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Three by Two In the darkest of times in the blackest of summers when the leaves are dead and the people have run away from churches towards bars away from bars their temples to their homes their hell changing a religion Five o’clock in the morning hearing bells and hearing knees touching mats and chanting praise while one screams and runs from domes that are airtight paper thin run WEST BOY! RUN west… find the temples in Utah or at least try hard do your best conflictions rip and hypocrisy tears all known from your mind not here. No. Not here. here they the worshipers they two three three by two two Eastern

three Western religions broken apart into many sects by schisms and by insects with power that is given but cannot be taken away who decides? the PhD there? or Bob, or Suzy Lee, or even… no…not now… the problem is the PhD doesn’t believe. So there’s Bob, a bomb gracing his palm outside buildings throwing nitrous gas and laughing breaks out among the crowd as pro-choice is dead vive la revolution that’s what Mohandas Gandhi said wake up controlled by castes hierarchical waste of the past outdated, overextended till human decency had been only to us obscenely offended but our tempers are short and Buddha’s guns are quick.

Three by Two  

My views on religion via free verse

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