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VOL 03 | ISSUE 12

CLUBHOPPING! music, clubs, pubbing, nightlife – your favourite stars tell us what gets them grroing!


PREVIEW CAMEO This month, the stars tell us about their nightlife and musical interests


Here’s what caught our Roving Eye all through August


What do the stars portend for your stars this month?


Shriya, flying high! Chandra, produced by India Classic Arts and Narasimha Arts, and directed by Roopa Iyer deals with the story of the heiress of a royal family. Actor Shriya Saran who plays the lead role in the film, learned Kalari Payattu, a traditional defence technique practised in Kerala for the film. “Shriya is showcased as an intelligent princess who knows how to dance and fight. She falls in love with her music teacher (played by Kannada actor Prem) who is also a master in many things but not from a royal family,” director Roopa narrates the crux of the story. On Shriya’s gallantry in the film she adds, “She fights with her master and even knocks his sword down, which is considered as a mark of victory. Prem comes there at the moment and Shriya signals him to pick up the sword. It is such a romantic moment in the film. There is one scene where she punches the hero, Prem, too,” Roopa says explaining the significance of the stunt in Chandra. Why did she choose Kalari for her heroine? “I did not want my heroine to resemble the ones we have seen in commercial films. Kalari is such a graceful and energetic fight and I wanted it to form a part of my heroine’s skill set,” reasons Roopa. “Shriya, being a classical dancer has really caught the moves well. She learnt the jumps and back jumps in no time. She is absolutely dedicated and fantastic.” Roopa is all praise for Shriya. “It is a true, emotional and rich film that captures the love in a girl’s heart. Though there are many flavours in the film, romance is its centre piece. As she falls in love, Shriya is caught between loyalty for her heirloom and her love. In the second part of the film when she travels to America, her cultural dilemma also comes into play. The second part will be in complete contrast to the first one.” Roopa summarises Shriya’s role in the film. Roopa has cast Vivek as Shriya’s brother in the film. “I wanted a smart, good comedian, so chose Vivek,” says roopa. Ganesh Venkatraman plays another prince and for the first time Sukanya plays mother to Ganesh in Chandra. Currently Roopa is filming the stunt sequences in Hardwar. Chandra is expected to release in December, 2012.


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope

Navya is back! Navya didn’t disappear post marriage, after all; it was just that she was keeping low profile in films. But she has been hosting a very popular dance show on TV. The State Award winner, our own Balamani (her most popular character, from Nandanam) is now making a big comeback, playing the leading lady in a film named Scene 1: Nammude Veedu. The film is directed by Shyju Anthikkad. Navya, who has starred in many popular hits, acts opposite Lal in this family flick. She plays a teacher named Manju while Lal is Unni, an assistant director who aspires to be a director one day. Laloo Aalex too plays a key role, that of a producer named KK. The film is produced by K K Narayandas.

Our own Sherlock Holmes! Anoop Menon – he’s our very own Sherlock Holmes! No, Anoop is not going to play the famous Arthur Conan Doyle character. It’s just that he’s all set to play the titular role in the film Sherlock Holmes, directed by Aji John. Now, don’t lose hope. Sherlock Holmes is said to be an investigative thriller. Although Anoop won’t be playing a detective, he will appear in the role of a crime novelist. Director Aji John, who had made his debut with Nallavan, had recently delivered his second film, Namukku Paarkkaan, with Anoop himself in the lead role. Jayaraj Movies produces this film, shoot for which will get underway in October this year.

September 2 0 1 2 | So u th s c o p e


Amala Paul overtakes KAJAL? Malayalee beauty Amala Paul is definitely making inroads in Tollywood in style. The actor, who is the second female lead of Ram Charan’s next film Naayak, impressed the director VV Vinayak so much that he decided to shoot a special song on her. Incidentally, Kajal was supposed to be part of that special song. The story goes like this. When Vinayak announced Naayak with Ram Charan and Kajal Agarwal, he also planned a special song, which is a remixed version of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s hit track Subhalekha Rasukunna from the blockbuster Kondaveeti Donga. Originally Ram Charan and Kajal were supposed to be featured in the song. After watching the rushes of Naayak involving Amala Paul’s portion, Vinayak apparently decided to replace Kajal with the Malayalee actor. We are not sure whether Kajal approved of the last minute change!


