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Key club survival kit

Must Have: • Full-Fare Metrocard (Even if it’s on a school-day. A mission once ended past 8.) • A cell-phone, someone with a cell-phone, or money for a pay phone. (Some events are hard to find or you might get separated from the project captain or event administrator.)

Who remembers what the letters “KEY” stand for in KEY Club?

• A friend or train-buddy. (Some events can be very lonely but an event with a buddy always ROCKS!) • MP3/iPod (In case your route home is very different from everyone else’s.) • A print-out of event details. (It helps!)

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Jensen is a veteran of the Key Club Honorable Volunteer Force. He has been through so much in his time and has learned some ―musthaves‖ when going on a mission. Now on reserve, Jensen has compiled a list for your next project.

• Umbrella (I don’t care if the sun is shining. Read about Relay for Life in the June issue.) :] • A good attitude. (Need I say more?) • A lot of time (I’d love if everyone can go to events but if you have a ton of school-work, don’t come. School always comes before Key Club—curriculars before extracurriculars.)  A Subway Map (They’re free and helpful, esp. on days with hundreds of delays and service changes.)

Miscellaneous • Some events will give you a free shirt, so you might want a bag. • If it’s cold (especially events early in the morning), wear layers! • Some events require a lot of walking or running around. (The Robotics Competition is one of the most exciting events, but it involves a lot of fancy footwork. Look forward to it! :]) • If you have sore throat, then events relating to the NYRR or “cheering” might worsen the state of your throat. • It’s a one-timer, but five lucky guys might get the chance to dock boats at the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival. Wear trunks and sandals just in case others decide to play a prank on you and you’re the unlucky one that gets pushed into the lake. • Some events are on school days but at night. Usually, you meet up at Stuy but you can do whatever you want before it starts. Just don’t be late! You might hold up everyone else they’ll all be late to the event. • If you’re really dedicated, then you will know Chinatown and Central Park very well.  Friend us on Facebook. It is one of the best means of communication. AIM ranks number one though.

Many of us understand, but don’t be late. Hope this helps! :] Good luck, comrades! - Jensen Cheong

JCC Operation Chicken Soup By Jensen Cheong ONE OF THE BEST EVENTS IN KEY CLUB! I’m not playin’. These events are totally awesome! I always look forward to these events. No, not to eat some food behind their backs, which I don’t do. ;) Yes, its after school and on Wednesdays and yes, you will be up till 3 doing homework but it is worth it. And the things you do there vary each time. Sometimes we make soup instead of lasagna and one time, burritos. Basically, you’re always going to be surprised at the JCC. ―For homework, please read…‖ Mr. Francis said. For a kid that always pays attention in class, my mind drifted off to where I was going to be in 30 seconds. ―So, can anyone tell me,‖ and he was interrupted by the bell. I dashed out of class while hearing Mr. Francis’s traditional ―Get out!‖ in the back. After shoving some stuff into my locker, I went to the board to meet up with the nine other lucky ones who got to go to JCC. When it was 4:00 and everyone at the board, we set out to the JCC. Besides the ones I already knew, I met the lucky freshmen that were going—Daniel, Linda, Ashley, Catherine, and Angela. It was also Adeline’s first time going (unless she went when I wasn’t in Stuy yet). Welcome to the gang guys. :) I have to admit, freshmen last year were apparently very shy. You guys

Recommended Key club Events The ―sister‖ article of Jensen’s must have items! Sharif, another veteran of the Key Club Honorable Volunteer Force, has gone through many hardships, rain or shine. He has compiled a list of ―must-events‖ which you should DEFINITELY go to, as well as a rough estimate as to when the event is (or if it is a recurring event, the days it is on), and some extra notes you might want to know.

At least one New Visions Garden (various Saturdays throughout Autumn and Spring, various Fridays in the Summer)

Located in East New York, one stop before the last stop of the 3 train, this is a great event to work out your arms and legs and have fun gardening. Ms. Butler, the head coordinator of this garden, is a very nice woman. She provides you with drinks and snacks, and quite often lunch as well. A few times in the year, there are even parties at the garden. Just watch out for the bug bites!

