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Welcome to our seventh issue!!! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was scrambling away at the last minute trying to get #1 finalised, but here we are nearly two years later still spreading the manifesto of love, intellect, horror and filth! So this is exciting! We are joined by two new members of the team, our new relationships columnist, Zara Skumshot and film reviewer/features writer Alexander Davis. I know for sure that you will all love their crazy additions to the mag. We are also insanely privileged to have so many wonderful, talented people in this issue. We have the comic legend that is Jamie Delano, creator of the Hellblazer series. Artists Jeff Faerber, Maggot Meister and Darren West along with the amazing photographical talents of Laura Hince, Lady Gauis, J. Isobel De Lisle, Pierre-Joel Graf Von Foto, Leah Henson, Ernesto Guzman and DavPark Photos. The stunning models and performers, Gisella Rose, Ruby Heels and Daria D’Beauvoix and of course Rich tells us all about his featured fetish and joining him will be the beautifully perverse Brittany. We also have an exclusive expose on a certain rock star with the ever debauched Mistress Hayden. Can you guess who it is?

Carmin Conner [editor-in-chief]

[issue 7]


JG [ Design Director ] Having worked in the publishing industry for a number of years JG is also a highly accomplished erotic photographer specialising in the most intimate aspects of a woman’s sexuality. His fine art monologue, Intimidad, was released in September 2012. AMW Conner [ Fiction Writer ] Currently residing in Scotland he has mostly been influenced by the lyrics of UB40, Breakcore, violence and HP Lovecraft. Ivory Madonna dying in the dust. Waiting for the manna coming from the west. Barren is her bosom, empty as her eyes. Death a certain harvest scattered from the skies. Rich Saunders [ Fetish Writer ] Based in the south of England, Rich has interviewed the biggest names in the modelling/ alternative world from Bianca Beauchamp to the editor of Bizarre. Joining the SKIN team he’s covered the fetish scene from the sex doll industry to interviewing Ed Fox on his foot fetish and covering the fetish Olympics. Brittany Ann Selditch [ Features Writer ] Starting as a pro Dominatrix at a Midtown dungeon as ‘Mistress Hayden’, Brittany began her long career as a connoisseur of all things depraved. She has written for The Village Voice, Avant Mag, Creme and Sugar, and SKIN Magazine.

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Carmin Conner [ Editor-in-Chief ] M o d e l , a u th o r, cri m i n o logy student. Enjoys all things horror, macabre, magickal, psychological and philosophical. Created SKIN in January 2012 and has fulfilled her dream of being surrounded by too many books to read. Hopes to maybe one day own more cats.

Jerry Lentz [ Film Critic ] A voice artist, author, actor, podcaster, and filmmaker, having worked in TV at WTVY, KY3, KCET, KLCS, A&E, Biography Channel, IFC, Bravo, Ovation, BBC and PBS. He produced the ‘ROLLING STONES: BRIDGES TO BABYLON’. Currently he is directing and producing a sci-fi feature film called ‘NEBULA” and directing a horror film called ‘The Cycle’. His award winning podcast and vlog can be seen and heard here: Zara Skumshot [ Relationship Counselor ] Trash model / performance artist Zara has been vomited forth from the London squat scene to avulse for your dis/pleasure. Vocalist and programmer with frenzied speedcore / digital grindcore band Skat injector, the Sainsburys basic answer to The Berserker. Strings of obnoxious releases and head splitting live shows string behind them like reels of toilet paper on a whores broken stiletto. Equality through misanthropy! Alexander Davis [ Film Critic ] Born in Scotland. Enjoys horror movies and generally just terrible movies. Writes short stories while waiting for Cthulhu to awake. ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn


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Contributors 04 Contents 05 Gisella Rose


Darren West


Jeff Faerber


Ernesto Guzman


Jo Koss


Photography: jg_foto // Model: Vanessa Black

Pierre-Joel 50 Laura Hince


Ruby Heels


Jaime Delano


Mistress Hayden


Daria D’ Beauvoix


Maggot Meister


Blood Play


Zara Skumshot


Film Reviews


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How did you discover your love for modelling? Being only 5ft, growing up the word “model� was not ever something I ever thought I would do. It was something that I just fell into and I have grown to love it so much. My first photoshoot was with a friend back in Cape Town that was studying photography. She was doing a series on tattooed people and asked me to be part of it. I landed up doing two more shoots with her soon after that and discovered a new interest Alt modeling is not as big as what it should be back in South Africa, though it is definitely getting bigger there, I must say that I am very fortunate to have been able to travel and work with photographers, MUA’s, other models and designers. It has definitely helped me learn and gain more experience. Modeling helped me find a confidence within myself that I did not have before, it is hard work and worth every minute of it. Performing and becoming a character, or focusing on s specific emotion for a shoot, is just so awesome, and of course dressing up in pieces of gorgeous fashion and bits. I feel like a super hero sometimes at a shoot!

I am inspired by pain, sometimes physical and sometimes emotional

Who/what inspires you? People inspire me, their kindness and ambition, I get teary eyed when I see someone really push themselves to a personal limit and overcome something that is a big deal to them. People that make a difference and are not afraid of being who they want to be. I like to draw inspiration from as many aspects of my life as possible, we are all connected after all and I look forward to seeing what other inspirations life brings every day. I am inspired by pain, sometimes physical and sometimes emotional. I do not enjoy it in anyway but I am a believer of beauty stemming from struggle.

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10 [issue


Music, art, history and different cultures are inspiring. Even the taste of something delicious to eat can spark off inspiration. I am also inspired by the macabre, death and mystery. And of course the people that have pioneered in performance art, be it sideshow, burlesque, classical dance, vaudeville, circus and more. My husband, my mom, my sister + friends and friends inspire me all the time too. Truly, there is so much I draw inspiration from. In an ideal world, what would your fantasy shoot entail? Lots of Ice cream, preferably cherry flavoured and hooks!! Doing a body suspension inside a very old church. You’re also a performance artists doing all sorts of crazy stuff, from suspension shows to Burlesque. (and your Pierced Heartequin looks incredible.) How did that come about? When I was doing my apprenticeship in body piercing back in Cape Town, South Africa, I was asked to be a prop tied up in Shibari on stage while a flesh hook suspension was being performed, I jumped at the chance as I love being on stage and performing, growing up doing ballet, modern dance and acting. Soon after this performance I did my first flesh hook suspension, I fell in love with the art and soon found myself suspending for a performance art piece at a fetish event called 7 Deadly sins. After that I moved back to my home city of Johannesburg where I formed a burlesque troupe with 2 other girls, it was short lived but it awakened a definite passion inside me and I decided to start performing on my own. I was also asked to perform for a 15min experimental short film called “Project Morning Star” directed by Grant Wheeler of Flymachine Films. I suspended for this film and it was after this that I was then asked to perform at more events. I moved to New Jersey, USA towards the end of 2010. [issue 7]


12 [issue


cut me i bleed

deep poetry

[issue 7]


Meeting my husband, who is also a body piercer and also has interest in body suspension. We formed a suspension team (Invisibleself Body Suspensions) and I started looking for places to perform here in NJ. Because I have a dance and theatrical background it seemed only natural to add more of an act to my performances whilst bringing in the element of body suspension. Back in South Africa, I had performed a cheek skewering twice on stage adding into a burlesque performance. So I added in human pincushion acts to my performances here in the US and now have different acts that fuse together a little sideshow, a little neo-burlesque and flesh hook suspension art. Sometime I will get booked just for suspension or just for human pincushion, but I love it when I have all the elements are combined. Were the piercing and suspension shows scary at first? I have always been very comfortable on stage but I was incredibly nervous and a little scared, especially when I decided to become a solo performer. The first time I was on sage by myself I was sweating and got such stage fright, the routine I had planned I didn’t even do. I went straight up into the suspension. Actually, that happened maybe three times haha! But then I got over the nerves, though I am still nervous every single time I am about to go on stage. Nerves are very good What would you most like to achieve with your shows? Do you aim for bigger/crazier performances? I am always thinking of new ways and things to add to my acts and am currently working on something new that I will be adding in to my routines soon. I have also started my own revue here in New Jersey, an event called The Scarlit Artesque. A night of variety performance art, 14 [issue


that will donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity in support of children with autism. It is still a very new project but slowly it is happening and I am very excited about it!! I am also interested in collaborating with other performers and sideshows. Would love to perform in the UK one day!! I just hope to be able to perform for as long as possible, I really love it and just want to work harder and see what this passion brings. Do you have any advice for budding models/performers? Be smart about it, do your research and get the correct training from a professional or a mentor when it comes to performing. Know what you are doing. Don’t ever give up on something you want to do and don’t let anyone ever bully you out of anything. For every yes you get you will get 10 no’s, they key is to never stop trying and always practice and be your own critic and always strive to be better. Love what you are doing and do it for the right reasons. Always remain humble, always.

