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May January Bring at least one perfect snowflake to melt on your tongue, or even better, a snow angel or two to watch over you. Start the first month of the year on the right foot—pay your debts, forgive someone it’s hard to like, kiss yesterday’s mistakes goodbye and let them fly.

Bless All the Warm things in life: cashmere socks; fleecelined jackets and boots; steamy showers on cold mornings; flannel nightgowns; fire pits on freezing nights; hot tea with a lemon slice; chili with a fiery edge; Latin jazz; a warmed-up car; Sriracha sauce; the comforting weight of a comforter. Savor the chance to be chic in winter black, to lean into a North Face jacket during a cold north wind, to wear sexy boots instead of unisex flip-flops. Hang some rhinestone icicles on January and throw a party in her honor. Cover copy by Nikki Hardin, art by Aimee Sicuro

“The color of springtime is in the flowers; the color of winter is in the imagination.” Terri Guillemets








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Illustration by BerinMade Illustrated Paper Goods.

j a n u a ry

f e b rua ry

This month, leave the first footprints in a new snowfall. Make one fun resolution.Write the first chapter in the story of your life. (“Once upon a time...”)   january/february

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the united skirts oF AmericA

The United Skirts of America was founded on the blood, sweat and estrogen of our foremothers, who won us the freedom

From the Publisher




When I visited my friend Diane in D.C. in December, we took a long walk

to break

along the beautiful George Washington Memorial Parkway and spent

The Rules, to wear

the whole time lamenting about how we’ve made our lives too small.

combat boots or high

Maybe because we were raised not to get our hopes up, to be wary of too

cover Artist

heels, to run for office

much happiness because it might call down the gods’ wrath. Or maybe

Aimee Sicuro received a

or run a marathon,

we thought we weren’t capable or deserving of a bigger life. So over the

to form our own

years, we’ve settled for less. Whenever she and her husband visit me or I

BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design. After experience working as a line

rock groups instead

designer for American Greet-

of being groupies, to

ings and a Flash animator for a once-budding dot-com in San

shatter Glass Ceilings

Francisco, she packed her

and Glass Slippers, to

portfolio and headed to New

shoot hoops instead

York. Inspired by circumstance

visit them, Diane and I always go to a coffee shop one morning and write in our journals. This time we decided to make lists of things we could do, learn, buy, explore or make that would nudge us to gradually push our boundaries out of the predictable into the possible. My list includes: getting another tattoo on a visit to a place that has deep meaning for me; going to language school in Paris; creating a new website I have tickling

of settling for hoop

the back of my brain; planning solo weekend trips in new cities where I’ll

spective, she took a job as a

skirts. The ones who

be forced to talk to strangers; writing 100 one-page mini-essays this year;

project manager and illustra-

came before us made

knocking down the wall between two rooms to make one big bedroom/

it possible for our

sitting room; going to Big Sur for the first time; and making more linoleum

spent three years learning the

daughters to dream

block prints (I’ve already bought the supplies). I might not do everything

business of art and the art of

bigger, to have the

on my list, but every time I look at it, I’ll remember I’ve given myself an

and in search of a new per-

tor at a design firm in Soho. At Slover and Company she

business. Currently, Aimee lives and works as a freelance illus-

chance to grow up to

trator in California where she

be President and turn

rediscovers life every day on

the Oval Office into

the vibrant streets of San Fran-

Rx for restarting my “one wild and precious life.”


the Ovary Office. In

From the editor

Golden Gate Park or sketching

the United Skirts of

Miriam Atkins and Alice David talk to each other about everything from surgery to shopping. Hilary

at her favorite corner café, she

America, every day is

and Deborah Brooks see each other every day at work and still call each other family. As I talked

cisco. Whether she is running in

never fails to return home with oodles of good material for her art, and a renewed determina-

Independence Day! Vist us on

tion to live a creative life.

to these women this month, I was struck with how lucky they were to have each other. For me, my lifelong best friend Caroline is “the one” that has been there for everything. From day camp in shortalls to living down the hall from each other in college, we have seen each other at our best and worst and could ghostwrite each others’ autobiographies. She knows my strengths and weaknesses, the people I will always fall for and the ones I can’t stand. This month, raise your glass to that special gal pal in your life. I’m sure she could guess what you ordered.

Gracie � OF A KIND

6  january/february


Òϲ‫׌‬Ӧ ¤͑˾γ


Call today for your Visia® Complexion Analysis • Easy and Painless Procedure • Takes 15 minutes or less Let our Board Certified Dermatologist guide you on the use of Medical Grade skincare products and services.