At least one JCC Operation Chicken Soup (various Wednesdays throughout the year)

I personally cannot lie. I have never been to a Jewish Community Center (JCC) Operation Chicken Soup. It is located at the JCC HQ, a few blocks north of the 72nd Street stop on the 1, 2, 3 train in Manhattan. However, I’ve heard it was a great event, as you can help cook (with no cooking experience), and you get free great food. It is also for a great cause, as the food goes to soup chickens to people who need it. I warn you to sign up fast however, as there is a 10 person limit on each of these.

At least one of the following: JCC Wrap-It-Up or JCC Pack-It-Up (Wednesday in midDecember, Thursday in late-May, respectively)

Similarly to the JCC Operation Chicken Soup, this is located at the JCC HQ. Unless I am mistaken, there were only two of these events last year, so try to make at least one! The Wrap-It-Up was a few weeks before Christmas, and we wrapped up gifts and wrote cards for children. The Pack-It-Up was a few weeks before finals (eeek!), and we packed up toiletries and made cards for women in local shelters. Like the JCC Chicken Soups, these are for a good cause, and they do serve you dinner in both of them. The good part is that there are no limits to the amount of people who can go, unlike JCC Chicken Soups!

At least one Key Club Divisional (every couple of months, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays)

Key Club Divisionals are held afterschool, sometimes at Hunter College High School in Manhattan, which is walking distance from 96th Street on the 6 train. These events are really good for learning the structure of Key Club as a whole. It shows how the gears and gadgets of Key Club work, and that the President isn’t really the highest ranking officer in Key Club. You also get to meet the Lieutenant Governor! Just make sure you don’t have a lot of homework that day, because it tends to go up to 7 P.M.

At least one USACF Packing, also going by the false name of ―Packing Up Donations for a School in Zimbabwe‖ (various Saturdays throughout the year)

USACF Packings aren’t very common, having had only three last year (excluding the ones before summer 2007). They used to be at Lincoln High School, which is near the Ocean Parkway stop in Brooklyn on the Q line, but Mr. Grashaw, who is the head coordinator of USACF, moved it to Floyd Bennett Field, which is near the last stop of the 2 train in Brooklyn (due to the location’s extra convenience for him). At this event, you pack up boxes to be shipped to different schools in Africa. Besides helping give school supplies to children who have never seen a toy before in their life, you also get a nice workout, and you get to meet Mr. Grashaw, who is a really cool guy!

were very energetic, which is a good thing! We need that kind of enthusiasm in Key Club. When I reached the JCC and passed through security thanks to my lessons of ninja techniques I used at the window, we were introduced to the lady who was going to show us what the recipe for today was. (I’ve been there so many times and yet I still forget her name! >.<) Looks like lasagna today! Veggie Lasagna that is. And a JCC Operation Chicken Soup wouldn’t be a JCC Operation Chicken Soup if we didn’t make cookies so not surprisingly, we were going to make cookies today. But this time we were going to make Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. (And some had dates—how did you guys fit those big lumpy dates into the cookies?) So we split up into the groups: me, Adeline, and the freshmen made the cookies. Gavin and his group made the lasagna. I actually never did cookies at JCC. I usually did the soup, burritos, etc. so I was clueless about how to do it. Luckily, the steps were written on the board, but Angela and I were kind of unsure about how a hard lump that separated my mixing rod would become a soft cookie. After adding even more stuff it started becoming soft again! So soft that it was ready for the oven. While everything was baking, we started to clean up and…eat a few pieces of chocolate left in the bags. OK, SOME of the chocolate. :D You would’ve too if you were there ;) So during that time,

Recommended Key club Events 

[ c o n t ]

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, otherwise known as MSABC (will be on Sunday, October 19)

