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social commontating IT’S SELF SERVICE Then who’s in charge?

DO IT YOURSELF Used to be seen as an act of counter culture, empowerment and self determination however it’s now a matter of obligation. Pay for a service you do yourself? Now that’s a good idea!

You spend all your time setting up and cancelling payments and still they won’t lend.

Check in yourself, weight your bags, elbow your way to a seat, next you will be flying the plane.

Check your sympto pick a solution.

Close down the help centres, fill the form out yourself and accept the fine! You send me an incorrect bill, I read the meter, I ring you up, you send me a correct bill, I pay it.


Scan each item and wait for assistance.

Hand out welfare, not the job of government anymore.

It’s not just petrol you are getting, it’s an all round shopping experience.

Bad news. You are!


It's Self Service  

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