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JANUARY 27TH, 2012



SPARTECHS..... By: Jake Barrett The hot-topic of the school year is the ongoing debate about laptops. Many people are opposed to the idea, but just as many anticipate the arrival of the new technology of next year. I count myself among those who anticipate the laptop system of next year. The exact model we are getting is the Lenovo ThinkPad X220. It weighs 3.3 pounds, has a 9.2 hour battery, and a 12.5 inch display. It will be preloaded with Windows 7 and Dyknow. The laptop will have a swivel monitor, spill-resistant keyboard, 720p webcam, microphone, and speakers. Cases must be provided by the

Tommy Lasorda & a youthful Coach Fiegel It is indeed quite wasteful to have two laptops. This is one problem that is unavoidable, though.

student unless a case is purchased from the On the bright side, everyone will have a laptop for school and school. Since many people you ask say that there are tons of downsides, I will start with the reasons why it is a bad thing to get the

recreational use. You can install anything you want (games, music, movies, pictures, etc) onto your laptop, as long as it is legally attained. Never will you need to worry about a dead battery with the many outlets that are being planned to implement. You will always have a back-up computer ready for your use while your

laptops. First off, with anything of technology, is cost. Tuitions will go up

unit is being fixed. Also, during the summer, you are allowed to

(though it is unknown at the moment by

least, many students worry that their activity will be monitored

how much.) for everyone fifth through twelfth grade. With the money we could

keep your laptop for any use that you have with it. Last, but not 24/7 by teachers/ staff members, but the staff can only see your computer during dyknow sessions. You are free to go about looking up Jackass clips, or reading Cosmopolitan online

save from not paying all of that money, you whenever you aren’t signed into dyknow. It seems that this laptop could buy yourself a top-of-the-line laptop program will be a step into the techy future of WCS and US and be set for college. Another cost

schools as a whole. If you embrace this with the right attitude, it

problem is the fee to replace a lost stylus,

will be a positive experience. Just be happy you get a laptop in the

which is actually a lot more than just a plastic stick. What if you already have a laptop?

first place! Questions? Ask me at, and I will answer them to the best of my information or Mrs. Cusick at for any that I cannot answer.

That’s So Hot!

Mrs. Murtha Finally Gets Spotlight…Somewhat. By Diana Kim and Kara Maloney

One of the newest fads at Mrs. Murtha Interview Collegiate, next to Dragonvale, is hot yoga. Unlike normal yoga, the SV: Why do you want to room is heated to 99 degrees. You be interviewed so much by Spartan Voice? go through a series of 25-26 Mrs. Murtha: I think all poses, holding each for 5-6 teachers should be given breaths. It is a great exercise for the body and mind, and many feel the opportunity for their very relaxed after taking a hot yoga voices to be heard. It is class. Most people take classes at after all, called the photo by Eric Kelly. Firefly Yoga. Your first class is free, Spartan VOICE. SV: What was your school newspaper like compared to us? so give it a try. MM: The Blue Streak was a newspaper that featured student Brie Coyle: My favorite part about academics, sports, school activity and even covered some world affairs. There was an intellectually, witty and satisfying column. hot yoga is doing headstands. Especially one in particular called “Off the Rocker.” (school acclaimed.) Wynn Huckle: My favorite pose is SV: If you had a school paper, what would you call it? the scorpion. MM: Maybe the Spartan Inquirer. Yeah. James Engel: Whoever doubts yoga SV: What’s it like to be finally interviewed? MM: Um, it’s nice to know that the staff of Spartan Voice do listen is stupid. It is awesome. to their readers and it’s nice. It’s actually refreshing that you are trying to change the bias of your paper. SV: Why are you jealous of Wren being in almost every Spartan Voice? MM: I’m not jealous! I am just pointing out the bias in the paper. Wren Interview SV: Do you think the Spartan Voice is biased? Wren: If journalistic excellence and crack-news reporting is the Hayley Cusick: It’s hot. definition of biased, then I need to get me some of that. SV: How do you feel about Mrs. Murtha’s rage when it comes to Maddie Reid-Tedesco: It doesn’t the Spartan Voice? seem as though it would be Wren: I think that her rage is misplaced. Not every teacher can be difficult, but the next day, I the cool teacher. was extremely sore. I never SV: How do you feel about being in SV again? thought I could sweat so much at Wren: I am humbled by the continued affection that I am given by one time. the SV staff. The first thing I do when I wake up is think about how I can best live up to the dignity of being one of the most featured Lily Shawver: My favorite part teachers in the Spartan Voice. Shavasana, because it is very SV: Are you glad to be one-upping Mrs. Murtha once again? relaxing. Wren: Due to the upcoming holiday (Valentine’s Day), and me not being able to afford flowers, chocolate and jewelry, I respectfully Amanda: I like how it relaxes you plead the 5th. but at the same time it is a good “As a former journalist it is my desire, no my DUTY, to instill an Photo by Cora workout. ethic of un-biased reporting in order to insure your readers the Burgoyne opportunity to distinguish fact and fiction” – Murtha

