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Femdom Artists Illustrators of female dominance, sadism and male submission, masochism. Recopilaci贸n de este fabuloso blog de imagenes fetichistas realizado por el esclavo pablo.

FETISH SILK SC... Ref. 5770 17.95€ La sensualidad, el morbo y la sugestiva estimulación al ser atados, son indiscutibles. Fetish Fantasy Series™ no ha querido dejar pasar la oportunidad de crear una elegante propuesta. Para esos moment...

MASTER & S... Ref. 5664 24.95€ Si te atrae el bondage, este puede ser el kit “picante” que estabas buscando. El plato fuerte es un collar de nylon con enganche metálico y correa, para domesticar a tu presa. Después, átalo con las l...

ULTIMATE BONDA... Ref. 2899 29.95€ Si quieres iniciarte en el mundo del SM y no sabes por donde debes empezar, tenemos la solución a tus problemas. Este kit de iniciación, es la excusa perfecta para llevar a tus esclavos por el mejor c...

PURPLE CHEETAH... Ref. 5642 69.95€ ¡Cariño… Hoy domino yo!. Creo que viendo lo bonito que es este kit, habrá peleas para ver quien lo coge primero. Observa, se ha confeccionado con una tela aterciopelada de leopardo en tono violeta y e...

4 STRAP GIRTH ... Ref. 4723 17.95€ Estamos de suerte, a los que nos gusta el cuero y el sexo radical, nos va a ir de cine esta fundaanillo extrema para el pene. Elaborada en piel auténtica y en nuestro color preferido, el negro, se ha...

COLLAR LATEX Ref. 24013 42.95€ Un complemento de lo más extremo. Collar totalmente ajustable de látex de primera calidad, con cierre de hebilla tipo cinturón y un gancho frontal para poder atar una correa y llevártelo

No es mi trabajo, si acaso solo el de maquetación. Pero considérenlo una cita pictórica. Extraídas del excelente blog, aunque mi aportación ha sido únicamente la de copiar, pegar y enmaquetar, las excelentes imágenes han valido la pena. Y hay más, pero deben visitar el blog original. Esto es solamente una muestra. Lo he querido hacer a modo de homenaje y de respeto hacia las Mujeres, y a Ellas lo quiero dedicar. Y en especial a Ama Cristina, a cuyos pies me arrodillo humillado. sumiso pablo

Concentration Camp Femdom Another poster featuring Dyanne Thorne as Ilsa, the most celebrated of the concentration camp dominatrices.

Father of the Amazons Father of the Amazons is another femdom in outer space novel about a man who is the only male on a planet run by women. Since it is a Kozy Book it might even be a little kinky.

Krampus Girls I’ve had this illustration for a very long time. It is only know that I realized that it features female krampus vixens.

Cuckolding Today Cuckolding Today The Magazine for Cheating Wives

These covers count as art because they are bogus; products of PhotoShop I assume. I’m a sucker for fake magazine covers

Mechanical Wanking Torture Illustration by Elikal, a German artist who draws gay male erotica, a fair slice of which is kinky.

Lady Boss Many of the female-led relationship fans probably prefer to work for a female. Plenty of kinky women and men at least enjoy imagining the kinky possibilities.

I make another F/f exception because of the Eric Stanton cover.

Miss Fury Miss Fury was one of the first female costumed superheroines. She was drawn by Tarpe Mills one of the very few women who worked in comics in the early days (and many days to come). The character was never hugely successful nor was a revival a few years back.

Face Slapping

FETISH LOVER´S... Ref. 5773 17.95€ Lover´s Fantasy Kit® es el conjunto de accesorios ideal para personas que quieren iniciarse en el morboso mundo del bondage, y también, para gente avanzada que quiere ampliar su repertorio SM. Lo comp...

PURPLE CHEETAH... Ref. 5642 69.95€ ¡Cariño… Hoy domino yo!. Creo que viendo lo bonito que es este kit, habrá peleas para ver quien lo coge primero. Observa, se ha confeccionado con una tela aterciopelada de leopardo en tono violeta y e...

Krampus Girl with Her Whip I just found another image of a pretty female Krampus. This one with a whip for your Christmas punishment.

