to know what cancer is but another is on how to be aware. Not many people check themselves on a regular basis. Women are supposed to go for a mammogram once every year but not many women go. There are several places that provide free information on the different types of cancers. There is the National Breast Cancer Foundation which provides answers regarding breast cancer and locations for mammograms. There are several things you can do to contribute to


helping individuals that have cancer. You can contribute and help both survivors and cancer patients by going to their Relay for Life events, Breast Cancer Walks, fundraising, and donating through Locks of Love. Laura Ropp, sports psychology major at said, “Students can show support by wearing pink, or something with the color pink, so people that attend Cerritos College and are patience or have survived breast cancer feel like they have people support them. Just by wearing pink or having a pin with a pink ribbon to support breast cancer awareness.” The National Football League

By Stephanie Romero/TM show’s there support for breast cancer throughout the whole month of October they wear certain pink attire such as gloves, cleats, and shoes and pink color tape around there wrist. High schools also do the same thing and colleges. But there should be more people contributing to the awareness or support. The NFL coaches also wear pink head caps, and ribbons. There are many symptoms to cancer and many things you should keep a look out for. After a certain age limit you should be gettting checked once a year to make sure you don’t have cancer.

His message sent shockwaves through the entire nation BUT . . .

Do students still remember it?




Wings 11

Day of the Dead: Celebrating those who have passed away Story by Rosaura Montes & Miguel Hernandez/TM


ia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Latin America holiday and a national celebration that brings families together to honor the lives of their deceased loved ones and family members. Along with Latin America, Europe, the United States, the Philippines and Asia have similar variations of this holiday. There are a few regions in Mexico that celebrate the remembrance of deceased children on Nov. 1 while Nov. 2 celebrates the remembrance of deceased adults. It is widely accepted that November 2nd is the main day for Dia de Los Muertos. This is a time when family members put up small shrines or alters in their homes with the pictures of the deceased family member and offer goods such as, candles, food, and possessions that the family member owned or was very fond of. At the cemetery, music is played and dances are made to honor the spirits.

PLANS OF THE DAY Plans for the day are made throughout the year, including gathering the goods to be offered to the dead. During the holiday, families usually clean and decorate graves; most visit the cemeteries where their loved ones are buried and decorate their graves with “ofrendas” (offerings). Family members also pray for the departed so they will not be forgotten and that their legacy will live on. Orange Mexican marigolds are a common sight seen in modern Mexico during Dia de Los Muertos. These flowers are thought to attract souls of the dead to the offerings. OFFERINGS GIVEN Skulls and skeleton are a popular symbol seen among days leading up to Dia de Los Muertos and days after the celebration. A skull or skeleton can be displayed in honor of a loved one, candy skulls with the name of a dead loved one on the forehead



are also a popular gift to give to the living and dead. Although Dia de Los Muertos can be considered a universal holiday, the traditions and practices observed vary from town to town, country to country. In the town of Ocotepec, in the State of Morelos, Mexico, families open their doors to visitors in exchange for “veladoras” (small wax candles) to show respect for the recently deceased. In return, the visitors receive tamales and atole. This only applies to houses in which a family member has died in the previous year. In the United States, the day is very similar to Halloween, as children in costumes roam around the streets to ask for a candy or money. Hispanic communities in states and cities around the Mexican border follow more traditional ceremonies.

OTHER PLACES CELEBRATE Many European countries have similar traditions of visiting cemeteries and graves. In Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Ireland, people bring flowers to the graves of dead relatives and say prayers over the dead. Countries like Poland, Romania, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Finland, practice the tradition lighting candles and visiting the graves of deceased relatives. Some people believe that possessing Day of the Dead items can bring good luck. Many people get tattoos or have dolls of the dead to carry with them. They also clean their houses and prepare the favorite dishes of their deceased loved ones to place upon their altar. Anywhere you go, Dia de Los Muertos is a day of celebrating those who have passed away. Honor, appreciation, and love are expressed. Whatever you do on Nov. 2, be respectful of the spirits, if you’re lucky, you may be visited by one.

Your school, your voice, what matters.

Free Speech Zone How do you celebrate Day of the Dead?

Lizette Rivas Sociology

Michael Hilario Art

“I don’t celebrate the day of the dead.”

“I honor it by doing what my parents tell me to do.”

Melody Fraire Undecided

Michael Payumo Business Administration

“I go to church, and they have snacks there. We also give out candy.”

“I try to go to parties at big places with nice lights.” Wings 13

Top 2 Scariest Books Dracula (1987) This story has captivated readers’ imagination for many years. Dracula possesses a dark and evil soul. A condescending vampire named count Dracula haunts the Transylvania countryside. Dracula depicts a tormented

By Lucia Sarabia/ TM

man’s effort to improve his deepest meaning of himself as a man, making it the crucial horror allegory. The novel influenced generations of films about the horrific vampire. The story of Dracula is told in journal entries, and letters which makes everything more incredible.

