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President/Advisor Ryan Davis, Southern Region President Area 4, Gulf Stream Council Advice for new units: Start off with a big and FUN Adventure! Go travel! Starting off big will get spirits up and will encourage bigger trips to be planned.. Favorite adventure: NAYLE @ Northern Tier back in the Summer of 2015 School/Work: I work at Geek Squad. Studying at Broward College to be an Educator. Fun Fact: I have set 2018 as a Year of Firsts for me. I have planned trips to go Skydiving, Paintballing, Travel, and so much more. :)

Sherry McGugin, Southern Region Advisor Area 6, Middle Tennessee Council Advice for new units: Create a plan for the fundamentals: calendar , adult training, communication but let the youth lead the direction of how they envision the FUN and ADVENTURE!! Also add a Vice President of Service to your officer positions (not an official BSA). Have that youth log service hours, community service opportunities. Favorite adventure: Northern Tier NAYLE School/Work: Business owner of McGugin Oil Company that consists of Shell Convenience stores as well as bulk fuel transportation. Attended Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, Tn. Majored in Heath and Physical Education with internship in Sports Medicine. Fun Fact: Played Collegiate Softball

ADMINISTRATION AJ McGugin, Southern Region VP Admin Area 6, Middle Tennessee Council Advice for new units: Find your purpose. Favorite adventure: Northern Tier NAYLE School/Work: A student at Tennessee Tech University for Business. Fun Fact: Love to meditate and learn new knowledge everyday

Kelsey McLeland, SR Associate Advisor Area 7, Heart of Virginia Council Advice for new units: Encourage everyone to bring a friend to the first few events! Start off with a fun and adventurous activity that shows what Venturing is all about Favorite adventure: Backpacking the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains. School/Work: I am a Project Manager for Capital One Fun Fact: I lived in France for a semester in college for a study abroad, and have a minor in French! Oui Oui!.

PROGRAM P. Jean Perea, Southern Region VP Program Area 9, Atlanta Area Council Advice for new units: Constant advertising, invite people you already know, and make sure you follow through with your plans. Being consistently active shows everyone that you area legit and makes people want to join your Crew! Favorite adventure: The 2017 National Jamboree was my first major adventure within Venturing School/Work: I am a Social Entrepreneurship major at GA State University, and my vision is to run a non-profit to help raise the quality of living for people in impoverished areas through education and social reform. Fun Fact: I adore snowboarding.

Danny LeGaye, SR Associate Advisor Area 3, Sam Houston Area Council Advice for new units: Ask the youth what they want, and help make it happen. Favorite adventure: Exploring new countries and countrysides. School/Work: I work in finance. Fun Fact: Youngest Chairman of the Sam Houston Area Council Venturing Program.

COMMUNICATIONS Kynzee Ganz, Southern Region VP Comm. Area 2, Longhorn Council Advice for new units: When starting a new unit your best plan is to always ask your friends, That is your fastest way to start getting people involved. Also try to find something you all have in common and constantly do fun events where you can invite others. Checking your council calendar is a great place for ideas. Favorite adventure: Seabase 2017. I loved living on a sailboat for a week and snorkeling, it was the coolest thing I’ve ever done! We had an all female crew, even our captain was a female. It gave me a new look on sailing and now a I can’t wait to get in the water again. School/Work: My dream is to become an AthleticTrainer. I hope to attend Texas Tech in the fall of 2019. Fun Fact: I have thrown a perfect 0.0 in caber toss. #highlandgames

Todd Graczyk, SR Associate Advisor Area 4, North Florida Council Advice for new units: Ask for Help! The Council and Area VOA are here to help. Favorite adventure: Florida Sea Base School/Work: Loan Officer at a Credit Union Fun Fact: I ride ATVs for fun.

