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Springing Forward



Dayna Konopelny

We are getting closer to the arrival of Spring, and get to enjoy those extra hours of sun, thanks to a nice spring forward.

This issue of Student features a few clubs that went out caroling during the Christmas season. Caroling remains one of the biggest fundraisers for lots of clubs, and it is great to see people are always willing to welcome them into their homes. We also have a piece written by our former National Coordinator, to our new National Coordinator, Illya Mykytyn. We have included a little bit about Illya on page 12.

As many may know, the next Congress will be in Winnipeg in May. Hannah Picklyk has written a great insight as to why you should make Winnipeg a destination this summer. As she reminds us from the Simpsons, “We were born here, what’s you excuse?” As a proud Winnipeg, I find this both hilarious and relatable.

This month our cover features the work of Sofia Larmour, who is currently a student at the University of Saskatchewan. The cover is actually a larger painting that she did. It perfectly fits the freshness of this issue. Make sure to read below for more information on Sofia!

As my term is slowly coming to an end, I would love any feedback or suggestions. Whether I can incorporate them into the last two issues, or suggest them for the next editor, feedback is always much appreciated.

A special thanks to UCU, who continues to support Student!

Dayna Konopelny | Даня Конопельна 
Student Editor
Ukrainian Canadian Students' Union
Vol. 61, Is. 02
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