SADIE HAWKINS...... The date is set for a Sadie Hawkins dance and that means that girls have until February 9th to find a date! As boys are traditionally the ones who ask at Homecoming and Prom, Sadie Hawkins gives the Ladies an opportunity to take charge and what girl would want to miss that chance? This is a semi-formal dance, but here are a few rules of engagement! 1. Be VERY creative in how you ask out the lucky guy. 2. Ladies, be prepared to pay for dinner and tickets to the dance. 3. As per tradition, couples should try to have a matching element of attire. 4. Gentlemen, be Gentlemen. 5. This is a Spartan Event, i.e. exclusive to Spartans.

If you are still wondering what all this Sadie Hawkins nonsense is about, well it is a story that originated in a Lil’Abner comic strip in 1937, as a day where unmarried girls chased down bachelors in their neighborhood and married up the ones they caught!

An Interview with Senior JOEY O’HARA

How many siblings do you have? A. I have a younger brother: Tommy, and a younger sister: Katie. Q. What colleges are you looking at? A. Tulsa, TCU, and KU. Q. Favorite singer? A. Ellie Goulding, favorite song “Champagne Showers” by ImFao. Q. Five favorite movies? A. Fight Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pulp Fiction, Toy Story 3. Q. Favorite author? A. Dav Pilkey, Captain Underpants & Dog Breath. Q. Historical figures you admire? A. Warren G. Harding because he didn’t want to be president. Q. Favorite color(s)? A. Royal Blue & Gold ! Go Spartans! Q. What is your least favorite thing about Collegiate? A. Dress Code. It hinders self expression. Q. Dream job? A. Male Escort for the LADIES... Q. How did you become the Spirit Man of WCS? A. I put my head on my pillow and I followed my dreams. Q. What are you looking forward to in the future? A. Life in general.

How’s the weather? By James Engel        Growing up in Kansas we have learned never to be surprised by the weather. One day it can be 30° and snowing the next day 60°and sunny. We have experienced just about every possible type of weather, and after this year I would say we have experienced all of them. First we experience not one but two earthquakes (neither of which did I feel!) and now a winter without snow and freezing temperatures. This really is going to be the year the world ends. We are almost all the way through winter and I have not once had to scrape my windshield of my car or seen snow stick to the ground. When I look outside I don’t see grey clouds but rather blue skies and sun. I don’t ever remember a winter where we have had such warm weather. As much as I dislike winter I do wish it would snow one time. There has to be at least one snow day each year. Each fall I look forward to when it will snow and we get an unexpected day off. But it looks like all my hopes of a snow day will be crushed this year because of the 50° weather and sun. I never thought I would say this but I actually miss winter. It may be the end of January but I still hope that the weather can turn cold enough so that we have a chance for it to snow at least once. Spartan Voice’s very own Joey O’Hara won an award with this photograph of the library globe. We couldn’t be prouder!

EXTRA STRENGH...... By Elly Vosburgh Winter is here and cold and flu season is at its peak. With an increase in sniffling and sneezing comes an increase in the consumption of Nyquil and Sudafed. These days, people don’t even consider the cause of their ailment, but instead swallow an Advil for every minor headache or back pain. But what about the alternative? It seems to me that leading a healthy lifestyle and not getting sick in the first place is preferable to suffering through a week of a head cold. But exercise and eating right isn’t easy, and it seems most would rather take the easy way out and pop a few pills. But before you do, think about what your putting in your body. A synthetic, unnatural capsule full of who knows what. We’ve all seen the commercials of happy go lucky people, able to live wholesome lives thanks to some drug. But does anyone consider all the side effects listed by an announcer talking a mile a minute trying to list all the side effects, from depression to heart attacks to even death, in the rest of the sixty second commercial? And that’s just for one drug, not to mention people taking three, five, or even up to eight! The medical industry in America is huge; how would they make any money if everyone was healthy and never got sick? Draw whatever

Devlin Clark reminisces about his

conclusions you will, but at least consider what you are putting in your body the next

days as a middle school flautist.

time you get a headache.

