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Welcome to… Anime Theatre Friday • 25th June 5:45pm Doors Open 6:05pm Opening Ceremony 6:30pm Charity Auction featuring the stars of Fullmetal Alchemist! 8:00pm Initial D 3rd Stage The Movie (M) Saturday • 26th June

Seminar Room Saturday • 26th June 10:40am Mark Lutz: Groosalugg from Angel 11:30am Charisma Carpenter: Buffy, Angel, The Expendables

6:30pm Street Angel (NR) 7:00pm Joe Kubert & the School of Cartooning Saturday • 26th June

12:20pm Leah Gibson: Twilight Eclipse & Caprica

10:40am Travis Willingham & Laura Bailey: Fullmetal Alchemist & Street Fighter IV VoiceActors


11:30am Anime Trivia

10:00am Air (M) 10:25am Air (M)

Theatre Friday • 25th June

Whedonverse Exclusive: Dollhouse with Eliza Dushku & Dichen Lachman

12:20 PM Stuart & Kathryn Immonen: Ultimate Team-Up


Lou Ferrigno is The Incredible Hulk


Summer Glau: Serenity & Sarah Connor


Michael Winslow: Police Academy Legend

2:50pm Joe Kubert: Comic-Book Legend

12:30am Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (M)

4:30 PM

Chaske Spencer: Twilight: New Moon & Eclipse

3:40pm Jennifer Fallen & Christian Tamblyn: Literary Worlds

12:45pm Cosplay Chess - In the Foyer


“Become a Professional Filmmaker in 3 Easy Steps” thanks to the Film

4:30pm Tom Taylor & Colin Wilson: Star Wars Invasion

& Television Institute WA Inc

6:00pm Australian Society of Authors Professional Development Seminars: Understanding Trade Marking 101

10:50am Ghost Hunt (PG) 11:15am Ghost Hunt (PG) 11:40am Slayers Revolution (PG) 12:05am Slayers Revolution (PG)

12:55pm Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (M) 1:20pm Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (M)


1:45pm Madman National Cosplay Championships

Sunday • 27th June

2:40pm Musical interlude with Fantasi by Sleep

11:00am Daniel Logan: Boba Fett from Star Wars

3:15pm Madman Cosplay Contest

11:45am Chaske Spencer: Twilight Eclipse


Sunday • 27th June

10:25am Initial D Fourth Stage (M)

12:30pm Whedonverse Exclusive: Charisma Carpenter, Mark Lutz & Summer Glau: Before Dollhouse

10:50am Kanon (M)


11:15am Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (M)

Lou Ferrigno is The Incredible Hulk


11:40am Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (M)

Eliza Dushku: Echo from Dollhouse


Leah Gibson: Twilight Eclipse & Caprica

10:00am Initial D Fourth Stage (M)

12:05pm Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (M)

1:20pm Kamehameha Blast-Off 2:25pm Madman Cosplay Contest

2:00pm Vic Mignogna: Voice of Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist

7:00pm Close Sunday • 27th June 11:00am Vic Mignogna: Voice of Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist 11:45am Anime Dubbing Session 12:30pm Travis Willingham & Laura Bailey: Fullmetal Alchemist & Street Fighter IV VoiceActors 1:15pm Anime Game Show 2:00pm Joe Kubert: Comic-Book Legend 2:40pm Marianne De Pierres: Fiction Writing 3:20pm Stuart & Kathryn Immonen: Ultimate Team-Up

Michael Winslow: Police Academy Legend


Dichen Lachman: Dollhouse


Shane McCarthy: Transformers & Batman

4:00pm World Building MasterClass featuring Jennifer Fallon (ticketed event - see Jennifer at BORDERS)



8:30pm Close

4:45pm Karaoke!! Japan 6:00pm Close

1:10pm Daniel Logan: Boba Fett from Star Wars


12:30pm Madman Panel with Sly

Featuring the

Event Guide Claremont Showgrounds, Perth 25th, 26th & 27th June, 2010.

