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THE RECORD Michael Blogs: 7th Grader Of The Week VOLUME XLIV ISSUE 3 SEPTEMBER 13, 2013 Editor In Chief Andrew Cammon ‘14 Layout Editor Lucas McGartland ‘14 Content Editors Michael Herman ‘14 William O’Brien ‘14 Eric Stange ‘14 Faculty Moderator Ms. Layton Contact 314.434.3690 ext. 221

By Michael Herman ’14 Content Editor Wilmsen Craig was recently named the 12th Happiest Middle Schooler in St. Louis Metropolitan Area. In a recent study of all Middle Schoolers that ranged from public school rascals to our very own learned Wilmsen, the ins and outs of a successful and happy middle school career were discovered. According to most middle schoolers at Priory, their mood is usually determined by the results of their X period PingPong match. “I’m pretty into Ping-Pong” said Wilmsen last week to various reporters. It seems that Wilmsen, despite his

disadvantage of being born with two left hands, has been tearing it up in the J-school commons. Another aspect, according to Wilmsen, that determines Middle school happiness is mixers. Now I know that it has been too long since some of our readers have been at a good mixer, but I think we can all admit they are the best thing since sliced evergreen kumquats. According to Wilmsen, much has changed in the mixer department. “It’s now a great place to meet fly honeys and spit game on these aforementioned honeys”. Wilmsen is a self-proclaimed ladies’ man and is not afraid to tell everyone he encounters this


Even though Wilmsen likes these things, they are not what make him the 12th Happiest Middle Schooler. Thursday donut day, Wilmsen proclaims, is even better than mixers. Young Wilmsen has been known to gorge himself with donuts not because it is fun but because it is his duty. Upon hearing he was named 12th Happiest Middle Schooler Wilmsen told Michael Blogs he texted all his honeys to tell them the good news. “It was more vexing than anything else to be honest, because I have a plethora of them”. Michael Blogs over and out.

Michael Blogs: I’m the New Intern By Ramzi Haddad ’16 The Record Disclaimer

The Record is the official student publication of Saint Louis Priory School in St. Louis, Missouri. It is produced by students/staff members. Its purpose is to inform students of events in the community; to encourage discussion of local, national, and international issues; and to serve as a training ground for budding journalists, photographer s, and graphic designers. The Record accepts contributions from all members of the Priory community, including students, faculty, and alumni. The Record will not publish content considered legally unprotected speech, including but not limited to: libel, copyr ight infr ingement, unwarranted invasion of privacy, or material disruption of the educational process. Student editors apply professional standards to the production of the newspaper and are solely responsible for all content, both explicit and implicit. Letters to the Editors are always appreciated. Feedback not intended for publication is also welcome.

Hello Priory, I have just acquired the internship at Michael Blogs, and, needless to say, I am ecstatic. Millions of people applied, but only one could rise above the pack (hint it’s me for all you b-setters). When I heard the senior editors say that they were aggressively expanding The Record, it perked my appetite for cold hard facts reporting. Michael Blogs is by far the most laborintensive and rigorous establishment I have ever been employed at. I constantly receive texts from “The Michael” telling me that I can turn in my entry whenever, as long as its in before Wednesday. Obviously there are serious aggressive undertones in texts such as this, and I have struggled to cope with the pressure. When I first learned of my acceptance to Michael Blogs I immediately read every one of

“The Michael’s” articles. With CNN-type reporting being displayed on a weekly basis, I could not risk letting down “The Michael”, Michael Blogs, or my dog Buddy (not to be confused with Buddy the tightwearing elf). I intend to create a non-biased atmosphere where only the facts count. For my first investigative report I decided to sit down with The Flip Boy, or more commonly known as Josh in ninth grade. Last Monday Josh did some Dragon Ball Z-ish maneuvers on stage for talent of the week. My interview with him is as follows: Me: Do you dabble in serious gymnastics? Flip Boy: No man I do parkour. Me: but you still dig Gaby Douglas right? The Serious Spinner: Next Question. Me: How did you learn parkour? J Dog: The Internet and several workshops.

Signature Teacher Drinks

Me: I’m more of a gift shop kind of guy. Talent of the Week: Can we please hurry this up? My ride is waiting outside. Me: I’m getting a very hostile vibe coming from your direction right now. If I were you I would be grateful that I am giving you such great exposure for your Parkour portfolio. Flipperoony: One more question bro and then I have to leave. Me: All right. This is more of an opinion but I still think Michael and Dwight from the Office would beat you in a Parkour-off. Flipped out: This was a giant waste of time. So there you have it folks don’t mess with people that do parkour, because they are hurtful and think they are better than you because they can do flips. This is Ramzi signing off from Michael Blogs.

