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January 2013

The Sinful Looks Of

Rachel Gunn

Fork U: The Shack

But that’s life, at least the greater part of it. The difference for an indy publisher is not buying into the bullshit of it, or altering your actions by the fear of what may lie ahead – and Disaster always does, regardless of great preparation and mass perspiration. There is no vaccine or snake oil or prayer that will save you from the venomous bite of Disaster when it strikes. You either man-up and sweat it out or die a miserable death, a doomsday few men predict due to their ignorance of real doom. In indy publishing Disaster can take many deceitful faces. It can be last minute changes to a venue; the legality of time springing forward at a 1am venue; an artists not being able to hang their work at the last minute; a performer not showing at all. These are deadly bites for most fools who dive head first into these shallow waters. But that’s what most of us are to begin with, simple-minded fools. That’s the reason we buy into doomsday scenarios in the first place, and why some of us dive head first into shallow waters.

DOOMSDAYS & DISASTERS I’m sure there were plenty of dumb bastards out there on December 22, 2012 scratching their heads, wondering why the world didn’t spin out of its rotation, wiping the disease of humanity from the face of the planet as the Myans allegedly predicted. I’m also sure there were other nut jobs out there too, looking into the skies as the sun broke wondering why the aliens didn’t come to take us all home to our true Mother Planet. And even worse, there were probably tens-ofthousands of crack pots on their knees, in their homes and churches and Synagogues, wondering why they didn’t wake in Heaven with Jesus laying beside them in bed with a sausage croissant and a cup of steaming coffee. We’re truly a sad bunch, in general, and that’s the truth not a ridiculous assumption or prediction. For indy publishers, however, the revelation of a doomsday only comes around every couple of thousand of years or so, meaning it’s time to take advantage of man’s spiritual insight or mass ignorance one with a giant party – and that’s what this one decided to do on December 21, 2012. It’s easy to predict the end of humanity two thousand years in advance, knowing that every dumb bastard who buys your snake oil will be some part of a fossil fuel before you’re proved wrong. However, on the other hand of doom, lies disaster, a fate mankind experiences on a regular basis, something far more predictable than the end of the world. Disaster lurks in the shadows of every alley, and it doesn’t take an ancient civilization to predict it, nor any crackpot preacher either. It’s a fucking given in life, not bound or contained by centuries or gods or aliens. It’s just there, waiting to kick you in the nuts, or vag, at every turn. And if you ever dare step off the beaten path of normality and become a musician, or entertainer, or indy publisher, I guarantee disaster not only lurks in the shadows with a cocked leg, but hunts you like the bleeding pigs we all are. Yeah, it sounds pretty depressing, like the end of the world, or tales of Revelations with whores and sinners being thrown into the depths of Hell.


HAUNTS & HAUNTINGS Then there are those fools who not only like to call Disaster out of the shadows, but dare it to bite them on the neck while they dance tongue and cheek with it, begging for doom. I’m certainly one of those fools – as is the woman, I guess. We recently found ourselves in a position to take on another foolish endeavor – like indy publishing – opening a bar. Doom certainly lurks in the shadows of this place, as it did for several past patrons, and one prior owner. One past patron, some twenty-plus years ago, was stabbed or shot outside the front door and stumbled into the bar where he died before paramedics could save him. Another patron in the same time frame snitched out a group of locals, only to later find his doom outside the back door when he found those individuals there waiting for him – he was beaten to death on the spot. Then the old owner of the same time frame died in his seat at the end of the bar from a massive heart attack, which led to the closing of the bar for a couple of decades. Now I find myself downstairs in the basement of this haunted joint at 5am, typing these last words with my puppy’s head on my lap. His company is well appreciated. In the last three months doors have been found locked on four separate occasions; a pint of beer has been knocked over in the middle of the bar with no one being close to it, which was witnessed by four customers; a hamburger has been tossed to the floor from a basket tray with no one close to it; the jukebox has came on at 4am by itself; the sound of footprints in an empty bar has been heard by not only me but the woman while we worked on the last issue of this publication in the middle of the morning; and a regular and myself heard what sounded like someone kicking the walls outside the building, which quickly turned into what sounded like that same entity kicking itself up the wall onto the roof in the middle of the night. I can’t say a doomsday lurks in the shadows, but disaster and benevolent beings certainly lurk in the shadows here... and that’s just another tale of fear and publishing my dear reader...

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Shooting Fish In A Barrell written by Saab Lofton

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How did I learn the definition of solidarity? Not from attending a protest, but by watching an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine entitled “Crossover” in 1994... A callous version of Ben Sisko from a parallel universe: What do you care about Terran freedom? Major Kira: I care about FREEDOM. ...that’s why I stand with the gay community, and these days, the importance of such a stance couldn’t be more clear: As of this writing, the Ugandan government wants to make any homosexual act punishable by DEATH. That’s right, we’re talking about nothing less than GENOCIDE. International pressure – i.e., threats to economically divest from Uganda – has thus far kept this fascistic legislation from passing, but sadly, America’s Religious Right has sunk its venomous fangs into Uganda’s collective consciousness and made an alreadyignorant nation (Can we say, Idi Amin?) even more retarded. The Ugandan government has a page on Facebook that I’ve all but occupied by repeatedly posting pro-gay comments, and as a result, I now understand the appeal of video games, because debating these ignoramuses is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. For example, a dufus named Clement Ige actually said this with a straight face (no pun intended): “Supposing the whole world turns gay by year 2030? That means the Human race will go into extinction by the start of 22nd century.” Oy vey ... Well, my response was as follows: “Turn gay?” HOW, exactly? With a giant laser ray straight out of a James Bond movie? What the fuck are you smoking, Clement? If anything is the case, God CREATED homosexuality to prevent the sort of overpopulation seen in Charlton Heston’s Soylent Green (1973) because Humans are NOT bound by mating cycles like animals are. If God is responsible for that which is natural, then I’m far more accurate than not ... “One thing is clear: The environment a child grows up in has NOTHING to do with what makes most gay men gay. Two of the most convincing studies have proved conclusively that sexual orientation in men has a GENETIC cause... [Geneticist Sven Bocklandt of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA] is quick to point out that most likely there is no single ‘gay gene’ – no single switch for sexual orientation. Instead, there are probably a handful of genes.” – Discover Magazine, June 2007 As entertaining as it’s been pimp slapping these bitches with FACTS, lives are at stake. THIS repressive shit is bad enough ... “[Uganda’s fascistic legislation] would also criminalize the public promotion of homosexuality including discussions by rights groups with a sentence of up to seven years in prison for anyone convicted.” –The New Age, December 12th, 2012 “If Ugandan gays think they can flee the dragnet by seeking asylum, even that might not be an escape route. The bill wants Ugandans who engage in same-sex activities outside the country to be extradited for punishment.” – First Post, December 7th, 2012 But what’s really disturbing is how at least a couple of Ugandans have sworn that, even if this evil decree fails to pass, they would personally execute homosexuals – as these quotes taken from Facebook reveal... “We shall continue to attack gays if the government does not stop them.” – Ssematimba Ibrahim Muzata , November 26th, 6:00 a.m. “If the government does not eliminate gays in Uganda, then we shall.” – Atwine Paddy, November 26th, 6:12 a.m. ...then there’s Wanyama – a sick fuck if there ever was one – who posted this comment immediately afterwards: “We attacked one gay seriously and he reformed after us caning him 100 strokes.” English is NOT Wanyama’s first language, so excuse his bad grammar (“after us caning” should be “after we caned”), but NEVER forgive what he proudly admitted to being a part of: TORTURE. All this talk of taking the law into your own hands smacks of the Ku Klux Klan’s lynch mobs, but before any of you evasive whites desperately claim that Uganda’s homophobia supposedly lets y’all off the hook in ANY way, keep in mind one of the reasons why I’m defending Ugandan gays so vehemently is because I know what it’s like to be denied love by society... “The point of segregation was to keep black southerners in their separate and inferior places. To do that, the state had to be able to tell who was who. In order to do that, like had to marry like. For more than 300 years, state legislatures wrote laws that defined whiteness for the purpose of marriage. Depending on the state and the decade, people who were more than half black, or a fourth black, or an eighth black, or one-sixteenth black, or even one-thirty-second black, could not marry anyone defined at law as white. These laws were the lodestar of segregation, because without controls on sex, [ethnic] classification became impossibly complicated. Inter[ethnic] sex – what white southerners called miscegenation – undercut all forms of segregation based on genealogy.” – historian Jane Dailey, from PBS’ American Experience: The Murder of Emmitt Till. So NO, Uganda does NOT mean America is the land of the free – at best, it simply means America is the lesser of two evils.

ESSAY | New Global Order or End-Times Chaos?


