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SYC Volunteer Report

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Steve Murphy

Southport Yacht Club is dedicated to ensuring the education, support and safety of all our Volunteers and we are pleased to announce various courses that will be made available to our Volunteers in the coming months. In August 2021 we arranged a Race Officers Course seeing 6 of our Volunteers credited as Race officers and we are pleased to announce that 4 obtained a score at State Race Officer level and 2 at National Race Officer status. Our thanks and congratulations go out to our Volunteer’s for obtaining these high scores. As a Volunteer there are so many opportunities to obtain or upskill yourself and Southport Yacht Club is committed to fund such courses as: • First Aid Including CPR • VHF Radio License • Race Officers • Mark Laying • Power Boat Handling • Safety Boat Operators • Safety & Sea Survival • Judge - Protest Committee Member So why not become a Volunteer and enjoy these benefits, no matter how much time you have or your age, there’s always an important role you can play as a Volunteer within Southport Yacht Club. Our Volunteers take their roles very seriously and we asked them “What does it mean to you to be a Volunteer at Southport Yacht Club?”

“Being a Volunteer provides me the opportunity to continue my love of sailing while providing a service to the sailing community” Mike McGehan – Skipper (Volunteer of the Year2021)

“Giving back to the sport of sailing that has given me so much pleasure in the past” Phil Keir- Race Officer

“Being a Volunteer is being part of a community, helping others, learning new skills and meeting new people that come together as a team” Lori Clements – SYC Dedicated Paparazzi & crew Member “Volunteering at SYC is about meeting like minded people who love a day out on the water, supporting and ensuring the safety of our sailors, whilst learning new skills and having a few laughs along the way” Jeff Rosenboom – Skipper

There is a serious side to what our Volunteer’s do but all in all it’s about comradeship and the lifelong friendships that are created so please, feel free to give me a call on 0475 434 800 at any time.

The next 6 months we see our Summer Sailing Calendar jammed packed with various Sailing Series and many Sailing Regatta’s including the largest regatta in Southeast Queensland, “Qoin Sail Paradise” proudly supported by Major Events Gold Coast. Having Major Events Gold Coast, as one of our major sponsors, will see Qoin Sail Paradise exposure reach even greater heights. This Regatta attracts so many of our Volunteers assisting not only with the on-water activities but onshore as well, with a dedicated Volunteer manned Reception area and our infamous BBQ every day for our sailors who have endured a hard day of sailing offshore. We welcome anyone who would like to put their hand up to assist with this major event.

As I have had said before, a picture paints a thousand words, so here are some of our Volunteers do what they do best !! Until next time, please Stay Safe and Happy Sailing!

Steven Murphy Volunteers Coordinator

L-R: Jeff Rosenboom, Greg Bowler, Capr. Paul Millist, Note Ironside, Derek McCabe, Christine Brandis, Rob Davidson

Hollywell, 1st launch of SYC’s Fleet of 10 Support Ribs

Peter Board & Warwick Harmen Rob Davisdon & Phil Keir Mike McGehan (Volunteer of the Year)

Offshore - Rain, Hail or Shine. Our Volunteers are always there. No matter how old you are, it’s comforting to know our Volunteers have your back!


Southport Yacht Club Marina 2021