Do you have a message for our readers? “Cut Me Deep, I Bleed Poetry”

We hope you can come to the UK soon Gisella!!!

If you want to stay up to date with her wonderful work, follow her at: Body Suspension Team Photo credits: J. Isobel De Lisle Photography

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Darren West was born in 1966 in West Sussex and grew up in Burgess Hill. After leaving school he went on to train as a glass blower, further extending his schooling to become a teacher of this age-old trade.

Starting out in the neon glass blowing industry, Darren focused on the

commercial appeal to his art, but now, entering his 30th year in the trade, he has started to explore the complex yet beautiful relationship between art and neon.

West wanted to investigate and challenge contemporary belief systems

and he started to dissect the tensions and uncertainties at the heart of human experiences in his work. It developed a provocative attitude which explored complex personal states resulting in expressions of love, hate, religion and war. With this, his understanding of neon art magnified, and he began work on some of his most eye-catching and edgy pieces. In 2009 he enhanced his art form

by joining forces with London based milliner to the stars, Piers Atkinson. This collaboration catapulted Darren straight into the public eye, with a feature in Vogue Magazine. Darren had now established his place firmly and securely in the art world.

Today, showcasing all over the world, West’s creations have made a real

impact in places such as Los Angeles, Dubai, Paris, China and Australia. He has worked for institutions such as the BBC to name a few, and with continued demand and success, Darren is fast becoming an iconic member of the modern British Art world. With work currently in its initial planning stage, West looks ready to set alight the neon art world with vigour.

He currently lives and works in Worthing.

[issue 7]


What made you first discover your love for creating art? After serving my apprenticeship in glass blowing and working for many years in the neon sign making industry, I starting to believe that neon and art could start to have an amazing relationship together and so I delved deeper into this and started to create some real eye-catching pieces.

Who/what inspires you? I am inspired by alternative, unusual artists. My work can sometimes be controversial and I enjoy coming out of mainstream art. My new collections were inspired by black and white erotic images with splashes of neon to arouse the eyes and awaken sexuality.

You are based in Brighton, my memories of the place are hectic yet wonderful. What is the artistic community like? Living on the outskirts of the Brighton area, the excitement if the art community in the town is contrasted by a quieter life in my country studio. There is a diverse artistic community covering all genres and where individuality is accepted and encouraged. I do have various solo shows happening in Brighton but my art is seen further afield with a recent show in Los Angeles and shows being booked for Dubai, Paris, Australia and Amsterdam.

You work with various models when creating your pictures, who in an ideal world would you like to work with? I like working with undiscovered, raw new talent. The female form and lines are of great inspiration in my pictures. I would like to work along side Tracey Emin and create a 3D sculpture, rather than the 2D work she is currently involved in, taking things to a new artistic level, which would shock, and surprise it’s audience in the art world.

18 [issue


Model: Den Deville [issue



Are there any other creative mediums you would like to explore? Without giving too much away, having worked within the London fashion world for a number of years, I would like to explore the idea of using live models in a gallery setting using neon lighting to accentuate a living piece of art. I do delve into other mediums with my commission work and design and work with other famous artists.

Any advice to budding artists? Don’t take no for am answer from galleries, produce many different types of art within different genres for their portfolio; try to be different and edgy. One of the things I like to do , due to being reclusive in my works and being compared to the Banksy of the neon world, I like turning up to galleries and listening to people critique my work without them knowing, always listening to the positive and not the negative and acting upon these criticisms.

What does the future hold for you? I am excited, as I have been invited to take part in the Amy Winehouse Foundation celebrations in September, in Camden, London. I have designed a tribute to Amy and also to raise money for this fantastic charity. I am one of the artists invited to show alongside Mr Brainwash and Bambi and you will see a selection of my urban prints. Later this year I have the privilege to be involved in a massive art event funded by RED BULL, this will showcase fantastic and diverse light artists from around the world. In the meantime I am excited to be opening my own gallery in Brighton.

Darren can be contacted on or tel. 07870449763

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Figure 11 x 17 inches
 mixed on paper

< Ms. Fishnets 17 x 20 inches
 Acrylic on board [issue 7]


JEFF FAERBER grew up in CA and studied art at San José State University (San José, CA) and School of Visual Arts (NYC). His art has appeared in magazines, books, CDs, and websites. He has show extensively in New York, as well as many other major cities in the U.S. and abroad. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with a very classy lady and two cats.

24 [issue


Pixie Pearl II 16.5 x 20.5 inches
 mixed on board

< Saint Pixie Pearl 14 x 14 inches
 mixed on board [issue 7]


< One Arm Raised, Engulfed in Gold 23.5 x 19.5 inches mixed on board

< Hint of the Divine, Arms Lowered 22 x 26 inches mixed on board

Erin > 2x3 feetâ&#x20AC;¨ acrylic on canvas

26 [issue


[issue 7]


28 [issue


ERNESTO GUZ ernestog2

[issue 7]



30 [issue


I am probably just a pervert or a voyeur with artistic sensibility.

[issue 7]


32 [issue


I started working with analog, mainly with 35mm and 6x6 cameras but now I work mainly in digital.

[issue 7]


My favorite subjects are erotic photography with female models, urban photography and also mixing both topics together.

34 [issue


I was asked several times if there is a manifesto or main concept behind my work, and no, there is not. I basically work from ideas I would like to see and play with them.

[issue 7]


36 [issue


Something very important for me is that I prefer to work with women who are not professional or real models. I love to work with women who are curious and want to explore and play with their sexuality.

[issue 7]




mblr oss.tu




38 [issue

[issue 7]


You have a very impressive CV! From filmmaking to art to photography you follow a strong erotic theme. How did you discover your creative talent and what drew you to the field of erotica? Originally I wanted to become a comic artist and when I started peeking into the professional world I realized that I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have any choice but to work for adult comics. After all it seemed it was what every artists had done before me, some kind of training field if you will. I never had any problem with it unlike some of my friends that in general were either ashamed or didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t feel good working in the adult branch. The publisher I started up had quite a long list of professionals working for him and later I learned that even Milo Manara started there.

As soon as I had a chance I figured that I found my place and

worked mostly as script writer (because I could work on many stories and sell them quick), I was a very active hungry young artist and sometimes I was writing 4 or 5 treatments or ideas per night. I would go to the publisher the morning after, present the ideas and he would choose the ones he liked and rushed back home to my typewriter. Those were the days before internet and mobile phone.

Who drove me into it was a girl I met on a train. She was an art di-

rector for an advertising agency and I was going to meet some publisher. We were sitting right opposite each other and both were carrying these large portfolio bags so we started chit-chatting. We kind of clicked and later on we even had a story together for a while. I was struggling to get some work and she suggested that I went into adult comics, in fact she helped me writing my very frist script which I sold the same day and that was the start. Anyway erotica is all around us, we are continuosly absorbing images and situation itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just that some people react differently sometimes for some sort of innate censoring need, for example I have this old friend of mine and we have known each other for ages now but yet he never talk about sex as if he is embarassed about it. I cannot possibly think he is not interested but I believe it is strange when someone avoids any talk about the subject making sex this huge sinful taboo. 40 [issue


[issue 7]


42 [issue


Who/What inspires you? When I was a newbie I could turn anything into an erotic story, sometimes just an article on the newspaper, a story I heard, a situation I would see in the street maybe sleepwalking I would make up stories just by looking at people. Anything, I guess it was the advantage to have lived in a small town where nothing really happened and well yes being young and horny all the time ahah

I used to clip articles and stories from newspapers into binders,

sometimes even just the title of a news could spark an idea. When I had an artistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s block all of that was really useful and I still work the same way, keeping binders on my shelves.

