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Our Favourite Winter Beverages

Maybe it’s being stuck indoors. Or the lack of daylight. But something about wintertime just makes you appreciate curling up with a cup and reading a book, playing a board game or watching a movie. Here’s what you’ll find in our mugs over the holidays.


Apple cider, hot chocolate, eggnog, espresso and tea


1.  Hot Apple Cider

This drink not only tastes amazing, but it makes your whole house smell festive too. Simmer Santa Cruz Organic apple juice with Zinter Brown mulling spice, strain and enjoy.

Santa Cruz Organic Apple Juice $10.89/2.84ml (December Stockboy | regular $14.99/2.84ml)
Zinter Brown Mulling Spices $7.29/60g

2. Galerie au Chocolat Hot Chocolate

Old fashioned hot chocolate shavings boost this Canadian brand to the top of our hot cocoa list! Available in milk and dark chocolate flavours (both are Fairtrade certified).

Galerie au Chocolat Dark Hot Chocolate $7.69/200g (December Stockboy | regular $8.99/200g)
Gay Lea Coconut Whipped Cream $4.89/225g

3. D Dutchmen Dairy Eggnog

If you know, then you know. This glass-jarred ‘nog comes from the Dewitt family in Sicamous, B.C. who process milk from their own Holstein farm for legendary quality and flavour.

D Dutchmen Dairy Eggnog $5.99/946ml

4. Lavazza Espresso

The best way to get through those marathon shopping trips. Make it at home or stop by our coffee bar for a shot of the good stuff.

Lavazza Dark Roast Espresso $11.99/227g

5. Genuine Tea

Founded by a Canadian-British couple who have searched the world over looking for the best teas, every cup of Genuine Tea delivers. Available in the grocery aisle and our coffee bar.

Genuine Tea Evergreen Peppermint $6.99/50g
Apple cider, hot chocolate, eggnog, espresso and tea