The Visia® Complexion Analysis combined with a consultation with Dr. Florentino is FREE with a purchase of $100 worth of Medical Grade skincare products or services. Make your appointment by calling 706.922.3376

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Frances T. Florentino, MD | Board Certified Dermatologist | 902 Ponder Place Court, Suite 1 | Evans, GA 30809 | 706.922.3376 |

Offer expires February 29, 2012. *Gift Certificates Available

HARDWOOD FLOORS & MORE Your place ce for Wallpaper, Window Treatments, and Fabrics

Now featuring

2 Locations: (706) 868-7030 4696 Washington Road • Evans

(803) 642-3232 550 Silver Bluff Road • Aiken

Painting America the Beautiful “grand and glorious� - The Fort Worth Star-Telegram “a rapturous encounter� - The Boston Globe

Thomas Cole (American, 1801-1848) Catskill Creek, N.Y., 1845, (detail) The Robert L. Stuart Collection, S-157

“remarkable� - The NewYork Times

Nature and the Grand AmericanVision: Masterpieces of the Hudson River School Painters Supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities Organized by the New-York Historical Society

Special Exhibition Presented by the Blanchard Family

November 19, 2011 - April 1, 2012


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Look and Feel Your Very Best

Augusta Plastic Surgery has helped thousands of people in the Augusta area and around the world enjoy better health and enhance their appearance and confidence. A team of highly credentialed, experienced surgeons – that’s the hallmark of Augusta Plastic Surgery. • A spacious, comfortable office with WI-FI • An accredited ambulatory surgery center • A friendly, responsive staff • Insurance accepted and filed • Flexible payment options through CareCredit • Visa,MasterCard and American Express welcomed • Complimentary consultations for cosmetic procedures

Laser rejuvenation and laser hair removal next door at...

Depend on the area’s most established Plastic Surgery Team Call 706.724.5611 today to schedule a quick, convenient appointment or a complimentary consultation for cosmetic procedures. L to R: Christopher J. Ewart, M.D. Randolph R. Smith,M.D. Billy P. Lynn,M.D.

Augusta Plastic Surgery • 1348 Walton Way, Suite 6300 University Hospital Women’s Center • Augusta, GA 30901

Blacksmith Blossom Chair • Anthropologie •

It Takes Two

Nandina Home & Design

Summerville Rags 1502 Monte Sano Ave. Augusta 706.738.4888

158 Laurens St. SW Aiken 803.649.0616

Round Robin 2800 Devine St. Columbia 803.771.7610   january/february

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Feel good about your jeans. Ann Smithwick and Kerry Peeples are two artists juggling their passions for family, artistic endeavors and work. Ann, a photographer, and Kerry, a painter, live in the raw, blues-filled and soulful city of Memphis, TN, and in 2009 started Thigh High Jeans (named for the high you get from wearing them) to decorate recycled jeans with bits of old printed fabrics and embroider the thighs with inspirational quotes from The Bible, Shakespeare, Gandhi, Emerson and others. Half the fun is being surprised by your quote when you receive the jeans. As a bonus, when you buy a pair, 50% of profit is donated to a local, national or global non-profit of your choice. Compassion for their city and the world is guiding these two businesswomen down an exciting path of environmentally responsible and creative giving. Let us know if you like these jeans! Email us at

14  january/february



SALE Ladies Shoes & Handbags Mon. - Fri. 10 am - 6 pm • Sat. 10 am - 4 pm • Surrey Center • 487 Highland Ave. • 706.504.3532   january/february

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16  january/february



CPC-Crossroads CPC-Central


CPC-N. Augusta CPC-Aiken

706-798-1700 706-650-7563

706-922-6600 803-279-6800

706-868-7380 803-649-6941

Make it your New Year’s Resolution… Know who you are “kissing”…

yo can share more than you lo with your kisses love (P (Periodontal disease, oral cancers, HVP)


Comprehensive gum disease treatments Surgical placement of implants

Thanks to all our clients for another successful year!

