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Alternative Dairy Goes Mainstream

If you’ve been in a coffee shop or grocery store in the last few years, you’ll have noticed the growing popularity of nondairy beverages. Consumers have embraced this trend for a variety of reasons—because of allergies, in order to avoid animal products or just for a different flavor profile. That increased consumer demand is having an impact on the market, including restaurant menus. In response, Sysco Simply Plant Based offers an assortment of nondairy beverages, giving consumers the choices they crave, with almond, soy and coconut-based drinks at the top of the list.

Sysco Simply provides products that can be used across dayparts, from breakfast to dessert. And there is no need to rewrite the menu or order dozens of products. A simple swap with a nondairy product can work in most recipes, including vegan salad dressings and creamy soups.

Sysco Simply has also developed the Barista Blends specifically with the coffee-loving consumer in mind. These dairy-free beverages—available in oat, almond and coconut formulas—are specially formulated to steam at high temperatures. They froth like traditional dairy beverages, producing a consistent, smooth and glossy foam, and don’t need to be refrigerated until after opening.

Data shows that consumers are willing to pay more when items such as coffee drinks are customized to order—especially when the customization involves specialty products such as nondairy beverages. So your Barista Blend cappuccino or latte can definitely carry a corresponding upcharge.

From left to right: Almond Chai Tea Latte; Creamy Vegan Tomato Soup; Dairy Free Ranch Dressing. Find these recipes and more on page 28.