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The Trinmaican experience


Somehow I can’t believe Another year has now passed. Time jus seems to be moving so fast. September 9th has come once again And I’ll never forget ‘bout you my special friend. See I know that today is your special day Since your special to me you know I must say.

Happy Birthday to You. Let it be a great day And well; just enjoy it in every single way!



Home is a place where I dream to be Home is a place far away from me Oh how do I wish that I was back home Instead of here: silent and alone So I close my eyes, and at nights I dream Of every minute detail, and every great scene And with each passing day, I count down by one. Till I am back home in my land full of fun


FRIENDS (dorm dinner remix)

Friends are who we live for. They help us rise above We’re here tonight to show our Bother, Sisterly love. For us being friends, I say thank you. And I hope that, you’ll always be. Because without relationships like these There may be no you nor me. So once more I must thank you And please lets all stay friends. And carry brother, sisterly bonds Right to the very end. 3

Paradise Volume II I sit here in solitude Under the night’s black sky. Everyone who passes me Seems to wonder why. But they won’t see what I do: A world peaceful and serene. Because everything that lies around us Seems just a bit of mean. So to this place of paradise I flee And here I find a better me Away from crime, violence and hate And my own little world here I create.


Your Picture from Since at nights you’re far fr om me, Your picture is all that I can see And this picture helps me ttoo sleep So in Dream World we’re sure to meet That pic of you carried me here Because it knows how much I care. I care for you with all my heart. That pic makes sure we’re not apart.


Can we meet My trip back here has been quite short And you I’m yet to see And in this week before I leave I hope we’ll make it be Because a good friend such as you I have to see, and that is true. You make my life as good as great And for four months I cannot wait. So please my dear, can we soon meet And let me see your face so sweet. 6

Goodnight Goodnight Dear Lord as we say Goodbye to another day A day that has proven to be Another great day to me Let’s hope tomorrow is better yet And be a day I won’t forget And as this new day will end this year I say thank you and shed a tear.


Happy New Year

3 6 5 days gone once again A new yr starts my loving friend I wish that you could have been with me To make 2008 be. But since we’re not, I lay in my bed And think about you in my head. Still I’d wish that you were here. But all the same: HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Goodbye again

Was here for a while but I’m gone again So I say goodbye my home island friends But I’ll soon be back ‘cuz we know time flies And you will then see me with your own eyes. So take care of yourself and I’ll see you in May And I’ll count down by one each and every day


You So I lay here in bed Sleep is what I try to do But I just cannot ‘cuz I’m thinking ‘bout you I’m thinking ‘bout when Will I next see you. I’m thinking ‘bout if These feelings are true So I close my eyes And it’s your face I see And I do this every night Till together we be 10

Sweet dreams

O Onnccee aaggaaiinn II bbiidd uu aa ggoooodd nniigghhtt A Ass tthhiiss ddaayy eennddss ffoorr m mee A Anndd ssw weeeett iiss hhoow w II hhooppee TThhaatt yyoouurr D Drreeaam mW Woorrlldd ttuurrnnss oouutt ttoo bbee SSoo bbyy tthhee ttiim mee tthhee ssuunn rriisseess TToo ssttaarrtt aannootthheerr ddaayy A A ggrreeaatt nniigghhttss sslleeeepp iiss w whhaatt II hhaadd iiss ssoom meetthhiinngg tthhaatt yyoouu ccoouulldd ssaayy.. SSoo m myy ddeeaarr aaggaaiinn II ssaayy ggooooddnniigghhtt aanndd ssw weeeett ddrreeaam mss ttoo yyoouu A Anndd oonnccee yyoouu ddoo II aassssuurree yyoouu tthhiiss.. II w wiillll hhaavvee ssw weeeett ddrreeaam mss ttoooo.. 11

Laughter Laughter, the cure for any sorrow Laughter, the thing that we all should know All those of you who are sad and depressed Think happy thoughts, and laugh like the rest And I promise you that laugher will heal Any type of pain, superficial or real So what I advise you to do Is laugh every day. And try to make the world In your chosen way.


My Many Faces The man of many faces is how I describe me I have so many faces; I don’t know which to be Some show strength some show fear Others seem far instead of near. All those who see me, See which face they must. In order for them, to give me their trust. But which do I see when I look at me? I just see all the faces that could possibly be.


The Best of ME vol VII  

7th volume in the best of me series

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