I am generally attracted by the dark side of people, what they hide

and what they do in their private lives. Phenomenon like dogging, swingers, amateurs, gangbangers, private clubs etc.

[issue 7]


44 [issue


Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with? Not sure, once I met this publisher that wanted me to draw real stories written by pornostars. It was an exciting idea but then I don’t know what happened but I figured there were way too many agents involved and the whole thing never happened. What I am interested in is real people, situations, things everyone can relate or would like to do.

When I started directing porn films it was be-

cause I wanted to know more about the adult film world. More than the business I was interested in the stories, behind the scenes, lifestyle.

Shooting the actual films wasn’t as interesting as

preparing for it, the casting, putting the team together, planning etc. In fact I started writing other stories while working on the films and have an entire feature film script about these experiences but can’t find a producer interested in it. Maybe I’ll produce it myself one day, who knows.

Recently I am getting a lot of requests from my

blog from girls, couples, guys that want me to illustrate them. Sometimes from photos they submit and other times they ask me to draw a particular situation that turn them on. It’s a lot of fun. Some days I have hundreds of hits on my blog and reblogs are picking up.

[issue 7]


Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with? My friends love it, in fact they want sometimes to be in. Back in the days some friends often asked to be drawn into the comics. A couple of old school friends I recently met insist on me going back into directing porn movies so that they can join, I’m sure if I start a company they would love to be partners.

In an ideal world, are there any prominent characters you would love to portray pornographically through your art? Madonna getting splurged through a glory hole perhaps? Haha Hasn’t she done that? Or was it Lady Gaga? I’ve heard she went to a Hard Core club while in Germany after a gig. I think it’s too easy to target celebrities and maybe people are getting bored of them. I think is more exciting to know what your neighbour do, don’t you think?

Are there any sexual themes that are a “no go” area for you? Yes, the ones I don’t understand mostly. There are a lot of sick people out there

46 [issue


[issue 7]


48 [issue


Any advice to budding artists? As an artist obviously you shouldn’t never stop drawing but most important you should always be up to date with what’s around you and getting inspiration from anything, trying out new techniques and experimenting with new tools. Maybe collecting inspiring images, stuff you’ll find around for a future project or idea, writing notes. It’s very easy to forget things specially today when one relates so much to computer, for example: you’ll write an idea, save the document, file it in a folder and then completely forget about it. It’s common. I prefer to put things on paper, I always carry around a small block ‘cause you never know when an idea strikes. And of course I use computer a lot at the same time, most of my work are completely digital. It happens that sometime you have no inspiration or ideas then looking into those notes, folders, inspiration material I promise you something will come up.

You should look what other artists do, the advantage today is that you can

check anybody’s work, follow their blogs, peruse their portfolios. Everything is at hand, a few clicks away. So much to be inspired by.

Some artists are reluctang on moving into new areas for example digital, some

others think having a blog is a waste o time without seeing the advantage of increasing visibity. Other artists are simply lazy, well all artists are lazy to tell the truth but often I am strucked by how little some artists do and yet complain because they don’t move forward. You have got to be active, do exhibitions, print your stuff, move around, find opportunities.

Working as a freelancer artist it’s hard, you don’t always get things your way,

you have to adapt all the time especially when you are being hired and at times you might find yourself in a crossroad wondering if you should just get a job instead. I won’t say you should never give up because it’s unrealistic but you should be honest with yourself and get critical, real critical about your work. If things don’t work ask yourself why without blaming the whole world about it.

But the most important thing is to do what you like, always. Finding your way,

your niche, your area take years so you might as well have fun building your portfolio and pursuing your career because the worst thing for everyone is to have regrets but most of all you never really know what you’ll be.

[issue 7]


Erotic Ambiguities

50 [issue


[issue 7]


What made you first discover your love for photography? It actually started very early, when I grew up in Madagascar. My father took a lot of pictures and had a lab at home there. I always wanted to be around him to see what he did and got fascinated by the beauty of his photographies. Back in France, when I was 15, he bought a wonderful camera, which I had the right to use as well, so I often borrowed it. I started taking pictures of people, landscapes and report. My photos were published from time to time in newspapers. Who/What inspires you? The female body has always attracted me: its mysteries- its beauty- its shape. Later death has also become an fascination. I think I’m attracted to what is mysterious to me! My inspiration often comes from situations, which I have experienced or dreamed of... I’m a pot full of ideas, I idealize my view of women and sexuality! Your photos are incredibly provocative and “x-rated” how do people react to your work? Provocative! X-rated! My photos???? The provocation is part of the art. If I do not provoke a little, my job would be politically correct and just beautiful! But that’s not interesting! I work with breaking taboos and trying to create images that tell a story. 
 Yes, I love the female body, especially her private parts, and I try to show this in my art with lots of poetry. 
 The peculiarity in my pictures is that I use special effects and theatre lighting directly while taking the photo (as in the beginning of the photo or film!), which generates sometimes very unrealistic or bizarre outcomes. I basically never photoshop anything! 
 Like all artists, I have my fans and my detractors ... Sometimes I get insulted! Overall, my art is welcomed by the public, my exhibitions are successful. Except Paris ... I think Paris is just to conservative for me ... hihi! I even had to notice that I got more female than male fans! One day I got a note from a man: my photos are too artistic for porn and too porn to be artistic ... (He does not like to masturbate on art… to bad for him!)

52 [issue


[issue 7]


54 [issue


He stages women more as seducing icons or sometimes as frail creatures, which always keep being ambiguous and unobtainable.

In an ideal world what would your fantasy shoot entail? In an ideal world, there are no taboos, no detractors! But then my art would be of no interest! In the current world I’m doing pretty well with models that dare to go beyond their borders. You’re coming to Glasgow in January and had an exhibition here before, what are your impressions of Scotland? (You don’t have to be polite here, haha :) ) I am part of a collective of artists who organize an annual group exhibitions. From January 29 to February 22, 2013 there was the 7th Patchwork exhibition in Glasgow. Two of my photos were exposed, but I did not make the trip to Scotland! So I actually have to admit that I do not know Scotland yet- but I will definitely discover it with my next exhibition. I just know that in Scottish men wear skirts, eat sheep, have stuffed bellies and drink whiskey ... Haha! From January 17 to February 7, 2014 I have a solo exhibition at the Virginia Gallery in Glasgow ( Right after that, from February 11 to February 28, 2014, there will be another group exhibition which is called Patchwork 8.

[issue 7]


56 [issue


Pierre JoĂŤl experiments with the body as well as the medium itself. [issue 7]


Any advice to budding photographers? It’s not the equipment that makes a good photographer ... No need to have the most expensive and the newest camera. First of all, you have to love true photography, start exploiting the opportunities, which your camera view gives you, and gain the knowledge to make a good framing. Too many people think they are photographers although they do not know how to use a camera, they are just good at Photoshop! Sorry, but someone who changes 90% of the picture with Photoshop is not a photographer but a photoshopper.

There one tip I can give you: do what you love, follow your imagination and do not be overwhelmed by the critics.

Mystic shadows, human bodies reduced to its outlines, mysterious creatures, which evolve out of mirror reflections – and the reccuring female body. Pierre Joel’s photographs are erotic ambiguities. With his symbolic and partly surrealistic work, he devotes himself to the mystery of the human body: Tabooless nudity is thereby his mean of expression on his photografic journey. He stages women more as seducing icons or sometimes as frail creatures, which always keep being ambiguous and unobtainable. Pierre Joël experiments with the body as well as the medium itself. He re-announces digital image editing and goes back to the roots and to the pioneers of photography: By using mirrors, window panes, reflecting plates and other materials, he achieves the for his work characteristic effects. In this way, his pictures achieve a mystic charisma and authenticity – which make his work unique. 58 [issue


[issue 7]



60 [issue



[issue 7]


I’m a photographer based in Manchester.





