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The final tale by Stephen R. Spence

Trust, Understanding and Encouragement all gone. Life for miracle will now truly begin. As on the day that he’s about to leave home, We start the third Chronicle from within. - Son; Please stay a bit longer Belief sits and pleads As her son stands in the doorway. She just cannot accept the fact; That her son leaves home on this day. Her eyes turn red and get puffy; As water begins to fall out. Miracle returns to her side then says: - Mother, there’s no need to pout. For you have done a great job, At raising me You created The Poet the Third

So mother dear, I say again There is no need to grieve. Instead of that, I need one thing For you to just Believe. Miracle takes a cloth To his mother’s eyes And wipes away all her tears. A gesture of approval From his father. Is what young Miracle hears. Once again he gets up, Walks through the door And gives his final goodbyes. As he turns the corner, he goes out of sight, Belief, she once again cries. So Miracle ventures Out on his own. To see what he can make himself be. He knows not his path, We know it too well What he becomes, We must wait to see

When I reach the top, I will thank You first With that I give you my word.


Miracle has travelled for quite some time, Three weeks I think it has been And since that day when he left his home Another living person he has not seen. He stops for the night and sets up camp For even miracles can to with a rest. He will need it too; As in the near future He faces his ultimate test. He goes in his bag, takes out a mirror, And smiles at the refection he sees. This thing gives him strength to get back on his feet When he feels to just drop to his knees He continues to do this As the weeks go by As so; to not lose his mind and by doing this; from within the mirror a new friend he begins to find.

So in times of need and to avoid insanity; To The mirror is where Miracle goes. The conversations increase In length with each passing day He’s avoiding what we know as Mad But what he’s becoming will delight and old foe. The late Mirror man will feel proud and glad. He looks in the mirror and begins to talk: -it’s been six months now, just me and you. Tell me oh mirror, I need your word, go or stay? What should we do? He puts down the mirror looks at the date In this month the day is the fourth. -

My dear miracle My advice is to continue heading to the North


Who said that? Come out! In open sight Bring out your face so I can see!


Just pick up the mirror And take a look


My God! How on earth can this be?

A month and a half, two then three more pass. The Mirror’s the only person he knows.


When we last left, Our young miracle, He had just heard an unknown voice,

There’s no one for that So what do you do? Well if you’re advice; You’ll already know!

Which in all truth and fact, Came from the mirror Answering his question of Choice.

She gathers the things and packs up her bag. And heads out as fast as she can.

He said to head north` And young miracle Just followed what the voice said.

For she’s the only living soul Who knows what to do. To cure miracle from the mirror man.

For miracle And mirror the 2nd Both now occupied the same head.

Meanwhile Miracle finds himself in a state. Where the mirror is now in control.

As he becomes A son of the glass The world itself would take a turn for the worst.

- Mirror the 2nd is what I go by. To conquer is my ultimate goal.

And back in the house Next to the lagoon; It was Advice who felt it first. -Something’s not right (She said to herself) A terrible wrath I now feel… And what she does now may decide it all. The world’s fate she may well seal. Now when you’re advice; who do you seek to guide you where you need to go?

Yes, my father; the 1st mirror man; To me his end was a shame For the power he had, ended his life, And tarnished the Mirror World’s name. But have no fear great Mirror World For I’m the one running the show. And to find my queen and take over This world is where I now have to go. So Mirror junior continued to head north To find the one that he calls his queen. But please don’t go far, because he’s almost there. Then all the unknown will be seen. 3

With the knowledge That time was not on her side. Advice moved as fast as light.

And it’s the body of the one who Carries your father’s name That this new mirror now controls

To find the only person In the world who could Possibly make everything right.

Yes my dear, You and only you Can save this one or can’t you see?

In the depths of the ice, right down in the south. A small house rests silent and alone.

For he has no one Hence he was never Given that Opportunity.

Inside this hose there’s just one small room. And a young girl calls this her home.

Opportunity Slowly turns around And looks Advice in the face:

- Great Lady Advice, what brings you here? So far down to the South Pole?