I wonder if the Krampus – of either genders – has been a figure in BDSM art

Vanilla pretty grl Christmas art and photographs. Mistress Krampus The Krampus is a figure of Christmas folklore that punishes children for their misbehavior. Naturally there is a Femdom equivalent: a female Krampus who punishes sinful men. Sadly images of Lady Krampus are much harder to find.

Femdom Art of Gene Bilbrew I wish: •

• •

That I had larger, nicer copies of these Gene Bilbrew covers. That the guy who used to have the Art of Gene Bilbrew hadn’t mutilated the images. That he’d put larger sized images on the web.

I don’t fault him really for the small size. Bandwidth was a much bigger issue – expense – back then. But the marking of the images did him no good. His site vanished when Yahoo! discontinued their free Geocities websites. Gene Bilbrew 1923 – 1974

Aphrodite They say Bilbrew was a heroin addict who died of an overdose.

Bound 5 That like Eric Stanton Bilbrew sometimes drew himself on his sleazy paperback covers.

Bound 6

Bound 8


Richard Perez comments: Gene Bilbrew’s style is like that of a muralist; and like the work of a muralist (Diego Rivera comes to mind), there’s an odd stiffness to the figures, the compositions are sometimes awkward, and, now and then, the characters even seem erratically proportioned. (Oddly enough, I don’t see these idiosyncrasies as “defects” [much like the writing of Charles Bukowski, the very thing that makes his art crude and “wrong” makes it right].)

Correspondence Quarterly

Follies of Venus Bilbrew worked for Will Eisner, one of the most significant comic book artists ever. Eisner doesn’t appear to have influenced Bilbrew’s art

Punishment for a Transvestite

Bondage Mad House

Bondage Rebellion He began his career at the Los Angeles Sentinel, an African American newspaper, where he illustrated the comic strip series The Bronze Bomber — coauthored by Bill Alexander. He also wrote the series Hercules in Health Magazine. Throughout his life, he took freelance assignments within the African American community, for instance producing modernized cover art for Victorian-era lottery numbers books such as the Gypsy Witch Dream Book and Old Aunt Dinah’s Dream Book for the Wholesale Sales Corp.

Queen of the Lashed

Carny Whip

Hell’s Dungeon

Gene Bilbrew at Fetish Pop Culture • Gene Bilbrew at EroSexual

NB:I have a poor 300 px wide scan of Bondage Threesome and really, really want a better image.

Arthur de Pins Arthur de Pins is a French cartoonist and animator. Some of his cartoons feature explicit or implied female domination and male submission. But his lightly erotic images span the full scope of amused and amusing sexuality.

Š Arthur de Pins

Stock Market Crash I think I’m running out of F/m cartoons!

More Lego Femdom Star Wars combined with Lego and a F/m whipping. Somebody’s childhood must be complete.

PINK HARNESS W... Ref. 5796 44.95€ Esta monada de arnés para chicas os permitirá descubrir nuevas sensaciones ocultas. Está pensado para la mujer que quiere saber lo que se siente al penetrar tanto a chicas como a chicos. Se ha elabora...

DOUBLE G PLEAS... Ref. 21829 21.95€ Disfruta al máximo del sexo en pareja con este arnés femenino de látex. Su braguita, se adapta perfectamente a tu silueta, e incorpora dos penes rígidos de silueta curvada para encontrar fácilmente tu...

Mistress Tessie Yeah, I know – just ignore the dialogue balloon.

Femdom Mermaid Another Uschi F/m cartoon.

Ugari Ugari – like so many F/m artists – seems to have created a handful of illustrations of strong and cruel women and then vanished. I’ve always like the scarification and torture bed images.

Helpless Man A bound and helpless man at the mercy of a masked woman.

Jason’s Giantesses More fantasies for macrophiles. I don’t know anything about Jason

Men in Bondage Robert Bishop’s bondage work is the portion of his oeuvre that I enjoy the most. Much of it is cumbersome, complicated and wildly improbable.

Tomy’s Amazonian Bodybuilders I know nothing about Tomy beyond what is revealed in these illustrations: he fancies sadistic Amazons and drew more than one picture of the woman he named Heidi.

What a Whipping for Christmas? Hoping for a whipping this Christmas. Maybe you should buy her a new flogger or cane.

