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In The Head of a Madman I sit now and write this

My head is in pain

With a lot of fear.

My eyes, they are red

That the great mind within

Of me, I lose control


As blood runs to my head.

Will soon not be there.

Don’t do it, stop it, TAKE IT

With greatness come flaws


That will soon destroy

Dear God! Please save me,

All the wonderful things

Let me die on this day!

Accomplished by this boy.

To all those who knew me

The greatest are mad

When my head was still

Is what they all say


And I think I join them

Thanks for being my friend

Here, on this day.

You gave me the light

Nothing now, seems to

To be as good as I can be


But now I’m a failure

Any sense to me

Not because I am lazy

What to do why to do

I’ve just lost my mind,

How to do, where to be.

And now I am crazy


THE HEAD AND THE HEART PART III I don’t know what to write; Everything has been said, When it comes to the fight, Between the heart and the head. Now they both sit there, Still not sure what went on. And each shed their own tear. Is love still there? Or gone? This might just be the end, When it comes to these two; Not sure if to a new friend, They can be the same loving and true. Only once in a lifetime One like this comes their way. The head says it’s a crime; While the heart sits and pray. They both sit, they think; & feel to cry; As love goes the other way. But little both wish that they’ll die, At the end of the next day. But until they day that they do die, They will never part. Instead go on and try AND TRY! So do: THE HEAD AND THE HEART


JUST TELL YOU No one knows what tomorrow will hold So I think it is time to let the truth unfold. You are lovely, beautiful, wonderful and sweet. And I’m glad that the two of us were able to meet. But from all the times we talked; There was something I’d hide. I have feelings for you, deep down, deep inside. If you figured it out, I really don’t know. But I thought I should come out and just tell you so. It did not exactly, happen right away. But from when we talked; Things we would each say. It made me feel that, There’s a strong bond between us. That, in times of need, it is you whom I trust. If you have feelings for me too Please come out and say. And we will form a bond, Right now, here, today


The man in the mirror Is almost out, he is glad But he does not meet the poet, He meets the man who is mad They both stare at each other Then walk around and around They both smile as they realize Their best friend has been found -Let us work together Says the man from the glass -We will destroy this poet! Kill his art style and class -Yes take him over;(says the mad one) Make them think he is me! And together this new team Will score their first victory. -There he is, He is he is writing; Not taking us on This is too easy; this stupid poet, Will soon be gone. The mad one is anxious, He wants to attack But the one from the mirror, Is holding him back. -Be smart you mad one. Let us make a plan -You’re right, let us make one. Thank you mirror man. They plan, and then they move. - Mr. Poet, Hello.

-Please wait my alter egos. Please don’t let this be. All three of us will die As you are parts of me. -Mirror man is this true? Is what the poet speaks fact? -OH Damn! I need to think. Madman, do not act. Yes my dear madman, We are one and the same -So put down the spike madman, This isn’t a game. -You think you are smart poet. Remember, I’m the mirror you. I’m not stupid, my friend. I know just what you do. We are all three personalities That live in this man. But he could live with only one of us. I know that he can. The mirror and the madman Who are both quite alike; They head to kill the poet, Each with their own spike. Just as they move forward, They’re sopped dead in their track. A bright light with a force Was holding them back. A beautiful lady Emerges from the light. Maybe it’s an angel In all-shining white. She faces the two men.

The poet jumps around. -Oh what? Didn’t you know? Yes, I am out, The mirror is no more. You really didn’t know? But, I was sure… Anyhow. No matter. You see I met the mad one? Oh yes we are great friends, And it’s been lots of fun

-The poet cannot die, For I will not let him, No matter how hard you try. -Who are you? Asked the mirror man -I feel this sensation -You see

-OH enough with the old talk Let’s do, what we came to. And kill this here poet! So nice sweet and true.

Said the lady.

-I Am Inspiration!


Forever or never You’re the girl with whom I want to be. Into your eyes I want to forever see. The first one in the morning, the last one at night. Dear angel please always be here, in my sight. When I see you, when I hear you, I feel to float away. And this feeling grows stronger With every passing day. This is how I feel, And please know that it is true. If together forever or never, Please know that I love you.


EVERY NIGHT Every night, When I lay my head down. I think of that girl, And try not to frown. For another day, Has come to an end; And she remains nothing, But a good friend. When I wish that we, Could have something more. Open and walk Though that long locked door And there we will see, One heart made form two. Joined only by love, So sweet strong and true. So I close my eyes now, All I could do is pray. That tomorrow this angel, Will finally come my way. 6

THE TALE OF A GREAT What achievements this man has accomplished Record he continues to break. Every time he is at the crease,

They say it’s the best innings, That would ever be.

Bowlers begin to quake. The prince, the king, the master

This young man need not wait long For more success.

Are some names this man goes by. When he is settled and on the go The opposition; they always cry. It was early 1990’s When we first saw his face;

Recreation Ground of Antigua, His high score he’ll surpass.