Essay by Henry Nicolle

isdom, Knowledge, Education, Training and Indoctrination - which ones guide our perceptions, presumptions, planning and conduct? Existence as a living Human is a complex activity. Existing within a Human society is a great challenge in the exercise of individual choice. Individual choice is critical to achieving personal comfort, health, prosperity, longevity and genetic continuity into future humanity. In our modern societies, we acquire an acceptable level of amenities and circumstances for ourselves without much reasoning effort of our own. Everything just sort of works by auto-pilot. Does it, really? How much of our daily choice is deliberately manipulated by others? How many of our personal choices are really at our own initiative? Humanity has self-organized to amplify individual effort ever since there were two humans willing to cooperate at a single task. The first "Corporation" and every other "Corporation" were created when two or more people acted as a single working unit to accomplish a mutual goal. Cooperation is never at question among humans. We would not exist without cooperation for reproduction and for the essential cooperative elements necessary to bring human infants to a state of self-determination. "Society" is a "Corporate" entity. In its pure form, each member of society acts individually, collaborates and cooperates with others for their own benefit and purpose. "Free Society Incorporated" exists in a state of prosperity, security and harmony to the extent of the sum of the activities of its individual members. This is the Free and Self-Governing Society, composed of free and self-determining men and women that our Founders conceived and attempted to create. What went wrong? A free society can be hijacked and converted from self-determining to one which is directed by outside forces. The conversion is often difficult to detect, especially during the process of conversion. What seems to us as an exercise of our own "free-will" becomes merely a selecting of one of several pre-determined alternatives, each of which has been contrived to force our "free-will" election to choose someone elses desired conclusion. In America, our school systems, especially during the earliest exposure and later at the highest levels, are intensively indoctrinational. In early children's years, unquestioning obedience, submission and acceptance of authority figures is induced alongside an indoctrination for the superiority of intellect and decision-making over our own, by "Authority" and "Expert" proclamation. Our leaders use our normal school years to inure us to repetitive, enforced conformity, to work habits of specified periods of activity and periods of specified inactivity and to suppression of individual initiative, imagination and innovation. This ethic serves their purposes, not ours.

Our higher education institutions cap our habits of indoctrination and training by conditioning our intellectual capacities to working cooperatively and without objection within the deliberately and flawed and overtly corrupted processes of the status quo. Who benefits? Not us. The great social, economic, political and military disasters which continually befall our society can be traced back to these compulsory policies which mandate unending childhood. Policies of government education and indoctrination suppress the natural instincts of our children to experiment and explore, to make friends and create relationships, to ask "Why?" and to question our answers. We grow to adulthood prevented from growing up emotionally, intellectually or spiritually. We think we are grown-up. That is how we are educated and trained. We believe that we know how to think. But it is a false belief. We abandon our childhood homes and race into our careers and avocations unprepared for anything except the "managed liberty" of children because we would not survive in a truly free society and we know nothing better. There are exceptions to my complaints. Perhaps you are one of them. If you were on a highway when "the end of the world as we know it" stepped in between you and your destination and if you were left with nothing but your own knowledge and skills for life after civilization, how would you fare? Do you know where to look for eggs? Can you catch a chicken or a pig? Do you know how to slaughter, gut and roast your barbeque? Could you even light a fire without matches or your everpresent BIC and bong? O.K., how about something as simple as wiping your ass without toilet paper? Many of us, under these circumstances, will muddle through to survive long enough to pick up a few rudimentary skills. But even so, most of us will die before the seasons change. We really are that ignorant. We are intended by our leaders to be that ignorant. In our children's ways, we have chosen our leaders. We will live our short childish lives. We will leave this world with the children's complaint, "Are we there, yet?" Yes, dear and you never knew you had a choice.

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Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook - The Politics of Tragedy


lthough 2012 was not quite as apocalyptic as many fanatics had claimed it would be, it was definitely a year full of change, disaster, heartache and celebration. Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook were both major catastrophes which shocked the nation. These two reality checks brought folks together in a way that I haven’t seen since 911 2001. In spite of the increasing political polarity in the country (red versus blue), most people were able to put their biases aside and reach out to help communities in dire need of love and support. The Occupy movement showed it’s good graces by taking care of folks who were ignored by FEMA and local power companies after the hurricane. Utilizing the Occupy Wall Street hub website ( and other emergency bulletin boards, the activists were able to help residents of New York City and New Jersey whose homes had been flooded and destroyed by the epic storm. Creds to the Occupy Sandy volunteers! The tragic and traumatic shooting in Connecticut also brought about an unusual amount of unity among the US populace. Even the extremists at the National Rifle Association were forced to back off from their pro-gun manufacturer rhetoric. After the heinous crime, the NRA removed their Facebook and Twitter sites to avoid tremendous controversy over the regulation of semiautomatic assault weapons. This surprise move proves that even the most hardcore gun owners are now demanding some sort of sane national gun policy. More proof: the investors who own the Bushmaster assault rifle announced that they want out of the weapons manufacturing business. Looking back in time, we should note that all of the major national gun regulation bills passed by the US Congress this century have been in direct response to incidents of shocking gun violence. In 1934 FDR and Congress first outlawed automatic machine guns in the wake of the mass violence committed by gangsters like John Dillinger and Ma Barker. These and other heinous

crimes led to additional national gun legislation in 1938. In 1968 Congress passed the National Firearms Act in response to the tragic assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. The bill regulated the transfer of weapons across state lines, including the purchase of mail order guns. Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly ordered his rifle through the US mail. So, it should be no surprise to gun enthusiasts that our elected representatives are now feeling the pressure to pass new gun regulations in an attempt to stop more mass shootings. Their target is currently semi-automatic handguns and rifles like the Bushmaster. According to the latest national polls, 60% of US residents are in favor of new gun regulation. On “Meet The Press”, December 30, 2012, Barack Obama remarked that if the people want strict laws regarding gun ownership,

written by Mark Taylor-Canfield

he will pursue that kind of legislation during the first year of his next term as President of the United States. The American obsession with guns goes all the way back to the pioneer wild west days when frontier towns were ruled by the man with the fastest six shooter. After decades of movies and TV shows glamorizing gun

psychotic zombies, the use of a semi-automatic weapon just doesn’t make any sense. Honestly, until the zombie apocalypse or foreign invasion is finally upon us, these weapons are simply overkill to the extreme. I do not believe, however, that the second Amendment will be removed from the US Constitution by jack booted federal agents. The right to own a gun is a basic part of traditional American culture. No “socialist” president or Congress is going to be able to take that right away, especially since the US Supreme Court has not only upheld that amendment, it has significantly expanded that right beyond a “well regulated militia”, (applying) it to all US citizens.

violence, entire generations have grown up with the feeling that gun ownership is not only necessary, it is actually regarded as somehow “patriotic”. Whether it’s racist attitudes towards immigrants, or simply a hatred of government, some Americans have adopted the symbol of the gun as a tool of freedom and independence. Note: Historians have documented that more pioneers were killed by their own weapons at the Oregon trail head in Independence Missouri, than were ever injured by indigenous tribes along the way to the west coast. Most of the shooting victims were killed or wounded as a result of angry arguments about gambling, jealousy over improper women or serious mental impairment due to the effects of bad booze. A significant number of settlers died while cleaning their loaded guns. And so the insanity continues... Fact Check: traditional hunters do not use semi-automatic weapons while practicing their sport. I don’t even want to imagine the effects of a 9mm handgun on the carcass of a deer. The point is to save the meat! Vegetarians and vegans might protest, but it’s not practical to completely obliterate the prey when an animal is being hunted for food or sport. Let’s face it - the only practical use for a semi-automatic weapon is to gun down as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. Unless you are defending your home and family from an organized attack by two dozen

Bottom line: Relax, fellas, nobody is going to take your hunting rifles away from you, but let’s be real - there is a reason that hand grenades, 50 caliber machine guns, tanks and Stinger missiles are illegal for a private citizen to own. Hello? Hasn’t our society already been militarized enough? I don’t want to see local police officers carrying military assault rifles as they walk their neighborhood beat, OK? There has to be a limit to all of this gun worship. The phallic symbolism and macho context surrounding weaponry is not a new phenomenon. We have been dealing with these uncomfortable and potentially deadly issues for over 200 years now. A new balance must be struck between individual civil liberties and sane gun control policy so we can make ourselves and our children a little safer in a violent world. However, I am not convinced that a heavily armed populace makes a society safe from criminals. I refer the reader to the previous information regarding the pioneer settlers in Independence, Missouri. There are currently 300 million weapons in the Untied States. How many more guns do we need before we all begin to feel safe and secure?