Manchester School of Art in 2010 with an FdA in Photography and Digital Image. I love shooting tattooed, latex or corset clad women. I do shoot other subjects but mainly I shoot fetish related portraits. My main inspiration comes from art. Mainly artists such as Gianluca Mattia, Trevor Brown and Elizabeth McGarth. Their art work is so influential to me. Their depiction of women as quirky, curvy, sexual, powerful and above all unique inspires me greatly; so much so I have tattoos of their artwork incorporated into my half sleeves.

If you’d like to follow Laura’s amazing work, head to:

62 [issue


[issue 7]


“It’s all about the drama, the glamour and the danger. It always has been. It always will be.” Watching Ruby Heels, hiding behind a pair of Wayfarers, nursing an ever-present cup of coffee, it’s easy to believe her.

Ruby is a polymath. A model, a performer, an artist. The creative streak runs wide and deep. She appeared on the modelling scene a couple of years ago, after being invited to appear on a catwalk by a designer who knew her best for her burlesque performances.

“I’ve always loved dressing up,” she says. “One of my earliest memories is of me insisting I was going to school dressed as Alice in Wonderland. My heroes are those who can create a character, those rare people who have ‘presence’. I’m really not interested in pretty for pretty’s sake. I think that’s why I’m a little obsessed with Tilda Swinton at the moment.”

Her recent work has seen her start to move away from the vintage style with which she launched her career, to something a bit tougher and more fashion orientated.

Ruby explains: “I like the challenge and it allows me to work with a broad spectrum of creative teams and that aesthetic interaction is what I thrive on. The past is a source of constant inspiration, especially those stars of the silver screen, but you’ve got to keep moving, evolving.” Instagram: @rubyrubyheels

This wonderful image was taken as part of an ongoing smoking project by Lady Gaius. If you’d like to check out more of her tremendous photography please head to:

64 [issue




[issue 7]



Jamie Delano

Today we have a special treat for you all. We have the legendary Jamie Delano, for an interview. Jamie Delano was born in Northampton, England in 1954. He is the original writer and co-creator of the comic book series Hellblazer. He also has an extensive body of work for DC Comics, including Captain Britain, Doctor Who, World Without End, Animal Manand many more. His novel Book Thirteen has been released under the name A. William James.


66 [issue


[issue 7]


Hellblazer deals with the occult, is it something you’re involved with in your personal life? I have delved into my unconscious mind a little over the years, but not in any formal sense. I’ve no interest in being any kind of ‘magician’... unless storytelling is equivalent to casting spells.

Would you say that you have a dark side? The word side implies an obverse. My worldview has been described as unremittingly bleak—but I like to think I keep a (black and swollen) tongue in cheek.

How do you feel about the cancellation of Hellblazer and John Constantine brought in to the DC Superhero Universe? I was pissed off when I heard the news. Relaunching the character as what I have described as an ‘anaemic rebrand’ strikes me as disrespectful of the work of a lot of fine writers and artists, and the suits who decided to do it will probably get their comeuppance. But I’m over it now. Just hope the guys charged with developing ConstantEEn know what they’re getting into. That boy can be hard to handle and, As JC himself was once fond of saying: You shouldn’t join if you can’t take a joke.

In Issue 3 of Hellblazer, it deals with Hell’s economy and the conservative party. How do you think Hell’s economy is doing today, what with David Cameron flushing the U.K down the toilet and Margaret Thatcher’s death? Ah, the dear old ‘Iron Lady’; may she rust in peace... But her legacy is still virulently potent and Hell’s economy is booming as the privateers get busy looting what public assets still survive from last time. So-called austerity is a gift to the ideological demons. Free to victimise the poor and weak... force the disabled to crawl to work... pay extortionate private rents because they sold off all the public housing. NHS under attack too; they only keep it running to preserve us until we 68 [issue


grow old and demented enough to be squeezed of our meagre residual assets by corporate care homes. Plenty of blood too in the 21stC to quench Hellish thirsts and turn a profit. Raise a cheer for permanent war, you feeble terrorised debt-slaves!

Another thing about issue 3, on the cover there is a sign saying “Voting Tory can seriously damage your health.”Was that your idea or John Ridgway’s? You could have made a lot of money selling bumper stickers and badges saying that, especially in Scotland. Honestly can’t remember who came up with that one; it could have been Dave McKean. Had a lot of viable money making schemes over the years, but putting them into action would have made me a filthy Capitalist and I like to sleep at night.

My worldvi

ew has been

described a s


ly bleak [issue 7]


70 [issue


ar And novels dless e fucking en

What do you do to relax? Ponder elaborate strategies for the avoidance of writing. Gently modify my consciousness to ameliorate the terror induced by the exponential multiplication of energetically enchanting but life-devouring grandchildren.

What was your experience of writing your novel, Book Thirteen? Did you find it easier than writing comics? Also why publish under the name, A. William James? Always intended to be a novelist; just got distracted having fun with comics. Suddenly realised I was nearly sixty and had better see if I could actually do it before it was too late. The main challenge for me in writing (self-published) prose is the fact that there is no artist waiting for your script so they can get to work in turn and feed their wailing children, or an editor eager to meet their schedule, pen poised to sign off on a payment voucher. Everyone needs an incentive to productivity. And novels are fucking endless. The pen name is down to my concern that BOOK THIRTEEN ( for precis) is perhaps not typical of the Jamie Delano brand, and I did not want to misrepresent it and disappoint those expecting a prose version of Hellblazer, etc.. I was pleased with how it turned out, though, and enjoyed writing prose enough to want to do it a lot more. I have another novel underway now. This one – a noirish crime satire set in a dystopian near-future parallel universe land called Inglund – is a bit more ‘Jamie Delano’ and will hopefully appear under that name before the end of the year. Currently, I’m describing it as ‘a graphic novel without pictures’. [issue 7]


What are you currently reading? I’m reading, and very much enjoying, M. John Harrison’s NOVA CITY which I snagged from my ‘shamefully neglected and long-overdue for attention’ bookshelf the other day. I have most of last year’s Booker shortlist on my ereader, but unfortunately decided to start with Will Self’s UMBRELLA, which is brilliant, but of whose vocabulary one word in ten completely defeats the onboard dictionary. Robert MacFarlane’s THE OLD WAYS is good, if you have an interest in the natural world. And I’d recommend a subscription to THE NEW INQUIRY (online mag, two dollars per issue) for essays and contemporary commentary.

Do you have any projects planned for the future? Another novel perhaps? See answer above. No comics projects currently contemplated, but I haven’t totally given up on the medium. Something may turn up.

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? Well, it had horns. But I was a bit delirious—and I don’t know if you’d call it dancing exactly...

Thank you again for this interview. You’re welcome. Thanks for your interest.