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope

Jayam Raja clears the air on his next Post Velayudham, anticipation surrounds Jayam Raja’s forthcoming project. A debate is on as to whether it will be a remake yet again, or an original script, or if he will team up with Vijay again for his nex. There was also some speculation about the possibilities of the brother duo getting together (Jayam Raja and Jayam Ravi). When the media was abuzz about a Tamil remake of Ek Tha Tiger with Vijay in the lead, Raja promptly cleared the air on the same. “There is no connection between Ek Tha Tiger and me. But currently talks are on with Akshay Kumar on working together in a Hindi film. The subject line however, is still undecided. It will take a couple of weeks for things to shape up. Actually, I have been working hard on an original script for the last six months, an idea that has been on my mind for three years now. I wanted to work with my brother, Ravi, in this project. It was something that has been in the pipeline since 2008, when we had discussions with Kalpathi Aghoram. Since talks for the Hindi film came mid-way, I am quite clear on what will commence first. The Tamil project will also be released in Hindi.” He clarified further, “Some reports hinted at my doing a film with Suriya; I’d like to say that we have not had talks in that direction at all. As of now, it’s either this Tamil and Telugu project with Ravi or Hindi with Akshay.”

Mom to emulate daughter Pooja Gandhi, who has returned to the top with the hit Dandupalya, has decided that it is time her mother faced the camera. Yes, Pooja Gandhi wants her mother act alongside her in the movie Subhadra! A theatre artiste during her college days, Pooja’s mother is not new to tinsel town. But why did she decide to take the plunge now? According to Pooja, a character in Subhadra, a women-oriented movie, strongly resembled her mother. Naturally, she asked her mother to play the role instead of searching for an actor to fit the requirements. With this, three members of Pooja’s family are now in films. Pooja’s youngest sister Radhika Gandhi has already acted as the female lead in six movies.

September 2 0 1 2 | So u th s c o p e


‘Small’ man with big plans! In what is another feather in the cap, Guinness Pakru (Ajayakumar) is all set to turn director, with Kuttiyum Kolum, the preliminary preparations for which are already on. Says Guinness Pakru in a telephonic chat with Southscope, “It’s an action comedy thriller that kids as well as the family audiences will enjoy.” He elaborates on the theme of the film, which is based on a story written by him, “It’s about two friends who are known as Kuttiyum Kolum. As is usual with the game of ‘Kuttiyum Kolum’ (Gilli Danda in Hindi), one friend is shorter than the other”. Guinness Pakru, who brings in Chennai-based Vinod Bharathi as the cinematographer, says that leading technicians are being roped in to work on Kuttiyum Kolum. Vayalar Sharath Chandra Varma is the lyricist. Guinness Pakru, the shortest actor to have acted in a full-length film, is planning it all as a big project. While debutantes would play lead roles, an array of popular artistes would be part of the cast and the director himself would be playing a key role. Anzar Vasco produces Kuttiyum Kolum, under the banner of United Films.

No marriage plans for now National Award winning actor Meera Jasmine, who is said to be in love with musician Mandolin Rajesh, has apparently not married him secretly, if we are to believe her. The actor recently issued this clarification after it was reported in a section of the media that the duo had entered wedlock without any fanfare. “When I marry, I will announce it to the world and it will not be a secret,” the actor, who has gone through various ups and downs in her career, revealed. Meera has drastically reduced the number of films in recent times. Should we read this as an indication of her planning to settle down?


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope

No awards! Radhika Pandit, who won three Filmfare awards in a row, was heard lamenting about her failure to win the same recognition in 2011. The actor did not have a good outing last year except for an unnoticeable role in Puneeth Rajkumar’s Hudugaru. The year 2012 began on a poor note with two of her movies – Alemaari & Breaking News – failing to make any impact at the BO. However, her third film of the year – Addhoori – opposite debutante actor Dhruva Sarja, recently completed 50 days. So, should we say that Radhika is back in the reckoning for the 2012 awards? She may be… But the contest is really tough, especially with Pooja Gandhi shouldering the success of Dandupalya with her spine-chilling performance.

Mohanlal becomes ‘M ad’ Menon ‘Mad’ Menon, that’s how he’s called, by everyone. He is a tough cop, an encounter specialist working in Mumbai. On duty he is sort of mad; he forgets all other concerns when it comes to doing his work. That has earned Madhava Menon the name ‘Mad’ Menon. ‘Mad’ Menon, the daring cop of Mumbai, is now all set to go to Kerala, on an assignment. Be part of this adventure with Karmayodha, Major Ravi’s next project, which has Mohanlal playing ‘Mad’ Menon. Major Ravi, ex commando officer had earlier cast Mohanlal as the no-nonsense army man Mahadevan in Keerthichakra, Kurukshetra and Kandahar. This time, it’s a cop story. The cast will also include Biju Menon, Ganesh Kumar, Rajeev Pillai, Anil Murali, Bineesh Kodiyeri, Riyaz Khan and others. Major Ravi scripts Karmayodha and M G Sreekumar scores the music. Shooting is set to start soon.

