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A tale by Stephen R. Spence


I look in the mirror. Who do I see? I see a strange person; someone else, not me He runs on hatred, his eyes are red. He is the madness within my head. I hide him there as long as I can He wants to get out, this mirror man. He lives on my hatred biding inside. What he does is collect it all; Everything I hide. I fear that one day, This mirror man will be free And release all the good and bad I hide within me. Friendships He’ll destroy, feuds he will start. So I weaken him by writing, With my poetic art.


In The Head of a Madman I sit now and write this

My eyes, they are red.

With a lot of fear.

Of me, I lose control;

That the great mind within

As blood runs to my head.

me, Will soon not be there. With greatness come flaws

Don’t do it, stop it, TAKE IT AWAY! Dear God! Please save me,

That will soon destroy, All the wonderful things,

Let me die on this day! To all those who knew me,

Accomplished by this boy. The greatest are mad,

When my head was still right. Thanks for being my friend,

Is what they all say. And I think I join them;

You gave me the light, To be as good as I can be.

Here, on this day. Nothing now, seems to

But now I’m a failure , Not because I am lazy


I’ve just lost my mind,

Any sense to me,

And now I am crazy.

What to do why to do, How to do, where to be. My head is in pain,


The man in the mirror Is almost out, he is glad But he does not meet the poet, He meets the man who is mad They both stare at each other Then walk around and around They both smile as they realize Their best friend has been found - Let us work together Says the man from the glass - We will destroy this poet! Kill his art style and class - Yes take him over;(says the mad one) Make them think he is me! And together this new team Will score their first victory. - There he is, He is he is writing; Not taking us on This is too easy; this stupid poet, Will soon be gone. The mad one is anxious, He wants to attack But the one from the mirror, Is holding him back. - Be smart you mad one. Let us make a plan - You’re right, let us make one. Thank you mirror man. They plan, and then they move. - Mr. Poet, Hello. The poet jumps around. -Oh what? Didn’t you know? Yes, I am out, The mirror is no more. You really didn’t know? But, I was sure… Anyhow. No matter. You see I met the mad one? Oh yes we are great friends, And it’s been lots of fun -OH enough with the old talk Let’s do what we came to. And kill this here poet! So nice sweet and true.

-Please wait my alter egos. Please don’t let this be. All three of us will die As you are parts of me. -Mirror man is this true? Is what the poet speaks fact? -OH Damn! I need to think. Madman, do not act. Yes my dear madman, We are one and the same -So put down the spike madman, This isn’t a game. -You think you are smart poet. Remember, I’m the mirror you. I’m not stupid, my friend. I know just what you do. We are all three personalities That live in this man. But he could survive with only one of us. I know that he can. The mirror and the madman Who are both quite alike; They head to kill the poet, Each with their own spike. Just as they move forward, They’re sopped dead in their track. A bright light with a force Was holding them back. A beautiful lady Emerges from the light. Maybe it’s an angel In all-shining white. She faces the two men. -The poet cannot die, For I will not let him, No matter how hard you try. -Who are you? Asked the mirror man -I feel this sensation -You see Said the lady. -I Am Inspiration!


The last time we were here Inspiration, she just came Spoiling the evil Mirror Man, In his moment of fame…


- Inspiration you say? But how can this be?

And once again With one bright light The mirror man Went out of sight. The man with the madness Was buried so deep. And there he would rest In an eternal sleep.

-Because the poet over there, Is in love with me. -HIS inspiration you say? Then you must also be mine. So please do not harm us, You’re so sweet cute and kind. -Mirror man, do not try that. Dumb, I am not! So you and that there Madman; Please rethink your plot. - I will leave Dear Inspiration But first, can I have a kiss For when I turn to walk away Your presence I would miss. -Stop with it Mirror Man! Your charm skills are poor. Now go! You and Madman! Walk straight through that door. -NEVER! (Shouted madman) The Poet must die! And in the grave I dug for him Is where he will lie! - Both Mirror and mad I gave you the choice, But now you force me to act! WHILE RAISING MY VOICE! FROM THE STRENGTH THIS POET GIVES ME MADMAN YOU’LL LIVE IN THAT GRAVE!

-My Dear inspiration, Thank you, Thanks so much! They then walked toward each other So that their lips would touch. -Inspiration, Please stay. Please be here with me… For without you I cannot, Eat, breathe, hear and see! She just stands there and looks at him. The poet stands now with fear Afraid his true love will leave him. From her eye comes a tear. For she knows what the poet thinks But she knows that it is true. -Poet, this world is so unfair… -Inspiration! I need you. Inspiration, she says nothing. From her eyes, rivers now flow. For she knows that it is that time. From this place she has to go. The poet, he stands frozen As Inspiration fades away. He sits, cries, and begins to hope They’ll become one someday… 4

- My sweet loving poet Why so sad do you be? -The girl I will give my life for, May never be with me. - Oh my dear sweet poet; I know just how you feel. Sometimes it makes you stop and think. Is this thing called love for real. - That’s all you ever say, You never tell me anymore. Encouragement please tell me, Who’s this man that you adore?

