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Parenting with Confidence

Children and chores

Ionce was told, “Life can be long, and it can be hard.” Some people think they need to toughen their children up. However, truly we don’t need to do that. Loving them, validating them, supporting them and staying in their corners builds strength, security, love and raises children whose needs are met. 

When we raise children, it is very important for children to also have structure. You see kids actually thrive in routine. Even at an early age, whenever we add in the routine of them helping with chores that are ageappropriate, they start to thrive in their role as a family member and individual. Having roles and responsibilities helps to give us purpose and respect for the things we have, and it allows us to develop a good work ethic at a young age. 

By being responsible at a young age, children will learn different life tasks, critical thinking, and build more confidence through doing chores and giving a helping hand.

It is our job to teach and love our children to be the best versions of themselves. 

It is a disservice to our children if we give them no responsibilities and chores. 

The youngest of children, at even 4 years old, can help make their bed with you, set out napkins and some silverware for dinner, and help clean up toys.

Make sure you make chores fun, age-appropriate, and safe. If you get excited about doing these things, your kids will mimic you as well. If they hear you dread cleaning or feel that energy that chores are just awful to do, by Quoida they are also going to think that they should be avoided.  Lauzon At first, you will notice yourself having to redirect them to get back on task. This is especially true if they were not shown enough times the proper way or if it’s not a daily or weekly routine and schedule yet. You have to make sure you set them up for success! They will also have to be redirected and assisted. If it’s not an age appropriate task, they will be overwhelmed or overstimulated by the mess, so it is important to keep expectations realistic but also consistent. 

Children thrive on routine. For example, if your child knows they put their laundry in the hamper every night for bath time it will become a habit and second nature.

Quoida Lauzon is a Capital District mom and a Registered Nurse who specializes in maternal and infant health, breastfeeding and childbirth education. She teaches classes and coaches new mothers in their pregnancy and “fourth trimester” journey and believes women should thrive, not just survive, motherhood. Connect with her on social media @ nurse.q.lauzon or visit nurseq.com.

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