AREA ONE Councils: Alabama-Florida, Andrew Jackson, Calcasieu Area, Choctaw Area, Evangeline Area, Gulf Coast, Istrouma Area, Louisiana Purchase, Mobile Area, Pine Burr Area, Pushmataha Area, and Southeast Louisiana

Brian McHale, Area 1 President Andrew Jackson Council Advice for new units: Do what is fun. Getting awards and achievements is great and can serve as good guidelines for personal growth, but you have to enjoy it. Never let Venturing be a chore; instead, let it be something you are excited to do. Favorite adventure: I honestly enjoyed my first VenturingFest last year. I was able to work in Foxtrot and the amount of different cultures I was able to learn about in one weekend was amazing. School/Work: I would like to take a job in the future that is intellectually challenging for me and allows me to constantly try to achieve new goals. Other that than, I honestly don't have a more specific thought of what I want to do as a job when I grow up.. Fun Fact: I llived in Japan for a year.

Chris Baker, Area 1 Advisor Istrouma Area Council Advice for new units: If you make it fun, they will come. Favorite adventure: 2017 National Jamboree School/Work: Physical Science Teacher Fun Fact: I really like to offshore fish and bring others.

www.sr1venturing.org @sr1venturing www.facebook.com/sr1venturing

AREA TWO Councils: Caddo Area, Circle Ten, Northwest Texas East Texas Area, Golden Spread, Longhorn, Norwela, South Plains and Texas Trails.

J-Dub Orchard, Area 2 President Circle Ten Council Advice for new units: Focus on program. Favorite adventure: My trek to Philmont. School/Work: I attend Richland College and my major is Multimedia Web Design. Fun Fact: I love cats.

David Bush, Area 2 Advisor East Texas Area Council Advice for new units: Plan fun activites and follow through with your planned fun activites. Favorite adventure: Northern Tier High Adventure Base. School/Work: I am a lawyer. Fun Fact: I have 3 grandkids.


AREA THREE Councils: Alamo Area, Bay Aera, Buffalo Trail, Capitol Area, Texas Southwest, Rio Grande, Sam Houston, South Texas and Three Rivers.

Ella Hirsch, Area 3 President Alamo Area Council Advice for new units: Start with a couple of friends, then go big. Favorite adventure: 2015 World Scout Jamboree Japan School/Work: I want to be a Veterinarian. I am attending Virgnia Tech in the fall, then plan to came back home to Texas and attend Texas A&M Vet School. Fun Fact: I play the bagpipes.

John Devenport, Area 3 Advisor Capitol Area Council Advice for new units: Recruit a core group of friends and parents/adults who share the same excitement. Favorite adventure: backpacking School/Work: Markering Manager for a global manufacturing company. Fun Fact: Besides my Venturing involvement, I'm an advisor for Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity at the University of Texas at Austin.


AREA FOUR Councils: Central Florida, Greater Tampa Bay, Gulf Stream, North Florida, South Florida, Southwest Florida, Suwannee River Area, and West Central Florida.

Sarah Kisner, Area 4 President Southwest Florida Council Advice for new units: Organization. It's something most youth lack, and need help with. Keeping organized helps the most with keeping events consistent and allowing youth to lead efficiently. Favorite adventure: NAYLE at Philmont School/Work: Currently, I am working in Urban Planning and will continue on this path â˜ş Fun Fact: I played ukuele on the Tooth of Time.

Jason R. Boekholder, Area 4 Advisor Gulfstream Council Advice for new units: Relax, it will all work out . Favorite adventure: Northern Tier School/Work: When I grow up‌ I want to retire to a life of scouting. Fun Fact: I used to live in Austria.

www.sr4venturing.org @sr4_venturing @srarea4voa http://www.facebook.com\VenturingSR4

AREA FIVE Councils: Blue Ridge, Central North Carolina, Coastal Carlonina, Daniel Boone, GeorgiaCarolina, Indian Waters, Mecklenburg County, Palmetto, Pee Dee Area, and Piedmont.

Jackson Nietert, Area 5 President Coastal Carolina Council Advice for new units: Connect with your Council VOA and find activities you can go to! Maintaining monthly or every other month activities is a crucial component of retention. Favorite adventure: My favorite adventure has to be Winterfest! It was so fun to spend time with that many people passionate about Venturing! Plus, I went skiing for the first time! School/Work: I'll be going to the University of South Carolina Honors College for International Business in the fall! I hope to work at the National Council as an adult! Fun Fact: In 2011, I helped to set the World Record for Largest Mosaic formed by People!