Patrick Kennedy

New Group Seeks to Stop Marijuana Legalization by Phillip Smith The passage of marijuana legalization measures by voters in Colorado and Washington in November has sparked interest in marijuana policy like never before, and now it has sparked the formation of a new group dedicated to fighting a rearguard action to stop legalization from spreading further. The group, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM or Project SAM) has among its “leadership team” liberal former Rhode Island Democratic congressman and selfadmitted oxycodone and alcohol addict Patrick Kennedy and conservative commentator David Frum. It also includes professional neo-prohibitionist Dr. Kevin Sabet and a handful of medical researchers. It describes itself as a project of the Policy Solutions Lab, Cambridge, Massachusetts, a drug policy consulting firm headed by Sabet. SAM emphasizes a public health approach to marijuana, but when it comes to marijuana and the law, its prescriptions are a mix of the near-reasonable and the around-the-bend. Rational marijuana policy, SAM says, precludes relying “only on the criminal justice system to address people whose only crime is smoking or possessing a small amount of marijuana” and the group calls for small-time possession to be decriminalized, but “subject to a mandatory health screening an marijuana-education program.” The SAM version of decrim also includes referrals to treatment “if needed” and probation for up to a year “to prevent further drug use.” But it also calls for an end to NYPD-style “stop and frisk” busts and the expungement of arrest records for marijuana possession. SAM calls for an end to mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana cultivation or distribution, but wants those offenses to remain “misdemeanors or felonies based on the amount possessed.” For now, SAM advocates a zero-tolerance approach to marijuana and driving, saying “driving with any amount of marijuana in one’s system should be at least a misdemeanor” and should result in a “mandatory health assessment, marijuana education program, and referral to treatment or social services.” If a scientifically-based impairment level is established, SAM calls for driving at

or above that level to be at least a misdemeanor. Less controversially, SAM advocates for increased emphasis on education and prevention. It also calls for early screening for marijuana use and limited intervention “for those who not progressed to full marijuana addiction.” For a taste of SAM’s kinder, gentler, neo-prohibitionist rhetoric, David Frum’s Monday CNN column is instructive. “We don’t want to lock people up for casual marijuana use – or even stigmatize them with an arrest record,” he writes. “But what we do want to do is send a clear message: Marijuana use is a bad choice.” Marijuana use may be okay for some “less vulnerable” people, Frum writes, but we’re not all as good at handling modern life as he is. “But we need to recognize that modern life is becoming steadily more dangerous for people prone to make bad choices,” he argues. “At a time when they need more help than ever to climb the ladder, marijuana legalization kicks them back down the ladder. The goal of public policy should not be to punish vulnerable kids for making life-wrecking mistakes. The goal of public policy should be to protect (to the extent we can) the vulnerable from making life-wrecking mistakes in the first place.” Marijuana legalization advocates are having none of it. And they level the charge of hypocrisy in particular at Kennedy, whose family made its fortune selling alcohol. The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has called on Kennedy to explain why he wants to keep “an objectively less harmful alternative to alcohol illegal” and has created an online petition calling on him to offer an explanation or resign as chairman of SAM. “Former Congressman Kennedy’s proposal is the definition of hypocrisy,” said MPP communications director Mason Tvert. “He is living in part off of the fortune his family made by selling alcohol while leading a campaign that makes it seem like marijuana -- an objectively less harmful product – is the greatest threat to public health. He personally should know better.” Nor did Tvert think much of SAM’s insistence that marijuana users need treatment.

“The proposal is on par with forcing every alcohol user into treatment at their own cost or at a cost to the state. In fact, it would be less logical because the science is clear that marijuana is far less toxic, less addictive, and less likely to be associated with acts of violence,” Tvert said. “If this group truly cares about public health, it should be providing the public with facts regarding the relative harms of marijuana and discouraging the use of the more harmful product,” Tvert said. “Why on earth would they want keep a less harmful alternative to alcohol illegal? Former Congressman Kennedy and his organization should answer this question before calling on our government to start forcing people into treatment programs and throwing them into marijuana re-education camps.” Project SAM is out of step with current public opinion, said NORML executive director Allen St. Pierre. “There really aren’t that many people publicly opposing marijuana law reform these days,” St. Pierre noted. “The fact that a liberal like Patrick Kennedy is joining with a conservative like David Frum speaks to a mainstream disconnect. Both these guys are seen as mainstream, but three-quarters of the population support medical marijuana and decriminalization, half the country supports legalization, and we know that in two states, 55% voted for legalization. I can’t speak to why they’re so politically tone deaf.” “Kevin Sabet recognizes the old approach is just done for -- just saying marijuana turns you into an addict is no longer working,” MPP’s Tvert told the Chronicle. “This is a thinly veiled attempt to maintain marijuana prohibition by appealing to the sensibilities of people who

recognize it’s a failure. They are clutching at straws. If they truly think people shouldn’t have their lives ruined for marijuana, they shouldn’t be proposing it be kept illegal.” “We are well past the epoch of the A.M. Rosenthals and the Joe Califanos,” said St. Pierre, referring to ardent drug warriors of yore. “The mainstream media has moved away from the type of Reefer Madness that Frum and Kennedy are trying to engage in,” he said. “Their advocacy is based on Kevin Sabet’s rhetoric, and it’s an extension of a failed policy. They’re trying to buy time and delay marijuana law reform.” The political terrain has undergone a seismic shift with the November election results, and the rhetorical terrain has been shifting (reality not so much) away from drug war talk under the Obama administration. Now, Project SAM can join drug czar Kerlikowske is hoping talking more gently can thwart the progress of marijuana legalization.

First Drug War Death of the Year by Phillip Smith

Well, that didn’t take long. A Tampa, Florida, man was shot and killed by undercover police officers during a drug sting Wednesday night. Robert Early Gary, Jr., 31, becomes the first person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement activities this year. According to our tally, 55 people died in US domestic drug law enforcement operations in 2011 and 63 last year. Read our report on last year’s toll. Police told the Tampa Bay Tribune Gary was shot and killed by an undercover deputy who was buying drugs when Gary tried to rob him of the money he was carrying. Sheriff’s Colonel Donna Lusczynski said the two began fighting and fell down a stairwell.

The deputy lost his handgun in the struggle, and as the men fought for the weapon, it discharged several times. Two backup deputies were nearby. Lusczynski said the deputies told Gary to drop the gun, and when he failed to comply, they shot him. “They saw the deputy in a fight for his life and they shot the suspect,” she said. The undercover deputy, who remains unnamed, was injured, but not shot. He was evaluated and released at a local hospital Wednesday night. People at the scene and Gary’s relatives took issue with the police account. “There was no reason to shoot him down,” said his stepfather, Dallas Gillyard, outside a nearby home where a crowd of people had gathered. “Was it because of his previous record or the color of his skin?” Gillyard asked. Gillyard accused the police of lying about what happened. “He wasn’t going to rob anybody,” Gillyard said. “If he would do anything, he would give you something. If you’re going to tell a lie, tell me elephants fly, too,” Gillyard said. “Every time (police) kill somebody, it’s justified.” In an earlier account, WTSP TV reported that residents of the area, a poor, mixed race neighborhood known colloquially as “Suitcase City,” said the killing was just the latest incident of racial profiling in a neighborhood where police harass residents constantly.

“This is a deliberate act. You don’t shoot someone six or seven times. It’s just not right. It’s uncalled for,” said one witness. The three deputies involved have been placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated, which is standard practice when a deputy discharges a weapon. Five days earlier, police in Philadelphia shot and killed a North Philly man in an incident with distinct drug prohibition overtones even though it doesn’t qualify for our tally of killings directly related to drug law enforcement. According to Philadelphia police, they were investigating an armed robbery when they encountered Darrell Banks, 47, who they said matched the description of the suspect. Banks allegedly took off running, and police claim he pointed an object at them when they tried to stop him. An officer shot him once; he died a short time later at Temple University hospital. Police didn’t find a weapon, but said they recovered “a small amount of drugs” at the scene, which could explain why Banks, who had a previous record that included drug charges, was trying to avoid them. “He had no gun on him,” said Terra Banks, his niece. “He had his cell phone!” She told NBC 10 News he left behind 10 children and six grandchildren. “We want justice,” said Terra. “We want the cop who did this to be brought to justice!” The Philadelphia police Internal Affairs unit is currently investigating the shooting. In both Tampa and Philadelphia, the dead persons were black males. Black males were also disproportionately represented among the tally of drug war deaths in 2011 and 2012

