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04 October 2008

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HOTSHOT NIKE WOMEN ON TOP 10 September 2008 This week's Hotshot is a five-spot online campaign for Nike through Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the latest incarnation of the Here I Am project showcasing female athletes at the top of their game and the peak of their confidence.

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Launching September 12 on the website, Wieden's latest campaign for the spotswear giant sees a number of internationally renowned female athletes reveal the stories behind their rise to the top of their game. From triple jumper Simona La Mantia's tale of how her long legs led her to the track, to pint-size judoka Delphine Delsalle's one-woman fight against gender preconceptions, Nike's new project explores the relationship between sport and self-confidence.

Click image to view 'Delphine - Do Judo' by Stink Digital's Adam Marko-Nord Mark Bernath, co-creative director on the project alongside Eric

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04/10/2008 22:23

shots - News

Quennoy, talked us through the genesis of the project: "The films we've used online grew out of a book we made that bought to life 22 athletes' stories of confidence. Each of the stories in the book was illustrated in a distinctive style to underscore each of the women's unique path to self confidence - how they reached the point where they could declare 'Here I Am', the core concept behind the campaign." Exploring the unique journeys of several athletes, Bernath explains, required a range of visual styles, and sticking with the medium of animation made perfect sense when it came to filming the online spots. "The diversity of executions on this project really helps to reinforce the idea that these athletes have each forged their own path - their stories are far from generic so we didn't want the films to feel generic either," he says.

Click image to view 'La Mantia - A Short Story Of A Tall Girl' by Paranoid's Nieto In their hunt for directors Bernath and the team from Wieden's sent stories from the Here I Am book to several production companies and asked them to develop the concepts into sixty second mini-films. "The directors were all amazing in evolving what had started out as a print piece and turning it into something that also worked on screen," he enthuses. To mix things up and ensure a range of aesthetic styles, Wieden's decided to work with two prod co's - Paranoid in LA and Stink Digital in London - recruiting the camera skills of Edouard Salier, Sophie Gateau, Nieto and Stink Digital's Adam Marko-Nord.

Click image to view 'Sharapova - Be Your Own Fan' by Paranoid's Sophie Gateau

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04/10/2008 22:23

shots - News

"The beauty of working online is that it really supports the goal of trying to build a community of confidence among young women who do sport," Bernath elaborates. "The natural place for this sort of project is the digital sphere as it allows for a richer discussion and enables us to inject the conversation with more and more content that might inspire more and more women to look at sport as a way of building self esteem."

Click image to view 'Spirig - Show Me Your Dark Side, Mother Nature' by Paranoid's Edouard Salier Reinforcing the online campaign, Nike Town in London will be hosting an exhibition throughout September featuring the films and artwork from the campaign. To view our pick of Nike's new crop - Conversations From The Inside - click here

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04/10/2008 22:23

Nike Women Online Campaign  
Nike Women Online Campaign  

Nike's latest campaign goes under the skin of world-beating sportswomen to find out exactly what makes them tick