-My dear poet, one of these days… You’ll hear at the right time. When I can be sure to you. That his love is forever mine. So back to you dear poet Why does she make you feel so? - To tell you the truth Encouragement. I really do not know. You see, when I am with her, Everything goes all so well. And as time just went on and on More in love with her I fell.

- So romantic you are dear poet. Men like you these days are rare. They just want to be in relationships About love they do not care. - I know I am different Encouragement. And that’s partly due to you. You know exactly what you want, And know what you have to do. Me? I just sit here and write, Whatever is on my mind. I envy you Encouragement. - Poet you are too kind. Anyhow my dear Poet I have to go. I will see you around. And hope between you and Inspiration. That missing bond is found. The poet smiles and waves goodbye. As Encouragement departs. But a new problem has just arisen. The poet now loves two hearts. - Encouragement is so smart and brilliant. That’s why she encourages me. But inspiration is like this angel, And with her I want to be. What happens next with this poor poet? You’ll have to stay tuned to know. In love with two hearts, only one he can get. To which one will he go?


-Why oh why must my heart be confused? Why oh why between these girls I must choose? The poet sits and begins to write About his love life so upset, Still, he wouldn’t be who he is today If one of them, he never met. - Inspiration and Encouragement, Two girls both sweet and smart Two girls of whom helped me create My skilful poetic art. On and on he continues to write About his tale so blue. - Inspiration, please be my wife Encouragement I love you. -So this is the problem you face my friend A problem so demanding. -Talking to you really does help. -That’s why I’m Understanding. Now, you told me about Inspiration before, But who does Encouragement be? - She is someone like you in a way. But her I more frequently see. When I need someone to talk to right away, She is always there. Understanding, this is why I think That life is so unfair. She knows all about Inspiration But about her love I know not. I don’t want to pressure her to tell me, And put her on the spot. But Understanding, this thing she hides,

I’m bothered by it you see. I’m not sure whether or not The man that she loves is me. Understanding stops to think for a while Before she responds to him. This poor girl has no ideas, The light above her head is dim. - Poet my friend I know not what to say; But boy, I feel your stress, - I know of love Inspiration more, But I also see her less. - But in deep in your heart, What does your true love mean? Is it something that connects deep inside? Or must their face be seen? The poet just smiles And gives out a little laugh. As the time they have been speaking, Is now an hour plus half. - So what about our mutual friend? When last of her you see? - To tell you the truth, I really don’t know But it was her who created ME! An eternity ago is what it seemed like. In fact just over a year. I tell you when people saw us together They called us the perfect pair. But only friends we were And friends are That’s how this one will stay To tell you the truth the last time I saw her, Was two weeks before today…


- My sweet and loving poet Is that you behind the glass? Mirror Man thinks before he speaks To this girl who is walking pass. - Yes my dear Encouragement It is me that you see here. Says the evil mirror man With a big mischievous glare. Because he guessed the name, And correct he was Of the girl on the other side. - Can you break the glass and get me out and to my home give me a ride?

There’s something I have to tell you Encouragement, my sweet friend. In my arms I want you to stay Until the very end. - Poet do you mean it? I always knew it was true - Yes it is fact Encouragement I’m deeply in love with you. The thought runs through the mind of Mirror Man. His plan has started well The sweet and innocent Encouragement, Is under Mirror Man’s spell!

- But how did you get behind this glass? Inside the mirror I mean.

- I have an idea my new found love To your home let us go. And you’ll find out how much I really love you by sunrise tomorrow...

- It was my loving Inspiration She has a side that cannot be seen. An evil side a dreadful side that runs only on hate. I feel betrayed, I feel quite sad my heart has a pain so great.

Later that night, mirror man lays awake In Encouragement’s bed. Next to him, she’s fast asleep. So he plays up with her head.

- Oh poor poet let me help you. As tears runs from her eyes She gets a rod, and hits the glass To break it, is what she tries. And that she does and lets him out Mirror Man is once again free. He holds her in his hand and embraces her. - Thank you for helping me.