- I knew that the time would Eventually come when I will have to Leave the place…

- My dear I am sorry; you must come right away, with you holds the faith of this world.

So together they leave To head back up north To try to save the soul

For something so bad, has risen again, and twice as worse as before. And only the one, who holds the poet’s blood, Can beat him and that is for sure. And hurry we must because I also sense, he is heading to find the one Who he calls his mate and together control how this lovely world should be run.

Of young miracle From mirror second And in so save the entire world. But would they reach in time Is what we must ask For his mate mirror’s nearly found And if this becomes so Then life as we know Will totally be turned around.

yes it is who you think, and you also know, what power it is that she holds. 4

As mirror the second Approaches his designation, An accomplished feeling is what this man feels. Because his love is quite near And mirror’s true power This girl most surely reveals. Now to reach this girl, A frozen lake he must pass The frozen surfaced polished so shiny. Lake of Reflection It what it is called, There’s nothing else it can possibly be. Now when mirror the second Starts to cross this lake Power seems to enter his veins For no doubt his true love Is almost in his grasp, Mere seconds are all that remains. He knocks on the door Of the huge mansion That’s on the other side of the lake. The door of the mansion Slowly creeps open The house itself sort of seems awake. He heads up the huge Reflective staircase. This lay in the middle of the entrance hall.

Now he continues to walk Until he meets the last door And opens it as slowly as he can For what lies on the next side Will most surely let out All the power of this mirror man. - I’ve been waiting for you, The true mirror bloodline Has finally found its destiny. So my true love Please walk over here And make what is meant to be; be. - Oh yes my love, So long it has been The total is way, way too high. So my dear Vanity, Please join up with me And make this Poet finally die! Vanity walked over to meet mirror junior They both held each other’s hand. It all seemed so simple, with no flaws at all; exactly as the mirror had planned. But the power that these two would now possess Much more that they thought it would be. Will this lead to the end of the poetic art? We will just have to wait and see. 5

As Mirror and Vanity left the reflective house And began to cross the lake What they would see would give them a shock, and make their senses awake. - Old woman Advice what brings you up north? Are you here to try to stop me? And you brought a friend Who is this young girl? Bring her closer! Please let me see But as Mirror the 2nd saw this girls face, a 6th sense also seem to kick in. He could sense it, he could feel it He knew it for sure. This girl was the Poet’s kin. - This… This cannot be Advice what magic is this? The Poet’s bloodline is no more! - Can you prove that young mirror? Were you around all the time? Can you be 100% sure? You see my young friend The Poet knew That this day would someday be here. Long before your father, Mad or even inspiration. The great Poet would begin to prepare.

Yes there was a girl, Called sincerity Who died soon after she gave birth.

And only a few People would have known There was a second Poet n this earth. A beautiful girl Who made the sun shine. Only one name was mentioned to me. The only living Descendant of Poet. Would be known to us as Poetry Yes poetry lived A very secluded life Away from all fortune and fame. In fact she never told anyone That Poetry was her real name. Loyalty is what This girl would call herself And be known as for her entire life Until she met a man Called Responsibility Who wanted to make her his wife. He would learn the truth And was honoured by it. He in no way felt any bit bad. They lived out their life far away from us all. And one daughter this couple had. From the day she was born She’s been preparing Because she knew that your would once again be. The Last living bloodline of The Poet himself.Mirror, Meet Opportunity


Mirror Junior Now quite angry Can’t believe what was just said. The young man In Miracle’s body Screams in pain as he grasps his head. - No! Now is my time We both buried you I myself made sure you’d die And you’re almost dead, So give up my old friend And do not even attempt to try. And so Mirror goes Conversing with himself. Preventing a voice from coming out. But even though Mirror still controlled the head He lost control of the mouth. - My dear Mirror friend, You have had your turn, I beg you please don’t be all that sad. Let me see for myself That Poet’s blood still flows strong Come on, just let out the MAD! Miracle’s body Soon fell to the ground And twisted and rolled all about. Both Mirror and Mad Argued with each other In turns you could hear them talk out.

