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Welcome to Issue 4! The first of hopefully many collaborations between myself and our new design director, JG. Featured himself with his amazing erotic photography it’s been a complete pleasure getting to work with such a talented and driven individual as he’s brought a new dynamic to the magazine. Rounding off the first year of SKIN we’ve got some spectacular talent featured. The photographical talents of Omar Loi and Marco Malattia, the wonderful Playboy Playmate Floriana, Hellmaiden Scarlett Storm, and pin up model Laura Lynn. Swedish artist Benjamin Ahlman teamed up with fiction writer AMW Conner for some sci fi madness. I interviewed a real life hangman, got chatting with the chief of Torn Flesh Records, Rich Saunders reviewed a suspension night in Wimbledon that sadly did not involve the Wombles and loads more!

Carmin Conner

CARMIN CONNER – EDITOR Ex adult model and published author, Carmin currently resides in Scotland devoting herself to researching the most peculiar things in life, seeking out the biggest deviants imaginable and occasionally dabbling in the occult. JG – DESIGN DIRECTOR

Having worked in the publishing industry for a number of years JG is also a highly accomplished erotic photographer specialising in the most intimate aspects of a woman’s sexuality. His fine art monologue, Intimidad, was released in September. AMW CONNER – FICTION WRITER Currently residing in Scotland he has mostly been influenced by the lyrics of UB40, Breakcore, violence and HP Lovecraft. Ivory Madonna dying in the dust. Waiting for the manna coming from the west. Barren is her bosom, empty as her eyes. Death a certain harvest scattered from the skies. RICH SAUNDERS – FETISH WRITER Based in the south of England, Rich has interviewed the biggest names in the modelling/alternative world from Bianca Beauchamp to the editor of Bizarre. Joining the SKIN team he’s covered the fetish scene from the sex doll industry to interviewing Ed Fox on his foot fetish and covering the fetish Olympics.

CONTENTS 6 Alicja Pietras 16 JG FOTO 22 Fiction 30 Omar Loi 36 Suspend your disbelief 44 Al Inhell 54 The Beauty of Torture 62 Marco Malattia 70 Longdrop 78 Laura Lynn 86 Snuff Director 94 Schmoog Lebowski 102 Scarlet Storm 112 Torn Flesh Records 120 Book Reviews 126 Film Reviews 128 Horrorscopes 130 Floriana B Didi Love