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Can the whirlwind know the direction of its velocity and acceleration? Can the earthquake know its epicenter? Can the earth know the direction of movement? Can the body know the nature of inter-molecular forces? Can the deer know the location of musk? But all these don’t seem to be under stress! Whereas we are under stress! This is because; whereas we keep on darting intellectually, emotionally, instinctually and physically without knowing the destination; the destination itself viz. the core of individual and universal existence (our musk!) keeps on haunting us! This haunting; sparks the restlessness and stress! The forms vary. The semantics vary. But the haunting is universal.

Since the stress is because of the haunting, which is often subconscious and we do not realize it; the solution is usually unknown to us. Nothing is the world can manage our stress and nothing ever can calm our restlessness and anxiety, permanently. The only solution to our stress; is; the process of our merger with our core (our musk!). It leads to pleasant beginning of the Total Stress Management; embodying simultaneous blossoming of us along with others. The haunting by the “musk� does not stop. But now onwards; it is absorbing, pleasant, romantic and fragrant! The simplest and universally acceptable way for this; is NAMASMARAN.