Until something happened, One was now in control. The body stood up to his feet. - Opportunity was it? Mad the 2nd I am. I’m glad we are able to meet. - No (shouted Vanity) What have you done! Please! Bring back my Mirror Man! - Oh my dear, So sweet Vanity I only wish that I can But if I do that, I will have to go I have shares also in my name. And one had to go But I did not want to. I’m sorry that is just the game. Vanity, who could not stand this Grabbed Madman by the arm And pull as to get mirror back. On seeing this Opportunity did the same For knowledge is something she did not lack. So both of them pulled on either hand of this man; Something happened that would be easier to see What was once one man with a confused head now had somehow become three.


Miracle while he was still unaware. On the left lay Vanity With one man next to her The mirror is who he will be In the middle, the Mad The right, opportunity Next to her; Miracle made men total three. Advice looked on Very shocked she would be A thing like this never happened before What caused this? She had no clue What would result? She could not be sure. Each slowly got up And stood to their feet Quite confused they all seemed to be. -This is entirely your fault! You now made things worse Prepare to die Opportunity! And with those words, Vanity made her charge Opportunity was now in a war. This now caused A chain reaction And into battle went the other four. Mirror the second Quickly tried to attack

The Mad on the other hand; Was quickly spotted by advice

Who gave him with one very harsh glare. Now battle each would with their own foe until there was no more daylight. And on they will go until it returned if death did not come in to sight. Now believe it or not; aware of it all were Belief and Ability. They found themselves there to help their son and to form a hero unity. But on arriving, without even a chance Ability received a fatal blow... The battle would go on As if nothing had changed But were now down by one hero.

On and on the battle would go until it finally formed a war The world itself became split two ways And it went on for three years or more‌


Five years later the once great poet world Has now become a waste land. For the mirror and mad, fight the poet’s love for the power in Opportunity’s Hand.

So our young friend would disappear on this night. Leaving miracle nothing but a note, Saying she has gone, to bring an end to this war, With her blood, this letter was wrote.

Now in all this time, Belief, she has gone, advice appears when need be. But a new friend has come Perseverance, her name A good friend of Opportunity.

Miracle my sweet love I’ve gone to end this war, For it has gone on for too long. For the poet’s blood, that runs though my veins Has grown ever so more strong.


Now on the eve of Poet’s 75 year An aged advice would now show her face. Coming to see Opportunity To tell her how to bring peace to this place. - The Poet’s pure blood runs deep through your viens My dear, you hold the one key. To end the madness and the evil… It is your responsibility. Advice need not say more. For this girl, she knew She has known it right from the start. For the key that she seeks, She’s had it all along, it lies deep inside of her heart.

Miracle would awake, to find this note. And instantly decided they must fight. And the Mad Mirror war would come to an end by the end of the next day’s night. And the war went on, lots of lives will be lost. Much more now than in the last 5 years. And in the heart of opportunity she could feel the poet’s land tears… The war came right back to where it begun the faces left were the ones that we knew Miracle Mirror Mad, Vanity Perseverance, Advice were the few.


Now the poet’s last blood was not at the war’s end, she was far away from it all. She would use her talent and the words she possessed to send out a friendly call… For the Poet’s one child had remained hidden. Because she could do something great. Something the mirror world could never find out , Yes this would be her true fate. So with the heart of the poet so strong and with a pen in her hand. She took out a piece of a magical paper. And begun a poem so grand.

Back where the war was down to the six, 2 two on one fights were on the go Miracle, he took on Both mirror and mad And was he putting on a great show. Advice old but strong along with perseverance Vanity would be their fight.

