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Six Sixes by Joseph Grant



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Six Sixes by Joseph Grant


Blur It’s been said that as one gets older the very first thing to go are the eyes and true to this conviction, Rafael Modena awoke the morning after his fortieth birthday and discovered much to his dismay that he could not see things with as much clarity as he had just the day before; it was a subtle change and at first he thought this may have been due more to the effects of excessive drinking for his birthday but as the alcohol dissipated and his hangover wore off, the slight fuzziness did not. With each passing week that disappeared into the haze of the month before, his vision became so vague that he could not see his outstretched hands held out in front of him and this confused him, as he had always been nearsighted, not farsighted and this worried him even more for he worked as a proofreader. Worried by this odd turn of events, he finally consulted an specialist whom he deduced was nothing short of a con artist, as the wacko did nothing but submit him through an 5

Six Sixes by Joseph Grant

extensive barrage of ocular examinations and tests, ultimately resulting in his not being treated and getting a prescription but the optometrist himself waltzing in one day with a new pair of designer glasses. Infuriated, frustrated and becoming increasingly desperate by his vision becoming worse around him, he withdrew his 401K and spared no expense in so-called experts, but there was also no fad too extreme, whether that was eating fifty carrots a day, making his apartment reek from all kinds of homeopathic recipes or traveling abroad to undergo radical, if yet unproven miracle treatments or surgeries that, in the end, did nothing to improve his outlook, cynical and otherwise. With the real eventuality of his being sightless looming in the near future, he started to become bitter and hated the way people stared at him with their healthy eyes, as if he was some sort of freak, but then a dermatologist to whom he had gone as a last resort to treat a skin rash, finally correctly diagnosed him where all others had failed-Rafael Modena, after being treated by the world’s best and worst physicians, was not cured for the simple reason that he was in fact, not losing his sight. His condition was a complete medical anomaly for which


there was no known treatment and could not be studied for any length of time; for he was beginning to blur from his and everyone else’s sight, fading more and more with each sunset until eventually one morning he would be no more.


Six Sixes by Joseph Grant

My Dark Places It is gloomy when I am alone and bricked up from within, but I’m sorry, it is the way I prefer to keep it sometimes. You can keep your distance, thank you, but it doesn’t matter, for no one ever walks down my halls, climbs through my walls or even calls. There is no one; no one here but me, at all. Writing seems to be the only way out, while not writing seems the only way in, where to start, where to continue, where to end and when it doesn’t work any more, what then? Because drinking once worked but now no longer does, the emptiness it used to fill now affects my relationships and the barren landscape grows deeper and I feel its effect from the crowded solitude and the heavy blanket of shadows down under which I unknowingly lie. This 3 a.m. of the soul steals me of my supposed sanity, takes away my day and turns it into night, blots the sun from the sky, makes me want to cry, and I wonder why can’t anyone hear me screaming from the inside?


Voice of God From the AP Wire - One of the most brilliant and historical of all discoveries has been made by scientists who were trying to improve a super high frequency for satellite radio and seemed to have stumbled upon a mysterious hole in the electromagnetic spectrum high above the planet. Called hyper-photonic frequency, the wavelengths located in this region have been found to contain trapped sound emanating from the beginning of this planet, a sort of cosmic echo of the Big Bang to the present day, scientists contend. Through six solid years of research, a team of 5,000 scientists, paleontologists, anthropologists and language experts from around the globe have been endlessly cataloguing these recorded sound journals at the Tesla Institute and have been able to, within a 99% certainty, pinpoint man's existence on the Earth, as well as eavesdrop in on historically significant moments such as the discovery of fire, the wheel, the first written tablets in Mesopotamia, Judaism, Moses reading the Ten Commandments, 9