OPINI ON Advice to Form II Students By Peter Hopkins ’17 Staff Writer Even though it is three weeks into the year at Priory, some of the Form II students may be overwhelmed by the new school year. As a former form II student who struggled in the first weeks of school, I know what it is like. Here’s some helpful advice. Firstly, your teachers cannot stress it enough that you need to take good notes in all of your classes. These notes will help tremendously on quizzes, tests, and exams. You should always keep your notes neat and organized; ringed binders are best for this. And for languages it is always important to make flashcards for all those

words. Always write your assignments in the assignment notebook. Although you may think you can remember what your homework is for the night, you can always forget what you don’t write down. Writing down long-term assignments can also help to set time for completing the long-term assignment. Always ask questions. If you are stuck on something always ask the teacher, they will help you. That is what the teacher is for, to help you learn the subject to your fullest. If you are confused on your homework you should always find the teacher in the morning, it is a sure way to get good grades on homework and to learn the material.

3 Unknown

Review your notes with your friends; you need to make sure that what you have is correct and another person might catch something you put that is wrong or if you are missing something. Even if you don’t have much homework you should always spend time on each subject. This is a great way to memorize the content of the subject for the next quiz or test. In short, the new Form II students may think this article is just making them do more work for nothing, but this advice can really help with anyone who is struggling with the new year at Priory.

This symbol has pervaded the school throughout the summer. Conspiracy theorists suggest that it may be the mark of a secret society that controls Priory from the shadows. It has also been suggested that Fr. Augustine may be involved in said society. For more information, interrogate him.

The Last Apprentice: A Book Series For Kids? By Rohith Perla ’15 Staff Writer Out of all the books I have read, I have never come across a series as influential as The Last Apprentice. When I read the first book, it terrified me. I did some research and found out that the series was classified as a book series for kids. In my opinion, the series is too scary to be classified as a kids’ series. The story revolves around the premise that since the beginning of time there has been is the light and the dark. The light is the good in the world, and the dark is, o b v i o u s l y, t h e e v i l . Supernatural creatures, including witches, boggarts, and ghosts, are ever-present in a place called the County. Some creatures are harmless and at most mischievous, but others are dangerous enough to kill

people, and a select few are powerful enough to be considered gods. The dark, s e e m i n g l y, c o u l d e a s i l y overwhelm the County, but the place still standing. It remains because of certain men called Spooks. The most renowned of these is a man named John G r e g o r y. H i s s t r e n g t h i s waning, and he needs to train an apprentice before it is too l a t e . Tw e n t y - n i n e h a v e attempted to be a Spook, and all of them have failed. Some have fled, some were driven insane, and some have even lost their lives. John Gregory has decided to try one last time, and who is the special last apprentice? A thirteen-year old boy named Thomas Ward. Tom goes to the Spook’s house, and finds out that he keeps creatures from the dark trapped in his backyard because he does not want to kill them.

Tom learns of one particularly dangerous witch named Mother Malkin. The Spook makes him promise not to free her, and he complies. However, he is blackmailed, and before he realizes his folly, Mother Malkin breaks out. The night she goes free, Tom is alone in the Spook’s house, and he senses that the witch is free. He goes after her, and his only weapon is a wooden staff. Can you imagine fighting a really powerful witch, with just a wooden staff, at night? But what is even scarier is that is possible for strong witches to possess another person after death, or even reanimate her own body, making it soft and pliable, making it able to go through cracks in walls. Can you also imagine yourself lying alone in bed, in the dark of night, knowing that a witch that has reanimated her dead body

Fr. Gregory: Mate

could be coming after you? She could come through the ventilation system into your room, and then do what she came to do. The author, Joseph Delaney, puts the reader into the book, and makes the reader feel as if he was right beside the protagonist. I understand that the series might not even be scary to some readers, but if one takes the time to visualize the book, then he might think otherwise. In my opinion, the series is obviously too scary to be a kids’ series, and this is only one of, if not the only, contemporary dark fantasy novels apparently geared toward children. Also, I believe that the series would be enjoyed by many people here at Priory. If you want to start reading the series, it is in the library.