If you’d like to read his work you can easily pick up TPBs of his original run on Hellblazer. For his novel you can read more about it at lepusbooks. For an extensive bibliography and to send fan mail to Jamie go to www.jamiedelano. 72 [issue


[issue 7]


M istress Ha yden’s d e b a uc he d l o ve aff ai r with

a depraved Britis h Rock S t a r

P a rt II

Here is the second part of the increasingly perverse rock star saga that is being blogged on If you’re not familiar with Mistress Hayden’s previous online and print diaries then prepare yourself to be shocked and equally awed at another of her candid and generous entries. London and the UK I arrive at Heathrow one beautiful day in September. I’ve never been to the United Kingdom, but my school girl nerves get the best of me, and I barely take in any of the sites as the cab takes me from the airport to Kensington, where he’d booked a posh hotel. He had business in his hometown, and for the sake of total anonymity I won’t say which, only that it was ninety or so minutes away from the airport and he suggested I take a taxi and wait for him at our suite, telling me to inform the front desk I was Mrs (Insert His Last Name). I pace the room nervously as he texts and tells me he’ll be a little while. Finally I heard a light rap at the door, followed by a key card beep. I sit at the edge of the bed and try to avoid looking terrified. My ‘works’, which include a bag of needles I acquired at the airport and the 600 dollars worth of heroin I carried via my cunt into London sit on the night stand. He asks if I’ve fixed already and I nod. But I know him, and I say I want more knowing it will turn him on to watch me shoot up. He was even more unbelievably beautiful in person. Tattoos juxtaposed his fair skin, skin that I 74 [issue


immediately wanted pressed against mine. Jet black hair contrasted his pale blue eyes, and when he spoke I could barely contain my instant lust at this person I’d only just met under the most bizarre of circumstances. All American girls swoon at a British accent, and I’m no exception. After I find a vein he smiles and watches the blood rush into the needle. After I’ve pushed all of the drugs into my arm, I pull the plunger back, drawing my own blood and he instinctively opens his mouth. I squirt my blood into his mouth and we kiss, blood smearing our lips. To this day, I remember these bloody moments as being the most erotic and intense of my life. He pulls a meth pipe from his bag and fills it with only a few massive crystals. The biggest I’d seen. He inhales a hit, and nods for me to lean in for a shot gun. The sweet smoke fills my lungs and as he finishes he kisses me. We spend the rest of the night alternately fucking, and much to our surprise, conversing. Laughing, with a sort of comfort that only lovers of many years come to know. Eventually we’d speak of that first night as the moment we realized novelty and a mutual infatuation could turn into much more.

Los Angeles Not even a month after our first drug addled rendezvous, he needs to fly to Southern California where his band records, and he asks if I’ll come for a week. I oblige immediately and within days I’m being picked up at LAX. He hands me a water bottle and I know it’s filled with GHB. I take a swig and immediately cough and chase it with Gatorade. GHB is a drug we both adored, one similar to ecstasy that makes your whole body throb. It’s especially popular for sex, and considering we’re on our way to a fan girls house I drink up to catch up to what I’m sure he’s already taken. We stop at his part time apartment to fuck in the car alone before I have to pretend this homely, insipid fan girl is his real girlfriend. I love the task, and it suited him well that I did. His deviant ways extend beyond drugs and sex, and envelope deceit as well. My eager participation in playing the part of the slut being used always made him feel that we had an understanding of each other unmatched by any. It was always very obvious to me that I was the superior one, and his game of girlfriends, as I came to call it, was to make them his. I became giddy before each ruse, and when I met the girls, I always commented on how beautiful his girlfriend was. When she isn’t looking he mouths the words ‘I Love You’ to me, or he rests his middle fingers on her back and smiles as he fucks her from behind. I want to laugh hysterically but I maintain composure to keep our game alive. Afterwards, I shoot myself up, and him for the first time in front of her. Knowing she will do anything to please Liam, we exchange our blood from the needle with a kiss. I can see from my peripheral vision that she is shocked, but plays coy and acts as if this is all blase. We love to traumatize the girls, and watch as they clamor to prove that they aren’t completely unnerved. Our days in Los Angeles were filled with this. Once alone, he became himself again, and we’d laugh for hours and congratulate ourselves on our wittiness. Arrogant as anything, we’d watch videos of us fucking and point out moments that we’d catch each others eye and smile because even when we fucked others we had our own silent language that they couldn’t see. He’d show me things he was working on, and we’d talk for hours. It was my second trip there that he told me he was irrevocably in love with me. And I him. Brittany Ann Selditch //

Part III will be live at on Sept 15th. [issue 7]


76 [issue




[issue 7]


What made you first discover your love for modelling/photography?

I started shooting for my MA as practise research, looking at feminism and burlesque. It wasn’t an intentional thing, but I found the still image was able to explore a character in a very different way to a 5 minute burlesque performance. But I think regardless of what academics, my supervisor, fellow models and artists and even designers said to me about my work - the thing that made what I was doing worthwhile was when I sent my horror images to the actors/directors I was inspired by and having a few replies back all of which were so complimentary.

Who/what inspires you?

Cindy Sherman. Post-60’s Feminist Performance Art. Innovative horror (for the time it was created).

Any plans on being on the other side of the camera one day? Actually yes! I want to be able to start doing explorative self- portraits. Though I do adore creating work as a collaboration with a photographer and sometimes MUA and designer, I would love to be able to explore a concept fully on my own. Sometimes I will have ideas that do not come across to a photographer successfully and the images aren’t what I imagined. Worse is when the mood I am trying to portray isn’t captured and it feels just like a flat image. In those cases I would love to be able to explore an idea on my own first to see if it works.

78 [issue


[issue 7]


80 [issue


I would love to be able to explore a concept

fully on my own.

[issue 7]


82 [issue


Talk us through The Writer set, how did the idea come about?

When I started shooting with Leah she told me she had a secret love for horror so we decided to collaborate on regular horror shoots and make a mini project of it. Leah said she wanted to shoot some horror with me anything! but I didn’t know what would really make her tick. So I asked her what her five favourite horror movies were. Two of the movies were written by Stephen King and one directed by Hitchcock. So I came up with the concept of The Writer which would explore a narrative commonly explored by King, but in the strange awkward style of Hitchcock.

In an ideal world, what would your fantasy shoot entail?

I would love to do one of my horror shoots with the actor who played the villian. I would love to play Robert Englund(Freddy)’s or Bill Mosely(Otis)’s victim.

[issue 7]


A lot of people have silly preconceived ideas of the business, imagining anorexic teenagers devouring plates of cocaine while eating laxatives and sleeping on piles of money haha How would you describe what life is like as a model? (I personally find it a lot more boring though enjoyable, I love the creative process behind shoots.)

I wish I could sleep on a pile of money! Though a nail bed would probably be more comfy. I buy everything from ebay or swap, and I actually like the creative process of trying to make things out of nothing. I call it ‘blue peter style’. As for the grossness, no, I’m actually a plus size model and the only thing I devour is constant cups of tea and a glass of mead every now and then. I could be thinner, and sometimes I think there would be more chance of me being signed and getting booked as designers mainly create samples in size 6-8. But that’s not who I am. And I think I get booked because of my individual size and crazy bastard ideas/style.

Any advice to budding models?

Always get references for people you will be working with. If you want to be creative, stay true to yourself and hunt for fellow weirdos to create with. But whatever you want to do, I would always recommend spending some time doing TF shoots exploring a bit of everything just to see if you are good at it. Sometimes we surprise ourselves.

84 [issue


[issue 7]


86 [issue


So over 18 months ago SKIN was born and back then it was just myself shovelling layouts into a cracked version of InDesign on a broken laptop ridden with viruses. Thankfully we are light years away from that now! So all that time ago this wonderful gentleman was the first person I ever interviewed! We’ve stayed in touch ever since and I’ve been keeping up to date with his tremendous body of work and I’ve been dying to bring him back for Issue 7! Here he is,




I am currently watching Most Terrifying Places in America. What is the most terrifying place you’ve been? Never watched that show I must admit. Most terrifying place is the place I live at the moment. My, almost, ghost town. Nowhere to go out, nowhere to have fun, empty city square, malls full of living dead, bars full of rednecks, people diggin through trash... it’s just awful. Good working atmosphere tough; also, a nice excuse to drink with buddies at home, much cheaper ..and to enjoy music you actually like. Always wanted to visit Pripyat, Chernobyl, those kinda places. Those monuments of death and questionable better times are real mind fucking places. Fuck that staged “most haunted..” shit. Fake journalists on dope and always one sexy bitch in the crew. Why don’t they have some nasty, fat and ugly chick for pretend scares? It’s fake as hell. I don’t claim there aren’t haunted houses around, just don’t believe in American dumb propaganda and plastic fun. Have fun peeps, while we’re takin away your so called “liberties”. Are you a believer in ghosts/paranormal/ aliens etc..? Yeah, pretty much. I don’t believe in and cannot stand “orb” talk. That’s retarded. You should just shot yourself right in the face if you believe we’re alone in the space. I mean, how fuckin stupid can one be? In terms of “scary stuff” nothing can beat the reality/plane/dimension we’re living in.”I’ve been taken to mothership and was sexualy abused be nine female aliens!” - cool, can I have some of that? It’s not that I’m degrading or disrespecting someone’s abduction experience, I just feel I’d rather stay on that ship and say “fuck off” to this world. What weird/scary myths are there in Croatia? Yeah, we have myths about honesty and prosperity. About hard working man and women, payed for their hard work in money. Myths about hapiness are present too.

