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Silly and smart summer reads

‘The Giggles Are Coming’

Two best friends are so excited to go back to school. They’re in the same class, their classroom is full of art supplies, and they’ve even made a new friend. Just as the teacher introduces herself, the GIGGLES show up! What will their teacher think if they can’t avoid laughing in the middle of her first lesson? Dial Books

‘My Voice Is a Trumpet’

From rising country star Jimmie Allen comes a lyrical celebration of the many types of voices that can effect change. From voices tall as a tree, to voices small as a bee, all it takes is confidence and a belief in the goodness of others to change the world. Flamingo

‘Are You a Cheeseburger?’

Grub is a lonely racoon. Rumbling in the trash. Looking for food. Seed is, well, a seed! Patiently waiting in the trash. Hoping someone will plant it. When the two finally meet, a hilarious friendship follows as they learn more about each other and the pressure that comes with fulfilling expectations. Katherine Tegen Books


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