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Deformed Ear Holes (Hong Kong) It was August. And I asked Sophia as she was leaning into my shoulder if she wanted to share my earphones. I was watching the Colbert Report on my iPhone. She smiled. I gave her one and she nestled into me. I felt her spending most of the two hour flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town continually returning the earplug into her ear. “I have deformed ear holes,” she said. “No way! I think its just the way you are putting them in,” And I positioned to see her ear closer. I then took the earphone and placed it inside. She smiled and it seemed that the earphone just popped out. “See!” and she laughed. “Let me try again,” and again I positioned my fingers to jab it inside. “Owww!” she squealed. “I am just making sure it sticks.” And again it popped out with little effort. “I have never been able to get ear phones to stay. Ever since I was a little girl.” And finally we settled on her leaning her ear against my shoulder to keep it in. Only when she laughed and pulled away then it would drop into her lap. I remembered while I felt her breath against my face and leaning down to watch my iPhone that I thought to myself, its her imperfections that make her perfect. “What are you thinking about?” she said a little too loud because of the volume in her one ear. “What?” “I saw you looking away. It looks like you are thinking about something.”

“How lucky I am.” “Shutup! You mean you like me – retarded ear holes – and all?” “Well I am more deformed than you are – and you like me.” She looked me in my eyes. “I am reserving judgement.” She laughed.

I got an SMS on my mobile on New Year’s Eve. “I am here.” “What?” I SMS’d back. “I am here.” “I thought we were over.” “I am not letting you go that easy. I like it that you are sick. Maybe because I am sick.” I sat in my office and looked at my reflection in the window. And I wondered what she saw in me. “Why?” I typed back. And then my phone rang. I picked up immediately. “Because you like my ear holes. And I realized I am not the only one with deformed ones.” Sophia said. I laughed. “So what does that mean?” “It means that you don’t listen. Something is wrong with yours. But its your faults – and when you are vulnerable – that I love you more.” “Well, I made a mess of things.” “Everyone does. No relationship is perfect. And no one is perfect. We have our screw ups – issues – problems,” and she went quiet. “And besides, there is no one else I would rather spend New Year’s Eve with.” I exhaled. “Thank God you came.” “Well I hopped on the first flight out.” “You know they say that what you do on New Year’s Eve is what you will be doing all year long.” “So I guess that means I will be doing you.”

“What?” I asked. “Man, you really can’t hear. We got to get your ear holes checked! I said – I will be doing you!” I swallowed hard. “I am coming home early.”

Written by GS Jackson, © 2009 LOL Entertainment Group, LLC (USA) Limited (HKG)

Deformed Ear Holes (Hong Kong)  

It's a persons flaws that attracts you. And it reminds you that no relationship is perfect.