88 [issue


[issue 7]


90 [issue



But absolutely-NOT-joke aside, we have a common Slavic myths. Classic fairies, witches, giants. Two gods, one for day and one for night. Belobog and Chernobog (there are numerous ways of spelling that). Nothing fancy. Balkan is full of vampire stories, stories about werewolves, child eating withces. Many of small villages throughout ex-Yugoslavia still believe in vampires. It’s awesome. Unfortunatelly, we don’t celebrate any of our elder’s myths, gods, whatever you wanna. Christianity plagued this land as well. I’m all for “lets go Norwegian on ‘em” but as time passes by I see they’ll eat themselves out. Keepin one bottle of cheapest wine to celebrate that. Nowdays I have no feelings for church, like I have no feelings for unicorns (I lie, unicorns are awesome and cudly). Like me, you’re a big Ancient Aliens fan, huzzah! What do you think? Did aliens really build human civilization? The show became bit dull I must admit. Tho I still love the theme and greek’s guy hair and tan. Hahaha. Seriously, yeah, I do believe that we had many, many interventions through human history and history of the Earth. I believe in panspermia. We also came from outter space, with a meteor. We ARE aliens. You really cannot argue with that. Well, you could, but I wouldn’t listen. I think we were given tools for some incredible things. These days the ether is noisy, communication blocked. I believe that there are means for gettin free energy, for everyone. Unfortunatelly everyone who was loud enough about that idea ended dead... who’d say, eh? I believe there’s one enormous fuckin worldwide conpiracy goin on. Also, I think the legendary Area 51 is just a decoy for people, to keep their eyes on it while government is raping their asses unnoticed. Sure, it’s test facility for modern flying machines, maybe they’re using extraterrestial tech, but I don’t think they’re in possession of flying saucer there. Well, at least for the last 20, 30 years.

[issue 7]


If so, is there anywhere in the world aliens “forgot” to develop? Haha, I think their work still isn’t finished. Maybe handed over to our governments. Now they test the shit outta us. It’s cool, we’re cattle. What bothers me is there’s no means to end this tyranny. Those people aren’t answering to anyone. What are you reading right now? I’m reading the last sentence I wrote, ha! Nothing, nothing at the moment. I was reading a lot, A LOT .. even few years back. Now I can menage few books a year. I’m used to read in bed, at night. These days I just fall asleep. It’s damn pitty, there’s so much good stuff out there. I’ll never read anything through smartphone or tablet, I just don’t see the point. If it isn’t on paper it isn’t for me. Like toilet paper; you wouldn’t wipe your ass with iPad. It’s fuckin not natural. Oh, yeah, and my eyes are fucked because of PC abuse. Damn you Battlefield 3, DAMN YOU!! What was the last thing you listened to? Abyssos, “Together We Summon The Dark” album. If you were to only eat one type of cake for all eternity, what would it be? Something creamy, with chocolate filling and whiped cream. Must be soft, I hate nuts and everything that looks and tase like ‘em. Also, I just noticed that I might be gay; chocolate filling? Whiped cream? Really? Oh well.. fuck you Freud! What would be your power animal? (Mine is the sea cucumber) Rocco Siffredi!! He has a lot of power and behaving like an animal (in front of cameras at least). On more serious note.. Dung Beattle. It’s because I’m rollin with others shit my whole life and still goin strong. What 5 words would describe your average day? Coffe, cigs, music, photoshop, tablet.

92 [issue


[issue 7]


A pessimist’s bloody type is always

Bnegative By Richard Saunders

Dracula, Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that purple chap from Sesame Street who likes numbers; blood enthusiasts? Not a bit of it! It’s a common misconception that all those who indulge in Blood Play are also Vampire fetishists. Not all those who have a hardon for blood also whack a pair of fangs in and drape a cape around their shoulders. Blood is a fascinating primal element. It doesn’t hold any sexual connotations for me personally, but I am very interested in the stuff. When I was a youngster I would get regular nosebleeds. When the humidity rose in summer or even just going from a cool environment to a warmer one, my nose would become a geyser of crimson. As I got older they lessened, but every now and then I still get them. There’s no warn94 [issue


ing or physical sensation when they happen, I’d just notice a trickle of blood down past my philtrum (that bump under your nose; SKIN is always teaching), or a drop of blood would rain down on whatever I was concentrating on. I’ve gotten used to the sight of blood, albeit just nose blood, but I’m intrigued by it. Nowadays I don’t rush to stop the bleeding or clean myself up. I sometimes look in the mirror and make believe I’ve been the victor of a Fight Club type scenario. I’ve found myself cupping my hands to collect the dripping blood, just to look at it. It’s cheesy perhaps, but we’re all made up of the stuff. It’s rare you get the opportunity to tangibly interact with one of life’s irrefutable constants. It’s kind of beautiful in a way, and something Hollywood has been trying to recreate ever since Alfred Hitchcock poured chocolate syrup down the plughole in Psycho. When there’s a shallow pool it’s bright vibrant red, when it col-

lects in greater quantities it’s a deep burgundy. It’s life! But what exactly is Blood Play? Well as with many fetishes that’s a very broad question to ask. I’m interested in the pure basic nature of Blood Play, and for the purposes of this article will be disregarding the entanglement with Vampirism. I wanted to explore the raw appeal of indulging in Blood Play, and to do that I sought out a reveller with a long association with the red stuff. Known to me only as Sarah, I got chatting with this Blood Play aficionado through a fetish forum. Not knowing the first thing about Blood Play I had no idea what to expect, but as we talked more certain things started making sense to me; “of course that’s why she got into it,” “of course that’s where the fascination comes from.”

There were lots of these mini epiphanies during our talks. Sarah kindly answered my heavy-handed and downright silly questions, and opened my eyes to the world of O positive and B negative (other blood groups are available). Before she got into Blood Play Sarah was a registered nurse who had worked for ten years in an emergency ward. Seeing everything from car accident victims to botched suicide attempts, she was used to dealing with copious amounts of blood on a daily basis. It wasn’t until she left medicine that she realised her, until then unknown, Blood Play needs were being met through her work. She began missing the sight of blood, the smell of it, the way it dried and became tacky under her fingers. She was hooked. Being a medical professional Blood Play [issue 7]


“there are some fantasies that will never become reality, some things ...

was not a stretch for Sarah. Already well versed in drawing blood and tending wounds, she quickly zeroed in on what she loved about the fetish. The associated activities with drawing and causing blood were where the thrill came from. Her other proclivities supported this goal; also being into RACK (Risk Assumed Consensual Kink) Play opened up a plethora of potential for her bloody habit. Prick Play and genital piercing became a strong element of her recreation, utilising staples, needles and cutting to placate her fetish. She summed up her fascination with piercing beautifully: “Making holes is an act of ultimate trust. I am literally piercing your defenses. You are open and exposed to my energy flow through the breaks in the skin.” Safety as you would expect is top priority when it comes to Blood Play. Sarah’s number 96 [issue


one rule is to always be aware of bloodborne pathogens. It’s true, whenever you open the skin there’s a risk of infection. With Sarah’s nursing background she’s more aware of this than anyone. She indulges her Blood Play antics with the assumption that everyone has everything, so preparation is of primary importance. Using medical grade cleaning products and disposable instruments is a must during her sessions, and she’s nearly always wearing scrubs. Her partners are thoroughly briefed, and what’s going to happen is talked about at length before beginning. It’s another common misconception that Blood Play can be initiated spontaneously, and while that is physically true it’s very unwise. At a very basic level, sanitary issues and clean-up must be considered; while the risk of infection should always be in the forefront of people’s minds. The message is by all means engage in Blood Play if you and your partner are aware of the dangers and take the necessary precautions.