If the Shoe Fits..... By Wynn Hukle There is a certain air about a woman who confidently rocks a fantastic pair of heels. Not even referring to the photoshop-like effects a tall pump does for the legs, but the confidence it takes for one to add a few or more inches to their stature really does speak volumes. So to the men who do not care much for fashion, take a look at what a girl has on her feet! From that, almost certainly, a man will be able to tell what he is getting himself into. The girl who dons a cute, comfy pair of flats is probably easy going, active, feminine, and practical. This girl is the adorable, fun-loving girl next door. The girl who sports cowboy boots or flat boots is trendy and sensible. She is probably a smart dresser and enjoys tucking her jeans into her boots or contrasts the western feel with a cute, bouncy skirt. This girl is youthful and well spoken. The sneaker-clad girl is very sporty. She is far from vain and probably very reasonable. She values comfort and keeps it simple. She knows how to pull off being cute without trying too hard, similar to the “flats” girl. The girl who wears a classic heel is very confident in herself. She has a strong personality and boys, you better be ready for her. The girl who wears a tall heel is very comfortable in her own skin. Within the “heels” category there are subdivisions: The girl who wears a wedge heel is fashionable but still is willing to suffer some practicality for her style. She knows wedges are easier to walk in than other high heels because the shoe is not so steep, but still provides height. She

probably has a vibrant personality and stands out in a crowd. The higher the wedge, the more daring the girl. The girl who wears platforms is smart enough to know that the elevated toe platform provides a little more comfort than a stiletto, but she obviously loves fashion and is not afraid to catch a little attention here and there. This girl probably has higher-end taste and usually looks very put together. The stiletto is the heel for the brave of heart . She is ultra-feminine and extremely confident. She probably has very high end taste, like the “pump” girl. This chick is a powerhouse. She can do her day to day work wearing stilts and she makes it work!One can tell if a woman is a true “stiletto” by the naturalness of her stride. If she looks like she is about to teeter over, you probably have a “flats” personality on your hands. However, a girl should never be strapped down to one type of shoe. Never! More is more. Part of the identity of fashion is to try new things and innovate to create new looks.

The American Dream. What is it? What is yours?

WCS DIGITAL LIBRARY Get the Wichita Collegiate Upper School library on your iphone....or Android !!! Visit the US library anytime, anywhere, for iphone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 4.2 or later. Requires Android 2.1-2.3.7. Download for the Destiny Quest app for free: http:// scroll down to find Wichita Collegiate School Select: Upper School Username: your student id Password: your Class Year View your account, new arrivals, make a list, place holds and view the top ten check outs! On the library page you can now utilize NEW subscription databases for awesome digital content from ABC-CLIO! Username: wcsks Password: wcsks

By Parth Khare In President Obama State of the Union address, made plenty of references to the American Dream. But, what exactly is the American Dream? The American Dream is very subjective, but generally the American dream focuses on the success of the specific individual. It is the fact that "all men are created equal" and that are "endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights" which include "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." This is the American Dream. The origin of this came from the first settlers who struggled for freedom of religion because of continuous religious and political prosecution. Better living standards in America brought more and more people to migrate, and the term “from rags to riches” was born. Soon booming industry further contributed to this idea. Edgar: Making money. Wynn: Make it or marry it. Wren : Working hard. If you work hard and abide by the rules, your own American dream can come true. Mr. Ashbrook: The opportunity to do what ever you want whenever you want. [The American Dream is to] work hard and persevere. Mrs. King: “The American dream is the thought that we need more then we have and our life can be better than it is in the current situation.”

Parents +email+powerschool+googlecal= OVERkill By Bell Schwartz At a typical high school upon listening in on a conversation of upper classmen boys, one might hear them bragging about their latest conquest or how many points they scored at last nights game. However, at Collegiate when listening in on a conversation of a similar nature, one could hear the positive and negative effects of the Patriot Act being discussed, or a debate of a similar nature. At Collegiate we pride ourselves on being the best of the best. The administration claims that they are helping us attain the skills we need to be successful in life. We the students are receiving an amazing education that undoubtedly will come in handy later on when we are off in the real world. Our parents pay thousands of dollars every year so that we may be successful in life; it is an investment in our future… right? If it is true that they are making an investment in our future then why is it that they are constantly breathing down our necks and the administrations necks about our grades? Some make the argument that it’s the parents money and that they have every right to demand grade checks and such. However, if it is in fact an investment in their student’s future and said student is being shaped into an intelligent, responsible, global citizen, then the parents need to let their students learn how to be responsible and take care of business. Do the parents expect their child’s future employer to send them a weekly status report?, I would hope not. That being said, do they parents who live on powerschool and constantly reprimand their children for their grades think

