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Media Kit 2010-2011

What is Genki Life Magazine?

Genki Life Magazine is free, online (electronic) fanzine published quarterly/seasonal by the Genshiken of the Inland Empire fandom club. The main focus of the magazine is to be a guide that present readers information primarily on anime, science fiction, video games, events, etc., for the upcoming season.

What is the reason for the magazine?

The reason for this publication is to promote our club and be more active in the anime fandom and general fandom community. Being an online fanzine, this publication is strictly not-for-profit. Too much paperwork in becoming a real organization.

Who are the Genshiken of the Inland Empire?

Genshiken of the Inland Empire fandom club formed roughly around mid-2004. We are a local group of fans of different genre, but primarily anime and video game fans. The idea of forming a club stems from seeing colleges and universities having such clubs. I also like to bring back the feeling of belonging to a small group of people with similar interests as in the bygone days…the 80s. A few months later, we decided to name our club after the fictional club based off the work of mangaka, Shimoku Kio. The name we picked fits us perfectly because, as primarily anime fans, we have many other interest in different genres.

What about contributing to the magazine?

Other than information above, we are looking for people to contribute articles, reviews, opinions, etc., on the various genres. The written articles, since this publication is seasonal: could be about industry trends; information on upcoming anime, video games, etc.; about artists, musicians, producers, mangaka and so on. We try not to include current news unless it’s a major event that could affect fandom for the next season or later. Written reviews could be on current and past anime, video games, etc. Opinions have to clearly state that the written subject matter related to the genres above is the writer’s opinion. We accept any type of common word processor file format. Rich text format (rtf) is the best because it keeps bolds, italics, underlines, etc., regardless of platform. The other formats–maybe, because of file translation.

What about advertisers?

We are also looking for companies or local business to submit advertisements relating the to the genres. Since this is a free publication and low circulation, submitting advertisements to this magazine is free of charge, but only limited to one full page or two half or quarter pages. Advertisement sizes: Full Page - 8.5x11; Half Page - 8.5x5.5; Quarter Page - 3.75x5; Eighth/Business Card - 3.75x2.75. The formats we accept are encapsulated postscript (eps) with fonts to outlines, portable document file (pdf) set to highres output, tagged image format (tif) and Joint Photographic Experts Group (jpg) at 300dpi all in the RGB color space. In other words any high res format where we don’t have to deal with fonts, image resolution, proprietary file formats, etc. We should be able to open them with no problems. Especially absolutely NO Word or Publisher files for advertisements!


Otaku Life Magazine Media Kit

Otaku Life Magazine Media Kit

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Genki Life Magazine Media Kit 2010-2011  

Information about Genki Life Magazine...a free not for profit publication.

Genki Life Magazine Media Kit 2010-2011  

Information about Genki Life Magazine...a free not for profit publication.