... should stay in your head.”

With all the precautions in the world, making someone bleed must have some pretty powerful and domineering connotations for those on the painless end of the needle. I asked Sarah if the knowledge that she is draining the very “life force” out of her partner ever has a thrill or sensual appeal. She responded in a very philosophical way, saying every action we take brings with it the risk that it might be our last. She talked about how even though she does do dangerous things, she wants to play with people again and revisit them. So every precaution is taken never to endanger lives. She ended with a marvelous quip; “there are some fantasies that will never become reality, some things should stay in your head.”

I came into this article with absolutely no idea about the Bloody Play scene. Proof of this is in the questions I asked Sarah at the beginning; “Do you have a very suspicious dry cleaner?” Really infantile stuff, but Sarah was understanding and a superb guide into the world. I’ve merely pricked the proverbial finger in terms of the vast Blood Play realm, but I’ve been fascinated to learn about Sarah’s personal journey. From me personally it means continuing my deep admiration for the red stuff that courses through each and every one of us. I welcome the next opportunity to study my own blood; which will hopefully come in the form of a nice gentle nosebleed and not an alligator attack or some such. While I’ll be steering clear of popping on a hospital gown and having pints of my own Gummy Berry Juice siphoned off, I am very pleased that there are people like Sarah out there who are playing safe, and enjoying the delights of the fetish world in the right way. [issue 7]



Mistress Hayden’s

blood fetish Photography: DavPark Photos

Perhaps the most erotic and intimate act two people can perform sexually, in my opinion, is a taboo act not often well received. It’s called hematolagnia, which is basically a verbose word for good ol’ blood loving. There’s many misconceptions about this particular inclination. I aim to enlighten non vamps, as well as address the way in which this fascination can be misconstrued by sharing my experiences and my introspective hypothesis on why this may be appealing. > > >

98 [issue


[issue 7]


The first assumption I’d like to address is that ALL blood gets me off. Watching gory horror movies, blood gushing from every angle as a serial killer disembowels victim after victim does not, in any way, turn me on. That’s only me, there may be some blood fetishists out there that do find massive gore or Emergency Room Trauma Centers erotic. My reason for differentiating the two is simple. Intimacy. The idea that sometimes, fucking (as in coitus, penetration, or intercourse) simply doesn’t feel sufficient. The notion that you literally want to be consumed, or consume your lover. People who haven’t taken it as far as drinking another persons blood (under clean and controlled circumstances, which I will get into) have experienced this need to be devoured in lesser degrees. For instance, biting. It comes natural during sex, for many, to want to bite your partner. It is all tied into our animalistic instinct to devour our sexual partners, and I believe, even when taken to extremes like drinking blood,

100 [issue


is completely natural. I first discovered my taste, no pun intended, for blood watching Interview with a Vampire at a very young age. Cliche as it is, given all of the utter crap saturating our televisions and movie screens lately regarding vampirism and love intertwined, it had an effect on me. I saw something romantic, and in retrospect, that glimpse into my future was my inner desire to give and receive more than just my cunt and body to someone I am either in love with, or am close enough with to make mutual consumption of each others blood an act of extreme intimacy. It’s a delicate mixture of nourishing and all-consuming. My first experience with this phenomenon was brief, albeit satisfying. And it unleashed a yearning unmatched by any. I was with a boy in Brooklyn, a friend of a friend. I accidentally bit his lip, hard. Blood swelled from it, dripping down his lips. I was taken aback, sure that he’d yell or curse, or worse. Instead, he licked the oozing

The idea that sometimes, fucking (as in coitus, penetration, or intercourse) simply doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t feel sufficient.

[issue 7]


red fluid from the corners of his mouth, put a hand to the wound and with blood covered fingers reached for my mouth. Maybe it was unspoken, or maybe he had done it before. He took a chance that I would run screaming from his loft, terrified of diseases and disgusted at the sight of it. But I devoured the finger-full, and instantly found my lips on the wound, alternately kissing him, and sucking more blood out of the gash. It was more arousing than anything I’d done before and it sparked the beginning of my search for more like me. Around this time, I had begun a multiple year love affair with heroin. In the beginning I snorted or smoked it, but eventually, as many do, I graduated to needles. After I’d push the drugs into my veins, I’d slowly pull the plunger back, filling the syringe with my own blood. I’d squirt in onto my fingers, my face, my tongue, all the while remembering my brief encounter and wishing I had an outlet for the pent up frustration I felt at not being able to casually bring it up with one of the handful of men or women I slept with semi-regularly. I could imagine how that conversation would go. “Hey, do you mind if I use my heroin needle to draw some of your blood and then I can drink it, you can have a taste of mine if you’d like, and we’ll smear it all over each other like psychopathic savages?” So I put it on the shelf. Eventually, I met someone who is still my soulmate. We both shared in drug use, but we immediately discovered that we also shared our blood. It was made safe and easy by the syringes I required for my drug dependency, not requiring massive gashes with razors (although we used those too). We’d alternate squirting our respective needles full of our most vital fluid into each others mouth, kissing afterwards and feeling a mixture of both of our blood flowing down our necks. At the end, we’d be covered in it. The pictures I took of those moments are still among my most treasured. It was that feeling of wanting to kiss someones face off, or fuck them into shreds. The notion is esoteric, and very difficult to properly put into words. But I know that anyone who has loved someone with every iota of themselves has felt, at the very least, that fucking sometimes isn’t enough to express how much you need them. The need to go one step 102 [issue


After I’d push the drugs into my veins, I’d slowly pull the plunger back, filling the syringe with my own blood. further, devour, nourish, consume and share an intimacy unmatched by most, is a fervent desire of mine. I have dealt with many critics and nay sayers. They swear I’m a trendy vampire slut, simply want to incite shock value, or am simply deranged. To that I say that we all have something that makes us tick. Psychologically, the use of blood in a sexual way can be seen as a metaphor. Giving somebody you love most in the world something so vital to you that it’s very existence keeps you alive is, to me, an extremely romantic notion. I agree, it can seem unsettling at first, but with any fetish, the absence of it leaves one frustrated and unfulfilled. Drinking, being covered in or kissing someone with a mouthful of blood enhances the experience and I don’t do it with just anybody. I’ve only actually participated in “blood play” (I loathe the term, but suppose it applies) with three people my entire life. One of which lasted years. The gesture isn’t about shock value. It’s certainly not about becoming a trendy pop culture vampire, and I am no serial killing so-

Photography: DavPark Photos Model: Berenika -

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Dear Zara, I have a female armpit fetish; I like hairy armpits, and vaginas for that matter. Go figure a clown with a dirty armpit fetish. I realize that pheromones are released through the female underarm but I literally go into rut like a buck when I see an attractive woman who doesn’t shave. Is this common and if so are there websites that cater to this? Sugar Weasel Dear Mr Weasil, I’m certain John Wayne Gacy got his clown slap smeared over putrid pungent bristle pits and a heaving growler like an axe wound in a Gorilla’s back. Perhaps thats what spurred him down the path of homoerotic torture killings. I believe that Napoleon bloke also forced his wife Josephine not to wash at all until he returned from war. He should have been able to smell the woman emanating from Belgium! Filthy French smeg fancier. Guess you’re in good company. Armpit shaving took off massively after an advert in the May 1915 edition of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine which actively encouraged woman to remove ‘objectionable hair.’ Its all down to pheromones I guess seeing as we are all 104 [issue


animals, they make people pound between crusty stained sheets like the sweaty heathen beasts they truly are. This kinda makes your fetishisation totally natural and the modern act of shaving a fetish in itself. Try I think you’ll be able to fill your clown shoes with cum with ease from here. Nothing wrong with going down on a girl who mings like a mince beef and onion Findus Crispy Pancake every once in a while. ZS