Jammin’ With Jamaica Ray


f you just happen to be one of the thousands of customers who visit Crown Candy on a regular basis in Ole North City, you’ve more than likely met Jamaica Ray standing out front playing his steel drums – and more than likely been takenback by his entourage, several life-like handmade mannequins of numerous design. As of late, since the temperature has dropped to hover around the freezing mark, you’ll usually find him dressed in a Jamaican snowman outfit, looking more like one of his creations than a real person. But Ray’s talents aren’t limited to only music and mannequins, he’s an amazing, self-taught artist as well. Jamaica Ray was born in Jamaica in 1956, where he resided until he was 9-years-old. It was about then that his mother helped him come to America to be closer to his father, but at the age of 17 the warm island winds of his homeland began to call his name. A few years later he returned to the States, landing in Orange County, California. It was there that he found a job at Disney Land working along a mannequin creator, who eventually taught Ray the basics of mannequin art. After his two years at the park Ray found himself playing Reggae in a Bob Marly themed club. Ray was surrounded by Bob Marley T-shirts, mugs, key chains, and miniature Marly dolls, but one item really caught his eye: an African America storefront mannequin dressed in Bob Marley attire with a wig on its head. Ray talked the owner into letting him take the inanimate creature home to build his first original mannequin, which was replaced by three of Ray’s personal creations. Ray’s mannequins are so detailed they often send that creepy, hair-raising feeling up and down your spine. The secret of his construction is nothing more than clothing from Goodwill, cotton from tossed furniture for stuffing, PVC pipe for framing, ladies false finger nails to paint for the eyes, and a lot of dedication to perfection. Amazingly enough, Ray’s artistic flair isn’t confined to only mannequins and smoothing island sounds, he also paints on discarded TV dishes, the steel drums he builds by hand, and as of late, the back of bar stools. The construction of authentic steel drums is probably Ray’s most difficult artwork. The process begins with the sinking of a 55-gallon pan through endless hours of pounding with a small sledge hammer; then the development of each individual note by beating the opposite side of the pan; then each note is finally finetuned with a chisel. After this painstaking process, the steel drum is heattreated and fine-tuned once more for perfection. All in all, it takes roughly a week to complete the Circle of Fifth, a term Ray says any real musician understands. However, what landed Ray back here in Saint Louis five months ago, outside Crown Candy playing steel drums, is a sorrowful tale. He moved back here to be closer to his father in his final days, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Of course, you’d never think he was feeling blue, whether you’re merely tossing a buck into his tip jar or purchasing some of his art. He says his music and art comforts his soul, as I know it does for all who pass him. You can find Jamaica Ray outside Crown on most days from 11am to, or later as it warms up again and the days grow longer.

Doomsday 2012 December 21st @ Mad Art Gallery

Corn Tryb Rituals

The Scam

Let me first say that Mad Art is one of the finest facilities in St. Louis to have host any kind of show, even one celebrating the end of the world – and that’s why we picked it six months in advance. Second, we began asking artists, performers, and musicians which would compliment Mad Art’s unique structure, who eventually included acts like Ellon the Felon, Reverend Whiskey Richard & the Buster Hymen band, The Scam, Ami Amore, Molly Shrine, and The Corn Trybe Rituals. There was also a dozen past featured Sinner artists present as well, making the night one to remember, even if the world didn’t come to a crashing end. For those who attended to celebrate the end, we praise; for those who missed the show, it was a once in a lifetime experience... maybe we’ll do it again in another 2,000 years....

Rev. Whiskey Richard & the Buster Hymen Band

Corn Tryb Rituals

Molly Shrine

Ami Amore’

Corn Tryb Rituals



photos by Ricky Sherman

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by Goad’X The music of Firewall Lounge is a random mutation of chthulian paradox. A course of pattern that stems from its ability to trigger neurons in your brain's neo-cortex, and take it on a cosmic journey of sound. There are genetic truths, inherent in this causality of sonoration that will help you regard your place in space and time, as being one attributable to the rendering of instrumentation. With tracks like, 'It Came Through the Rip', and 'Chased by the Woods', your spiritual vibration is sure to be heightened by these songs effervescent tenacity of thought. Therein, you will experience an eerie tenacity of mind. Be warned, this album will be sure to bring you full circle, and beyond.

A Cellphone Christmas

Vitamen A at The Shanti Just what is a “Cellphone Christmas”, you ask? It’s when you get the fuck out of Dodge, running for higher grounds, some place where sanity meets normality, and the last thought on your mind is grabbing your camera to shoot what no one knows lies ahead. That’s a cellphone Christmas, at least for this publisher. For no particular reason, other than being friends with Josh from Sonny’s In Soulard, we started the Big Night off there, where we found out Josh would be playing guitar alongside the extremely talented Eric Lysaght at Molly’s in Soulard. This became a Must-See show, but it was off to Soulard’s other hot-spot on XMAS, The Shanti Tavern for Vitamin A – another show not to miss. In the end, all we got for Christmas was these shitty photos, but it was better than a piece of coal... and that’s a lot better than some walked away with. Thanks for being open!!!

Eric Lysaght and Josh from Sonny’s Bar at Molly’s

10 *

JR Rudd Langen Neubacher and The Defeated Bruiser Queen Baby Ghosts

January 6th @

Ye Ole Haunt

Having lost the ability to catch the amount of shows I’d like to after taken on Ye Ole Haunt last October, it was an indescribable feeling of excitement for myself when I saw this line up coming. Although unfamiliar with Baby Ghosts and Langen Neubacher And The Undefeated at the time, it was the video shoot for JR Rudd’s upcoming release and one of my favorite powerpop acts, Bruiser Queen, that got me looking forward to this night. And it did not disappoint. Bruiser Queen simply rocks, regardless of the venue or night. And JR Rudd, is one of the top solo acts in St. Louis, but Baby Ghosts and Langen Neubacher And The Undefeated wooed the full house as well. There’s so much more that deserves to be said, but I’ve got a bar upstairs to get back to. Look for these acts online and get out to their next show before life passes you by.


My Boy Ox

On a cool night in downtown St. Louis there was a distinct feeling of Punk and Hard Rock that was brewing at Plush. Make no mistakes about it, the punk band My Boy Ox and hard rock band Hung Like a Martyr were about to let loose and get everyone warmed up for the coming New Year holiday. On first, My Boy Ox plowed through a multitude of high-speed punk, including the song "Hypocrite", leaving it all on the stage. Next on stage was Hung Like a Martyr, a band with a sound that marriages Pantera, Megadeth, and Killswitch Engage. Hung Like a Martyr is hard not to take notice of. With hard hitting drummer Gary Hotchkiss laying the foot down on the pedals and fist through the toms while guitarist Paul "Batman" Dontigney Jr. wails away, Vocalist Gary King Johnston II drove this out of control bus right through Plush and into the hearts of all present. With songs such as "Nuclear Salvation" and "Kill Your Own King" one of St. Louis’ best finished off the year with one of the most energetic and enjoyable performances of the month. The are definitely a band not to be missed.

text and photos by Ricky Sherman




“We’re Bums, we’re drunks, and we’re so delusional, we think we’re at the beach.”


hen I first caught Beach Bum Alcoholics in late December they opened for a touring band, Mad Anthony, then closed the night with a double set. It was like starting the night off with a shot of Wild Turkey 101 instead of warming up with a few cold ones first. It was bizarre, to say the very least – maybe even remotely disturbing in a sober state. After their first set I overheard Mikey G, standing at the bar ordering a drink, say to the bartender, “I’m not much of a performer and he’s (B-Rad) not much of a musician, either. We just like to get drunk and have fun with people...” Mikey G certainly does that well, get drunk and have fun entertaining the crowd, whether it be by means of perversion or anti-Semitism really doesn’t matter to the duo. They’re crude, abrasive, and too often disgusting for most crowds. The two are quite entertaining though, especially later in the evening as the beers turn into shots of Wild Turkey. I decided to sit them down after the show and discuss this offensive pair’s set....

What about local bands, which do you each follow/catch live? Without MF Order is high on our list to see live.  We like playing with Junior Smalls and the Criminals, and we love playing with and seeing young bands like Decedy, Rowsdower, Save the Penguins, Fiona Wild and The Midnight Lights, and The Plasmids.  Check out for a TON of local, underground, and unsigned music that rocks!!

So guys, give me a brief history of the band... I’m Mikey G (vocals/percussion) and this is B-Rad (guitar/vocals/percussion). First of all, we’re cousins, so we’ve known each other basically since birth.  We started in a band together called Saba Duey in 2004. We basically played 2 house parties and then quit that band. Beach Bum Alcoholics began in 2010 as a gag and then took off in 2012. 

What can readers expect from you guys as 2013 begins...touring, shows, CD releases, being kicked off stage, thrown out of bars? We will have a few mini albums come out this year and at least one full length album.  We will be touring the country with Afroman again in March and April.  We’re also putting together a variety show concept that we hope to tour across the Midwest with stunts, magicians, and crazy shit. We play all over St. Louis, and all of our events are listed on various sites, and always

What’s the story behind the name, Beach Bum Alcoholics? We’re Bums, we’re drunks, and we’re so delusional, we think we’re at the beach. What would you say has been your biggest mistake? If we would have taken this seriously in 2010 we would have 2 more full years under our belts. We have a ton of gigs now and we’re writing all the time. If we would have taken it seriously in 2010, we would have 7 albums by now. What’s the wildest band story you can share with our readers? Every single song has a backstory. Every skit on our albums has a backstory.  We’re about as real as it gets.  We’ve been kicked off of stages, thrown off of college tours, banned from returning to a couple colleges, oh and pissed a lot of people off with our songs about a teacher boning me while I was in high school to sharing a song about a blow up doll girlfriend.  We are raw and uncensored.