Frankenstein (1818)

A novel about a failed artificial life experiment that produced a monster. A mad scientist creates a living breeding monster who in reality is a lost soul. In the process of creating life he creates a monster who hides from 14


the world because he looks at himself as a hideous creation made by a man who’s obsession is to create life through science. The monster that was created by Doctor Frankenstein tries to create a normal social life, but he is unsuccessful do to his hideous looks. The monster in spite of this seeks revenge toward his creator. This novel inspired authors and filmmakers to create fictional characters that opened the public imagination to a different genre. The monster starts to recover from his life’s miseries caused by his obsession for wisdom.

Dracula has powers which are limited, however, he is not able to enter a victims home unless he is invited, cannot cross water unless he is carried, and is rendered powerless by daylight.

Register for Talon Marks

Because it’s better than registering to vote

The top scariest locations close to home by: Alan Sanchez/TM

Gates of Hell- Skyline Dr., Turnbull Canyon Road, Whittier, Calif. A location believed to be an entrance to the underworld of the Damned, where KKK meetings were held, and witchcraft took place. People go up here in groups because of the fear that a person from the KKK might attack them. There have been allegations of people having sightings of witchcraft performances.

Queen Mary- 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach CA. One of the most famous ocean liners, this retired ship has carried passangers since its departure on May 27, 1936. Said to be haunted by hundreds of ghosts that roam around the ship.

Holywood Sign- Mt. Lee in Griffith, Park Los Angeles CA. On the evening of September 16th, 1932, a broadway star by the name of Peg Entwistle commited suicide. Park rangers and hikers have had experiences of seeing a blonde haired woman wearing 1930’s clothing with a look of melancholy and doomed expression on her face.

Roosevelt Hotel- 7000 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA. Rumored to be haunted by Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift. People who stayed in Monroe’s suite, Suite 229, have clamied they have seen her spirit in a mirror. Some have claimed to see her dancing in the ballroom.

Wings 15

Dino’s has more ‘rawr’ than a Dinosaur By: Pete Moye’/TM

Stephanie Romero/TM

The $5.99 chicken plate is the entree that is best indentified with Dino’s Chicken and Burgers. The restaurant chain has been in buisness since 1968.

Dino’s Chicken and Burgers, located on Alondra and Bellflower Boulevard, has a full menu, but only a racial joke from comedian Dave Chappelle can truly tell you what to order – the chicken! Drenched in a tastebud tingling, Cajun-like sauce and complimented with a plate of French fries, the chicken plate is the establishment’s signature dish. The sensational taste of lemon, chili and countless other spices give this

red-orange flesh-colored bird a taste that can be matched by no other. Add a side of tortillas and a drink to complement your mea and you have a meal fit for the God of Gods, Zeus, himself. Based on an old Greek recipe created by the owner, Demetrios Pantazis, the meal focuses on a bird officially called, “El Pollo Maniaco”, translated to English as “The Crazy Chicken.” The immediate moistness of the fries, and the

chicken, which absolutely falls right off the bone, sends the eater into an abyss of all that is amazing food. This home-made recipe simply can not be beat. Despite being on a little on the high set, six dollars for a plate, the chicken blows every “pollo” from KFC, Church’s, and Popeye’s, out of the water, onto land and back into the water just to be blown out again. Top it with a staff that is extremely customer friendly.

Say ‘domo arigato’ for cheap sushi Walking through the doors I was immediately greeted, not just by the hostess, but by every employee there including the chefs. The first thing to catch my eye was the revolving conveyer belt that wraps around the bar, which seemed exciting the idea of choosing my food while it passed by my face. Many of the dishes were missing from the conveyor belt. I let the conveyor belt pass by two times before I settled on a strawberry ramune (soda), baked lobster rolls, and tiger rolls. The baked lobster rolls were still fresh and deli-



cious considering I had no idea how long prior to me walking in they were made. They were also very spicy. A waitress came to ask me if I wanted to order something that was not on the belt and I settled on veggie rolls. The chef came over to ask me if I would prefer to have to rolls fried which I did. When they brought the rolls over to me ,I had question for the waitress how much does each plate cost? She informed me that red plate dishs $3 and yellow dishes cost $2. I was pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive the meal was.

All my dishes had been on yellow plates and the strawberry ramune was also only $2. For the price I was satisfied with the portions and how freshly made the food was and of course how it was presented. The novelty of having the food move on a belt didn’t wear off. Gatten Sushi is clearly a casual restaurant that I would recommend not only because it is close to the Cerritos college campus but they are also very clean (they have an A rating) and are also very friendly on top of the great prices for a good meal.

By: Paola Perez/TM

Paola Perez/TM The vegan sushi that was priced at $2 for a plate. This entrees are varied from the color of the plates.

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The Halloween Laughs of October

Illustrated by: Alejandra Ayala/TM

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