Sudokus: Easy, Medium, and Hard

Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1. Planet 6. Highest point 10. Ex-servicemen 14. French farewell 15. Thug 16. Type of sword 17. Restaurant 18. "Oh my!" 19. Departed 20. Gain favor 22. Biblical garden 23. Container 24. Sacred song 26. Moving 30. Deadly snake 32. Ancient Roman magistrate 33. Prison escape 37. Blue-green 38. Dining room furniture 39. Doing nothing 40. Without a doubt

42. Lift 43. Donnybrook 44. Malicious 45. Coast 47. Nourished 48. Hireling 49. Organize 56. Murres 57. Found in some lotions 58. Christmas song 59. Sourish 60. Small, medium or large 61. Awry 62. You (archaic) 63. Foot digits 64. Rental agreement DOWN 1. Dry riverbed 2. Norse god 3. Jewelry 4. Lascivious look

5. Long-lasting 6. Another time 7. Soft drink 8. Protective ditch 9. Corps de ballet 10. He eats no meat 11. Lyric poem 12. Basic belief 13. Observed 21. Bind 14. 25. Sphere 15. 26. Anagram of "Meat" 16. 27. Poems 17. 28. Partiality 18. 29. Shed light on 19. 30. A steel wire rope 20. 31. Greasy 21. 33. Green gem 22. 34. Modify 23. 35. As well 24. 36. Avid 25. 38. Program

airing 41. Crimson 42. Revolutionary 44. Married 45. Hebrew unit of weight 46. France's longest river 47. Liberates 48. Short golf shot 50. Hodgepodge 51. Exude 52. What a person is called 53. Operatic solo 54. Throw 55. If not

Riddles What goes round the house and in the house but never touches the house?

What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?

What is round as a dishpan, deep as a tub, and still the oceans couldn't fill it up?

There were five men going to church and it started to rain. The four that ran got wet and the one that stood still stayed dry.

He who has it doesn't tell it. He who takes it doesn't know it. He who knows it doesn't want it. What is it?

Who spends the day at the window, goes to the table for meals and hides at night?

Dr. Griesbauer: Tea Stirred With a Pen




The LOVE Doctors Return By William O’Brien ’14 Content Editor & Andrew Rund ’16 Having Romance problems?? Come to either Will O’Brien or Andrew Rund and talk to them! Submission from reader: “Hey guys long time reader, first time writer!! Anyways, I’m going to get right down into details. I have a girlfriend, but we’re running into some problems. She thinks I spend way too much time with Priory’s weak, flimsy backup quarterback. I don’t know why she’s so jealous, after all he is very weak and very flimsy. But she thinks that I’m with him too much and not her enough. But I really don’t want to hurt the backup quarterback’s feelings; he’s pretty sensitive and all. Well I hope you two masters of the art of love can guide me in the right direction. I leave my love life in your capable hands. Sincerely,

KitownsmeC-Dawg1235 Rund- Well C-Dawg I have to say you have yourself in quite a predicament. For I was once a backup quarterback and normally they are a joy to be around. But I have to say you have to think about a few things. Number 1: Do I want to play Madden 25 with my girlfriend? Nah you wanna play with the flimsy/very weak back up quarterback. Number 2: it's good to be wanted by your girlfriend but when it's the backup quarterback that wants you, you give up all your plans and you go with him. Number 3: Remember the backup quarterback splits the dinner tab while your girlfriend sits and waits for you to get it. It's a pretty simple choice; take from a 2-year veteran Love Doctor like me. Will- I think you just need to set your priorities straight CDawg. Is this “Kit” girl your girlfriend, and does she in fact

own you? If so, then perhaps she holds a bigger role in your life than the backup quarterback. Or you could try to spend time with both your girlfriend and the backup quarterback at the same time, and make them get along. Of course if you do this make sure you beat up the backup quarterback regularly in front of your girlfriend so that she knows that you are in fact the alpha male and not him. We can’t risk her thinking that you are somehow less manly than a backup. Take it from a doctor who has spent hours exploring the deep field of love, you must convince your significant other you are the manliest specimen to ever walk this Earth. Good luck! Remember, if you have any issues in your love life, feel free to write us a heartfelt letter at or so the love doctors can heal your broken heart!