September 2 0 1 2 | So u th s c o p e


Ramya shuts the doors This is the latest buzz in the Kannada film industry – Ramya will not face the media for some time – not at least till she completes her present assignment. So, what’s the secret about this assignment? The USP of the project is that Kodi Ramakrishna, who directed the Telugu mega blockbuster Arundhati, is also directing this particular Kannada movie. Based on a socio-fantasy theme, the movie has several interesting elements and a plot that is destined to be a hit! Ramya has roped in Diganth to play her love interest in the movie. Not much is heard about the making of the movie, except for the fact that it is nearing completion. Is Ramya hoping for cult-status from this film, like that of Anushka Shetty? Let’s wait and watch.

Hansika opts out of Vettai’s Telugu remake, not Settai When media reports were abuzz about Tamannaah replacing Hansika in the Telugu remake of Lingusamy’s Vettai, the latter, who took offence to some ‘fake’ versions of the story and possible misunderstanding or confusion between the Vettai remake and Settai, issued a clarification on her microblogging page. She wrote, (sic) “Unfortunately had to back out of the tamil remake vettai, due to dates problem, as dey have to release the film by the end of the year (cont)…. As I hv 6 projects on board currently, I cldnt provide D bulk dates 2 dis project (vettai remake telugu) Bt nvr D less I wish D team al d best . so here’s the real reason y I back out of the project. So now there can be a Full Stop 2al the fake stories created on the net o print:) peace,” and she added, “ Please do not misunderstand o get confused ! Backed out frm Vettai remake telugu !! Not settai .” Hansika already has her hands full with Settai, Vaalu, Vettai Mannan and Singam 2, in addition to a project in Telugu.


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope

Urbane Clothing MEN WOMEN #8/20, Rutland Gate, 4th street, Nungambakkam, Chennai-600006 T-28330081/82 Website |



Allu Aravind is dressed to the nines, with a smile for the occasion!


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope

Classy in a halter, that smile does not falter!

Desi at heart: Amy sure knows how to carry off a saree!

Anjali looks great in pink, but the shoes are a dampener

Gorgeous in Green: Bhoomika’s lehenga is just right!

Leggy, Lissome and Lovely: Bruna’s outfit accentuates her amazing figure!

September 2 0 1 2 | So u th s c o p e


Casual Chic: Deeksha knows how to stay stylish while casual!


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope

Chilled out: Nagarjuna looks classy and sexy in earthy tones.

It’s a Bling Thing: Steel and grey, this stylish man shows the way!

Charan rocks the suited look, and how!

The Dapper Doyen: Kamal Haasan’s white and black combo is simply elegant

Despite his penchant for casual clothing, Karthi looks super charming always

September 2 0 1 2 | So u th s c o p e


Ain’t nobody like the Desi Girl! Nayantara and Tamannaah go desi-chic!


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope

Dignified Diva: This beautiful combination looks great on Pooja!

Sneha, your dress is sending us our scampering for our blinkers!

B A B Lea t h er SINCE 1946

Relaxation to a

New Level of Luxury

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White Winter: Divya looks great in white!


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope

Sweet Sunshine: Richa’s yellow saree is fabulous.

We are not too fond of Prasanna’s pants, but hey, the couple look good together


The King of Style: Venkatesh’s combination of denim and browns is just perfect!

Firmly on top: Great to see Suriya experimenting

Divalicious: Taapsee and Lakshmi look pretty

September 2 0 1 2 | So u th s c o p e



ClubHopping! Where do your favourite stars party around the world? What are their favourite clubs and pubs? What kind of music gets them grooving? We give you the lowdown

J i i va Your favourite night spots around the world Koh Phangan and Koh Samui in Thailand

Favourite club/pub in South India I have never partied in clubs or pubs, though I have a lot of friends in the film circle, like Jayam Ravi, Vikrant, Vishnu, Arya, Vishal. I meet them almost every week when in town. I invite them home and we all have a good time.

Your favourite music I like a big variety, so I can’t point out one single genre.

Favourite Indian artists and International artists Karsh Kale, Nitin Sawhney, Talvin Singh, Pitbull, LMFAO

What’s playing on your iPod right now


David Guetta’s repertoire!