What an unlikely, unexpected drawing.

Oral Sex

Her fingernails are so – too – long that she shouldn’t be putting her hand between her thighs.

The Femdom Game I know nothing at all about the illustrator of this series of F/m drawings.

Her Boots Have Spurs I’ve been trying to figure out what is going on in this Gene Bilbrew cover. His tie, the palm tree and Spanish-American building suggest the American Southwest. I think he has money in his hand. Maybe he’s a criminal. Though he looks like an old-fashioned delivery man to me.

Man : A Useful Animal? Man reduced to a useful animal, a pet is always enjoyable. The last illustration has long baffled but pleased me.

Licking Her Boots Retifist ecstasy.

Stig’s Frigid, Indifferent Sadists One of the satisfyingly eerie qualities of Stig’s F/m artwork is the seeming indifference of the women as they torment and humiliate men. Naturally in real life I want and involved and aroused sadist. But the notion of being hurt and degraded by someone who hardly seems to know whe is in the room blows the cerebral gaskets.

Imagine these women working airport security for the TSA.

Femdom Artists on Facebook

Asking some to be your friend is a perturbing locution for most of us past childhood. But friend is the term Facebook uses. I’ve decided to use – sort of, to some degree – the facebook account I set up for kinky stuff many months back. Actually it is OK if you hate me if you’ll befriend me on Facebook.

Femdom Wrestling It has been a time since I posted any art by Robert Bishop. It would be a treat to meet a woman who could physically wrestle me into submission.

A Slave in Her Stocking I’m sure some of you would like to find yourself in some dominant woman’s stocking this Christmas. (Transvestism implication acknowledged.)

Stig: Awkward Bondage Stig is one of those illustrators of female sadism who for a time almost smother my imagination. Awkward, uncomfortable bondage is something I find very compelling. This, the first drawing I recall seeing my Stig, captures that craving. One disadvantage of not having DIY stills is how hard it makes for you to contrive these conditions at home.

Curtus A crossdressing friend had pointed me to Carole Jean’s Petticoat Punishment site well before I became really aware of femdom culture. (At the time I was shocked and sickened by the sexism.) So Curtus’ style was vaguely familiar to me but I didn’t really become concsious of him until Sardax identified a Curtus drawing that I posted earlier.

TV Initiation Bondage Bill Ward art on a transvestism ‘zine.

Bondage Harassment Dominated Man’s Bondage Harassment is a great title.

This could be one of my own fantasies if it were for the feminization. I approve of the book but not the cigarette.

Sassy Bottoms Sassy Bottoms produced spanking art until retirement. Yhe illustrations featured women spanking both males and females. Many were recreations of childhood corporal punishment and it would be imprudent of me to reproduce any of those.

Yaoi Femboy Not to everyone’s taste for sure. But I have a thing for overly decorative femme guys.

Petticoat Bondage Those are some knickers the guy in bondage is wearing. I guess being dominated by a maid – a common enough occurence in F/m art – is supposed to be especially humiliating. Being degraded by a person socially inferior to the mistress proper.

Transvestite Conversion I can’t make out the signature. I wouldn’t mind tying up blondie myself.

Prissy If you know anything about the feminization artist who signs her work Prissy please leave a comment below.

They Made Him Love It Perhaps the worst Eric Stanton illustration that I’ve ever seen. Mutrix produced a large quantity sissyfication and forced feminization work.

NITE RIDE Ref. 5901




La limpieza y la practic idad se unen en este artículo para conseguir unas relac iones sexuales lo más higiénicas posibles. Elaborado en plástico de color negro y c on unas medidas idóneas, esta bomba de...

Equipo para enemas fabricado en látex y plástico negro. 5 piezas para llenar tu cuerpo con líquidos fríos y calientes. Depósito-bomba, con capacidad para 200ml., con adaptador de rosca y dos cánulas d...

SEX SPLASH INT... Ref. 4349 21.95€


Practica lavativas con total seguridad con este completo kit de enemas, y consigue un sinfín de sensaciones. El pack incluye un depósito de gran capacidad, una cánula clásica, otra con ocho aspersores...

