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Strandgade Cykler

Strandgade 26 • 1401 København K

+45 42 40 37 33 • info@strandgade-cykler.dk

• Bicycle shop and workshop.

• 25 years of experience.

• We prefer to repair your bike rather than to replace parts.

• There is always guarantee on repairs.

Opening hours:

• Mon-Fri 9.00-17.30. Saturday by appointment.

Strandvejen Cykler is your bicycle dealer in Hellerup. We have good bikes for every purpose and can help with all the guidance you need –even when it comes to accessories and spare parts. Drop by the store and find your new city bike, electric bike, kids bike or similar! If your current bike needs to be repaired or serviced, we can of course also help with this in our workshop. The city’s best service. Always with a smile.



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