And from ball one he bat with talent, Class, style and grace. It was his first test century; Down under he made his name. And there it will stay forever; With Cricket, this lovely game. In his first century innings, The Aussies tried their best, But were constantly ball chasing, And seldom getting rest. For this man, He bat so well, As if he would never out. The Aussies, they would, with each other; Fuss, argue and shout. 150, 200, 250 he passed. Batting superbly, and scoring quite fast. This brilliant innings would not end so good. Gone via a run-out, the only way Aussies could. Short of a triple, By one plus two times eleven. Yes, The young great man made 277. Some say this was the innings To pass Sobers’ 365. So sad it had to end, In a desperate dive. For all those who were there, Or able to see;

For about a year later, He’d face the English’s Best.

Once again batting, With art style and class. He’ll get his first triple, And on he would go. His batting quite solid, Giving the fans a show. Soon all Caribbean officials, That they could muster in town, Found themselves seated In Antigua’s Recreational Ground. The Great man passed 350, The record was in sight. The current holder, Sobers. Was there waiting alright! Chris Lewis, The bowler; Quite short the ball looked. Easy for the great man; He went back, and hooked! If you blinked you’d have missed it. To the boundary in a flash. Just as fast the fans ran on the field; As if in a hundred metre dash. He had done it! He had passed it! The record he did claim. From his fellow West Indian; his Idle. In that there’s no shame. This achievement sent him to England.


Warwickshire he’ll play for. And just as in Test Cricket, The runs continued to pour. As usual, style and class being his thing. The Warwickshire crowd would cheer him; Dance laugh and sing. This innings would be of, A magnitude so great; There would be no doubt Cricket would be his destined fate. Highest first class score, Is the mark he would reach. 501 NOT OUT! Since then people preach, That the greatest he is, Again and again. And now He’ll be crowned, Prince of Port-Of-Spain. It is now at the time Where Windies start to fall. But not the great man, He stood out quite tall. As youth come into the side, They witness this man. They say there’s no way on earth They could do what he can. So give up they do, And on him they rely. But give up he does not. And continues to try. He succeeds at his own goals; The team mostly still lost. The critics would argue; It’s at the great man’s cost. Up to this day, the Windies, Continue this trend. Relying on the great man, Right down to the end.

The last of the great era, Retire and go. Now as the most experienced, The great man must show. Show from the front, For everyone to see. Yes he is the new skipper; He got the captaincy. Arguments arise that he should not lead. A different captain is what Windies need. He proves his critics wrong, When the Aussies they meet. The year: 1999; home soil under his feet. It was the last test, West Indies were one down. A Win is what they need For their fans not to frown. The great man will lose himself, And opt for a break. People said he was over, He would no longer make. But on his return, he proved critics wrong; By coming back stronger, and singing a new song. Still with grace style and flare, but now a soft touch An innings in South Africa, He didn’t get off that much. His first Ton against the Africans; Late in his career, quite true. So why stop at 100? Double up, Make it two! 208 was his score, The King he would soon be. He found out months before, The record went to an Aussie. Now in the months March/April The year 2004


The English come to the Caribbean For a tropical tour. The Master as skipper, he’d fear not so good. We lost the first three, Get runs; not he could. At Antigua Recreational Ground Some form he would find. The crowd he’ll astound, With a knock seet an kind. He would secure the title, As cricket’s King. The record he reclaim The first to do such a thing. More records to his name, Same opposition, same place; Nearly ten years later, A different look on his face. The shot would be a sweep to fine leg. To give him a single, for all those viewing to see. The most significant single in the history of test cricket. To give him a Quadruple Century! 400 NOT OUT when he said “No more!” From the 10th -12th of April in 2004. But we really can’t forget, When his true form came back It was when he got off Against Muri’s Spinning attack. It was really just About Two years before A few centuries and a double Is what he would score. In 2005 the Africans came, Sponsors cost him the captaincy Back he was for the 2nd game.

In even better form he would be. On his home ground 196 he made For his team, the foundation he laid. In the Match that followed this one 176 was his next score Ensuring that the viewing fans Were not left at a bore. September 2005, He’d meet up with the world’s best. To take on the Aussies In 3 One-days and a test. But we are sorry to say That he only scored so few And the Aussies beat the World XI. Believe be, it’s true. After the super series, Down under he’d stay To meet up with the Windies. And The Aussies they would play. Until the final game, It seemed it would not be Until, yes he did it! A Double century! He would end this day, A short of a few To break another record To him this was new. And the following morning He’d do it quite fast. This man is really A step above A-Class. Allan Border he would take it And gain even more Fame. The true King of Cricket Brian Lara is his name.



The purpose of this text is to, Tell you how much I love you. The love I have for you is so, Strong that it may never go. My body feels lighter that air, Every time that you get near. My heartbeats, they increase their pace; Every time I see your face. And when I hold you, and look into your eyes, I fell like I’m in Heaven and in that I tell no lies‌ 10

THE END Two years now completed Our different ways we must go But before we walk down different paths There’s something you aught to know The times we spent together Are some of the best I ever had. And to come out here and say this Makes me feel quite sad You all have made a difference To my life these past two years And before I continue saying this I must wipe my face from the tears When I first came here I thought that I would want to leave quite fast But now that time is almost up, I just want it to last. For I cherish every second together. You great classmates of mine And do not tell me This is the end of the line. Please let us stay in contact As long as can possibly be. Because I’ll be your friend forever more And you’ll always be one to me. 11

The Best of Me Vol. 3 By Stephen Spence  

My literery work 2006