Six Sixes by Joseph Grant

Christ's birth, early life and teachings, the preaching on the Mount, the Crucifixion, the spread of the Gospels throughout the known world, the sounds of the Renaissance, the Black Plague, Salem Witch Trials, the Crimean War, Slave auctions, Civil War battles raging, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, Custer's Last Stand, the rise of Hitler and Stalin, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, the Kennedy and King Assassinations, Watergate, 9/11 as well as the absurdities of human nature, such as a man slipping on an icy road and cursing his misfortune in Boston, 1775. As the original, authentic religious teachings become much clearer, scientists from the international community have been at odds with the spiritual leaders, rabbis, Catholic clergy and even Vatican representatives who have all descended upon the Institute and have expressed reservation on the veracity of the spoken record, as they are at times in direct conflict with time-honored and widely-accepted accounts, while a few prelates have formally requested the suppressing of any further findings that in their view, could lead to radicalism or unrest throughout the world and in some cases, certain leaders have expressed an interest in having the


information destroyed altogether. Recently, there have been those who have protested that this scientific discovery is the latest attempt by the secular community to cast stones of religious doubt at faith as a whole, but others don't see it that way. One scientist who would speak to us only on the basis of anonymity, commented: "We hear talk about the US Government shutting the Project down, as they're working very closely with the Vatican as well as other world leaders to quash this thing because it goes against all the known teachings when all it does is give us scientists a kick in the teeth and once and for all proves the existence of God, scientifically that is, supports the Bible and Koran as historical records and yet, to paraphrase Voltaire, God is speaking to an audience right now who is afraid to listen‌ how sad and yet, how human, really."


Six Sixes by Joseph Grant

The Ex You can stop comparing me to him, we don’t even look the same. I’m a white boy and he is a Spaniard, our hair, face, heights and accents are totally different, a world apart. I will never be your ex and no, that does not mean I will never break up with you, it just means I am not him, so get over him and the fact that I am me. You said you hated him and couldn’t stand him but yet you feel the compulsion to still bring his dopey ass up all the time. You said once he was your everything and it took you a long time to get over him. Why you never ever once saw me as your everything still confounds me, but then again I will never be your everything because your everything obviously never loved you.


It’s All Relative It happened the same season they had the lousy track out at Santa Anita, a result of trying to cut costs and a poor deal to use synthetic cushion track instead of a high quality sandy loam, a deal brokered by Jimmy Nickels and an arrangement that ended up costing the racetrack millions in lost revenue when a rare Southern California rainfall failed to drain from the new racecourse. Jimmy Nickels was neither a happy or lucky man, as his subsequent offer to ship a truckload of white china across the Mexican Border to make up for his blunder at the track, was botched by the idiot trucker who took it upon himself to sweeten the pot by becoming a coyote and it was the stench of human waste that alerted the canines, as the china had been ingeniously hidden in crates of garlic, specially shipped down from Gilroy. The driver, who had been referred to Jimmy by a rehabilitated jockey who had once been a gang-banger in his youth, had not helped avoid suspicion by immediately taking off on foot into the 13

Six Sixes by Joseph Grant

darkness with his accomplice as soon as the locked truck was cut open and the illegals and the shipment seized. Among those caught in the sting was the brother-in-law to Juan Mendonez, the up-and-coming prince of the drug cartel and suffice it to say, Mendonez was pissed that his sister’s husband, a minor capo, had been picked up in such an obvious set-up. Jimmy Nickels had earned his mob nickname years before for the fact that when he pulled off his first hit, he not only executed the rival Puerto Rican drug trafficker as was contracted, but also iced the man’s wife and three young children, a particularly gruesome homicide even by standards of the most hard-boiled of New York City’s Homicide Division, who arrived at the carnage of the five dead bodies shortly afterward. As a result of the Border crossing snafu and the lost season at Santa Anita, collectively resulting in nearly half a billion dollars in vanished profits, Jimmy Nickels would never get to see another racing season, as the jockey with ties that stretched back to Mexico, got to him on strict orders of Juan Mendonez, before his associates in the New York organized crime organization got the chance.


Last Thoughts In the desert no one can hear you scream; I’ve learned that now. Tied to the roof of a burned-out De Soto , a teardrop in the sun, a blot in an ocean of sand. I should have never stopped to help that son of a bitch with the flat; but that’s who I am or was. I will be carrion for those creatures that start to circle overhead, hypnotizing me into a scorching torpor. I realize they will find my bones, sun bleached and brittle after being picked clean and if they are not scattered by the winds. In the desert, no one can hear you die.


Six Sixes by Joseph Grant

Six Sixes by Joseph Grant  
Six Sixes by Joseph Grant  

Six six-sentence stories by Joseph Grant.