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Our March Magazine

This month differs a little from our previous two issues. In January and February, we provided a campaign-based offering. If you’re new to our Magazine, our campaigns are themed (usually with an associated hashtag) and may have been running on our website and socials for several years. For our March issue, we’ve opted out of campaigns to share some of the behind the scenes here at Sustainability in Style in readiness to launch our new creative baby, the Time is a Non-Renewable Resource, self-coaching sustainability program and planner. In this issue you will also find links to mindfulness-based downloads, tools, musings, and resources. One of our favourites is the Mindful Reading challenge with a free download and a program that you can take part in starting today! THE TOOLKIT Have you seen our eightpart toolkit for reducing BREATHE Meditate to increase your mental and emotional resilience. Stop and take a breath when overwhelm sets in. eco-overwhelm? We’ve included the eight themes GROW Lifelong learning increases your critical thinking prowess. When information gets too much critical thought processes can reduce overwhelm. throughout this magazine (look for stars that match the MAKE Make and mend things with your own hands and reduce your consumer impact. Use craft to get into ‘flow’ when feeling stressed. colours) to help you identify what tools you might want to PLAY Einstein famously stated that “Play is the highest form of research” Through play we find new solutions to wicked problems and reduce stress. consider harnessing. READ Reading allows us to gain a deeper understanding, increase empathy, and expand/challenge norms. Read to relax when stressed or gain clarity. Make notes (on your free SHARE Sharing your Sustainably Stylish journey in a kind and empathetic way can inspire others. Having a support network when stressed is essential! Kiss Eco Overwhelm Goodbye downloadable worksheet) of STRETCH Sedentary lifestyles and overconsumption put strain on our planet and our mental and physical health. Stretch your body and mind to reduce stress. the tools you choose to use and how they impact on your STYLE Material culture and personal identity construct are part of how we go through daily life. Craft a sustainably stylish path that suits who you are. key stressors.