MSABC is ranked among the top 3 most popular events in Stuy Key Club, with the other two being March of Dimes and AIDS Walk. We met for MSABC at 7 A.M. (set your alarms, folks!) at the Bandshell in Central Park, which is close to the 1, 2, 3 train stop at 72nd Street. In this event, we route marshall, which means we cheer on walkers, and in the case of an emergency, help out the walkers. The turnout of this event is around 100 solely from Stuy Key Club, so make sure to sign up. :D

Key to Your Future Day, otherwise known as KTYF (will be on Saturday, November 8)

KTYF is definitely an underrated event. It is held at the Salvation Army building, which is walking distance from the 42nd Street Port Authority stop on the A, C, E train. Assuming you paid your dues (which I urge you to, since you can’t go if you haven’t!), KTYF is an event where you get to take free workshops run by professionals on topics that are key to your future (wonder where you heard that before?), such as leadership, college, budgets, and college essays. Lunch is also provided. This is a great way to get all those important questions you’ll be asking in a couple of years answered.

Bowl-A-Rama (Saturday in late-November)

Last year, the Bowl-A-Rama location was held in Flushing, near the Main Street (last stop) on the 7 train. The location has been the same every year. At the Bowl-A-Rama, you pay $15 for two games (which lasts approximately 2 hours). You do get points for going to the Bowl-A-Rama (which should NOT be your main goal, but a bonus instead). It is for a good cause as well, as the money goes towards UNICEF, which goes to children in Swaziland (sub-Saharan Africa). What’s a better way to spend a Saturday morning than having fun doing something good?

Lunar New Year Flower Market, otherwise known as LNYFM (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in the first week of February)

LNYFM is held at Columbus Park in Chinatown (yay Chinatown!) in Manhattan, which is very close to the Canal Street stop on the J, M, Z, N, R, Q, W, 6 trains. At LNYFM, you help out flower venders, help at the Command Station, greet people as they come in, help with surveys, try to get people to donate, and much more. It is a memorable event, and you get 1200 points for going to it on all 3 days (which, once again, shouldn’t be your primary concern, especially if you go to all the other events suggested here).

March of Dimes, otherwise known as MoD (Sunday in the last week of April)

March of Dimes is ranked among the top 3 most populous events among Stuyvesant Key Clubbers, with the other two being MSABC and AIDS Walk. We meet up for March of Dimes near the R, W train stop at 23rd Street. At March of Dimes, we route marshall in groups of 4-5 people at every corner. March of Dimes has been a service partner with Key Club for over 50 years. The turnout to March of Dimes is around 60 people from Stuy KC. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Eli Manning was walking last year, so don’t forgot to sign up; you might see someone famous. =)

Recommended Key club Events we put away the supplies, stacked them up, and watched the final steps of lasagna making. OMG, THEY SMELLED SO GOOD! Those cookies smelled great! But before our hopes came alive, we needed to pack the cookies to be sent to shelters. Now with all the members helping, we finished this really fast. Woah….well…would you look at that. We had some cookies left over. OH NO! WHAT SHALL WE DO?!?! WE DON’T WANNA THROW THEM AWAY! WHAT SHALL WE DO?! =O Haha, it wasn’t that dramatic when we saw that there were more than enough cookies left over. SO did we throw them away? If we did, that would’ve been a serious waste of cookies. We ate those left over amazing cookies we made. Looks like that hard lump some of us had before was all in the process of cookie making. JCC is just awesome. You have got to go there and see for yourself. I hope all of you who signed up will get a chance to go in the future. But till then, I think I’ll finish my cookies. ;)

[ c o n t ]

AIDS Walk (Saturday in mid-May)

AIDS Walk is ranked among the top 3 most populated events in Stuy KC, with the other two being March of Dimes and MSABC. In AIDS Walk, unlike March of Dimes and MSABC, you can either walk or volunteer and receive credit for both. You have to raise $10 to walk, but volunteering is free. If you walk, you get lots of free food along the way to keep you going (it’s 4 miles), but if you volunteer, you get an awesome T-Shirt. The turnouts to AIDS Walk range at around 50 walkers and 30 volunteers from Stuy KC.