they are helping their children succeed? Do they plan on going to work with their children and critiquing them on their jobs? Do these parents who constantly call their students teachers inquiring about their grades think that by doing this they are helping their children become responsible for themselves and their actions? It seems that this year with the new late homework policy the administration is taking after the parents. Granted, the administration is probably being forced to do this by the parents. If a student doesn’t do their homework for whatever reason and they are required to go to detention the next morning is that teaching them anything? No it is just going to make them mad. If the administration wants to teach us to be responsible for our actions in the future then they should not enforce this new homework policy. If a student doesn’t do their homework and they make poor grades and either fail out or have a low GPA, then that is their problem and that student must take the time to fix it. In the real world if an employee doesn’t do what their boss requires them to do then they will get fired or demoted, they wont have to attend mandatory detentions, they will get one shot. If our parents are in fact investing in our future and hoping to help us succeed in life than the best thing they can do for us right now is let us learn to be responsible. If we have the brainpower and the tools needed to succeed, but we lack the responsibility for our actions, then what is the point of attending Collegiate?

Dragonvale By Serjay Sambros The appeal of Dragonvale can seem enigmatic to an outsider. Why did this FarmVille waiting game clone become so popular? Here is commentary from the Dragonvale inner circle: Scott Sullivan                 AKA SRS1983 Lvl. 16 -It’s a great game. Dragonvale provides me with the soothing stress relief I need throughout the day. Robert Schifferdecker    AKA schrifferdecker Lvl. 9 -You build a zoo for dragons. The lava dragon looks the awesomest. You try to make people come look at your dragons. The best part is the cool dragons. Joey Ohara                    AKA JLOhara Lvl. 17 -It’s a game where you own a park and you hold dragons in captivity, the obvious social commentary is in-fact one of the most intriguing aspects. Eric Kelly                       AKA j313-Kanye-King Lvl. 11 -It’s a dragon village, you raise dragons to show to people and you get money. My dragons are tough and cool-looking. Markus Phox AKA tbone56 Lvl. 19 -It’s a blast, it’s a magnetic combination of patience and ambition. The waiting time makes Dragonvale suspenseful and exciting. Diana Kim                    AKA kimmy987 Lvl. 13 -It’s like an island full of pretty dragons that you raise and feed and you can breed and make cute dragon babies. Houston Cusick          AKA HoustonCusick13 Lvl. 14 -It’s a game to play in the middle of class to pass time. Students, faculty, administrators, and parents THE SPARTAN VOICE ACCEPTS THE FOLLOWING RESPONSIBILITIES: The Spartan Voice is a newspaper operated by students at Wichita Collegiate School. Content in the Voice will consist of articles, editorials, letters, and any other material pertaining to the Wichita Collegiate community. The Spartan Voice was founded in the principle that all students should have an equal opportunity to share their opinion in an open, unbiased forum of discussion.

make up the four fundamental parts of the Wichita Collegiate community. Although controversial subjects maybe featured in The Voice, no part of the community will be discriminated against. The views expressed in printed material do not necessarily represent the views of The Spartan Voice or Wichita Collegiate School.


Serjay Sambros, Editor

Wynn Hukle, Jake Barrett,

Edgar Corrigan, James Engel, Andrew Feist, Perri Fisher, Bell Schwartz, Elly Vosburgh, Riley Kemmer, Parth Khare, Christi Peterson, Kara Maloney, Eric Kelly, Diana Kim, Brie Coyle, Joey O’Hara, & Reema Krichati.

LIFE SKILLS, GOT ANY? By: Christy Peterson and Brie Coyle

There are many basic life skills that people do not know how to do. Things like building and successfully lighting a fire and changing a car tire is not common knowledge in every day life. Food is also easy access with fast food restaurants and packaged meals. Here are some more examples of basic skills that people may or may not know hot to do.       How to build a fire:       Bon Ku- yes       Essence Dickinson- no       Mrs. Cunningham- yes       Joey O’Hara- yes       Mrs. King- yes        How to change a tire:        Bon- no       Essence- no       Mrs. Cunningham- yes       Joey- no

     How to find a book in a library:        Bon- yes       Essence- yes       Mrs. Cunningham- Really?       Joey- no       Mrs. King- yes        How to cook a meal:        Essence- yes, Salmon       Mrs. Cunningham- yes       Joey- no       Mrs. King- yes, Enchiladas  

     Mrs. King- yes 

     Since no one knew how to tie a bow tie here are steps found from       How to use a fire extinguisher: visualnews:       Bon- no       Essence- no       Mrs. Cunningham- yes       Joey- no       Mrs. King- yes        How to tie a bow tie:        No one knows how        How to fold a fitted sheet:        Bon- no


Spartan Voice # 9 2012  

The Student Newspaper of Wichita Collegiate School

Spartan Voice # 9 2012  

The Student Newspaper of Wichita Collegiate School