What about favorite venues to play? I love hole in the wall bars, honestly. That’s where we came from.  We came from a place where we made the patrons of the establishment listen whether they wanted to or not.  Locally I love Lemmon’s, Jefferson Bistro, and Ye Ole Haunt because they know how to take care of talent. That is a things most venues let slide. Pitter’s in Cape Giradeau, Outland Ballroom in Springfield, and any college campus out of town is stellar.

Any last thoughts to share with our readers, or breaking BBA news? Hey venue owners and people in the audience......we trade our albums for rounds of shots, and that means RUMPLE MINZE, so keep a couple bottles on hand when we’re booked at ur place. You WILL sell out! How can readers find out more about you guys, or purchase merch? or www. Last, when and where can St. Louisans catch you guys live again? We play monthly at Jefferson Bistro (3701 Jefferson Ave 63104). Check our pages, because we post all of our shows. We would love to play ANYWHERE! So, check out our songs, give us suggestions, and SUCK IT bay-bay!

UNMASKED interview by Chuck Foster

“Last time we played Ye Ole Haunt I had a huge panic attack and went to the hospital. I thought I was dying... Now I owe the medical industry $8000 dollars. It sucked.” – Kenny


l Bundies Army describes themselves on Facebook as a “punk rock/power pop band”, but this foursome is a lot grittier than anything I’d associate with as power pop. They blister through riffs in oldschool punk fashion like a bat straight out of Hell, repeatedly striking listeners with blows of raving mad lyrics and lightening quick power chords. If that’s Power Pop, then Al Bundies Army is redefining the term. Looking beyond the band’s intense music, it’s their dedication to promotion and endless production that makes them one of St. Louis’ top punk acts. Founded only in March of 2011 by front man Kenny Jolse, the Army released their first full-length album, ROBOCOP, that same year in late July. The band describes it as “an upbeat album, despite its dreary lyrical content”, which manages to keep a “humorous perspective on even its most depressing material.” With 13 tracks centered around girls, failure and pop culture, it’s easy to sense their somber direction. After the release of ROBOCOP Al Bundies Army also recorded four music videos filmed around the St. Louis area, as in “Hunchback Mountain” which was filmed at Kings Highway Skatepark and showcases local skateboarders. Then in early 2012 the band released a documentary entitled SOMETHING BUNDIE THIS WAY COMES, a chronicle of the struggles experienced in recording their first album and first few shows as a band. And look for THE REAGAN YEARS EP by them to be released soon! All that in less than two years. It’s that dedication and vision that separates a band like Al Bundies Army from several others. After their show last month at Ye Ole Haunt I sat down with them for a few cold ones to discuss their quick rise to notoriety.... So what’s the story behind Al Bundies Army? SAM: I play bass, write some songs and do backing vocals. KENNY: I’m Kenny and I play guitar. I started the band because I was bored and I have no social life. SHOFA: I play drums and have been for 15+ years. I was in a hardcore band in Carbondale called Brutus. They are no longer. TODD: I was asked to join the band in early 2011 when Kenny was putting it together. He wanted me to be the drummer, but I convinced him to give me a shot at singing. I wooed him with a couple of Cock Sparrer songs. SHOFA: The band pretty much started, for me, when Todd asked if I wanted to join. Of course, I said yes. TODD: I’ve done stints in several bands, but none of them really matter. I currently play bass in a thrash band called Manifest. Our album will be released soon. www. How did you guys come up with a name like Al Bundies Army? SHOFA: Ask Kenny. I think he’s got a man crush on Ed O’neil. KENNY: I’m kind of an insomniac and I used to watch Married With Children every night at 4am. SAM: We literally picked a name out of a notebook. TODD: Kenny gave us a list of possible band names and that one jumped out at me. The name choice seemed natural. KENNY: I wanted a name that was kind of like Jodie Foster’s Army. TODD: We’re all pop-culture obsessed men-children, so I knew that I wanted the name to be some kind of pop-culture reference. And who can a group of aging, pathetic men look up to better than Al Bundy?

With the Al Bundy association on all your gear and posters, do you ever worry about a representative contacting you about copyright infringement? SAM: No! KENNY: I don’t think anyone cares enough. SHOFA: I always have that thought in the back of my head. If they do, we’ll just have to change it. But first we have to get big enough for Ed to find out. TODD: That’s the main reason we spelled the band name BUNDIE and not BUNDY. But we use Ed O’Neal’s image pretty liberally so there’s a possibility that we’ll be hit with a cease and desist order someday. I figure we’ll just keep doing it until somebody tells us to stop. You guys play a high-energy set. What’s rehearsal like for you guys? TODD: It really depends if we’re working on new material or not. SHOFA: Practice is pretty much the same, but with more of Todd yelling at us. TODD: I can be very impatient if I feel like we’re taking too long to learn a new song. KENNY: Todd yells at us for being shitty musicians. SAM: Yeah. We get very frustrated and yell a lot. TODD: These guys are like my brothers... and siblings can drive you absolutely insane. But they handle it well. KENNY: Shofa plays on his phone, Sam gets drunk, and I have panic attacks SHOFA: I try to slow down on the drums a bit, since I’m not performing. I know you guys heavily promote. A lot of bands don’t do fliers or advertise anything at all. Do you think it’s worth the time and cash? SAM: Yes! TODD: Honestly, it’s hard to tell. But ultimately it doesn’t hurt. We believe in what we’re doing and we want to push it as heavily as possible. SHOFA: I feel it’s worth it. Kenny does a great job getting our name out there. KENNY: It gives me something to do. TODD: There are people who say old school flyering isn’t effective anymore. But I don’t even care. Punk rock flyers have always been badass and I personally don’t want them to die as an art form. We’re trying to keep it alive. Tell me a bit about your documentary SOMETHING BUNDIE THIS WAY COMES? SHOFA: The doc is pretty much these little videos we taped and put online. SAM: It chronicles our recording of ROBOPOP and our first few shows. It’s really funny. TODD: I think it shows a struggle that’s relatable to anyone that has ever tried to accomplish anything on their own terms. It’s a story about four friends making the best album they can, 100% on their own. We yell at each other and make fun of each other throughout the whole thing. SAM: I sound like a dumbass, but it’s funny. KENNY: The band almost broke up during the filming of it. TODD: If I had a nickel for every time this band almost

imploded, I’d be rich. We argue more than the Ramones. SAM: I came up with the name. Can you tell me something about how you guys produce songs like ‘Hateage’ and ‘The Girl Behind The Deli’? SHOFA: They write, I drum. TODD: Every song is a little different. Normally one of us comes in with an idea and the others critique it. Sometimes the songs are complete, sometimes just pieces. SAM: Todd wrote those songs. KENNY: He taught them to us and then got pissed when we couldn’t remember them. TODD: I don’t really remember writing them, honestly. My creativity comes in spurts. When we’re working on new stuff, I’ll write 10-15 songs in a couple of days and then throw out the ones that aren’t up to par. KENNY: But we all write songs and present them to the band. Sometimes I will write a guitar riff and Todd will put lyrics to it, or I will write lyrics and he will put music to it. TODD: I try, for the most part, to write lyrics that people can relate to. I write negative songs that are upbeat or I put humorous spins on depressing situations. It’s a way for me to get through my days in the real world... by making fun of it. What has been your biggest mistake? SAM: Druuuuugs. KENNY: Starting a band. SHOFA: I don’t really know. TODD: We never learned to read. What’s the wildest band story you can share with our readers? SHOFA: I’m lame and don’t see much of the wild stuff that goes on. But I remember when we called in to a radio station and Todd was chasing people around with puke and piss. KENNY: Last time we played Ye Ole Haunt I had a huge panic attack and went to the hospital. I thought I was dying. Todd had to take over guitar duties that night. Now I owe the medical industry $8000 dollars. It sucked. TODD: This one time we stayed up way past midnight and watched a couple of R rated movies. It was nut SAM: Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

What about local bands, which do you like to catch live? KENNY: The Humanoids, The Mondales, Everything Went Black. SAM: The Commies, Six Gun Salvation, Stink Bomb. SHOFA: Six Gun Salvation, SVK, the Commies. TODD: There are a ton of great bands in this town if people take the time to hear them. But I’m just going to plug my other band again, because I can. Manifest. What can readers expect from you guys as 2013 begins...touring, shows, CD releases, arrests for disorderly conduct? KENNY: We recorded an EP of 80’s covers called The Reagan Years. TODD: It’s 4 songs recorded on vintage 80s equipment. SAM: After that we’ll release an EP called Kenny Goes To Disneyland SHOFA: Then hopefully we’ll record our next full length album. And top it off with a tour in the fall. Pretty busy for the Army. TODD: We’ll be playing outside of St Louis a lot more. We’re an extremely busy band and do most everything on our own... most of 2013 will be doing the things we didn’t have time for in 2012. Any last thoughts to share with our readers, or breaking ABA news? SHOFA: Come out and see us. Support your local punk scene. KENNY: If anybody knows how to stop being a hypochondriac, please inbox me. I’d love to know. SAM: Somebody put shit in my pants. TODD: My balls itch. SHOFA: Buy our debut album. It’s out on Amazon and iTunes. Last, when and where can St. Louisans catch you guys live again? SHOFA: Kenny has that info. SAM: Our next show is January 19th at 300 state street in Alton,IL with Michale Graves. KENNY: Then January 26th at the Mutiny in Chicago, February 2nd at the Heavy Anchor, and February 8th at Ye Ole Haunt with this band from Chicago called Voice of Addiction. TODD: We gig constantly... over 30 shows in St. Louis last year. Follow us on facebook or twitter for updates.