Pre-Induction Party (early-June)

Pre-Induction Party was held last year near 34th Street, near the B, D, F, V, N, R, Q, W train stop. Induction is when we officially say goodbye to the old cabinet and ―induct‖ the new cabinet, which happens a few weeks after Pre-Induction (and a few weeks before school ends), with PreInduction being the party before Induction. Pre-Induction costs $20 for the buffet, and $20 for the karaoke after it, with the price of $30 for both. It’s an awesome event, since you get to chill and stuff yourself for 2 hours and spend over 5 hours just singing (awfully) to some cool music!

Relay for Life (Saturday in mid-June)

Relay for Life is held at Sara D. Roosevelt Park Track in Manhattan, close to the B, D train Grand St. stop. It costs $10, but if you went to Pre-Induction, it’s free (which is another reason to go to Pre-Induction)! Money raised goes to cancer research and awareness. During the day, there are many competitions, including the famous DUMPLING EATING CONTEST (vegetarian dumplings for all the Jews and Muslims out there =))! It’s a super cool event, and you really have fun. Make sure to sign up to all these cool events. :D - Sharif Mahfouz * * * HEY YOU! YES YOU! Wonder why Jensen Cheong and Sharif Mahfouz have monopolized this issue? It’s because they submitted so many articles! It took a lot of effort not to name this issue The Monthly JensonianMahfouz. That’s why you must submit your articles to! Our mascot!

Send in your articles, art, photos, lists, comics, cartoons, etc. Remember, you’ll get points for doing so! So take pictures at the next event and/or write about it!

Key Club Committees Ten Thousand Years of Key Club History Flyingblue-Jensen Joe Plumber Cheong Ten thousand years eh? For such a club to stay this long, it must have a good core. Let me tell you something. Gavin, Victoria, Kenny, Adeline, and Victor are THE BEST! We are currently in the Golden Age of Key Club. But we shouldn’t forget about the small things that keep Key Club’s rich tradition going. Lets visit some committees shall we? Yes, I know the houses are shaped like a P and a R. Christine and Peiyu live there, you awesome Public Relations Heads. You wanna hear from them? Sure. “Hey you guys, these guys wanna hear about PR.” ―Hi Joe Plumber, sure, we’ll tell about the most awesome committee ever!‖ Christine cheerfully says. ―Hey guys, we’re team Public Relations! Branded with ―PR‖ on our chests (too bad none can see), we and our lovely committee members are the brains behind the operation. We zip around school early in the morning to post up fliers so that YOU, the informed and educated member, will know exactly when and where the meeting is held. Without our signs to direct Key Club members, nobody will know when the meeting is moved to Lecture Hall A or elsewhere. As I quote my fellow Key Clubber, Jensen Cheong, ―without the amazing printing power of PR, the cafeteria on Fridays would be shrouded in silence….‖ ―HAVE NO FEAR, PR IS HERE!‖ Peiyu and Christine say in unison. ―Yo, that was awesome! I think these guys are like going to be on PR for sure now! Jensen is so right! PR brings the fun into Friday afternoons.‖ ―Thanks! See you guys around, maybe putting up some posters!‖ Well, wasn’t that exciting? PR is a very important and awesome committee of Key Club. Moving along… ―Hey Bette! Look it’s the Middle Village Pimp, Joe Plumber!‖ Bryan yells. ―Guys, Please do not mistaken me for the Middle Village Pimp; he’s the guy whose profile picture shows him doing a funny pose. Anyhow, we are now in the land of the Locksmith. No, not the key people, but the ones who make our newsletter.‖ ―Look! By the looks on your faces, I think they’re curious about Locksmith!‖ Bette replied. *Gathers around a pile of paper.* ―In times of greed and corruption during the Teitelitarian era and under the Gavinic period of Key Club, all forms of expression were stifled, crushed, and their advocators eliminated. Under this oppressive rule, one institution remained untouched. In response, president Gavin allowed the creation of monopolies and granted rewards to those who seized control. Thus, Boss Cheong seized control of the last vessel of Key Club expression, the esteemed Locksmith. Unfortunately, the noble editor of the Locksmith, Victor Ma, would not allow any direct interference. Although furious for this direct act of defiance, Boss Cheong was suspicious of the editor's motives. An election was rigged and two of Boss Cheong's cronies were dispatched in order to manipulate the Locksmith. As corrupt and caustic as one of his cronies was, the other amended her ways and upheld the Locksmith traditions. Although constantly at a war with Boss Cheong, his unlimited resources, and Bette, the errant locksmith committee head continues to publish the truth about events. However, rumors have escalated of another boss who has been monopolizing the Locksmith.‖ ―We just love receiving stuff for the Locksmith! Isn’t that right Mr. Pimp?‖ Bette asks.

