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Knives in Greece: What You Need to Know

Story by NSA Souda Bay Security

Unlike in the United States, it is illegal to carry knives (of any length) off base in Greece without the express permission of the competent Greek police authority, according to Lt. Laura Jacobson, NSA Souda Bay’s senior legal advisor.


This includes:

• Military knives

• Pocket knives

• Folding knives

• Switchblade knives

• Throwing knives

• Machetes

“Exceptions to this policy may apply for items used for fishing/hunting purposes, and for items considered family heirlooms or manufactured before 1922,” Jacobson said. However, exceptions are not automatic so consult with the Legal Office if you think an exception may apply to you.

According to Ioannis Karabetsos, NSA Souda Bay Security Department, “If found possessing a knife, the offender could be arrested and escorted to the local police station for further processing, and they could be charged under the ‘Law for Weapons’.”

And, Jacobson warned, “If you are found to have violated this law, courts may impose a sentence of six months to five years or a penalty of at least 590 euro.”

If you have questions or need additional information, contact the Legal Office at extension 1805.