A Goad’X Review

author: Hypnotica Straddling a nexus between the sacred and profane, and being both inspiring and perverse, Hypnotica ushers us into a sexual revolution with this seminal tome. Riddled with tales of derring-do and sometimes misfortune, we are woven into a tapestry of exploits that engender further discussion at all points. Built like a pro-wrestler and as a part time Wolverine (of the Xmen mythos) role player, this writer extends a biography of his sexual records, and the lessons learned therein, to us from a safe distance. As time passes, we become accustomed to his banter. Without becoming dantic, this vernacular leads toward a conversational tone over it's duress. What does become espoused is the centrifugal force that holds the bindings of machination into a complexly simple whole. The world of the 'Metawhore', as the title intends, turns us inside out as we venture into it's virgin territory, well trod by the man in question. If you are a voyeur of well honed sexuality, the realization that this world has existed alongside other counter currents of traditionality will simply serve to open your mind ever further.

The Decadent Cookbook Medlar Lucan & Durian Gray review by Jeremy M. Barker The Decadent Cookbook is, as the name suggests, actually a cookbook, but “decadent” is not an adjective herein. The Decadent was a restaurant that operated for about three years in the north of England, a complete word-of-mouth affair that made waves with its unusual cuisine. The authors, Lucan and Gray, were the restaurant’s proprietors, and the fare they served and the atmosphere they created is no doubt a stand-out in the history of gastronomy. Have you ever wanted to eat what the ancient Romans ate? Have you ever thought to yourself, “How on earth would one go about cooking a kitten?” As shocking as this sounds, The Decadent Cookbook can explain both and more. While we certainly don’t want you to actually try this at home (animal abuse laws would no doubt be violated in the process), The Decadent Cookbook is so strange and discomfiting that it’s a must-read for any serious sinner. Part recipe book, part meditation on the history of world cuisine, it’s engrossing, amusing, and slightly disturbing. The Decadent catered to no one except the adventurous spirit of its remarkable restaurateurs, and although you probably wouldn’t want to eat there (one discovers in the book a remarkably wide array of cooking applications for a whole animal skin), it is absolutely interesting. For instance, cooked kittens—as cruel as it is, old editions of the bible of French cooking, the “Larousse Gastronomique,” were where Lucan and Gray got the recipes. Not to add anymore antiFrench sentiment to the American public, it should be noted that the French didn’t make a habit of eating kittens. It was the result of a Paris starving to death while besieged by the Prussians during the infamous Paris Commune in the 1870s. You didn’t know that? Well, you would and more if you read The Decadent Cookbook.

16 *


3818 laclede

pastrami ‘shack-wich’

green egg ‘n ham


THE SINFUL LOOKS OF RACHEL GUNN unrealistic stereotypes society nowadays perpetuates. I felt that nudity was a dirty thing and I wanted to change that attitude. I ran across a photographer/photo journalist that had photographed over 200 women and whether nude or clothed they were tastefully portrayed. The conventional stereotypes concerning beauty did not apply to his pictures. He taught me that nudity could be wholesome depending on the context and circumstances and that you didn’t have to be like everyone else to be beautiful. After corresponding for months I finally shot with him and used those pictures to create an online modeling portfolio where other photographers could contact me or vice versa.


achel Gunn grew up an overweight shy girl with acme in Chicago, where she attended Niles North High School. It was during those days that she was teased by her peers, usually called “Thunder Thighs”, and told that “no boys” would ever like her, that she was too ugly. She still suffers from “Ugly Duckling Syndrome” till this very day. She knows how it is to be unpopular and to be teased and that is the girl she says she will always be inside. But then, like the rest of us, Rachel grew older. Her acne cleared, she lost weight – then got a boob job. She experienced first hand how differently people treat you when you look different. Today there’s not a visible scar on Rachel’s body that would suggest she was ever a gal to be called Thunder Thighs, or too ugly to ever to be liked by boys, much less to make anyone think she suffers from Ugly Duckling Syndrome. Quite simply, she’s a beautiful woman. And I’m hardly the first to give her that compliment. She has graced the cover of RFT and was Hustler Magazine’s First Official Milf in April of 2010 – yeah, believe it or not, she is blessed with two amazing daughters who are straight “A” students. I could go on and on, but it would cost valuable space saved for her amazing images – and her answers to the questions which are not only moving, but educational... So Rachel, how did you first get involved in modeling? Getting involved in modeling for me was an accident and a gradual process. I didn’t start modeling until a little later in life. My self esteem was low and it was almost a therapy I used to make me feel better about myself. I was soul searching and was trying to establish a healthy attitude about nudity and some of the


As an “Ugly Duckling”, what was your first shoot like? My first shot was with Ken Mierzwa from California and he traveled to Saint Louis to shoot with me. I was in my late twenties. It was a nude shoot and it was actually in the woods which was a little frightening considering that I had never been nude in public before. I can honestly say it was very freeing to be nude in the nature and to take in your surroundings. It didn’t feel dirty to me but very liberating and wholesome. For once in my life I felt beautiful despite the fact that I looked very different from now. I hadn’t had my boob job yet and my body was not augmented to the extent that it is today. When I got the pictures back I was so disappointed, not in the photographer’s work, but myself. I hated how I looked and I beat myself up for it. My breasts were small and hung, my stomach was pudgy. I did not look like the centerfold I hoped I would. I almost regretted taking the pictures. About three (3) years later after I got my boob job and lost weight and changed how I looked, I was actually happy with how pictures of me turned out.

Do you have a screening process for photographers? If so, how important is that for young girls pursuing modeling? I first check out their work. In modeling there is such a thing known as a “GWC” which is called a guy with camera. These guys just pretend they are photographers and want to see girls naked. You can definitely tell by their shoddy work. When I began modeling I didn’t really know the difference but as I became more experienced I could instantly tell the difference. They have to have quality work because it could reflect badly on me if I work with a photographer who doesn’t put good work out there. Also, I will Google their name and check them out on the internet to see if they are legit or not. If a photographer wants to talk a lot before the shoot and not get down to business chances are they are more so looking for a relationship and not a model. It is very important for young girls to have some sort of screening process for their own safety. You never know if that person could be dangerous. It could save your life. What has been your best shoot, and what made it so? I would have to say Brian DeMint from Eyeworks Studio and Darryl Young from Demao 7 Photography have been my favorite shoots and that is because I got to embody several different characters. For Eyeworks I got to be an old fashioned burlesque dancer, a gothic girl, a 1920’s flapper and more. Brian really inspired me and taught me how to get into character. Also, when you are transformed by costume and makeup you become that person. For the Demao 7 shoot I got to be a white trash bride, a greek goddess, a drunk tortured soul in a bath tub. I loved being a white trash bride in my wedding dress with a beer in a porta-potty and riding a lawn mower. Being able to act through my modeling is such a great release. What was your worst, and what made it so? My worst shoot was with a photographer who was traveling the United States and made a stop in St. Louis. At first we got along great but right before the shoot started he got a call from a tenant of his watching his cats. Apparently his cat went into heat and got

What about your first published shoot? My first published shot was for the cover of the Riverfront Times. I was body painted as a cougar. It took six hours for a special effects makeup artist to airbrush body paint me to look like a cougar. I would have to say this was one of my favorite shoots. At first it was very intimidating to know that I was going to have to pretty much become and embody the likeness of a cougar instead of acting like a human being so it was definitely challenging but it was one of the most fun things I have ever done. I knew a lot more about modeling and had more experience plus I had already gotten the boobs and was more confident so I was not as clueless as during my first shoot. I really felt like I got to bond with the photographer and makeup artist too which made for an enjoyable shoot. So, are you approached by photographers or do you contact ones you would like to work with, usually speaking? Sometimes I contact the photographer and sometimes they contact me. I am on several networking sites and modeling sites. When Myspace was big the feature editor from Hustler Magazine contacted me and asked me to submit pictures and that was how I got into Hustler Magazine. Riverfront Times contacted me on a networking site for models and photographers called Model Mayhem. A lot of the photographers will contact me online but if I really like a photographer’s work I will contact them which I have done a lot also. *