Continued on next page.

Key Club Committees

[ c o nt ]

―Why of course! Locksmith is mad G! Everyone is gonna join!‖ I reply. *Crowd leaves with the Middle Village Pimp, waving back to Bette and Bryan.* Oh? Are you guys going to an event soon? The I think you should meet these retired Key Clubbers currently resting on Mount Olympus.” ―Hey! It’s the Middle Village Pimp!‖ Someone cried from a distance. Note: I am not a pimp. ―Hey guys, how’s life? You know how the Golden Age started right? Why don’t you tell these guys?‖ ―Of course!‖the voice called. ―There was a time was when all Key Clubbers did was go route marshalling on Sunday morning. It was a time of great little variety. Oh my Zeus! Will there ever be another event other than route marshalling? The Great Greek Gods saw the cry of Key Clubbers and promised to bring about new events! But nothing came and soon, many Key Clubbers fell into despair of never seeing a non-route marshalling event again. But out of nowhere came two teenagers with a shining piece of paper. It had VOLUNTEER printed in big letters. Zeus has answered the Key Clubbers’ cry and a new event was made! These two heroes of Key Club, Helen L. and Amanda, have since held the responsibility of finding new events so that Key Club will never fall into the despair of no variety again,‖ another voice spoke. ―Unfortunately, we cannot meet Helen and Amanda in this paper because they are busy finding events. However, you can meet them at the meetings!‖ I said. ―Yo! Guys! New Projects is mad cool! One of the most IMPORTANT committees ever! Anyone can find events, so join the hunt!‖ the voice called. ―We will!‖ the crowd cheered! Lovely committee, New Projects. I suggest everyone help out there. :] We now go to a very special committee. Not just in Key Club, but world-wide. ―Hi! What brings you here, Mr. Middle Village Pimp?‖ Donna said when she saw me. ―Nothing much, except a crowd that would love to hear about USACF,‖ I replied. ―Yo! You rock, The crowd is awesome! Look at all the energy!‖ Helen S. said. ―Aw….we can’t talk to them…we have to do a very important talk with a man looking for something. I think this guy is willing to tell you guys,‖ Donna said. ―WAZZUP RICHARD!! HOW’S COLLEGE?‖ I yelled when I saw him. ―Yo, how’s the number 1 Pimp?‖ he joked and begun to tell the story of USACF. ―Ah, I see you come from Stuyvesant…nice school, eh? Nice building…everyone can read. Everyday things, eh? Well, listen to this. It was a very bright age of Key Club; it was a glorious revolution for Key Club. The madman Pikachu was overthrown! Everyone had their part and life couldn’t get better. The world seemed perfect. One day in the Stuy KC HQ (sorry, can’t tell you where it is :[), Donna said, ―Helen! you hear that?‖. (Silence.) ―Yeah! I do, but what is the meaning of it?‖.The voices came from a distant land. Continued on next page.

