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PHYSICAL EDUCATION RULES: REMEMBER: “YOU ARE NOT IN THE ENGLISH CLASS, YOU ARE IN THE P.E. CLASS” 1. Be kind and polite. Always remember treat others the way you would want to be treated. Profanity is not allowed. 2. Every student must arrive on time at gym (one point is deducted if you are late). Please remain seated and quiet in the floor until given instructions. 3. Students always must be dressed with sport clothes (track suit, trainers…). You must bring your notebook everyday. Both things are your PE materials. 4. ALL backpacks, purses, jewels (watch, bracelets…) and phones must be left in your changing room 5. Food (of any kind) is not allowed in room. 6. Play it safe- follow the rules. Fighting of any kind will NOT be tolerated. 7. Don't leave the gym without permission. 8. If you has any medical problems, that will limit your ability to participate, please let me know in a written note. 9. Pay attention and do you work 10. Try your best and try to speak with me in English, you don´t worry about your mistakes, ¡it doesn´t matter! A normal class will begin with an explanation about the class, stretches, one or two exercises that will target a specific muscle, and then our game activity for the day. I do not expect all kids to be athletes, I only expect them to try their best. This would also include me seeing improvement over time. PE is a fun break from the normal classroom, but it is not recess, it too is a class. My P.E. blog is . Here you can find information, notes, questions and links about our PE classes. You must check this blog each week for reading the didactical units that we are working to and doing the homework explaining on it. You must write a DIARY explaining your impressions and feelings about our contents, answering any question or doing your homework on it. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to tell me whatever you need I am looking forward to a great year, ¡ I´m sure we are going to have a good time in PE! ROSA BLANCO (P.E. Teacher)


PE RULES about the physical education rules