Your 5 favourite songs from South, Hindi and international All songs by my favourite artists as above!


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope


Your favourite club/pub in South India I have no favourites as such among clubs. I like chilling out with my close friends and I’m a complete foodie. So my favourite hotspots in Chennai are Fisherman’s Cove, Sandys, Golden Dragon, Stix and Foccacia in Hyatt.

Your favourite music Anything by AR Rahman

Favourite Indian artists and International artists I love music. I always have something playing, all the time. AR Rahman is a constant favourite!

What’s playing on your iPod right now


I tune into this app called Accu Radio on my ipad. That’s pretty much playing nonstop at home or while I’m shooting, in between shots.

Your 5 favourite songs from South, Hindi and international Drake and Rihanna’s Take Care. Also, anything by AR Rahman!


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope

Photographer: G Venket Ram, Stylist: Chaitanya Rao, Make up: Vikram Mittal, Hair: Rachael B Singh, Assessories: Uniq



Rana Your favourite club/pub Most places in New York City, and every place in Goa (laughs). Even a shack in Goa is fine by me. There’s no specific club, per se. I don’t like loud stuff so much – I’m not really the Lounge-y type, you know. I much prefer hanging out with friends rather than clubbing, or being a hectic party guy. I’m really not that club intensive – I’m liable to, at times, but I don’t have a favourite night club. A bunch of friends make a plan and I tag along pretty much with it. Having said that – in Hyderabad, I often go to this little restaurant – a very beautiful lounge, called N. I guess I go there very regularly.

Favourite music It’s been changing with each of my growingup phases. All through school and college it was Heavy Metal, Rock Music, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath, things like that. Now, after a few more years, I’m more into film music, especially Indian-based film music. Also, my films are genre specific, so my music also follows that genre. And for the 6-8 months I work on my film, that’s always my drive.

Favourite Indian and international artists Always AR Rahman, no discussion or debate about that. If I have a top list, then the first 10 spots would belong to him and the rest come only later (laughs). Also, I like a band based in Delhi, Midival Punditz. I enjoy the music of Raja sir, and Yuvan’s too. And my favourite singer is Dhanush, especially his songs in Mayakkam Enna and of course, Kolaveri. He has one of the most unique voices here today. He puts so much soul into his songs. I like that.

What’s playing on your iPod right now There’s so much in there – I have 60 GB and you can fit anything you want in it! Off the top of my head, I keep listening to Ye Maaya Chesave. I speak Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, but my favourite song happens to be Aaromale. I didn’t even know the meaning of the song; didn’t understand the lyrics – but it’s one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard. Even internationally.

Your 5 favourite songs from South, Hindi and international Aaromale, anything by AR Rahman, Yuvan and Raja sir, Kolaveri!

September 2 0 1 2 | So u th s c o p e


D e e ks h a Seth Your favourite night spots around the world A couple of spots in Berlin.

Favourite club in South India I don’t club too much!

Tell us about one interesting clubbing related incident involving you I had once gone out with a friend and when we were coming back, she fell really badly and broke her front tooth. It was scary and yet funny in a weird way.

Favourite music Soft Rock, Soul, R&B and Pop

Favourite Indian artists and international artists Raghu Dixit, Coke Studio (a couple of songs specifically), Indian Ocean and Adele, The Velvet Underground, John Mayer, Lady Gaga, Jason Mraz, Train, David Guetta and Ne-yo!

What’s on your iPod right now 19 by Adele, and Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye


Your 5 favourite songs from South, Hindi and international All AR Rahman songs (absolutely love VTV); Eega and Ishq had good music; I loved the music in Cocktail and Ishaqzaade, and I also love the classics – ABBA, Guns n Roses, the Beatles, Cat Stevens and Neil Diamond.


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope


Rekha Your favourite night spots around the world It has to be Bangkok. Ah! What a colourful city…

Your favourite club/pub in South India F Bar in Hyderabad, most definitely

An interesting clubbing related incident involving you That happens all the time! Like, guys randomly picking the best lines to impress me and so on…

Favourite music Soft Rock

Favourite Indian and international artists Akon, Rihanna and all South singers

What’s on your iPod right now Kaakha Kaakha music and other Tamil movie songs

Your 5 favourite songs from South, Hindi and international I am what you could call a music freak; so sorry, I cannot rate the songs.

Aindritha R ay Your favourite night spots around the world Kho Pangan, Thailand

Your favourite club/pub in South India Club Cabana, Goa

An interesting clubbing related incident involving you (laughs uproariously) Mum’s the word on that!