Jerry Gmyr, Area 5 Advisor Daniel Boone Council Advice for new units: Trained Youth & Leaders, VOA, planning, program, lots of committee folks, Use your Area-Region National websites for information & updates, make FRIENDS who will always support you, but most of all " HAVE FUN ' Favorite adventure: High adventure events, backpacking School/Work: Print industry sales Fun Fact: Supervisor for the MDA Telethon for 20 years 5-state market area

www.sr5venturing.org @sr5venturing @sr5venturing www.facebook.com/sr5venturing


Councils: Blue Grass, Cherokee Area, Chickasaw, Great Smokey Mountains, Lincoln Heritage, Middle Tennessee, Sequoyah, West Tennessee Area and Yocana Area.

Karin Turnmire, Area 6 President Great Smokey mountain and Cherokee Council Advice for new units: Even if you aren't super organized at first, just plan as many fun outings as you can so that your unit has the ability to bond quickly and retain as many active members as possible. Favorite adventure: 2017 National Jamboree School/Work: I am at UT Chattanooga studying Secondary Education with a focus on History Fun Fact: The first time I rode a horse was when I was 6 months old and I've been riding ever since.

Will Council, Area 6 Advisor Cherokee Area Council Advice for new units: Get your Crew training up and use ILSC. Let the youth run the program, just try to control the chaos. Make it fun! Favorite adventure: (so far) was taking my Crew to Seabase for the Scuba Adventure. All the youth were ending their high school careers, so a mature group of young adults. It was the easiest group to work with! Our Dive Mate enjoyed his week of relaxation as everyone did what they were supposed to do before being asked to do it. School/Work: Currently working for Volkswagen, Chattanooga, in their Logistics department. Fun Fact: My "spirit animal" is the Peacock Spider.

http://sr6venturing.org @sr6venturing @SR6_Venturing www.facebook.com/sr6venturing/

AREA SEVEN Councils: Blue Ridge Mountain, Cape Fear, Colonial Virginia, East Carolina, Heart of Virginia, Occoneehee, Old Hickory, Old North State, Shanandoah Area, Sontewall Jackson Area, Tidewater and Tuscarora.

Ellie Leonetti, Area 7 President Tidewater Cherokee Council Advice for new units: Don't give up, all units have ups and downs but as long as you do what you love more people will come and realize the great things you are doing Favorite adventure: Philmont Scout Ranch! The ranch is gorgeous and the people are absolutely fantastic to work with School/Work: I am planning to major in music education and become a high school band director Fun Fact: I'm sure you can tell from my major, but I play several different instruments and have been playing clarinet/bass clarinet (my favorites) for almost 8 years

Rick Daigneault, Area 7 Advisor Colonial Virginia Council Advice for new units: recruit, recruit and recruit some more. Favorite adventure: Every other year my crews and I do to Florida and snorkel with the mantatee. School/Work: Retired Navy and now I am a Engineering Technician for Norfold Naval Shipyard. Fun Fact: I’m afraid of heights but I love the thrill of being on a C.O.P.E. course or climbing and repelling.

@sr7venturing @Sr7venturing Groups: Southern Region Area 7 Venturing

AREA EIGHT Councils: Arbuckle Area, Cherokee Area, Cimarron, De Soto Area, Indian Nations, Last Frontier, Qupaw Area and Westark.

Jasmine Yackel, Area 8 President Circle Ten Council Advice for new units: Make sure your adults are trained before starting your unit. Always feel free to reach out to your council VOA if you need any guidance, because they want to help! Favorite adventure: Philmont! I’ve gone as a participant 3 times and I am a second year staffer. Nothing can beat the people I have met and experiences I have had at philmont, it is a truly unique and wonderful place. School/Work: I am a sophomore at the University of Arkansas, and I am majoring in Nursing. I hope to work in a pediatric ER after I graduate. Fun Fact: I am Vice President of Alpha Phi Omega - Beta Rho chapter at my school, which is a co-ed service fraternity based on the principles of the BSA.