Key Club Committees

[ c o nt ]

By using the high-tech radar glasses owned by Key Club (sorry, I can’t tell you where those are either), the two found children in Africa longing for a book and a school. ―How awful!‖ they said in unison. ―We need to do something about this! Let’s get Key Club involved! We can write letters and sell bracelets and members can help!‖ Helen said. A tall man walked near them, ―Excuse me, I am Mr.Grashow of the USACF, which helps build schools and educate in Africa….‖ The rest is history!‖ ―MORE MORE MORE!‖ the crowd chanted. ―Hey guys, I love the enthusiasm for USACF and you will be able to become a part of it soon!‖ I said. Finally, we come to the last committee of the day. Unfortunately, the two I hoped would tell this story are on a very important mission. Therefore, I invite a very dedicated member, Sharif Mahfouz, to tell the story of Web Committee. ―Hey guys wassup? WHO WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT WEB?‖ Sharif shouts to the crowd. ―WE DO!‖ The crowd yelled back and Sharif begins to speak. ―Long ago, before you were in the Stuy KC community, darkness plagued us. It was a terrible time indeed. No one ever knew what to do. When was the event? Where? When’s the meeting? No one was ever certain. No light showed anywhere. Key Clubbers were wandering in confusion and darkness. Then two brave boys decided to put an end to this. With an extraordinary skill, they both called upon the virtual world to bring technology to Key Club. However they were put to the test of worthiness. Days and days passed, but they managed to complete the tasks assigned by the virtual king. ―You have proven yourself worthy. I will grant you the skill of website making!‖ That skill was put to use and the duo of Victor and Gavin have created a site to last many generations. No longer were Key Clubbers in the darkness. Light had finally come to the world of Key Club. Since then, two more brave young men have come forth and accepted the challenge of running the website. However, the virtual king wants tributes every month or the site will be gone and darkness will rule. Jensen and Chris have kept up with the tributes but they are running out of pictures and videos to sacrifice! If only there were new members….:]‖ ―Wow Sharif, Web Committee is another totally AWESOME committee! Thanks for the story!‖ I said. Well now, we just witnessed some great and awesome committees of Stuy KC. There are many other committees, each with their own story that you can learn about. Committee heads can’t do it all by themselves. Help is needed and that help comes from the members of Key Club. The Golden Age is now and will keep going on as long as each committee keeps on prospering with your help. - Jensen Cheong * * * AD SPACE GOES HERE, but since we don’t have any ads, we’ll advertise ourselves.

Have you seen, the official website of Stuyvesant High School Key Club? If not, check it out! The Locksmith, which you are holding in your hands or viewing on your monitor, is the official newsletter of Stuyvesant High School Key Club. It is published monthly. Stuyvesant Key Club was founded on November 16, 1990, 18 years ago (and older than all of you)! If you are not on our mailing list, join now! Go to Calendar:

Manhattan JDRF walk I Can See Hockey Moms and Pit Bulls from My House! An article about the Manhattan JDRF Walk By Sharif Mahfouz What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick. But what’s similar between a hockey mom and a pit bull? I’ve seen both at the JDRF Walk, participating against the fight against diabetes together (but the hockey mom wasn’t Sarah Palin, I tell you).

first few hours were rather dull. Moving trash cans, setting the rest of the breakfast up – the usual food tent duties. People started rolling in around 8:30 or so. The music got rolling, and we started working with bananas. Our job – to throw out the bad bananas – seems easy, except when you’re trying to find a good banana when they’re all bad. Then we threw out the bagels and the cream cheese. Good stuff. We also had to lay some juice and water as well for refreshments.

