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Desai 25 February 2013

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Types of Meningitis The types of meningitis: 

Bacterial meningitis


Aseptic meningitis

Symptoms of Meningitis If you have meningitis, include fever and also vomiting, major headaches, rashes everywhere and anywhere on the body, and a stiff neck. The stiff neck is more common with older people not with children. Also, if you have meningitis, you will have a dislike of bright lights, you will get very sleepy, always confused and delirious, and you might get seizures.

850 deaths reported in USA

What Causes Meningitis The bacteria which cause bacterial meningitis live in the back of the nose and throat region and are carried at any given time by between 10% and 25% of the population. It causes meningitis when it gets into the bloodstream and travels to the meninges. What triggers

(2001) this movement in a small number of unfortunate people remains the subject of research. With viral meningitis, the viruses responsible can be picked up through poor hygiene or polluted water.

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Treatment Options Depending on the severity of meningitis, there are different treatment options.

How is it Spread? Both are spread by coughing, sneezing and kissing but they should not be regarded as either water-borne or airborne. It is a mistake to assume that the viruses and bacteria can be blown in the wind and float in water because they cannot live for very long outside the human body. So it can basically be spread from a person to person, not objects.

Statistics approximately 25,000


cases of bacterial meningitis annually in

approx 1 in 10,879 or 0.01% or 25,000 people in USA

Want More Information? More information can be found on websites and research about this topic can be found at libraries near you.


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Meningitis Divya Desai  

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