loose so he started screaming that his cat was screwing everything in the neighborhood so his demeanor really changed. At the beginning of a shoot I always have to warm up but he started to get really angry and started to scream at me that I wasn’t focusing and had ADD. I packed all my stuff and left and cried all the way home. It was so unprofessional and I was so hurt. Any advice for young girls pursuing modeling? When I began to model I was very naïve. You want to believe whatever anyone tells you or that you are going to become a star. It takes a lot of work to get your name out there. There are photographers that tried to get me to do porn but I would never do that. That is not me. I always try to be tasteful in whatever I do. Do not let any photographer try to push you into something you do not feel comfortable doing and always check references or their credentials. Check their work out. Make sure it looks professional. Be safe. Bring a chaperone if you need to. Use networking sites such as model mayhem to find photographers or makeup artists. Always use a makeup artist too because the pictures turn out so much better. Build a portfolio and an online portfolio to showcase your work so you can show others what you are capable of. Name a few of your favorite photographers to work with? Ron Barlow, Brian DeMint from Eyeworks, Darryl Young from Demao 7, Toria from Envy Art, Jessica Ahlborn, Seth Garcia, Mark Schwigen, EDP Images, Tom Kruse, David Fish, Jennifer Silverberg, Art Miller, and Carl Zaiss. How can readers find more info about you? They can go to my website: or visit me on facebook at: rachelgunnmodeling or visit my online modeling portfolio at: You can book me by contacting me at or Any last words or thoughts to share, or shout-outs? Try to embrace your individuality and uniqueness. It is a vicious cycle to demand perfection of yourself and try to fit into society’s standards of unrealistic beauty expectations. Believe me….I know. Also, treat others how you would like to be treated. Show others respect. Many times I have thought that if I was a shallow and mean person that my life would have been easier but I just can’t be like that. I have never lost my big heart and sweet disposition no matter how many people tried to break me down. I’d like to make a shout out to my daughters, Madeline and Ivy - my heart, my boyfriend - Chris, and my girls at Club Imperial in Arnold, Missouri at 4328 Jeffco Blvd., a really awesome bar that I urge you to try.

By Single in the City Continuing on my journey of singlehood in our somewhat noble city, my adventures, mishaps, triumphs and life’s observations are chronicled here. This is a work of fact, fiction and frivolity…purely for entertainment purposes, not guidance. After taking a hiatus for the past month to focus on some personal stuff, soon I was back to the old-new dating scene. Sticking to my one year rule, not getting serious or having intercourse as it were…I cut off the jerk I met at the party a couple months ago. He wanted to play games and was out for a lay - I don’t have time for that nonsense, so I told him goodbye, he still tried to play games even after I told him to take a hike and I just didn’t respond - pathetic. I gave this Mr. Nice Guy a second chance and am glad I did, maybe I am in a different place or he is, but whatever the case, we are having good times. Not sure where this is going, but I am certainly enjoying the time I am spending with him. He also is the first guy to pay for me and is nice, so nice; it *almost* makes me wonder what the catch is. Some rules were made to be not broken, so much as just bent to include certain opportunity. The promise to stay chaste I made to myself, apparently, did not include women. It happened after a holiday party, I went with a girl friend of mine, who I previously made out with a couple months ago, no intentions of having girl sex. But let’s face it, I wanted her and earlier we had a prelude to


this with backrubs and bonding and make out time. I felt comfortable and the time was right and so was she. I am not going to lie; it was very hot, very wet and very sensuous. Girl sex felt almost intuitive to me, like touching myself. Not awkward or clumsy like some (ok, most) men I have encountered in my 20+ years of dating experience. I have to admit that it was a good feeling to bring

too. The debate is do I call myself bi-sexual because I had girl sex one time (so far). I hate labels, so I am not going to call myself anything. I like who I like and that’s about it. I like dating because I like the excitement of attention from different people and quite frankly, I like variety in my relationships in general, which is why my circle of friends expands far and wide into multiple

tionships. Am I polyamorous? Or have I just not met the right person yet? Maybe I just need to sew my wild oats? Polyamory can be loosely defined as one having multiple intimate relationships in which open communication is the cement that holds it together. Intimate is a subjective term; for some it involves sex and others it doesn’t. Every person I know who claims to be “poly” has a different reason why they are poly. I consider every close friendship I have intimate in some way, whether it is sharing secrets, trading backrubs or experiencing life, to me, these are all intimate things. I know I have been in love with multiple people at the same time. I know I get jealous sometimes and would not like anyone who I am serious with to be intimate with anyone else in a romantic or sexual way. I debate this with myself over another glass of wine before I finally decide that I have had too much wine, I should probably sew more wild oats and just haven’t met the right one yet. All this internal dialogue and selfdiscovery are just more reasons why I am single and taking time to work on myself and figure out who I am and what I want out of life. This was the first holiday in several years where I was officially single, it certainly wasn’t lonely though.

another woman to orgasm, but I wouldn’t say I crave performing oral on a girl. Will I do it again? Probably. Am I a lesbian? No, I still love men and their protruding body parts

groups, ages, cultures and classes. Then, I got to thinking one night after a night of one too many glasses of Chianti about why I am never satisfied in my long term rela-

For hecklings, gripes or other mindless, witty banter please email solitary.refinement. *

written by Chuck Foster

The Tale of Big and Little HarpE A

ccording to Crime Magazine, America’s first serial killers were a pair of cousins by the names of William (who went by Micajah) and Joshua (who went by Willie) Harps, who were commonly referred to as Big and Little Harp. Even though I couldn’t find any information to use as a cross reference for this article, I’ll pass on a summary of what I did find about them on this web site. Supposedly born and raised in Harp Hill, in Muhlenberg Kentucky, the two cousins left home in 1775 to become overseers of slaves. But the American Revolution caused the two to deviate from their plans and become outlaws of America by joining the British Army of irregulars. During this six year period as irregulars, the Harps were allegedly involved in rape, pillaging livestock and burning farm houses for entertainment. Near the end of the War, Joshua, or Little Harp, was shot by Captain James Wood during an attempted rape of a local farmer’s daughter. Even though the wound wasn’t fatal, the Harp’s held a serious grudge against Wood, and later kidnapped his daughter, Susan, along with another local girl, Maria Davidson. With the two girls being held against their will, the Harp’s gang dragged them across the Appalachians to what is now Chattanooga Tennessee. Somewhere during this trip of torture and constant rape, one of the gang members, Mosses Doss, stepped across the line of insanity and questioned the treatment of the two women – he was then shot and killed by the Harps. Supposedly the women each gave birth twice during the years between 1782 and 1794; however, the children were murdered by the Harps after their birth which brought their murder count up to five. Then in June of 1797, Little Harp married Sally Rice who was the daughter of a local minister and supposedly continued to keep his kidnapped wife as well. A year later, in 1798, the Harps took off for Kentucky, where they were rumored to kill two men traveling from Maryland. They supposedly gutted the two men, filled their stomachs with rocks, and then threw them into the river. On Dec. 12, 1798 the Harps found themselves at John Farris’ Wayside House starving from hunger and without any money. Luckily, they met a prosperous traveler, John Langford, who invited them to

join him for dinner; unfortunately for Langford, two cowboys found his dismembered body two days later in the woods. The body was taken back to the Wayside House where the inn keeper identified the Harps and their wives as the guilty party, but the Harps managed to escape leaving their women behind to face the murder charge. Eventually, the wives were released and given a horse after all three gave birth in jail. As psychotic as these women must have been in the first place, after their release they were rumored to have traded the horse for a canoe and traveled along the Ohio river until they reached a pirates den where the Harps planned to meet them. A posse was formed to hunt down the Harps, but their fear of the two by the posse let them escape. Embarrassed by the posse’s lack of bravery, Henry Scaggs sought help from a Revolutionary War veteran, Col. Daniel Trabue, who lived in the area, to help hunt down the killers. While Scaggs discussed a plan with Trabue, Trabue’s son’s dog returned home covered in blood. His son, John, had earlier traveled down the same trail that the Harps had been on – his body was found mutilated a couple of weeks later. The Governor of Kentucky issued a $300 reward for each of the Harps for the murder of John Trabue, but the Harps were already

on the move. Heading north with another posse on their trail, the Harps killed five more men on their way to Cave-in-the-Rock (a hidden cave), which was on the Illinois side of the Ohio River. The posse could have caught them there, but stopped their pursuit at the river. In July of 1798, after having met up with their wives again, the gang took off from their pirates den and headed back towards Eastern Tennessee. On their migration east, the gang brutally slaughtered several across Kentucky, including women and children, leaving many gutted and their stomachs filled with rocks and thrown into the river which became their trademark. On one of the killing sprees into Logan County, the Harps killed a small girl and a slave on their way to the mill then butchered an entire family in their sleep along the Whippoorwill River. It is rumored that at one point, resting from the pursuit of another posse, little Harp’s four-monthold daughter became irritable, probably from hunger and the trip, which led to Big Harp tearing her from Sally’s arms, swinging her round and round by her ankles, and then smashing her head against a tree. The Harps weren’t done yet though. On their final push to a cave near their old home, they murdered Major William Love, who was a visitor of the Stegall Home

in Webster County, and then slit the throat of Mrs. Stegall’s baby who was crying. After following this devastating trail of murder, the posse finally caught up with the Harps in the cave that they were hiding out in (which later was known as Harp’s Home). Unfortunately, it wasn’t sooner! In the last stretch heading to Tennessee, the Harps killed approximately 18 men, women, and children. The arrival of the posse caused the Harps to flee, but Big Harp was caught and beheaded, then attached to an oak tree for passers-by to observe. Before his death, he confessed to 20 murders. Whether or not this included babies is unknown, but the official estimates at the time were between 30 and 40 total murders. Little Harp, who managed to escape the posse, headed back towards the Cavein-the-Rock hideout, where he hooked up with another notorious outlaw by the name of Samuel Mason. Being unable to survive alone, filled with greed or out of pure stupidity one, Little Harp showed up in the town of Natchez, Mississippi, carrying Mason’s head looking for the reward that was posted for him dead or alive. As karma sometimes works, Little Harp was recognized; he was hung, cut down, and decapitated, and his head was placed on the trail into Natchez as a warning to outlaws. Like I said in the beginning, I can’t verify any of this information about the Harps. But if your camping along the rivers of Kentucky and Tennessee, with a golden campfire dwindling away, and the vague trickle of a stream in the distance, this can make for one hell of a campfire tale!