Soccer On The Rise By Eric Stange ’14 Content Editor Since the last article, the varsity soccer team has gone 3-2 in an important stretch. With a great result last Friday with a 3-2 home win over Parkway

Central, as well as a solid 2-0 win over Lutheran South the following morning, the Rebels were in improved spirits. This week, the Rebels had their first game in the St. Dominic tournament, which includes many incredibly strong large

schools. However, this is noted as "Priory's" tournament, as Priory soccer teams have won it the most times in its current format. The Rebels faced a Fort Zumwalt West team that has been a notable large school... continued on page 8.

Mrs. Frentzel: Whatever's in that Zebra Mug


Homecoming T-Shirt/ Tank/Ticket Order Forms are due on Monday! Please fill yours out and return it to a Senior STUCO member, Mrs. Frentzel, or Mrs. Lane. These shirts/tanks are the best STUCO has ever created, and will be some of the best clothing you will ever own. So please purchase yours and wear it to the Homecoming Game on September 28th. Don’t forget about the dance that night or the Bonfire on September 27th either! Enjoy Priory. -STUCO

Apology The Record apologizes for a few errors in the last issue, including mistakenly using Danny Martin’s photo on Andrew O’Sullivan’s article header.


6 Homecoming

This Changes Everything. Again. By George Ahlering ’16 Staff Writer

MARTY PARTY Homecoming T-Shirt/ Tank/Ticket Order Forms are due on Monday!

Robotics RoboRebels Open House Sunday September 15th 1:00-2:30pm Junior School Commons Join us Sunday to learn more about the robotics team here at Priory. We will be demoing our robots and giving out information on our club. All Priory and Visitation students are invited and will get an opportunity to drive the robots. There will also be a meeting for all returning members. If you can't make it contact Mr. Ward at Hope to see you there!

On Tuesday, September 10, Apple made several announcements and unveilings at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. Apple’s Senior Vice President, Phil Schiller, showed off the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Both iPhones will r u n o n t h e b r a n d n e w, completely redesigned iOS7 operating system. iPhone 5s has many new features and capabilities as well as some similarities to iPhone 5. It is neither bigger nor heavier than iPhone 5, but it has a lot more features packed in, including the new A7 64-bit chip, Touch ID, and new “gold” version. It will still run on 4G LTE services, which is the fastest available, however it utilizes more spectrum bands than ever for better reception and service. Its new battery boasts a recorded 250 hours of standby and up to 10 hours of talk. Perhaps one of the biggest changes will be the new “ To u c h I D ” w h i c h i s a fingerprint scanner located on the home button (as opposed to a passcode lock). The scanner can be used to unlock the phone a s w e l l a s m a k e i Tu n e s purchases. iPhone 5s also includes all new processors: The A7 and M7. Together, they make the phone two times quicker than the previous generation. The camera, which also received an update, now

has two LED flashes that will help balance light better than before. Perhaps the biggest change however, comes from the camera. The new camera app has new filters, Slo Mo capability with videos and a new burst mode. The burst mode will be great for action or sports shots as the camera will capture 10 frames in 1 second. iPhone 5s will start at $199 (with a 2 year contract) and will come in the colors of gold, silver and ‘space grey’. Originally proposed to serve as a more economically friendly phone, Apple hopes to broaden its market into less successful countries with iPhone 5c. iPhone 5c is made from a plastic exterior that is smooth and seamless. But Apple made sure to keep this phone feeling similar to iPhone 5s/5. It includes everything from iPhone 5 had and then some. It boasts a steel reinforced frame, is highly durable and won’t crack as easily as the previous iPhones. The new iOS7 was “made to complement iPhone 5c beautifully”, combining the software and hardware designs together. It has a high quality, 8 mega pixel camera, 4 inch retina display and also runs on 4G LTE. iPhone 5c starts at $99 (with a 2 year contract) and comes in the colors red, yellow, green, blue and white. The iOS7 operating system is the newest technology out there. It is user friendly and

Mr. Schake Before Lunch: Coke Zero in HGS Cup

much faster to operate. Control Center is a brand new benefit, allowing you to access almost all of your settings from any screen, with a swipe up from the bottom of the screen. From here you can adjust your screen brightness, turn on/off WiFi c o n n e c t i v i t y, t u r n o n / o ff airplane mode, and adjust sounds/notifications.The multitasking approach has changed tremendously, now instead of only seeing your recently used apps’ icons, you are shown previews of the screens from the apps you have open. Also, the overall layout and app icons have changed with the help of lively, vivid colors in order to create a more harmonious order. The camera roll also received an update and now you can view/sort photos by the date they were taken. iOS7 will work to conserve your battery and will automatically update apps during power efficient times (such as when you are plugged in and on WiFi). Siri will be modified to feature your choice of either a male or female voice and the speech will be smoother and more lifelike. Ladies and gentlemen, Apple has done it again. And just when you thought it was impossible to add more to the already incredible iPhone, they did. iOS7 is set to come out September 18th and you can pre-order both iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on September 13th. Look forward to it!