Favourite music Electro House

Favourite Indian and international artists AR Rahman, Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren

What’s on your iPod right now Whistle by Florida

Your 5 favourite songs from South, Hindi and international Ooohh… That would be too many people!

September 2 0 1 2 | So u th s c o p e


Sanjjanaa Archana Your favourite night spots around the world Downtown New York city!

Favourite club/pub in South India I am not much of a night party animal anymore, but my favourite restaurant and bar would be Shiros and Sky Bar in Bengaluru.

One interesting clubbing related incident Many men make passes and persistently try and make eye contact. I stopped partying during December 2009. A funny incident was when I was dancing with cricketer Sreesanth and I was immediately linked with him as his girlfriend!

Favourite music Cannot really name; I would rather watch a movie and spend quality time with family.

Favourite Indian and international artists Progressive House in the evenings and love songs in the morning when I start my day.

What’s on your iPod right now


Songs by AR Rahman, Infected Mushroom, Pitbull

Your 5 favourite songs from South, Hindi and international Whoa! That would be too many names!


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope



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Photographer: Sunder Ramu, Styling: Vira Shah, Makeup & Hair Rachel B Singh, Location: Hilton Chennai


Bruna Abdullah Your favourite night spots around the world I’m not a party girl at all... But if you had asked me about the beaches around the world, I would definitely be able to help you with plenty of them!

Favourite club/pub in South India I really enjoyed going to Dublin in Chennai!

An interesting clubbing related incident involving you Hahahahahaha...Telling my friends all that they did the previous night, the morning after!

Your favourite music I absolutely love trance music and reggae!

Favourite Indian artists and International artists I’m a person of very eclectic tastes... So it’s going to be very hard to choose one!

What’s on your iPod right now Taylor Swift!

Your 5 favourite songs from South, Hindi and international That’s an impossible answer to give! With millions of songs, how can one choose just five!


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope


What do the September Skies portend for you? As September turns the corner, the alignment of the planets and stars portend an interesting turn of events. Read on as our Fortune Teller interprets the cards and hints at what is slated to happen!

Aries (March 21-April 19):

Taurus (April 20-May 20):

Gemini (May 21-June 20):

September ushers in a phase of solutions for the Arian. This month, Arian celebrities will find themselves in the cusp of mental strength,which will buttress intelligence and creativity.

September brings impatience for Taurean celebs like superstar Ajith. Any time, the flame of impatience can be lit, and that will make them want everything and now! Plan carefully, to handle responsibilities successfully.

With Jupiter, the ruler of the house of couples in Gemini, September will bring up events relevant to the couple life for Geminians like Anirudh Ravichander. There will also be plenty of activity on the work front.

Cancer (June 21-July 22):

Leo (July 23-August 22):

Virgo (August 23-September 22):

Predispositions of any kind will fall away, and eventually help you handle experiences better. September 2012 will be a good month for both status and profit for stars born under the Cancerian zodiac!

While in the limelight, many a Leo celeb like actor Suriya will find themselves spoiled with gifts and attention, and interesting events. You will find colleagues helping you.

This month, the Virgo actor will have a lot of strength and magnetism. This is a month for fame. Though things seem obscure initially, by the end of September, they are clearer.

September 2 0 1 2 | So u th s c o p e


Libra (September 23-October 22):

Scorpio (October 23-November 21):

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21):

The month will bring something new to the life of the Libran celeb in the long run. The wind of success will blow from longdistance collaborations and endeavours!

September will bring in success for Scorpio stars, as their significant other will be involved in their work. Relationships and personal charm will help you get noticed!

For Sagittarians like Superstar Rajinikanth, caution is advised in speaking to people, for you might have ‘friends’ sabotaging you secretly.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19):

Aquarius (January 20-February 18):

Pisces (February 19-March 20):

For Capricorn celebs like AR Rahman, analysis and introspection are in order. September brings in room for a lot of creativity!

For actors like STR, travel to foreign countries, faraway places, or a trip on an intellectual or spiritual preoccupation is likely! It is a dynamic month for Aquarian actors, as ambition, challenges and brave initiatives come up!

Piscean celebs will find their professional sphere crossing with the relational one: you might work with your partner – or involve yourself in your partner’s line of work. Sharing responsibilities might be a possibility!


S e p t e m b er 2012 | S outhscope

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Southscope Magazine September 2012 Issue Additional  
Southscope Magazine September 2012 Issue Additional  

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