Sunday October 5th. With my calendar marked, I woke up at 5 A.M. and left my house at 6. Being the normal mess the MTA makes up with there horrid delays and junk like that, I got there a few minutes after 7, greeted by rain. After we were done with laying out the breakfast and the walkers started going, we had some time to rest. We had to get ready for lunch – Doritos (many), hot dogs (the fun part of the day), and lots of soda (diet preferably). We got our second shirt of the day as well – the white, walker version of the shirt. And I wasn’t the first one there. Garry and Cassandra were there to greet me. We were working the coolest part of walks that day – the food tent! Breakfast was already laid out – granola bars, bananas, some water. Little by little, more people came. We led the scavenger hunt to find the t-shirt tent (which is always hidden very well :P), which was rather close to us, and claimed our nice green t-shirts. The

Then the coordinator of the event told us he needed around 16 people. We were making hot dogs for the walkers. Cool – making hot dogs! Sounds like fun, I thought. Kevin Su and I went to get our stand, the closest, and thus, most painfully busy stand, which was right next to where walkers would come in from. Leena joined us later to open hot dog buns.

For about an hour, we were making hot dogs – Leena opened the buns, Kevin put the hot dogs on them, and I dis the condiments. I even met a few people from Bayside Key Club, a friend from Stuy, a few hockey moms, and a pit bull too!

As the end of the event was approaching, we started going around to see what free stuff was left to take. After eating 3 hot dogs (3 too many…), I got a soda and a few bags of chips. There was also free ice cream. Jeshipio took a bunch of balloons from the entrance (which were *really* big! – you should’ve seen the people’s faces when they saw them on the train). After a long day of watching food, my friends and I headed home. It was really fun. And it’s great to see the hockey moms and pit bulls of New York joined together in a good cause against diabetes.

MSABC Walk MSABC: Memoirs from a Walker Jensen ―Flyingpinkjensen‖ Cheong I saw the looks on your faces. ―Who is that kid wearing a Key Club shirt giving hugs and highfiving our volunteers?‖ ―He’s so G with his pink bandana. Wait, isn’t that the Key Club pimp?‖ Yep, its Jensen walking the 5 mile route in yet another Key Club event. Learn the tradition guys, Jensen runs and walks in route-marshalling events. ;) (Yet, I’m not a pimp.)

It’s a great experience. I walk not to escape the wonders of routemarshalling. AHEMWHEEZE COUGHHACKAHEMWEEXEAC HOOO! Seriously, I learn a lot from it and get my exercise. But these events weren’t made just so that high-school students can get their credit. All of these events have a purpose, whether it is in Central Park to help fight colon cancer or breast cancer. It always impresses me at how many people show up to participate in the event. However, I have never seen as many people as I did at MSABC. I remember getting there later than most of you because walkers get there two hours after volunteers. Yes, it means I got sleep. :P When I reached the

bandshell, not only did I see 94 awesome Key Clubbers, but I also saw many family and friends of breast-cancer victims. It saddens me that they were the unfortunate ones, but I looked at the bright future ahead after today. And during the introduction, I heard from this lady who not only is a multi-year breast cancer survivor, but she also a multiyear survivor of more than 3 other cancers! That is impressive! And it sure motivates the crowd! Everyone was cheering! There was also another lady speaking. She had her breasts removed because the cancer lingered. But she wasn’t depressed. Instead, she joked with herself about some of the benefits, e.g. she can cook without worrying about something being lit on fire or wear tight costumes. It made me happy to know that after breast cancer and even during chemotherapy that they are still strong and very content.

Ribbon cutting! Yup, that signaled the start of the Walk. Most of you were long gone by then, on your way to begin another funfilled day of route-marshalling. I’m sure you were looking forward to it ;) Well, this is where I started my 5 mile journey to support breast cancer. It’s also where I was on TV for 2 seconds. So I started encountering problems like the weather wasn’t nice to anyone at