Extractions (including wisdom teeth) Regular checkups, x-rays and cleanings Bone grafts, soft tissue grafts, and deep cleanings MOST INSURANCE ACCEPTED

2315-B Central Avenue Augusta, GA Mon-Thur 9AM-5PM



GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE! Book your appointments online

706.922.HAIR (4247) 1202 Town Park Lane | Suite 103 Evans, GA 30809   january/february

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Give your special someone a gift they can treasure for a lifetime

“Augusta's Original Silver Shop” 371 Highland Avenue Surrey Center – Lower level Augusta, Ga. 30909 706-736-2004

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20  january/february

2012   january/february

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Single Woman Gets Fixed Up

A friend of mine introduced us. Well, that’s not entirely true, Sherry only mentioned him in an email and left it up to me. He was a good guy, she said, and why didn’t I give him a call? So I wrote down his contact info on a yellow Post-it note, filing it away for sometime, someday, perhaps. At this moment, I was too gun-shy to initiate anything with anyone. In fact, the last time I’d tried to connect via a friend’s referral, it turned out horribly; I ended up wishing I hadn’t. As a (mostly) single woman, I’ve learned it’s often prudent to just sit back and wait, treasuring an interlude before rushing heedlessly and hopefully into something new. But a day arrived several months ago when, exhausted by going it alone, I thought, “Why not?” Truthfully, there were a lot of reasons why not, a few of them named Ted, Dave, Marcus and Joe, each of whom had let me down in various ways over the past few years. Yet on this crisp winter morning I convinced myself that bravery is a becoming attribute. Not so hard, really: hold breath, dial, listen to his voicemail three times, leave message, hang up, freak out. Days later, when I’d almost put the call out of my mind, he left me a return message. After a few more nerve-racking exchanges, we agreed to meet in person. He offered to stop by Saturday morning, if that would work with my schedule. He was earning major bonus points already, sight unseen, just for assuming that I, too, had a busy life, something that never occurred to Ted, Dave, et al., who had shown up pretty much as they pleased. Our 9am get-together meant I’d have to be up early, but I was pleased with the idea, as if I was the person with whom he would most like to begin his day. On Saturday I took great pains to look attractively casual—jeans, sneakers, soft red sweatshirt, tiny gold earrings. Should I stay inside with my coffee? No, better to look energetic and productive. I hoisted a rake and went to work on a few remaining leaves in my yard, listening intently for a car (truck? motorcycle?) coming down the gravel road. I was shocked when he drove up exactly when he said he would, a feat so beyond the capabilities of Marcus, Ted and the others that I doubt it had once entered anyone’s head. He had an immaculate white pickup truck, muscular chest, and easy smile. I liked the way he took his time getting out, strolling purposefully up the walkway to greet me. He was neither dashing nor breathtakingly handsome, just towheaded and tall with piercing blue eyes. Nice-looking. After so many lapses in judgment, I had wondered if I’d be able to spot the Real Thing if I ever found it. Could this be he? He declined my offer of coffee, so we stood in my yard and talked. I felt myself relaxing in his quiet presence. He was curious about my current situation. When he asked questions, he listened intently to the answers and didn’t try to sell himself—I liked that too. By the time he strolled onto my porch to have a look around, I was more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Though it took a few more get-togethers for me to trust him completely, I had a suspicion that the noble, low-key Steven, of the pristine white truck and aquamarine eyes, just might turn out to be the man of my dreams. And he did. After 11 years of enduring Dave the flake, Marcus the secret alcoholic, Joe the invisible man, and Ted the pirate, I have finally met a competent, capable, honest contractor who doesn’t overcharge, comes when he says he will, and does a masterful job of resurrecting whatever has collapsed or broken, including my faith in mankind. Steven has fixed my front steps, my fence, my roof, my porch, and my spirits. He calls me by my first name. He has never hoisted up his tool belt and said, “Lady, I’m afraid you’re gonna need a whole new....roof/deck/yard/ life...and it ain’t gonna be cheap.” My Steven, Handiest of Handymen, works fast as lightning and always takes time to find out how my life is going. He doesn’t complain about his other jobs, his time, the weather, the economy, or women like me who’ve managed to neglect home maintenance so thoroughly. Somehow he makes me feel as if I’m the most charming and intelligent person he has ever met. Sherry, queen of fix-ups, asked about my love life last week. “Are you seeing anyone?” she said. “Yes and no,” I told her. How can I explain that romance pales next to the thrill of encountering a reliable man like Steven, hero of hearth, home and hot water heater reinforcement? Dates come and go, dinners are forgotten, Champagne goes flat and bouquets wilt. But a tall man with eyes the color of the ocean standing at my door with a power saw, an electric drill, and some 2 by 8s measured to fit—well, he’s the one-in-a-million guy I really want to see and talk to on a brisk winter’s morning. I think I hear him heading up our brand-new steps right now. 1537 Main Street, Suite B Columbia, SC 29201 M: 803.463.2386 ∙ O: 803.254.4101 ∙ F: 803.254.4103 T-F 11-5 Sat 10-4 Sun & Mon Closed

Stacy Appel, an award-winning writer in Lafayette, California, has written for the Chicago Tribune and other publications. She is a contributor to the book You Know You’re a Writer When... Contact Stacy at WordWork   january/february

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Meet teachers, hear from other parents, tour campus, learn about financial aid and discover Westminster’s extraordinary Christian college-preparatory Pre-K through twelfth grade curriculum at our Open House Events.