Frauendusche® es un artículo para practicar enemas vaginales que te garantiza una higiene perfecta. Con un tradicional y efectivo diseño, pos ee un depós ito-bomba que puede contener hasta 330 ml. de lí...

COLT GEAR – TH... Ref. 5793 32.95€

CANULA DE RECA... Ref. 4034 12.95€

Siguiendo la línea de gran calidad a la que Colt® nos tiene acostumbrados, me complace presentarte esta eficaz bomba para enemas, que te “facilitará” mucho las cosas. Elaborada en materiales de máxima...

Por fin encuentras lo que tanto soñabas porque, como siempre, te lo traemos nosotros. Esta v ez, te presentamos una cánula de goma flexible de 39 cm. de longitud, ideal para que la acoples a cualquiera...


TIJERAS PARA P... Ref. 5281 24.95€



"SYRINGE" te permite practicar enemas sin necesidad de recargar líquido. Sumerge el extremo con válvula en un recipiente con líquido, s elecciona el aplicador anal, ya colocado, o retíralo y utiliza el...

Las habrás visto metálicas, las habrás visto de tamaño más pequeño pero te aseguro que con las que más flipó mi esclava fué con estas tijeras para los pezones o... para lo

CANULA DE RECA... Ref. 5278 14.95€

ESPECULO GRADU... Ref. 5510 12.95€

Por fin encuentras lo que tanto s oñabas porque, como siempre, te lo traemos nosotros. Esta vez, te presentamos una cánula de goma flexible de 39 cm. de longitud, ideal para que la acoples a cualquiera...

Espéculo graduable en PVC fluorescente para jugar en la oscuridad. Permite dilatar la entrada de ciertas cavidades, manteniendo separadas sus paredes, con el objeto de explorar su interior. Introdúcel...

RECTAL SYRINGE Ref. 5488 13.95€

FONENDOSCOPIO Ref. 5279 54.95€

Si te gusta disfrutar de tus juegos “húmedos” en cualquier lugar y momento, Rectal Syringe ha llegado para colmar tus deseos. Con un tamaño mini, pero con una capacidad máxima. Presentado en una preci...

Respira, expira, respira, expira.... di treinta y tres. Perfecto, veo que te enc uentras de puta madre y puedes recibir más dolor. Ahora por fin te podrás sentir c omo un verdadero médico y tomarles el ...

ULTIMATE DOUCH... Ref. 4179 14.95€

INTIMATE DOUCH... Ref. 4669 59.95€

Te presentamos Ultimate Douche, de California Exotic. Un artículo fabricado para que puedas practicar enemas y lavativas con la máxima fac ilidad, consiguiendo una higienización perfecta. Envase anatóm...

Convierte el momento del baño en algo realmente divertido o realiza los enemas más higiénicos, gracias a este cons olador met��lico. Con diseño anatómico y cinco orific ios en su parte delantera que lanz...

PINZADOR METAL... Ref. 5277 42.95€

TRAVEL DOUCHE Ref. 5491 13.95€

Una verdadera joya para cualquier ama/o. Con este pinzador metálico con protección de goma en las puntas, tu es clava/o se rendirá a tus pies pidiéndote más y más humillación. Abrelas suavemente, agarr...

Resistente, compacta y fácil de usar. Esta nueva idea de la industria erótica, te permite poder disfrutar de tu máxima pasión de manera sencilla en cualquier lugar. Desde tu casa hasta donde llegue tu...





Te presentamos una ingeniosa ducha anal para que obtengas una perfecta higiene íntima del recto y s eas capaz de practicar los mejores enemas de tu vida. El kit, s e compone de una pera de látex negro q...

Espéculo metálico para uso anal con abertura graduable. Utilizado como dilatador previo, evita malas experiencias y facilita la penetración posterior con objetos estimulantes. Dilata un máximo de 4.5c...


SPEKULUM Ref. 1901


Te pres entamos una ingeniosa ducha anal para que obtengas una perfecta higiene íntima del rec to y seas capaz de practicar los mejores enemas de tu vida. Además cuenta con un accesorio revolucionario. ...


Espéculo graduable de PVC transparente. Permite dilatar la entrada de ciertas cavidades, manteniendo separadas sus paredes, con el objeto de explorar su interior. Introdúcelo en la vagina, o en el ano...

sumiso pablo

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