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Sharon Carole | SRQ Magazine: Strong Women of the Region, October 2022



I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR WHO OWNS multiple businesses and properties in Sarasota. I co-created The Realm Restaurant Group with my partner, Chef Christopher Covelli, and together we own and operate Sage Restaurant and Bijou Garden Café. I am known for saving old buildings and turning them into fine dining establishments. I’ve renovated and redesigned the Sage and Bijou buildings, and I am currently working on restoring two other locations to bring more restaurants and venues to Sarasota. I am an outspoken ally to the LGBTQ+ community, and a founding member of Project Pride SRQ, as well as a board member of Equality Florida and a recipient of the 2021 Voice for Equality award.

Life is a rollercoaster; for every down, there's an up so just hang on and enjoy the ride.

I love improving things. When I see something wrong or neglected I want to make it right. When I bought Sage and Bijou my goal was to preserve the buildings, but once I got inside I realized that with a little work I could make them so much nicer. I do a lot with the LGBTQ+ community because I feel like this is another area where I can help to make a difference and maybe make the world a little better. I've witnessed a lot of injustice and inequality. As a child, I was raised around prejudice and misogyny which not only led me to become a voice for equality but also motivated me to create a world where I could freely express myself. MY SECRET SAUCE Follow my passion. If I don't love what I'm doing then I'm not on the right path. Every day I am thankful for my beautiful children, supportive friends, and this incredible life I'm living. YOUR OUTLOOK IN SIX WORDS. Be kind; have fun; be grateful.

THE REALM RESTAURANT GROUP 129 N.Pineapple Ave., Sarasota FL 34236 941-667-6677 | RealmRestaurants.com