Lower School Open House January 19, 6:30 p.m. Middle & Upper School Open House January 24, 6:30 p.m. *UHDW WKLQJV EHJLQ ZLWK

W :(670,167(5 6 & +2 2 / 6 2 ) $8 * 8 6 7$

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Learn to knit at Barbara Sue Brodie’s

3067 WHEELER ROAD AUGUSTA, GA 706.731.5260 |


Here’s what’s coming up in January and February classes. Check out the website for more details and to register.

Beginner Knitter Cowl Tic-Tat-Toe for Beginner Tatters Fabulous Fair Isle Cap (pictured) and Scarf by Spud and Chloe Fine Bobble Shawl for Advanced Knitters

345 HAYNE AVE. SW, AIKEN, SC • 803.644.0990 MON-FRI 11-5 , SAT 11-3

Exclusively at Barbara Sue Brodie Needleworks

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Loving Cup c.1908

13th Annual Antiques in the Heart of Aiken Show & Sale Aiken Center for the Arts | February 3, 4 & 5 2012


409 Hayne Avenue (at Pendleton) • Aiken, SC   january/february

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26  january/february


A personalized k keepsake k ffrom the h h heart!!

contemporary jewelry southern art

Gift Registry

Pickard • Skyros Designs • Julia Knight • Le Cadeaux • Calaisio • Match Pewter • Michael Aram • Spode • Simon Pearce

141 Laurens Street, SW | Aiken, SC


and jumble of artful gifts

803.649.9663 9663

for Women

137 laurens street sw • downtown owntown aiken

~ Breathe deeply

monday-friday 10-5:30 0-5:30 saturday 10-5 • closed ed sunday

~ Take your time ~ Do it well this year.


Non-invasive skin tightening that reduces the size of thighs, upper arms & waist

5160 Woodside Executive Ct. • Aiken, SC 803-642-9360 •

Mention this ad and receive a FREE one time treatment with Exilis

THEY had to live with it but YOU don’t have to

Specializes also in:

Botox/Dysport * Fillers-Radiesse, etc * Facials & Peels * Weight Loss Waxing * Skin Care Boutique * coloresciene PRO Mineral Makeup

Zoom H. Heaton

Dr. Kate Barrett Mayes 223 Park Avenue SE | Aiken, SC 29801


Hot Flashes Night Sweats Mood Changes Irritability Memory Loss Decreased Sex Drive Thyroid Problems C a ll ZO OM fo r h el p Bloating TODAY ! Mental Confusion Sleep Loss Migraines

Compounding Pharmacist

❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Custom Prescription Compounders, LLC 194 Crepe Myrtle Dr. • AIKEN, SC   january/february

2012  27

craft . bar . happy . hour Calling crafters of all ages! Like to turn old sweaters into cuddly stuffed animals, knit, quilt, print your own tea towels, or make ex-boyfriend voodoo dolls? Bring your own craft project to the Columbia Museum of Art and enjoy an evening of good conversation, great snacks, and refreshing adult beverages to help inspire you.

Tuesday, January 24 Featured Crafter:

You can find us on Baston Road across from Augusta Christian School. Drop by for a visit or call us at 706.945.0176 Fan us on facebook to view our new arrivals

Jenny Mae, creator of cute and grotesque toys Space is limited. Reserve your spot today.

Columbia Museum of Art 1515 Main Street in the heart of downtown Columbia, SC

803.799.2810 or

INTRODUCING MING WANG ACTIVE Located in Historic Summerville 1502 Monte Sano Ave. Augusta, GA

Ladies Apparel L

ONLY AT THE Y There’s a unique combination at The Family Y. Little ones build skills and self-esteem. People connect while strengthening body and mind. The Y offers everything to improve the well-being of adults and programs that nurture kid’s potential through learning and play. At the Y, your membership means more.