Dear Zara, In what grade do you consider it appropriate for the pupils to start learning about watersports? I’d very grateful for an answer so that me and my colleagues finally could settle our discussion and go on with educating. Stefan Nordlund Dear Stefan, It is clear to anyone that watersports should be taken as a stable part of the Nation Curriculum with the wide spread school education on such deviant matters starting at age five. Most snotty urchins reek of sour milk and urine anyway so if they started the practice themselves would anyone even notice? Of course they fucking wouldn’t! Sleepover piss parties and pass the catheter would no doubt replace musical chairs and cunning noncey magicians. No reason why the subject should not be broached at an early age to open doors for a blossoming career as a human urinal in Antagony which beats the crap outta working 9-5 in a Barclays Branch. If we start urolagnia as a religon Ofsted will be literally FORCED to encourage its practice and teachings, they would have to hire the decrepit old prostitutes (if they’re still alive) from Pier Pasolini’s Salo to sit everyone down in a big circle as they whimsically recall whoreing encounters of clerical omorashi instead of the fucking Hungry Caterpillar. Homework assignment embark on a clandestine urination mission on your parents duvet then film the evidence as your dad gets berated for drunken incontinence. ZS

Now Piss off

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THE by Jerry Lentz LANGUAGE OF SHADOWS: THE EARLY YEARS AND NOSFERATU by Jerry Lentz In 1921, Friedrich Wilhem Plumpe had survived service in the war as a combat pilot, became an occultist, and transformed himself into the director F.W. Murnau. With a partner he founded the company Prana Film (Prana as in life force) in an effort to produce a series of occult films. Murnau was a master director, but a poor businessman, the only film released by Prana before it collapsed was ‘Nosferatu’. While watching Nosferatu’ in its breathtaking restoration by the F.W. Murnau Foundation, I discovered, ‘The Language of Shadows: The Early Years and Nosferatu’ a 52-minute documentary in the extras. Albin Grau, a design and set painter who worked at UFA, he was an artist, architect, occultist, a freemason, a spiritualist, and soon the producer and production designer for ‘Nosferatu.’ Grau got the idea to shoot the vampire film while a soldier in World War I, when a Serbian farmer told him he needed help because his father was a vampire and living among the Undead. Grau was responsible for the the sets, costumes, storyboards and designs of posters and advertising. A member of the secret society Fraternitas Saturni, Grau

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filled ‘Nosferatu’ with mystical, alchemical symbols, and hidden and subliminal messages. The Fraternitas Saturni was founded in 1928 at the Weida Conference to confirm and protest Aleister Crowley’s claims to be the Outer Head of Ordo Templi Orientis and World Teacher. The conference included Crowley’s entourage of Leah Hirsig, Dorothy Olsen, and Norman Mudd and the members of Heinrich Traenker’s Pansophia Lodge. The order specialized in avant-garde technology and magical rituals based on the Saturn Gnosis, and Nikola Tesla’s theories such as The Occult Ether Theory and Electropulsion Characteristics of Basic Ether Particles. Tesla wrote in his article A Fairytale of Electricity, published in 1915: “...Moses was undoubtedly a practical and skillful electrician far in advance of his time. (Operating) a machine in which electricity was generated by friction of air against silk curtains, and stored in a box constructed like a condenser. (The Ark of the Covenant? Or possibly the Pyramids?) It is very plausible to assume that the sons of Aaron were killed by a high-tension discharge, and that the vestal fires of the Romans were electrical...” Grau’s paintings and drawings adorned the lavish Saturn Gnosis magazine issues and now they are very much sought after by collectors with money. With the rise of the Nazi Party came the end for many occult groups with their links to foreign groups. Most became secret societies available to only the highest ranking nazi official. The name Nosferatu comes from the old Slavic word for “plague bringer” and notice how Max Schreck contributes

viously believed, but was able to escape from Nazi Germany with his daughter to Switzerland. Later he returned to Germany where he died on March 27, 1971. Murnau was, without a doubt, one of Germany’s, and certainly the world’s most talented directors. He directed 17 films in Germany and 4 in America. Only 12 of these are known to have survived. Who knows what other cinematic treasures he might have created if his life hadn’t been cut short in an automobile accident in Santa Barbara, California, in 1931. Murnau was entombed in Berlin. Actors Emil Jannings and Greta Garbo attended the funeral, and Hitler’s favorite film director, Fritz Lang delivered the eulogy.


an extraordinary performance as hordes of rats follow in his wake. Associating the count with rats and plague is similar to how the Jews were portrayed at that time. Audiences found him so chillingly realistic, rumors circulated that he was, in fact, a real vampire and not just a tool of Nazi propaganda. What had Murnau and Grau unleashed onto the world? Not a mere horror film. Not with its lasting power. Something is conjured as the messages are projected through shadows… A virus infecting the eyes! Haunting the mind! A plague of the soul! A vampire that returns to feed on you, and damn you till eternity for it’s creation and resurrection. Grau planned to create several films devoted to the occult with Prana Film. Since ‘Nosferatu’ was an unauthorized translation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula Prana had to declare bankruptcy in order to evade infringement lawsuits. According to recent German sources Albin Grau didn’t die in 1942 in a concentration camp as a socialist and occultist as pre-

Some say it was a curse, Murnau’s death.

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REVIEWS by Jerry Lentz

DEATH BED: THE BED THAT EATS Alexander Davis Do I really need to say anything about this movie? Isn’t the title alone enough to make you want to watch it? No? Well I guess I should probably explain the movie that is Death Bed: The Bed That Eats. Filming began in 1972 and wasn’t finished until 1977. The movie didn’t get an official release until 2003. That’s right, after only 30 years since the movie began filming, it was finally released. When I first heard of the movie I thought it would be an exploitation type movie. To my surprise it turned it to be a lot more artistic and surreal. The movie opens up with a couple wanting sexy time, so they decide to break in to an abandoned mansion, where there is a very comfy looking bed. They start to make out on the bed, and then as you have probably already guessed the bed eat them. Now I won’t go in to what happens after that opening scene because you should see this movie! It is shot in a very surreal way and although the plot 108 [issue


may seem simple it does somehow manage to keep you guessing and entertained all the way through. Just try not to put too much effort in to watching the movie. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (God, I love that title) raises some interesting questions, such as; Why would a couple who want to screw go all the way to an abandoned mansion to screw bring fried chicken with them? Why is there a person living behind a painting? Why did this movie take so long to get an official release? And lastly, why is there a bed that eats people? Some of these questions can be answered by viewing the movie, others will still be a mystery. So go on and check it out, I’m sure you’ll find the movie surprisingly enjoyable. Just make sure you’re not watching it in bed....



When I told director James Wan that I had taken two 14 year old girls to see his film, he said that was good parenting. I know they were scared. I know I was scared. I loved this film. The cast was fantastic. There were many scares in the film. I’ve followed Ed and Loraine Warrens work since I was a kid. They inspired my own paranormal research. I’ve visited several haunted houses and buildings in my life. Based on a true story, the film tells the horrifying tale of how world renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The cast of Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Lili Taylor, and Ron Livingston are great. Well-crafted, very creepy and “based on a true story” the Perron family is terrorized by demonic entities. Perron’s book, ‘House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story’, gives an in-depth look into this story.

I loved the film! There were several truly jump out of my seat moments. The film has a real sense of kindness to it as well. There are many characters depicted as caring about others. You don’t see that much in films anymore. Sweet people in positions of terror looking for help to get out of their situations. I’ve never understood the excuse some people express, “Why don’t they just move of of their house?” Well, if you’ve never owned a house, you don’t realize the difficulty of selling in bad economic times, or just up and moving when all your money is tied up in it. Every single actor in the film is great. There are child actors and they are fantastic. James Wan really took great care in making these characters real and having us invest ourselves in their wellbeing. I was hearing a lot of buzz from friends that work in the industry about the film. I hate going into a movie with high expectations. It always seems that I’m let down. I was lucky enough to attend a screening with excited people. The audience has to be ready and willing to be scared and have fun, it was a good crowd. It was a great fun and scary movie!

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