- At dawn tomorrow head into battle you Must. A battle that must be won. For breaking your sweet poet’s heart. You must kill Inspiration! So what will unfold from mirror man’s plot? We’ll have to wait and see. If Inspiration will find her end through a close friend. And mirror will have one victory. 7

- It is time, awake my love Says the evil mirror man, Using the innocent Encouragement To carry out his plan. A short while later, At Inspiration’s home, Encouragement will arrive - Inspiration, At the end of this day; Only one will be alive! - Who are you? And what do you mean? Says Inspiration while dodging a blow. - You destroyed the life of my all time Love! While her fists she continues to throw. - What? Who do you mean? Who do you speak of? - The Poet! Damn it! Don’t play with me! You broke his heart, Now destroy you, I will. So your evil will no longer be. Now not too far away, The Poet, he feels; That something has gone Terribly wrong. He heads directly For the home of Inspiration; Dragging Understanding And their friend along…

Now Inspiration has resisted for quite a long time She can no longer stand the attack. So using the power that she has stored up. She decided she just had to fight back. Now Encouragement was using brute force before. But her true strength she decided to show. And with the clash of these two emotional beings. They each began to glow. Now soon the poet and friends will arrive, To try to break up this fight. But nothing can be seen by any of them. Because the forces made a blinding light. - Encouragement Inspiration, please stop What you. You will destroy us all! Then there was a big explosion. And to the ground all of them would fall. Slowly, but steadily, they begin to move. And pick themselves up off the floor. All now weak and quite bruised; They force their eyes round To see who just walked through the door. The poet tries to get to his feet to fight But back to the ground he will fall Smiling and smirking with an evil face. The Mirror Man was behind it all! 8

- Well, well, well. What do we have Here? All weak from that thing we call love. Emotions make man weak! That’s why you all lay there, AND I, STAND HERE UP ABOVE!

- Madman will return! Can’t you see?

- The poet turns to Encouragement, Why!? How could you do this?!!

One running on pure hatred. Never ever before seen. One that no one knew he had.

She just stands up quite slowly Moves the Mirror Man. And on his cheek she gives him a kiss. - She’s under my spell and cannot hear You. But she now knows that you; I am not. Yes my dear Mirror Man’s who I am. And to her heart he fires a shot. - No! Shouts the poet as he rushes to her, And puts his hands under her head.

But it was too late, The madness was now in control. But not same old time mad.

The rage, it built, his eyes turned red. And in to flames he burst. He turned towards the Mirror Man. Running though their minds: Things could then only get worse. Understanding was there holding Inspiration back. So her life would not also end. Still sitting on the floor not daring to Move. Was the Poet an Understanding’s friend. - What have I done!?

- Sweet you are Poet, I will always love You. Then nothing. Encouragement was dead. Then from inside of the poet, A power he knew not he had. Is forcing itself out. -YES!! BRING OUT THE MAD! - No Poet! Don’t! Do you not love me? She tries talk to him to get him back calm.

Screamed the mirror man. While trying to run away. But it was too late He met his fate before another word he could say. Now still full of rage he turned around To face the three girls that lay on the Floor. Will he hurt them? Because deep down inside; Those three girls he’ll always Adore… 9

- No poet please listen it is me, Your true love, Your better half. Your Inspiration! To them he still moves - Poet listen to my words. Inside of me I carry your son! But those words don’t stop him He Slowly proceeds until Our unknown friend jumps up to her feet. - Poet Stop! This must end. His flame slowly goes out. They feel cool as there now with less heat. The poet was not back, Rage was still in control. While this girl she continued to try. Still lying on the floor being helped by Understanding, Inspiration began to cry. - Look at me my poet. Believe in me you must! I am the reason you became the poet! It is me, your all-time Trust! Poet I know that you‘re inside and my Voice you can hear. Now, JUST LISTEN TO ME! Don’t let death get too near. The poet stands in a single spot.

As if not able to move. The one call Trust puts a hand on him. Her care she begins to prove. Slowly Inspiration, and understanding. Also gives Poet a hand. And the three girls who all care about this man. Shows him why he is on this land. The rage soon will go. Bringing back the poet and ending this terrible page. But by showing him Inspiration, Understanding and trust. The three girls begin to age. - I must thank the three of you For all that you done. You risked your lives for me. Now there is one more task That I must do. And after this I would no longer be. He walks over to Encouragement’s Body. And Puts a Hand on her wounded heart. - Back to life I will bring you my dear. With my poetic art. For it is my fault you fell in mirror Man’s trap. And bad things it caused me to do. So rise up now. (He faced all the girls) The truth is I love all of you. But a poet’s love can’t be spread Among four. It must be only for only one. My beloved Understanding, 10

Encouragement, Trust, and of course, My Inspiration. The truth is now clear I do know it all Inspiration, you carry no child But Encouragement, you on the other Hand make sure yours does not end up wild. Because he is half encouragement. But Mirror Man he is half also. So together as good friends. Take care of this child. And the good side please let him know. Take care of each other as good Friends of mine; And please never forget. All the special times that we had Together. And remember me, The Great Poet. The poet ascended and disappeared to The clouds. The four girls all began to cry. The poet will no longer be seen By his great friends And they all looked up to the sky. With the death of the poet this story must end. But with a birth a new will begin. So return to this place exactly nine months from now. For the second Chronicle from within.


Chronicles From Within  

part 1 of a 3 part poem series

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