No Joiner’s Fee through January 31 Never a contract; Financial assistance available 28  january/february


706 922 YMCA

706.738.4888 Mon–Fri 10–5:30 Sat 11–4



ace from

Fol ly i

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andle Com Tyler C pa




Traci Daberko is an illustrator and graphic designer in Seattle, WA. See her work at

Fresh C up




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niGr aphics in N o r th A



. ou t in Columb ia mP


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ro sf   january/february

2012  29

Dr. Ron Eaker of Women’s Health of Augusta What can you do to promote a healthy pregnancy? Here are some suggestions from the American College of Obstetricians:

• Have a preconception checkup with a health care provider. • Get early and regular prenatal care. • Take a multivitamin containing 400 micrograms of folic acid daily, starting before pregnancy and in early pregnancy, to help prevent neural tube defects. • Begin pregnancy at a healthy weight (not too heavy or too thin). • Don’t drink alcohol. • Don’t smoke and stay away from secondhand smoke. • Don’t use any drug, even over-thecounter medications or herbs, unless recommended by a health care provider who knows you are pregnant.

• Eat healthy foods, including foods containing folic acid and folate (the form of folic acid that occurs naturally in foods). Good sources of folate are fortified breakfast cereals, enriched grain products, beans, leafy green vegetables and orange juice. • Don’t eat undercooked meat or change a cat’s litter box. Both are possible sources of toxoplasmosis, an infection that can cause birth defects. • Get tested for immunity to rubella (German measles) and chickenpox before becoming pregnant and consider being vaccinated if not immune. After being vaccinated, a woman should wait 1 month before getting pregnant.

Remember, pregnancy is a normal, natural state and not a disease. Use some common sense and prepare yourself as best you can. For complete pregnancy care for both low risk and high risk pregnancies call Dr.Eaker at Women’s Health of Augusta today. Dr. Eaker delivers at both Trinity Hospital of Augusta and University Hospital For more information about prenatal care call

Dr. Eaker at 706-733-4427.

Women’s Health O F AU G U S TA

2258 Wrightsboro Rd. Suite 400 (next to Trinity Hospital) New patients mention this ad and get a free copy of Dr.Eaker’s new book “Healthy Habits for a Fit Family” and www.womenshealthof

2021 Walton Way Augusta, GA 706.736.6400 Monday - Friday, 9-5 We Offer Full Interior Design Service

Get ready for Masters 2012

30% off

storewide thru February 29, 2012 30  january/february

2012   january/february

2012  31

32  january/february


f-word [ Feminism Free-For-All ]


“The bill proposes fines and up to five years in prison for those who violate the law. ”

Four S

“A large part of the problem is that models come into this [fashion] business at 13, 14 or 15 before


their bodies are even close to finished develop-

Senate Majority Leader

ing. Within a year or two these girls are devel-

Harry Reid (D-NV) has

oping into women and they are not told that this



More women than ever are earning graduate business degrees and at younger ages than ever before. But despite their growing numbers, women MBA graduates received half the job offers in 2010—one versus two, on average—of their male counterparts, despite sending out 20% more applications, according to GMAC (Graduate Management Admissions Council). Plus, a woman at her first post-MBA job earned $4,600 less than her male counterpart.


that would criminalize the

is OK. On the contrary, they’re told that they are

transportation of young

losing their edge, losing money, and losing favor

girls out of the United

in the eyes of their clients and so they struggle to


States to receive female genital mutilation (FGM)

bewild .com


Jacob Retailers

Gretchen Sisson, who updated her phone to the iPhone 4S version, launched a petition campaign on after bloggers exposed that Siri, iPhone’s personal assistant app, couldn’t help users in several big cities, including Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Boston, find abortion providers, obtain birth control or locate domestic violence services. In contrast, critics note that Siri can almost always tell an iPhone user where to buy Viagra or even where to dump a dead body.

Last month, the FBI Criminal Justice Advisory Board voted unanimously to update the archaic definition of “rape” in the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. The current definition, adopted

take measures that will please those they look up

procedures.The Girls Pro-

to.” Coco Rocha, superstar runway model.

tection Act would serve

82 years ago, is believed to have led to widespread under-

as a follow up to legisla-

reporting of rape. The previous definition excluded rapes

tion passed in 1996 that

involving forced anal sex and/or oral sex, vaginal or anal

outlawed the practice of

fisting, rape with an object (even if serious injuries result),

FGM in the United States.

rapes of men, and was interpreted by some to exclude rapes

The bill proposes fines

where the victim was incapacitated by drugs or alcohol, or

and up to five years in prison for those who violate the law. Studies suggest that approximately 200,000 women living in the U.S. have been, or are at risk of, being subjected to FGM. 34  january/february


otherwise unable to give consent.


