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Start Young for Healthier and Stronger Hair CULTURE™ has the products just for you! Finally there’s a company that understands the needs of natural and relaxed hair textures. Culture, a professional, salon-tested haircare line, offers kids and their parents a collection designed to minimize hair breakage, maximize hair moisture, and encourage healthy hair growth.

“My mom and I love the beautiful results we get from Culture 7 Day Relaxer. My hair stays straight and soft until my next shampoo.” Ebony, Washington, DC Although Culture’s shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products are gentle, they still deliver maximum moisturizing and styling power. Culture was developed by hair care professionals and tested in African-

Culture 7 Day Relaxer

American salons. Packed with vitamins and proteins, Culture is great for kids who wear braids, twists, locks, or who like their hair smooth and straight.

A full line of gentle haircare products perfect for the whole family.

Each Culture package features an ancient West African Adinkra symbol. Traditionally stamped on clothing, walls, and pottery, Adinkra symbols were often used to communicate stories and life lessons. Culture, in an effort to honor today's most important values, has stamped Adinkra symbols such as Friendship, Strength, Intelligence, Greatness, and Wisdom on every one of their products.







In a world of constant pressure to be something or someone else, Culture encourages kids to love and appreciate their uniqueness––their hair, their special beauty, and their culture. By understanding the special beauty and haircare needs of AfricanAmericans, Culture is making shampooing and styling a lot easier for parents everywhere.

INSIDE: • Great styles begin with healthy hair! • Free Culture haircare and gifts. • Professional styling tips.

Great style begins with healthy hair! intelligence


Shampoo Smart David knows how to lather up! Shampooing is the first step in healthy haircare. Gently massage Culture Moisture Silk Shampoo into hair and scalp, working through to ends and rinse.

•Shampoo and condition your hair once a week. It will keep your hair soft and your scalp clean and healthy.

Condition Right After shampooing, Sean always uses a moisture-rich conditioner. Squeeze Culture No-Rinse Strengthening Conditioner into your palm, rub your hands together, and using your fingers as a comb, gently “rake” through hair.

•Avoid applying petroleum jelly or baby oil on your hair.They clog the scalp – and a healthy scalp is important for growing healthy hair.


Erica gently relaxes her hair once a week, after shampooing, with Culture 7 Day Relaxer. Used with a blowdryer, it smoothes coarse texture and straightens her hair without harsh chemicals.


Defined Curls


Loose Waves

Alisha keeps her soft ringlets defined with a moisturizing hair gel. After shampooing and conditioning, dry hair with a diffuser. Apply Culture Crystal Pomade for hold, shine and control.

Naturally Curly

If you wear your hair wavy like William, use a deep conditioner like Culture Moisturade once a week to keep your hair moisturized. Keep in 20 minutes, then rinse.

Lauren loves when her hair is free of tangles. She sprays on Culture Wet or Dry Detangler after shampooing and conditioning–and even uses it before brushing when her hair is dry.




Cool Braids

I want my daughter’s hair to grow healthy and strong. –Teena, mother, Baltimore, MD

Even though his hair is short, Philip always uses Culture No-Rinse Strengthening Conditioner after shampooing. Short hair should be soft too!

We want your opinion!  YES, I received the Kids Care Culture sample(s) checked below.

 Culture 7 Day Relaxer  Culture Moisture Silk Shampoo  Culture No-Rinse Strengthening Conditioner 1. Where did you receive the Culture sample?  Beauty Salon Youth Activity Group  Church Youth Activity  YMCA or YWCA  Boys/Girls Club  Jack and Jill  Top Teens  Other __________________

Professional hairstylists around the country are talking about Culture haircare: “I love the way natural hair looks, so Culture is great for my customers. It leaves hair moisturized, smooth, and healthy.” Latisha Gibbons, Rockville, MD

“I love the smell of Culture’s products.The citrus fragrance is fresh and energizing.” Ebony Meadows, Atlanta, GA

Joshua keeps his cool locks soft and neat with Culture Braid & Lock Life. Just scoop onto fingers and work into braids, twists or locks.

Stylist Scoop “Greasy, oily products are not good for anyone’s hair –that’s why I recommend Culture hair care to all of my clients” Londyn Houston, Los Angeles, CA

Lucky Locks

Short Stuff

After shampooing and conditioning, Michael uses Culture Braid & Lock Life to keep his braids neat. Just divide small pieces of hair in three and braid together. Keep making the braids until the whole head is finished.

Shandrea loves it when combing is easy! Spray Culture Wet or Dry Detangler on hair after shampooing and conditioning. Or, spray on dry hair before combing or brushing.

Straight n’ Shiny

Andrea keeps her hair neat with Culture Braid & Lock Life. Gather hair into two ponytails and create 5-7 twists on each side.Wrap those twists around each other to make one big twist. Secure at the bottom with barrettes.

Jessica wraps her hair at night to keep it smooth. Work Culture Wrap & Smooth Créme through hair.Wrap hair and cover with a head wrap before you go to sleep.