Special Event

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What’s happening where and when… R O B I N S O N PAV I L L I O N , C L A R E M O N T S H OW G R O U N D Q














Check it out! What you NEED to know! A Madman Anime Theatre. Check the back-page for all the info plus it’s the place to register for Cosplay and other Games. B Supanova Seminars. Check the back-page for all the info. C Check out fantastic films in the CosmoDome 3D Theatre! D Live wrestling thanks to AWF. Three shows daily at 12.00pm, 2.00pm and 4.00pm. E The 501st Legion celebrate a national get together by hunkering down with their huge Endor Bunker! F The home of anime in Australia, Madman, hosts special guest stars, Vic Mignogna, Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey from 10.30am Saturday and Sunday. G The place to meet literary and acoustic Supa-Star, Rob Kaay. H Visit the School of Cartooning to see the man himself, comic-book legend Joe Kubert. I Visit BORDERS to meet fantasy and sci-fi writers Marianne de Pierres, Jennifer Fallon and Christian Tamblyn. J Go crazy with the SMASH BOARDS and duke it out during the weekend. K Registration: The Lucky-Door Prize! Make sure you drop off your completed rego form to go into the draw for great prizes! Its also where our Information is located. Also location of First Aid.








The GAME Gigantabooth! Great specials, great prizes and giveaways plus awesome Nintendo and Ubisoft game-zones! Don’t miss out! Artists’ Alley is the place to be for anyone looking for a cool club to join or the creative spark that runs through the veins of so many of the locals! Check it all out! Magnificent prizes and cool games! Meet our Comic-Book Supa-Stars Colin Wilson, Tom Taylor and Shane McCarthy, Saturday 10:30am-5.30pm and Sunday 11.00am-5.00pm. King’s Comics is back and hosting Stuart Immonen and Kathryn Immonen from 10.30am Saturday and Sunday Let’s Duel! Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments and demos throughout the weekend thanks to Trading Card Tournaments WA. JB HI-FI Supa-Star Signings where Eliza Dushku, Charisma Carpenter, Summer Glau, Dichen Lachman, Chaske Spencer, Lou Ferrigno, Michael Winslow, Daniel Logan, Mark Lutz and Leah Gibson are signing Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am. Want a photo with the stars? Roy’s Photos is the place to do it! Supanova Store is where you get your photo & autograph coupons for our JB Hi-Fi Supa-Stars. JB HI-FI Theatre. Check the back-page for all the info.

Exhibitors 1 AWF Wrestling 2 Anime Bargain Basement 3 CATEnt 4 One Day in Paradise 4 Supa-Star Guests 5 Joe Kubert's School of Cartooning 6 PAniC 7 Fantastic Planet 8 Empire Toys 9 Comic Zone 10 Murdoch University 11 Cernat Collectables 12 Wacom 13 Comic-Book Supa-Stars 14 Gifts for the Geeks 15 Cosmic Comics 16 Ace Anime 17 Voodoo Baby 18 18 Quality Comics 19 Comics & Cards Unlimited 19 The Vault Comics 19 Limitless Vissions 20 TRINKET Jewellery & Custom Design

21 101010 Productions PTY LTD 22 501st Legion 23 Siren Visual Entertainment 24 Spacetime 25 Tamarket 26 Wicked Stuff 27 BORDERS 28 Super Gifts 29 GAME 30 Nifty's Toys & Games 31 Miss Pixie 32 White Dwarf Books 33 How Novel books 34 Hairlucination 35 Cullen Creationz 36 King's Comics 37 Madman 38 SMASH BOARDS 39 Film & Television Institute WA Inc 40 Supanova Store Artists' Alley a Breakenback Films b Joseph Foo Toon Hun c Hip Cat Productions d Ghost Town e Kafe Jijo

f g h i j k l m n o p q q q r s t u u v w x y z

Chin, Kristie Choon Huey Nexus Dark House Imagery Studios X-Seven Monster and Robot Industries radioTAK Comics Serial Experiment Peppermint Carousel Sally Sutherlin JAFWA Gestalt Publishing Guardian Comics Bigger Than Cheeses Noddy's Workshop EVM Productions Animavericks Attha PL Attack-Panda Jewellery Rivanovski Yobe City z0MG ah! Linda Foote Designs Dark Nouveau The West Lodge Inside the Blue Box aa Trading Card TournamentsWA

Supanova 2010 - Perth - Event Guide  

Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2010 Perth Event Guide

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