Book an appointment in January & receive 10% off your service. Also, PreBook your next appointment & receive 20% off that visit ( Participating Stylist Only)


Buy a Gift Certificate for $30.00 or more & receive a $10.00 Gift Certificate for FREE

Fringe Hair Salon

101 Maple Drive (Next to Firehouse Subs on Columbia Rd.) 706-364-3722 • Find us on Facebook

AUGSKT_120100_Fringe_Fourth.indd 1

12/29/11 3:59:06 PM

Spif-Up for Spring with Curtain Call

Visit our store and talk with our team of expert Design professionals to get your home Tournament ready.

Choose from Designer Fabrics, Exclusive Furniture & Accessories Exclusive dealer of Highland House Furniture

Enjoy a romantic getaway in the natural surroundings at Hickory Knob State Resort Park. Spend some quality time in nature’s embrace as you and your special someone get a little closer. Valentine’s Weekend Packages start at

per couple.

Your life Your style Your home

Augusta's Priority Dealer

320 Baston Road Augusta, GA 30907 | 706.868.5757 6.868.5757

McCormick, SC For more information or to make a reservation visit or call 800.491.1764.   january/february

2012  35

heart + sole beneďŹ ting Georgia Health Sciences Children’s Medical Center Heart Program

       Ăă Visit to register for the 5K or purchase tickets to our evening celebration!

March 3, 2012 5K Run/Walk 9:00 a.m. Georgia Health Sciences Children’s Medical Center

Evening Celebration 7:00 p.m. .1.5 !*0!. Ä‘ Ä Ä‚Ä†Äˆ .+ 0.!!0 TO VOLUNTEER GO TO 36  january/february


“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful, than the belief that she is beautiful.� Mirror Image Hair Replacement and Transformation, LLC

We are dedicated to providing quality services to women worldwide who suffer from mild to severe hair loss. At Mirror Image we offer the most innovative advancements in hair replacement. We can make you back to a better you, with our discreet purchases for your hair care needs. We realize that there are many medical diseases that are common factors contributed to hair loss: Age, Allergies, Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Chemical Burns, Thyroid Disease, Female Pattern Baldness and Medications.

Please contact | Wanda James to schedule your Consultation at

(843) 206-8606 or email at

planetnikki [ a visual journal ]

The past year has been like a grainy black-and-white movie, moody and melancholy and seemingly relentless in its duration. with the wings of my soul

Now that I’m emerging unfolding around me, I’m amazed

at how bright the colors look, at the variety of cloud formations that drift by so often, at the new people who have come into my life, at the stirrings of an urge to write again when for so long it has been hard and difficult and dreaded.

The way I feel

reminds me of lines from one of my favorite Dylan songs:

“Ah, but I was so much older then/I’m younger than that now.” I’ve always been fascinated by alchemy, and this book teaches you how to transform your inner world and thus the outer one as well. “As above, so below.”

My new Hunter Wellies make me wish for rainy days and mud or a horse stall to muck out. (I don’t want to ride a horse but just look the part. Shallowly yours.)

On constant replay: I never tire of listening to “Beloved,” my favorite song from the underrated album, Seastories, by actress Minnie Driver. (Can’t understand why Matt Damon dumped her!)

The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art is one of my favorite places in Charleston to find inspiration. This month brings an exhibit of Aggie Zed’s work.

Can’t wait to fill up this 100-page pad because once a page is completed, I can tear off the perforated quote on the bottom and put it on my mood board or tape it in my journal.

Nikki Hardin is the founder and publisher of skirt! magazine. She blogs at 38  january/february


W INT ER 2 0 1 2


Waverly Grey


Dannijo Jewelry


Rag & Bone

White + Warren


Kara Ross Jewelry Vince

Helmut Lang

Hunter Dixon

Notte by Marchesa

Theodosia Jewelry

J Brand


Tory Burch

3.1 Phillip Lim Rebecca Taylor

2734 Devine Street, Columbia, South Carolina 803.252.4339 VISIT US ON FACEBOOK


skirt! Magazine | January / February 2012 | Columbia, Augusta, Aiken,  

The One Issue, Woman, Women, Shopping, Health, Shoes, Exuno, Plures, trip, travel, slightly, stalky, skirt of the month, exercise, diet, foo...

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