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Planning to invest in Poland? There are seven things you need to know

Ecovis Legal Poland has assisted more than 50 Finnish companies in starting to conduct business in Poland. Based on their 20 years of experience, the law firm shared with Spondeo seven guidelines to follow before expanding to Poland.

Seven tips for your investment in Poland:

• Be aware! Seek competent and trusted Polish legal and tax advice and professional assistance. This will save you time and effort. The Polish legislation and practical approach to regulations is very different than in Finland and you might be surprised.

• Be smart! Think about the legal and tax framework in advance. It is not so easy to change a system once it has been put in place.

• Be patient! Sometimes simple matters take a lot of time to solve and require some extra effort. In Poland, there are many governmental reporting and compliance systems and they are not all connected - you need to get used to this.

• Be open! Ask questions and share plans. It is harder to provide tailor-made advice without an open approach.

• Be organized! Think about what you want from your Polish entity and how to make it happen under Polish company law. What works in Finland, might not necessarily work in Poland when it comes to corporate governance.

• Be bold! There are plenty of opportunities to make good acquisitions in Poland as the first generation of owners in SMEs starts to retire. Instead of organic growth, consider skyrocketing your business through an acquisition in Poland.

• Be careful! Tax compliance is a serious matter. You should not be late with reporting duties and you have to follow required compliance principles.

ECOVIS is a global consulting firm with its origins in Continental Europe. It hires almost 9,300 people in more than 80 countries. Its consulting focus and core competencies lie in the areas of tax consultation, accounting, auditing, legal advice as well as M&A deals. In recent years, Ecovis Legal Poland has worked on various multi-million-zloty Finnish investments involving production activities as well as mergers and acquisitions.

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