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With the wonderful invention of the Internet, the am puu tee fetishism community has grown through chat rooms, support websites, dating sites for am putees and devotees, and disabled pornographic sites. The acrotomophiliac’s fascination with images lends considd erable credulity to claims that the attraction to disabill ity is voyeuristic and hence forms part of the sado masochistic continuum. When asked what she liked most about role-playing sexually as an am putee, Sylar responded “…to me it's connected with bondage. Amm putation is kind of the logical next step beyond bondage…a more severe and permanent restriction.” In closing, individuals should not feel weird or ashamed if they discover that they have fantasies about am putees or disabled individuals. Everyone has their kinks, and it’s people like Sylar Shackleton who are brave enough to start a group based on a taboo subject. Sylar is conn tem plating creating an additional group in Second Life specifically for am putee sexual fetishists. With the ongoing sexual revolution, more people are becoming on sexually aware and “coming out” with their offbeat fee tishes so to speak, therefore my support and encourr agement goes out to her as she creates a necessary fetish group within Second Life. Venus Girl:

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MD: Which products are your best sellers? LL: One of my best sellers, is probably one of my oldest, the Dragon's Tail Whi p but the Black Widow Whi p is slowly catching up on that one. MD: Is there a high demand for the poseball anims? There seems to be a fierce competition there? LL: There's a very high demand, but when it comes to competition, I ignore it. I tend to design what I like, competition is irrelevant. With that said, most of my competition uses stock animations, or uses the same animations over and over in different builds. I design a new set of animations for every product, so no two products are alike. MD: Is there anything you'd wish you had developed but someone else did? LL: The Real Restrained Life Viewer comes to mind, but really, if anyone really dee serves the success from that, it's Marine Kelly. You would have a difficult time finding someone more brilliant than her in the BDSM world of Second Life. Marine (Kelley) came into my Dictatorshop years back, when she was developing her first pair of handcuffs and I remember telling her, "You're going to be rich." (smiles here). I really want to include RLV support in my furniture, but the last time I checked it was awkward to create support for furniture, you had to use a 3rd party protocol, protoco I'll likely look into it again sooner or later. I'm also not keen on using 3rd party viewers, but in the end, I would trust Marine.

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57.1% If it's kept trimmed and not wild, i don't mind rubbin' up against it 35.7% No way, I like my mate baby smooth. 7.1% Yes, i love myself a natural mountain man/hi ppie woman!



Article & Photos by: Ruri Muni Ruri Muni is the owner of Sexy Naughty Sounds and has decided to create articles for SLag as a hobby. Throwing lindens at her account makes rainbows appear for small children and cures the common cold.

Bad Kittens Stables , also known as BKS, is a sim where players using the RLV (Restrained Life Alternate Viewer) can come and be kidnapped and disappear for a while. I first heard about this sim from a friend of mine, the wonderful and wonderfully weird Astrid Freck. She vanished into the zone with her profile explaining that she was “abducted at the Bad Kitten Stables, never to be heard of again.� Months later, after she'd become part of the community, she invited me to come see the BKS. The zone is a clean and neat hodgepodge of items, but very different from most BDSM zones. Items have not just been tossed out for random people to use, but (rather) have been caree ha fully selected and placed. Also, to stress the use of the RLV, some traps will reach out and grab your avatar and hold you until you are rescued. This liberal use of the capture scri pting has attracted more than one person to the sim. 18 | SLag | June 09

to what I am told will be my monthly review of the many sexy gay/lesbian friendly playy our heart quickening with antici pation and excitement, so let the details begin!