Then advice disappeared, and left the two young ones, for she knew the time was almost right. For an hour or two the battle would go, all weak, bruised, and even slightly worn. But none of them that this was the end as an old story would be reborn. - STOP )shouted Opportunity appearing from no where) Mirror and mad, what you want is nothing but me. The Mirror he just smiled for he knew that this is what would bring him his great victory. Miracle looked in awe as opportunity began, her walk to what looked like her end. This would be it, for his greatest love his heart, and his greatest friend. She walked over to him Miracle my love, this is what I was born for. To save the land, give up my life, and end this long-time war. But have no fear 10

For you will love again. Perseverance, yes she admires you And believe me when I say You’ll love her just the same, as you have hearts so pure and true. She gave him one last kiss And whispered in his ear. -I beg you, never forget. The love that we shared And remember me, The granddaughter of the great poet.

She walked over to mirror He pulled out his blade. And asked her if she was ready. She nodded her head, - Then poet’s blood. FULFILL YOR DISTINY!!! And with those words, Mirror took the blade, and pieced Opportunity’s heart -Now that! My friends, is now the true end of the bloodline, the true poetic art.!!! But just before Opportunity died The magic paper is what she took out. Gave it to the mirror and finally said This is what my destiny was about. My life has been a secret For the power that I hold Can be so very magical

And change the entire world. The Poet is my grandfather. He created mirror and mad. Because his emotions confused him so much. He was never, happy loved or even sad. He just lived with hope so strong in his heart For someone to make him feel whole And this is where mirror and the mad began to take out their toll. So I, the granddaughter of Poet so great I feel your pain, and I know your fate. I here now sacrifice my life to bring you back with who you wish was your wife. To end the war that came to this land By giving my blood to the Mirror man. So revive my loving grandfather You and your love one. Please end all this madness. Both you and Inspiration.

The look on Mirror’s face Was one of sheer shock For he just resurrected his foe The one called Mad Was now screaming so loud It seemed his face was about to blow. 11

So their wants you can give. Then down from the sky They came hand in hand The ones that began it all. The poet himself Bright strong and fearless. Inspiration also stood quite tall. - Yes I am back (Said the poet) It all ends tonight My old friend. - No you are wrong! (The mirror would reply) You have come to meet your second end My father was foolish, for I know what gives you that Power so great It is that of love Which I also have… Vanity will help seal my fate - Wrong again Young mirror, for it’s not only love that makes a great person be. There must also be trust, Belief in each other, Understanding are just the first three.

They inspire you, They make you And it’s for them that you live

But I can say with ease To you young mirror That that girl there has not your heart That belongs to your dream To have it all. Greed and Power, yes that is your art.

So just as in times before, Poet would once again bring peace. To this world that we know today The power of true love in mirror’s sight made him take his own life away. The one known as mad was never truly there, just an extension Of mirror raw hate So when mirror took his life The mad also went That’s how he would meet his fate. Vanity shoe would flee back to where she came from. Without a mirror she is quite powerless. And so would end these woeful times No more war, no more pain, no more stress…

You will sacrifice your wants 12

The poet turned to face miracle Then said - This world now belongs to you You have proven to all who were there at your side Your heart is one that is purely true. And now as their leader you will guide them To build a place beautiful and new. And have no fear of the mirror or mad t hey has left you an then met their end. Opportunity did what she was born to do, but she made sure to leave you a friend. Perseverance will make a great queen at your side, Don’t do what I always failed to. Let your love be known from the start, Now there is something, that for years I’ve been wanting to do. The poet faces the one that made his world be, it made you be you, and made me be me. Inspiration, (he said)

It has been way to long, and a fool is what I have been. Fate stopped my heart from giving itself to you. I say fate can be so mean. I don’t care anymore, our time here’s long gone. Inspiration, there’s no other for me. I love you now I loved you then, I’ll love u forever can’t you see. It’s because all this feeling remained inside me, That millions are dead today, So I no longer care what you reply, Those words I just had to say. Without saying a word rivers once more flow, And from that moment on, poet will know. With his heart satisfied and nor more words left to say. Poet and inspiration fade away. Are they together? Or was it not meant to be? Well when you reach paradise, then you will see… So no more war, no pet and no loves worries left A new world will now begin, But I’m sorry to say this is where we will end The final chronicle from within. 13


3rd Chrinicle from Within  

part 3 of a 3 part pem series

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