Easy Combing


Twisty Ponytails

Nice n’ Smooth


•Although you might be trying to let your hair grow longer, regular trims, which only cut about 1/16” of hair, remove damaged, split ends and make hair look healthier.


2. Did you use the Culture sample?  Yes  No

In order to better serve you, we’d like to know about your haircare concerns and what you think about Culture products. Please take a moment to fill out the survey below. Respond now! The first 100 respondents will receive a free Culture canvas tote bag, a $20 retail value.

 NO, I did not receive a Culture sample. 1. Have you used or purchased a Kids Care Culture product in the last three months?  Yes  No 2. Do you intend to purchase a Culture product in the next 30 days?

3. Did you purchase a Culture product after using the sample?  Yes  No 4. If no, do you intend to purchase a Culture product within the next 30 days?  Yes  No

 Yes  No 3. If yes, which one of the following has influenced your plans to purchase a Culture product the most?  This publication (Urban Call–Style Edition)  Store ad  Magazine/Newspaper ad or editorial  Someone’s recommendation

4. Are you a (check all that apply)  Professional hairstylist  Parent  Youth (18 or under) 5. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the least difficult and 5 being the most difficult, please indicate the level of difficulty you are currently experiencing with the following haircare problems by checking the appropriate box. Hard to comb Lacks sheen; doesn’t shine Itchy scalp, dandruff Dry and brittle Split ends, breakage Tangles Additional Comments:






Styling Do’s & Don’ts

Submit your answer in one of the following ways: 1. Mail to: Urban Call–Style Edition, Segmented Marketing Services, Inc. (SMSi) 4265 Brownsboro Rd., Suite 225,Winston-Salem, NC 27106-3425 2. Fax to 336-759-7212 (Please print clearly.) Name




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We Want to Hear From You! Have you ever been a really supportive friend, a great student, or encouraged a group of classmates to get along? These kinds of qualities are represented by the African Adinkra symbols pictured below.Tell us about a time you’ve felt really special. If you do, we’ll mail you a free Culture product and a Culture baseball cap or t-shirt–a full $15 value! (While supplies last)

SMSi Partners Lafayette Jones (left), Sandra Miller Jones, Joseph Rodney Lawrence

Segmented Marketing Services is pleased to share this Urban Call – Style Edition with you. In this national network publication for our youth we are delighted to introduce to you the Culture brand of hair care products created by Kids Care Corporation. We know how important it is to help parents and stylists work with young people so that they can begin to develop healthy hair. We are proud to introduce these products through our community of networks. SMSi’s publications and programs ( reach millions of African-Americans in churches, beauty salons, barbershops, youth and health organizations. Copyrighted material, all rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part of any materials in the publication, Urban Call–Style Edition, without the written permission of Segmented Marketing Services, Inc. (SMSi), is expressly prohibited. Culture items (photography and images) are copyrighted under Kids Care Corporation. Urban Call ® and SMSi ® are registered trademarks of Segmented Marketing Services, Inc. (SMSi).

Just mail your 75-word story, your name, address, and telephone number, along with a photo of yourself, to: Culture, My Story, 8486-H Tyco Road,Vienna,VA 22182. Some of the stories will be posted on the Culture web site—however, no stories or pictures will be CULTURE posted without the permission of your parent.We look forward to hearing from you! friendship

Can a friend count on you for support?


Are there times when you’re super strong?


Have you ever tried again and again


Did you ever create something totally cool?


(even if something was hard)?

Is there a subject at school you’re really good at?


Do you respect and get along with all kinds of people?


How have you been the best you can be?


baseball cap

CULTURE t-shirt

Do you sometimes have the answers to tough questions?


The Word On the Street

7 Day Relaxer Get the Look Without the Damage! You’ll love the results from Culture 7 Day Relaxer. Use it after shampooing for a smoother, straighter look. Apply and blow dry with a round brush or comb attachment. It’s completely safe for hair that’s been chemically or color treated.

Here’s what customers have to say about Culture: “Culture 7 Day Relaxer makes my hair feel straight, healthy, and pretty without harsh chemicals.” Patti, age 12 “Culture Wrap & Smooth Créme on my hair at night keeps it moisturized, soft and smooth.” Yolanda, mother “Culture Braid & Lock Life is great for my braids. I can shampoo it out and there is no buildup. I don’t worry about shampooing my hair and being able to keep my braids in.” Tomika, age 11

Parents Love It!

Kids and teens aren’t the only ones using the Culture line. Mothers and fathers have fallen in love with Culture’s formulations which are light, modern, and don’t contain heavy perfumes or oils. “I originally bought it for my daughter and son, but honestly, it worked wonders on my hair,” says Nina Johnson, a parent in Brooklyn, NY.

CULTURE™ is available at your neighborhood beauty supply store. Also at select mass merchandisers:


Visit Culture at

Urban Call — Sponsored by Culture Haircare  

Urban Call — Sponsored by Culture Haircare. Urban Call with specialized haircare editorial for African-American and Hispanic kids and tween...

Urban Call — Sponsored by Culture Haircare  

Urban Call — Sponsored by Culture Haircare. Urban Call with specialized haircare editorial for African-American and Hispanic kids and tween...