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Inspirational Teacher Holistic Life Coach Television Personality Keynote Speaker Author “Fulfilling YOUR DESTINY is YOUR responsibility...NOT someone else's!” ~Dr.M

Meet Dr. Mullins Dr. Shaurice Mullins, known to many as Dr. M, is an Inspirational Teacher, Motivational Speaker and Holistic Life Coach who is described as a bold, radical, servant of God with the reputation of “keeping it real”. As the Pastor and Founder of Present Truth Holistic Ministries, Inc. located in Wilson N.C., her holistic approach to ministry and uncompromising methods of teaching the Word of God with simplicity, has inspired many to be convinced, converted, and enlightened, and has empowered both men and women for nearly twenty years. As the CEO and Founder of The Processed Woman, Inc., Dr. Mullins, has accepted the spiritual assignment of tearing down the strongholds which have been detrimental to the spiritual and mental growth of woman for many generations. Her leadership expertise combined with her depth of spiritual knowledge enables her to deliver life-changing messages to women that inspire them to walk their own authentic journey. Her messages and methods of teaching have motivated women of all walks of life to take the steps needed to become the person they were predestined to be.

She is the author of the soon to be released book titled, “The Processed Woman:

Your Purpose Is on The Other Side! She is also the founder of “The Keys to the Kingdom” Professional Coaching Institute as well as the founder of “The Keys to the Kingdom” Principles of Success Seminars (K2K). These powerful seminars are packed with innovative tools to give both women and men the knowledge and insight needed to possess the things their hearts desire. Standing on the Word of God, which states, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou shall prosper and be in good health even as thou soul prospereth”, Dr. Mullins deals with the whole life of an individual (mind, spirit, soul, and body) to enlighten, motivate, and empower them for success.

With several certifications and degrees to her credit, Dr. Shaurice E. Mullins not only comes with a Doctoral Degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies, she also has licenses and certifications as a Holistic Life Coach/Counselor, Entrepreneur, Professional Housing Counselor, and Experienced Real Estate Developer/Investor. She is also the mother of five children. Using her own life as an open book, Dr. Shaurice E. Mullins empowers women who are going through their own SOUL EVOLVING PROCESSES to be bold, confident, and fearless. She truly stands firm in her conviction to teach and unveil the Kingdom of God and remind women all over the world to stay strong, in spite of your afflictions, because YOUR PURPOSE IS ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!!

Programs A KEEPING IT REAL MOMENT…MY LIFE IS AN OPEN BOOK AND I AM NOT ASHAMED TO SHARE THIS BECAUSE IT IS THE GOD KNOWS TRUTH! Years ago…I was broke, divorced, a single mother of five, and jobless. I had to move back home with my mother, who only had one spare bedroom. You can only imagine how uncomfortable that must have been for me and my FIVE children! My bank account was in the negative constantly and I barely knew how I was going to make ends meet from month to month. To be quite honest, there was always more days of month than there was money left in my account. During this time in my life, God revealed the “Keys to the Kingdom” to me. I diligently began to use these God-given keys in my life and it absolutely changed my life! I desire to share these powerful life-changing keyswith you today. Your life will never be the same! THERE IS NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN!!! ~Dr.M~

Keys to the Kingdom Professional Coaching Institute (K2K) I am often asked to be a coach or mentor to someone in his or her spiritual development. Teaching is one of my favorite things to do. But as much as I love to teach, it is just not enough time in a day for me to coach each individual at a time. So I called some of my like-minded and expertly trained friends to join the faculty so we can deliver the best instruction and ensure each student is fully supported.

Keys to the Kingdom Principles of Success Seminars (K2K) I truly love to minister to the whole life of an individual (mind, spirit, soul, and body) to enlighten, motivate, and empower them for success. Whether you desire to be debt free, get married, improve your current relationship, have better friendships, lose weight, buy the home of your dreams, improve your health or start a new business, my K2K Success Seminars can show you how you really can have, do, or be whatever you desire to be! I will help you and facilitate the process. You will do the work.

Enlightening Moments We all need those empowerment moments. Those pick-me-ups that keep us reminded of our purpose. Those words of encouragement that help us face our day to day issues with strength, courage, and wisdom. I call these enlightening moments. These powerful videos are not only jammed packed with positive and powerful words of encouragement, but are just what you need to revive and energize your spirit.

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Contact Contact Dr. Shaurice E. Mullins Prayer Request: There is power in prayer. Let us pray for/with you. Email your request: General Messages: (888) 855-0736 The Processed Woman, Inc. P.O. Box 2861 Wilson, NC 27894 Key To The Kingdom Professional Coaching Institute Enrollment Inquiries: Email: Management for Dr. Shaurice Mullins: Sharlene Wall Email: Phone: (252) 714-1057 For Interviews and Speaking Engagements for Dr. Shaurice E. Mullins: Gina Smith Publicist SPMG Media Digital & Print Publications PR & Marketing (888) 841-7779 Also visit

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Dr. Shaurice Mullins, known to many as Dr. M, is an Inspirational Teacher, Motivational Speaker and Holistic Life Coach who is described as...

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