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Create unforgettable digital invitations with Issuu for weddings, holidays, birthdays, professional events, and everything else in between. Issuu makes your invitations dynamic and interactive – impressing guests and setting the tone for your event. Ensure your invitation stands out with immersive elements that capture the essence of the occasion.

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What is a digital invitation?

A digital invitation is an electronic way to invite guests to events or celebrations. With Issuu, crafting invites that engage viewers with multimedia features and offer a sneak peek into the festivities is simple and effective. Issuu gives digital invitations the power to engage and entertain – making your event the talk of the town before it begins.

Layout of a digital invitation on Issuu

How to make a digital invitation:

  1. Start creating your invitation using Issuu’s integrations with Canva, Adobe InDesign, or Adobe Express. (Or upload an existing design directly.)

  2.  Export or upload your static file to Issuu, or import it from Dropbox or Google Drive, to instantly create a digital invitation in a dynamic, page-flipping format.

  3. Add interactive elements such as Links and Videos through Issuu's user-friendly interface, and customize the display, to make your invite seen and experienced.

  4. Showcase your invitation with Fullscreen Sharing to immerse invitees, providing a direct link for easy access.

  5. Opt for privacy by sharing your invitation as an Unlisted flipbook on Issuu, ensuring it reaches only your intended audience with exclusivity and elegance.

Draw guests in with interactivity

Elevate your event from the moment of invitation with Issuu. By weaving interactive features like Links and Videos into your digital invitations, you create excitement that starts the celebration early. This dynamic approach showcases the event's highlights and builds anticipation.

Make your digital invitation interactive with Issuu

Make every invitation pop

With Issuu, you can turn digital invitations into captivating experiences that match what’s to come. Our Fullscreen Sharing feature brings every detail to life while no-code Embedding on your website simplifies RSVPs. Perfect for conferences, exhibitions, and celebrations of any kind, Issuu ensures your invitation is both striking and easy to find.

Embed your invitation on your website or share it fullscreen with Issuu

Design, publish, impress

Dive into the simplicity and ease of creating stunning digital invitations utilizing Issuu's integrations with top-rated tools like Canva, Adobe Express, and Adobe InDesign. Perfect for designers at any skill level looking for efficiency without sacrificing elegance, Issuu enables you to impress your audience with minimal effort and maximum creativity.

Create digital invitations using Issuu's integrations with Canva and Adobe

Digital Invitation FAQ

  • To create a digital birthday invitation on Issuu, start by designing your invitation in your favorite graphic design tool, ensuring it captures the theme and excitement of your event. To simplify your workflow, use Issuu’s integrations with the top-rated design tools–Canva, Adobe Express, and Adobe InDesign–to directly export your static file to Issuu. You can then add interactive elements, such as links to RSVP forms or party details, to make your invitation engaging.

  • After creating your digital invitation on Issuu, use the platform to generate a shareable link or embed code. You can send this link directly to your guests via email, messaging apps, or social media. For a more personalized touch, consider embedding the invitation on your event webpage or blog, making it easy for guests to find and respond.

  • While Issuu doesn’t host audio files directly, you can integrate music into your digital invitation by embedding a video or a link to a music-hosting platform. First, upload your music to a service like SoundCloud or Spotify. Then, incorporate the link within your Issuu invitation, inviting guests to click and enjoy the tunes.

  • To create a digital invitation on Canva, choose a template or start from scratch to design your invitation. Customize it with your event details, colors, and imagery. Once satisfied, download your design as a PDF. Upload this PDF to Issuu to turn it into a shareable, interactive digital invitation. With Issuu, you can further enhance your Canva design by adding interactive elements before sharing it with your guests.

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