Gay Garage at Cargo City. I was teleported to this wonderland of blue on blue pose balls y I knew when asked to write this column where my first review would be.

together. This gritty, urban environment will provide you hours of fun, as you wander and d scenario waiting for you. Getting pegged while working on the car? DONE! Rimmed Erotic bath in the bosses office then a quick snuggle on his couch? DONE and DONE!

s sims, are jerky and out of sync, but I did find a few that made me a bit stiff in the virtual unt of poses geared towards m/m sex. I mean, I know that’s the point while in the Gay me by. No pun intended. Well, maybe al little.

of men. All kinds of men. From furries to doms to leather to bling, you can find all manner out on the dock and cruise, and it seems as if it’s more of a pick up spot than an actual work to your advantage, as you will have free reign over the place if you are going to bonk

es and an abundance of space. The lag can be a bit much, but my PC is less than perfect minimal and you should be able to get some semi privacy if you are so inclined. So head on d!

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26 | SLag | June 09

By: DJ Rance Alva

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Smooth Grooves Rance Alva is the SLag Sexified Music Connosoir, bringing you the playlist to lose your pants every month.† He is a regular DJ at Mixtape, The Velvet, Suffugium, & The Crow in Second Life. June 09 | SLag | 27

Whats in store for next month? I'm finally going to cave and share with you THE best Tattoo artists of SL, after a few requests for where I get my Ink, I've finally decided to bare all and share with you my favourites, which I'm sure will be yours soon too!


different shades and patterns, I recommend the fatpack as the fabrics are all gorr geous and you can team every one with just about anything in your wardrobe, or wear it by itself. I've chosen to team mine with Miel plaid stockings, as I'm on a stocking frenzy at the moment, much to the charging of a dear friend who has a fetish for them. Where can you find all these goodies? Marilyn: Digit Darkes - Affair Dress Insolence - Classic Black Nylon Seamed Stockings (Part of the Lily set) Liz: Luck Inc - Sinken Dress *Sheer* Stockings - Wrinkled Black Bardot: Luck Inc - Chemise Dress Miel - Lo Socks Ebony Plaid 32 | SLag | June 09



SLag: Do you have any kinks or fetishes? Desidelia: Mmm I adapt to everything except scat and piss, but I suppose what I enjoy more is seeing people and seeing how they cum. I suppose this is my fetish and why I am often dom, cos I like see the pleasure or pain from other people. SLag: Anything else the SLag readers should know? Desidelia: My advice is that I recommend people do the things they like and try new ones without worrying what other people think, if you enjoy a thing do it, but be careful mixing it with Real Life, I would only cross this limit when you are really, really, really sure. To See More Desidelia Vella Photography visit:

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SLag: What are your views on sex and kinks? Alyne: For me the best way to know the true face Alyn of a country is to take a good look in the pornograa phy magazines they made. Everything which is hidden by society is shown in porn pictures, because sex uses to be personal, but the way to make sex is cultural. The more open people are to sex, the happier they will be - and I don't mean you have to be promiscuous, but open-minded. Looking at this way is difficult tag anything "kink". Two (or more) people have to make anything they want in a bed (even in a virtual one). Of course all the involved people have to agree about what they will make. 56 | SLag | June 09

SLag: Do you have any kinks you are willing to admit? Alyne: Who doesn't? I think my biggest fantasy is Alyn to be like a woman described in a Brazilian song called "Folhetim" ("Novel" in a bad English translaa tion). This woman seduces men and after a hot sex night looking like the most passionate lover in the face of the Earth she pretends to not know the guy anymore. I'd like to live six months like this woman. BG Brazilia Magazine Iternational Website:

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Do you have an erotic Tale you’d like to submit? Please e-mail all unpublished works to

Do you have an erotic Tale you’d like to submit? Please e-mail all unpublished works to

Circuss CabareTt May Locations: Vagabonds Sim & Percussus Mall Photos courtesy of Tillie Ariantho, Aislinn Grizot & RayRay Shi ppe

Upcoming July Events: Live Performance at Subversions Private Boudoir Date & Time TBD Check for updated information: h t t p : / /s l a g m a g a z i n e . n e t h t t p : / /s l a g m a g a z i n e . b l o g s p o t . c o m h t t p : / / f l i c k r. c o m / g r o u p s / s l a g m a g a z i n e i n c / June 09 |


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