Debbie Downey, Area 8 Advisor Indian Nations Council Advice for new units: Find a mentor crew to give you tips. Favorite adventure: Sea Base Bahamas. School/Work: Retired Occupational Therapy Assistant Fun Fact: I enjoy stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking.

www.sr8venturing.org @sr8venturing www.facebook.com/sr8venturing


Councils: Atlanta Area, Black Warrior, Central Georgia, Chattahoochee, Flint River, Greater Alabama, Northeast Georgia, Northwest Georgia and Tukabatchee.

David Heineman, Area 9 President Atlanta Area Council Advice for new units: Get people involved! Find something you all like to do and go have a fun time bonding as a group. After that, you can start meeting and planning. Favorite adventure: 2017 Jamboree as a Venturing Contingent. School/Work: I'd love to do something in engineering, maybe go to Georgia Tech, since that's close to home. I have no idea what major as of now, but probably something involving industrial design. Fun Fact: I have the same name as an old Governor of Nebraska (look him up!)

Harald Hagen, Area 9 Advisor Atlanta Area Council Advice for new units: Plan a few months of awesome adventures, tke photos or videos, promote your Crew and have FUN! Favorite adventure: Northern Tier Fly to Atikokan 135 mile canoe trek. School/Work: Automotive Service Director for Honda Fun Fact: Fluent in Spanish, Greek and Norwegian.

www.sr9venturing.org @sr9venturing www.facebook.com/Area9srventuring


FrightFest is quickly approaching! On the weekend of October 12-14 the Area 1 VOA will be hosting a fun-filled event at Salmen Scout Reservation with tons of games and activities. Please check our facebook page for more information as it comes out or contact us!


October 25TH-28TH Powderhorn North Florida Council N

WOAH 2019! - Coming Soon to a Florida Near You

AREA TWO August 10-12, Area 2 VOA Orientation @Camp Wisdom in the Circle Ten Council September, Powderhorn Capitol Area and Longhorn @Camp Tahuaya March 2019 (exact date TBD) - Area 2 Venturing Rendezvous @ Camp Wisdom

AREA FIVE Aug 17-18, Area 5 Orientation


Legacy is the annual gathering of Venturers in SR5! Legacy 6 will be held at Camp Old Indian outside of Greenville, SC from Sep 21-23. This year's theme is Wild Wild West!

September/October, Powderhorn Alamo Area Council

See you then!

Jan. 26, 2019—Leadership Conference


September 8th- Fall Leadership Conference (options to camp the whole weekend)


July 27-29: Area 9 Officer Orientation April 12th-14th: Venturing Olympics 2019 @Woodruff Scout Reservation!


September, Powderhorn Northeast Georgia Council

October 19th-October 21st, "The Last Venturers" @Camp Bowers! August 4th, Colonial Virginia Council VOA Soggy Bottom Boat Race Southern Region President: Ryan Davis sr.venturing@scouting.org

Southern Region Advisor: Sherry McGugin


September 7th-8th Area 8 Venturing Orientation


Southern Region VP Commnications: Kynzee Ganz: KynzeeGanz@gmail.com Southern Region Associate Advisor of Communications, Todd Graczyk t.graczyk@nfcbsa.org

Submit Stories:

October 17-21, Area 8 Kodiak Challange @ZBase


__________________________________ Newsletter Designed and compiled by Kynzee Ganz

Close to 2000 participants and staff will be attending VenturingFest, with over 700 Ventureres from the Southern Region. Thank you to everyone who is going to make this a summer to remember. Can’t stay the entire week, day passes are now available online. http://www.summitbsa.org/venturingfest/

Themed Attire for Night Activities Monday




Join us JULY 3rd For a party you will not want to miss.

