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Paul Emory   Computer  Drawing   Project  2   Project  Statement     The Project Statement 1. Background I wanted to do this illustration on my daughter. I figured I could use this picture to create an illustration I could use as an add to “get your children outside”. I like the way I think it wll turn out but I may and try and do a different illustration aswell thatʼs not so much little details. 2. Target Audiences If I stay with my current image my audience will be everyone. This illustration would be good for people of all ages. 3. Objectives Its always good to get outside for anyone and everyone, we all need fresh air and exercise. A lot of people get to busy or to into bad habits to enjoy good weather. 4. Obstacles I think a possible obstacle is people fully understanding what the illustration represents. 5. Key Benefit There are a lot of benefits of good health and happiness which we can all gain from getting outside. I think we all need a reminder at times. 6. Support Statements/ Reasons Why This illustration is a constant reminder that we all need vitamin D, fresh air, relaxation and or exercise. 7. Tone I want this illustration to be an advertisement that sticks with people, itʼs a cute little girl and cute dog enjoying a walk. 8. Media

Digital, Print  

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type project critique  

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