all. But it was a nice walk. The first people I recognized were Gavin and Cindy through the first mile or so, cheering us (the walkers) on. They’re good :]. And I kept walking along. So after the walk and hugging you all, I was back at the bandshell. Some ladies were singing songs at the bandshell and many walkers were not eating from their snack bag. (To Sharif: The SNACKS WERE SOO GOOD!) Anyway, the walkers looked really happy. I don’t know what they’re feeling now, and hopefully I never will, but I’m thinking that they’re happy about the fighting breast cancer and how everyone came out to help too. Lastly, I have to mention you guys. I know that you all want to kill me because I left subtle puns about route-marshalling in this article, but I couldn’t help it. I LOVE route-marshalling. :D But this event would have been a complete mess; everyone would be confused like crazy. You guys are so important as you lead the way for us to lead the fight against breast cancer. Without you, I probably be walking in the Bronx or lost somewhere else. Give yourselves a pat on the back; route-marshalling is something not everyone would do. Thank you guys. :] Sorry, I couldn’t stay for the end where you all came back to the bandshell. I had a Mega Test. (Yes some of you know how much it sucks.) But just remember the good you did that day as a volunteer and for some of us, as walkers.

First Bake Sale! By Helen Song I can name a hundred different reasons why having first and third period free is possibly one of the worst schedules one can receive. However having those two frees—as inconvenient as they are—allowed me to actually experience a Key Club Bake Sale. Since freshmen year, I’ve always tried my best to donate something for the Key Club Bake Sales. Unfortunately, my schedule always prevented me from looking over the table for a full period or in this case two periods. On Thursday morning I walked into school at 7:45 a.m. with a box of home-baked brownies and a bag of napkins. The Key Club table was already bustling with barely conscious students craving for sugar in any form. Once the warning bell rang for first period the crowd of students disappeared as did many Key Clubbers. [CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE]


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2 What the ―S‖ in MSABC stands for.

8 Our mascot!

3 The number of our Key Club division.

9 Where we were working during the JDRF Walk. (2 words)

4 What the ―R‖ in JDRF stands for.

12 The name of your Lieutenant Governor. 13 How many dollars the dues cost.

Whoo-hoo, look! A crossword puzzle!

15 Your president! 16 An event where you will go to workshops. (4 words) 17 The name of the Key Club newsletter.

Happy 18th birthday to Stuyvesant High School Key Club! Born November 16th, 1990.

18 The high school where the Key Club Divisional was held.

5 The person you should ―sign in‖ with when you get to an event. (2 words) 6 How many points you get for an hour of service. 10 The subject library tutoring is on. 11 Where the money in the little orange boxes you received goes to. (Acronym) 14 The last name of the lovely lady who is the head coordinator of the New Visions Garden.

[CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE] Every now and then students came by from their free periods and bought a light snack for brunch. Even better was when people and teachers alike donated extra money just to support Key Club. As the warning bell rang, the table looked a lot emptier than it had originally started. When third period ended, our treasurer, Adeline, came down and helped me clear everything. Thankfully, we had homeroom that day, which gave us leeway to take extra time in cleaning up. This year’s first Key Club Bake Sale was definitely successful and proved how enthusiastic both old and new members were. The fact that the entire table was covered in food and there were more than enough utensils is a great look into the future of Key Club this year. Hopefully, we’ll continue to have great Bake Sales and help organizations raise money.

Monopolized by Answers on!

Meet the cab & committee heads! The Cabinet Gavin – Your President Victoria – Your Vice President Kenny – Your Secretary Adeline – Your Treasurer Victor – Your Editor The Committee Heads Antara – Advocacy Committee Head Rebecca – Advocacy Committee Head

Bake lots of goodies for our next bake sale! We need volunteers throughout the morning, so let us know if you have any free periods.

Sharif Mahfouz

Bette – Locksmith Committee Head Bryan – Locksmith Committee Head Amanda – New Projects Committee Head Helen Luo – New Projects Committee Head Christine – Public Relations Committee Head Peiyu – Public Relations Committee Head

Snigdha – Art Committee Head Brenda – Art Committee Head

Donna – USACF Committee Head Helen Song – USACF Committee Head

Shayra – Fundraising Committee Head Amy – Fundraising Committee Head

Jensen – Web Committee Head Chris – Web Committee Head

October 2008 Locksmith Issue  

The official newsletter of Stuyvesant High School Key Club. Caring, our way of life. Volume IV Issue III

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