Contact AJ McGugin for more details. ajmcgugin@gmail.com

Sign up Link at below: https://goo.gl/forms/UdJKEIsOsIToMQfD2

Venturingfest Kodiak Challenge To our readers, Hello and welcome to Southern Region Venturing! I am Aj McGugin, the Vice President of Administration for the 2018-2019 term. Today, I wanted to write an article about the Kodiak Challenge being offered at Venturingfest 2018. Being the lead youth for the course, I wanted to give some insight about what our course has to offer and how you can get involved. Taken directly from the syllabus: Kodiak is designed to be an adventure that pushes the boundaries of every participant—one that will encourage you to try new things that may be out of your comfort zone. It is an experience—but one that has its underpinnings in the application of the leadership skills they learned in the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops or Crews, NYLT, and/or NAYLE. It is, as is all of Scouting, an adventure with a purpose. This year, you can choose your Kodiak adventure to be at the Bechtel Summit! Why not lead your crew across the West Virginia mountains and develop your leadership capabilities? This once in a lifetime opportunity will invoke a new understanding of adventure, leadership, personal growth, and service. To get started, you must be registered for Venturingfest. Following this, please click here and fill out the Google Form. Here are the following requirements needed in order to participate in the Kodiak Challenge: Participants must be at least 14 years old and have completed the eighth grade. In addition, they must have completed the Introduction to Leadership Skills course for their unit type. NYLT is highly recommended, and NAYLE experience is a plus, as a better understanding of the leadership skills before the trek enhances the experiential learning process during the trek itself. Once registered, our staff will be working diligently to ensure you are prepared for this course. As Venturingfest gets closer, please check your emails for important announcements and information regarding the Kodiak Challenge.

We hope to see you soon! AJ McGugin, Souther Region VP Administration

Council Journey to Excellence Scouting’s Journey to Excellence (JTE) is the BSA’s planning, performance, and recognition program designed to encourage and reward the success of our units, districts and councils. It is meant to encourage excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA. The council-level Venturing version of this award, previously known as the Council Standards of Venturing Excellence (CSVE) Award, is presented by the BSA National Council to councils that complete the requirements during the previous calendar year. It is designed to measure a council's Venturing program through analyzing various aspects of their growth in categories such as membership, trainings, events, and awards. Councils that earn the JTE Award will be presented a dated, framed certificate at the National Annual Meeting. #JTE #goforthegold http://www.venturing.org/journey-to-excellence.html

Core Requirement #2: Governance: Council has a governing VOA. Bronze (500pts): Council VOA has a president, Advisor and Council Venturing Chair. Silver (600pts): Council has a full VOA (President, 3+ VPs, Advisor and Council Venturing Chair. Gold: (700pts): 50% of crews participate in the council VOA and council has set and met SMART goals.

President’s Corner By Ryan Davis Hey y’all my name is Ryan Davis and I am your Southern Region Venturing President for this term! I am super excited to be working with all of YOU the Venturers around the Southern Region these 365 Days of awesome! One of my overall goals for the year is to develop the Region to be well known as a support beacon for the Areas but most importantly the Council VOA’s and even more importantly the Crews of the Southern Region! I am here for YOU! Please always know that I am here for YOU and without you the Southern Region is nothing, the Venturers within the Region is the true foundation of the Southern Region Venturing Program. If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, requests, etc. Please feel free to reach out to me through sr.venturing@scouting.org this is the best way to reach me and I check it daily. I look forward to working for each and every one of you in this upcoming year! -Ryan Davis, SR President

Save the Date

VenturingBLAST at Philmont As an Advisor if you can recruit 2 VOA officers to attend, you can attend for FREE. July 22-28

Winterfest February 8-10 Gatlinburg TN

World Scout Jamboree July 22- August 2, 2019 @ The Summit Bechtel Reserve

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Profile for Southern Region VOA

SR newsletter, June 2018  

Some time has passed since our last issue of Southern Snapshot, we are excited to announce that the newsletter is coming back this year I a...

SR newsletter, June 2018  

Some time has passed since our last issue of Southern Snapshot, we are excited to announce that the newsletter is coming back this year I a...


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