TE C H N OLOGY Case and Point: Layout Editor Luke McGartland’s shattered iPad. However, he did not condone the publishing of the article below, being part of the Apple cult.

7 Editor’s Picks

1 Lady Killers G-Eazy

2 Powe Trip J Cole

3 No Lie 2 Chainz

4 This Does Not Change Anything. At All. By Christopher Ahlering ’14 As most of the world became overly excited as Apple announced its new iPhone 5s and 5c and their new operating system iOS7 today, I watched in horror. Many people see A p p le at its f ace v alu e. However, I know their deepest and darkest secrets, that is, their aggressive marketing strategy. I am sure that many people still use an iPhone 4 or 4s, just as I do. I would like to ask you, have you noticed your phone become slower? Has its battery life shortened? Does it randomly freeze or loose service? Does it in any way irk you? If so, you are a victim of Apple’s aggressive marketing tactics. Apple claims that its products are the pinnacle of technology and that they are perfectly engineered to provide their customers with years of happiness and joy. However, many people believe that Apple has placed a bug deep within each of their phones that slowly kills the phone after about 2-3

years. If this theory of the “selfdestroying” iPhone is true, I am going to take full advantage of it. I for one am very frustrated with the predicament Apple in which has placed me. On one hand, my phone is literally dying. On the other, I do not want to spend the $500+ to buy a new iPhone when it comes out. Many people will be tricked into buying the new phone when it comes out because, why not get the newest and the greatest edition to the Apple iPhone family? I urge you not to fall into this trap. The way I plan about solving this problem is to buy the iPhone 5 when the new iPhone 5s is released. This plan is very sound because as soon as the new iPhone 5s is released, all the tech-nuts, techno gurus, and the generally tech-savvy people will flock into the Apple store nearest to them and gladly shell out $500 to buy the new iPhone. However, I do not need the newest phone. I do not care if the iPhone 5s loads my

twitter feed .001 seconds faster than iPhone 5. I do not care that they have placed a new internal 64-bit processor in the phone. I do not even know what 64-bit means and I’m sure 99.99% of the people buying the new iPhone do not know what this means either. These giddy new iPhone buyers also do not know that I plan on playing them, and I am going to tell you how you can play them too. When the millions of people with iPhone 5 buy a new iPhone 5s, what will happen to their old iPhone 5’s? Many of these old iPhone 5’s will pop up on eBay, Craigslist, and other places online for cheap. When this happens, I plan to swoop in and purchase one of these newly discounted iPhones, and in the process, save myself a couple hundred dollars. I advise you, my friends, to do the same. Save your money, because one day, you may want it to buy stock in Apple so that you can begin to profit of Apple’s aggressive marking scheme.

Mr. Schake After Lunch: Iced Tea in HGS Cup

Toes Zach Brown Band

5 Lip Gloss Lil Mama

6 Versace Drake


Last Man Standing Asher Roth

8 Kidz Bop 24 Kidz Bop

9 Daughters John Mayer

10 Purple Swag A$ap Rocky




XC: Lutheran South


By Stephen Clark ‘14 Football Captain

By Daniel Martin ’14 Cross Country Captain

Sunday, September 15 1:00PM Robotics Open House in Junior School Commons

On a warm September day, your Priory Rebels took on the Lutheran North Crusaders at Busch field. The home opener for the season, and coming off a strong victory over Alton Marquette the Rebels, looked to trounce the Crusaders. Also the first league game for the Rebels, winning there was the first step to winning our first Metro League title in years. After a slow start, in which the Crusaders marched down the field and scored on their opening possession, after the Rebel’s initial three-and-out, the Rebels turned on the jets and dominated the rest of the game. The defense stiffened and froze the crusader offense, not allowing another score until very late in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, the offense, led by the rushing efforts of Andrew Rund, John Agnew, and Dom Coppola, gashed the Crusaders defense for a total of 33 points.