This, I Shamelessly Tell You Metro woes, the U-District parking money grab gets worse and other highs and lows of the year past by James Stansberry


h, nothing more frustrating than the day after Christmas – Boxing Day – when the money’s on the way, but not here yet. Still, this time (as I’m writing this, it’s still December), last year was so much worse. A huge bill from SHA, due to expenses from my move from my hellish former apartment, to my new one hung over my head, as did a rather large lighting bill. Glad to say both have been negotiated to a reasonable amount and I’m no longer dealing with the difficult female SHA person I was having to suffer through last December. Nope, the people I now deal with are top notch, and my sweetie and I even exchanged Christmas cards with one of them. Still, the money (as I write this), is a couple of days away, and my private client that I’d looked forward to seeing, wasn’t able to make it (we did reschedule though, so that’s good), so frustration’s the tone of the moment. Also, looking back at the year past, there were definitely highs and lows. Of course one of the biggest lows was the number of gun deaths, particularly the one in the U-District that took away some steampunk folks I knew, and 20 innocent children in Connecticut. Thinking of how those poor parents probably feel right about now, my current money woes don’t seem so major, and hopefully by the time you read this, the psychic fair I’m doing and the other event will have refilled my now anemic credit union account. That account, and the fact that not only do I have one as this year passes into 2013, but that there’s at least some cash in it, is certainly a ‘high’ from the year past, and doing more than one psychic event a month (which keeps the account from suffering too much loss), is a ‘high’ too. Last year I had just been informed that my regular event had been cancelled and was pretty glum, wondering what I’d do to replace that event. Well, the universe opened windows and doors in a major way, so things are better now. A ‘low’ is the recent changes in service by King County Metro (which had me waiting in the rain and cold for what seemed forever, at the new Burien Transit Center – which no longer has a visible clock, so you have no idea what time it is – now that the route 131 has been broken into two routes; a move that even for Metro, is one of the most boneheaded things I’ve seen them do), which I think of as ‘the screwing of the South End by the more monied interests of some of Metro’s tonier route’). To me, it’s just more proof that King County, and Seattle, in particular are giving over more to the one per cent (no matter that both try to look like the big liberals to the public). Add this to the whimsical parking enforcement,


and new hours (which make it so that if you do go to a bar in the U-District and forget to move your car before midnight, you’ll get a whopping 53.00 ticket – they were also ticketing on Christmas Eve, for Goddess’ sake!), and you definitely see why a lot of folks aren’t voting for hizzoner the current mayor next year. I know I’m not voting for him, though I’m not sure anyone else will be better, as Seattle just seems to elect the same mayor, in different bodies, over and over again. We, sweetie and I, are planning to get one of those pricey parking stickers in the new year, to avoid falling victim to Seattle’s greedy parking ticket scam. That’ll be a ‘high’, compared to last year, for sure. Another ‘high’ is that I finally have the top hat I’ve always dreamed of (and have undoubtedly worn it for New Years Eve, with sweetie, and hopefully had the tails or at least a tuxedo jacket to go with it!), and a couple of other ‘boi’ items I’ve wanted, including a wonderful paisley tie I’m definitely wearing out as soon as the occasion warrants. Sweetie got some new items to ‘dress’ in for the new year too, thanks to the last couple of psychic events I did in early December going so well, and I hope the going well part continues for both me and sweetie as the months go on. Also hoping that by the end of 2013, sweetie’s no longer working the ‘salt mill’ job, but doing astrology for the pay that is so deserved. For now, we’re both looking to showing off a couple of new items of ‘dress’ at this year’s Rustycon (which, as I write this, is only a few weeks away now!). I’m thinking of using ‘Brazil’ as a theme, and going as one of the ‘expediters’, since that costume’s pretty easy in cash strapped January. For now, just glad the world didn’t end (like I, a real psychic, thought it would!), and that life seems to be percolating along nicely for me and sweetie, with me further exploring the fluidity that is ‘James’ (and not minding as much having to deal with my female side on occasions that call for me to be a ‘her’, more than a ‘him’). Still looking forward to using more men’s rooms than women’s rooms this year, and learning to deepen my voice a bit more, to not be called ‘ma’am’ as often, and maybe doing some volunteering to be the minister I am, in practice, not just in words. Also so wish I could do the wedding of at least one of the Gay/Lesbian couples who can now legally marry in Washington. Have to redo that wishboard, so maybe this, and other things, like traveling to Canada, happen this year, and yes, actually getting some horror published. Welcome to the new year folks, and hope it’s an even better one than last year, this, I shamelessly tell you. *

Think Outside The Cage with Kendra Holliday of The Beautiful Kind

Why Don’t I Orgasm During Intercourse? Dear Kendra, Reading through your website, there are many tales of how to work more kinks in and work more kinks out. But what if you’re a woman in your early thirties and you’re still back at the basics? Like many, I’ve dated throughout my twenties and now thirties, taking “time off” for a couple longer relationships. But I’ve never been able to orgasm during intercourse. Not once in the 16 years that I’ve been sexually active. I’ve read advice on how to get the job done, but their suggestions are things that I actually do: I do masturbate (with a vibe), I will flip on a porn site or a literotica site here and again, I’ve been on top and on bottom. I’ve masturbated in front of men. I’m pretty sure I’m straight. I’ve dated a variety of types of guys so I’ve had experiences with smaller and larger men, so it’s not a size issue. I’m not taking hormones and I’m healthy. I wasn’t raised in a religious environment, so it’s not some weird religious guilt at fault either. So what the heck??? I’ve never been the type to want to do what everyone else was doing, but this is not exactly what I had in mind….Thanks for your help! ~Frustrated and Then Some Dear Frustrated and Then Some, It was nice of you to provide all the extra details and sex history, because I would have brought up all those things for consideration. All that said, I offer two possibilities: a) You aren’t built for orgasms brought about by something being thrust in and out of your vagina. Orgasms during intercourse occur because the tissue surrounding the vagina is stimulated, and it’s all part of the clit, which is WAY more than the pea sized tip you can see at the top of the lips. That “pea” is the tip of the iceberg, and the rest of all those yummy nerve endings extend from that tip like the roots of a tree. Mary Roach’s book Bonk discusses the anatomical differences of women: “If the distance is less than the width of your thumb, you are likely to come.” This is a quote from Kim Wallen. The vaginalclitoral distance turned out to perfectly predict which women would have orgasms in intercourse and which wouldn’t. The cut-off point lay around an inch - the width of a typical thumb. A study of 50 women confirmed the distance from half an inch to inches, with an average of about an inch. If you want to measure yourself, measure from your clit to your urethra it’s a more precise measuring point. OR b) You haven’t achieved orgasm via intercourse yet, but life is full of surprises, and you will someday. Maybe you aren’t old enough yet. Maybe you need to give birth. Or experience menopause. Or the stars need to line up right. Or sex with a certain guy will do the trick - one who has the perfect angle or size, or the right chemistry. Keep an open mind towards new experiences and keep doing your research. There are tons of great resources out there that may provide you with a missing piece to the puzzle - maybe the book I Love Female Orgasm offers some valuable insight. Look into tantra, meditation, breathing exercises – look up Barbara Carrellas. For instance, I taught myself how to ejaculate by reading up on it. And I never came via breast stimulation, and I just discovered that gift in the past couple years (keep in mind that HUNDREDS of men have touched my breasts the 20 previous years.) Happy sexual journey to you! Photo: Connie LaFlam Got a sex, relationship, BDSM or fetish related question? Ask your local sexpert, Kendra Holliday, Writer & Editor of The Beautiful Kind, and Co-Founder of Sex Positive St. Louis.


St Louis Sinner January 2012