This past week, the Priory cross country team had its first real 5K race of the year at Jefferson Barracks. Instead of regaling you with fanciful tales of Priory's JV prowess, I'll just tell you the story straight up. They absolutely demolished the competition. The second place team was well over 80 points behind. Between Whaley, Alex Lowell, Kemna, McGartland, and Avery, a score of 20 was only 5 points off a perfect score. Expect them to continue their domination of opponents at the upcoming meets. On the varsity side, the seven most fearless and distinguished members of Priory cross country went out to try their hand against their greatest rival - MICDS. With the wise words of Chris Chivetta in their minds (SOPO - See One, Pass One), these runners burst out of the start from a terrible position. A slow start and a huge Priory pack forming meant that six Priory

runners made their way from 80th place to the low 20s in less than three miles. Such aggressive packing led to other spectators and coaches to either become speechless as the pack passed their runners or cheer on the Priory runners. When you can make other teams cheer for you, you really have something special. With Andrew O'Sullivan leading the team with an 18:32, the pack placed five runners in the low 19 minute range. In other words, Priory's five scoring runners finished before MICDS' fourth runner. However, some unfortunate scoring placement meant that Priory was narrowly defeated by MICDS (by two points). This performance has put Priory on the radar for the season though. Such an unknown team came very close to defeating a well-known MICDS team. Expect Priory's team to step it up even further at Forest Park this week, and to give all Class 3 schools a run for their money in the coming weeks.

Update By William O’Brien ’14 Content Editor Yesterday the rebels took on John Burroughs at home. The defense played well, and the offense put together some promising drives. In a good, well-fought game, the Rebels lost 6-21. The game was very close most of the time, against the number one small school in the state. This leaves Priory with some real promise going forward. The team hopes to see a huge turnout against MICDS next week, and thanks the fans who were at the game last night.

Soccer, Continued for a few years, and Priory now faced them for three straight years with this game. Up against a younger squad, the Rebels soon took measure of F o r t Z u m w a l t We s t a n d outpaced them for a 3-0 win with two goals from stud Ryan Mulqueeny and self-proclaimed 'role player' Jack Herr. Next up, the Rebels faced a daunting opponent: St. Dominic themselves in the semi-finals under the lights. Ranked number one in the small schools rankings since the first rankings came out last year, as well as being the defending

state champs, the Rebels knew that only our very best would compete with this juggernaut. Fired up and determined to give St. Dominic their best, we played the best we have all year and drew first blood on a terrific combination resulting outstanding hustle from Ryan Mulqueeny to David Gantt, who finished fantastically to give the Rebels the lead 20 minutes into the game, but sadly the eventual winner was St. Dominic. The Rebels play Fort Zumwalt East in the third place game Saturday at St. Dominic.

Mr. Muench: 6 Pack of Diet Mountain Dew

Monday, September 16 Form III Day of Recollection Lunch: Fried Chicken, Sesame Beef and Broccoli 9:00AM Christian Brothers University 11:15AM Furman University 2:12PM Jesuit Excellence College Fair 4:15PM V Soccer vs. St. Mary’s 4:15PM JV Soccer vs. St. Mary’s 4:30PM JV Football @ Barat Academy Tuesday, September 17 Lunch: Shepard’s Pie Pasta Bar 9:00AM Birmingham Southern 10:00AM Case Western 10:45AM SMU 1:00PM Rose-Hulman Institute of Tech. 2:00PM Saint John’s University 4:00PM JV Soccer @ CBC 5:30PM V Soccer @CBC Wednesday. September 18 Lunch: Roasted Turkey Breast Taco Bar 9:30AM Florida Southern 10:30AM Providence College 12:45PM University of Dallas 1:30PM Bucknell 6:30PM College Fair @ DeSmet Thursday. September 19 Dress Down Day Lunch: Sliced Smoked Brisket “Breakfast for Lunch” 8:45AM Knox 9:30AM Belmont 11:00AM University of Denver 1:00PM Tufts 2:15PM Georgetown 4:00PM Cross Country @ Spanish Lake Friday, September 20 Lunch: Vegetable Baked Mostaccioli Fish and Chips 10:00AM Cornell College (IA) 11:00AM University of Evansville 1:00PM Davidson 2:00PM Seton Hall 4:00PM JV Soccer vs. Whitfield 4:30PM C Football vs. MICDS

Volume XLIV - Issue 3