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Hello! I’m Skyler. I like reading and talking to my friends. I’m a junior editor, wow, I’m grateful to be doing something I like… …join me inside. ``````````````

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Inside the issues of Sistah’s Café: ♦ ♦ ♦

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“Morning Brew” to get your day started right in the word of God. “Midday Tea” here to help you power up and get you through the day. “Evening Comfort” as the day is coming to an end evening comfort is here to remind you of the God of our peace, joy, love, faithfulness and even more, is forever present and will comfort you as you close the day in Him. Poetry/Creative Writing Embracing Wisdom Skyler’s Place (addressing questions from our young audience) Outreach, Fellowship and more…

Sistah’s Café…Here Café…Here to encourage you! …Sometimes we need a word of encouragement; one word from God can change our lives. Sometimes we

need to laugh, “Laughter is like a medicine” smoothing the pain; relief, I can make it now. Sometimes we need just a little reminder, wisdom imparted, a nudge that reminds us of who He is and allowing Him to be all that He is in us. Sometimes we need reminding; we are not alone, God has not forgotten us, He said “I am with you always…I will never live or forsake you.” The beauty of Sistah’s Café is that it is written to bring life to your world. The Word of God is Life. We invite you to spend time each month with us in the pages of this newsletter and let God bless you with what you have need of and spur you on to do His will each day. Our Love and Prayers ~SC ~

Morning Brew ~The aroma of fresh brew is filling the room; our cups are running over, we have good news~ Did you know you can live a worry free life? “I would like you to be free from concern” 1 Cor.7:32 Free from concerns comes in the package of a life in Christ; it is up to you to receive it. Every time a problem arises, I have the choice to worry or not. Look at it like this, in the field of life, balls are thrown our way but Jesus has stood in the out field by the way of the cross and caught everything we would ever face, so in life circumstances, when we face things of our own cause, or when Satan throws a ball filled with cares, see it like it is, every time; Jesus stretches out His hands and say, “I already got it!” Cast your cares on Him for he cares for you. 1Peter 5:7 ~ Encouraging your faith. ~ Subi~

~Midday Tea~ A Parrot’s Thanksgiving Shortly before Thanksgiving, a man was given a gift of a parrot for his birthday. Though he liked the parrot, it did have a foul mouth and a bad attitude. The man tried everything to try to clean up the parrot's language, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, one day, he couldn't take it anymore. In desperation, he grabbed the parrot, shoved him into the freezer, and shut the door. The bird squawked for a few minutes, but then grew very quiet. The man, afraid he had hurt the parrot, quickly opened the door. The parrot stepped onto his arm and said, "I believe I may have offended you with my rude language and actions. I am sincerely sorry and will correct my unacceptable behavior." The man was surprised, but very pleased. He was about to ask the bird what caused this change in attitude, when the parrot continued, and may I ask what the turkey did?" Reader’s Comments Sistah’s Café…“… Café… is encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring.”

“It was just what I needed to hear”

“Please keep them coming, I was so blessed.” Caller said, said “I know you don’t know me, but I had to call you and say, this was a blessing to me …just what I needed. Please keep writing and send me any of your work. A Ministry: “I support what you are doing, you have my prayers we desire to sow and help you in what you are doing.” Our blessings & thanks to the many of you, that’s Good News! Send us your comments Email:


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November 2009


Sistah’s Café Visit SC online: Join the fellowship and reach out to others!

Kind Words It’s not always easy to do and say the right thing when you are being challenged. A friend of a friend came over to the lunch table and asked to sit with us. I didn’t want to think of the worst when I saw her coming in our direction with her lunch; guess what, our table had available seating. We greeted and right a way she started talking, if only she would just have a silent lunch I thought, but no way. Not a kind or positive word in five minutes of her presence. Being me, I finally had enough. Not only that, but God’s word was tugging at my heart and a flash back to Sunday s lesson in youth church. “Kind words,” I thought, Kyria, did you know that your name means “honored woman or chosen lady” (I knew this because I was reading with my Aunt about names, she’s having a baby girl, (God obviously help me remember that name and meaning for this reason). It’s a beautiful name for such a beautiful person. She was taken by my kind words and said, “thank you, I guess what I said wasn’t very honorable huh?” “No, but you can work on that” I said and invited her to the next youth church. Wow, that worked! You are probably thinking, yes it worked. Here’s a scripture. “Whatsoever things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy think on such things.” Philippians 4:8 (so I paraphrased, its ok, God is not upset.) We had great lunch, she became an honorable friend. The choices are not always easy, but I am grateful for learning about and choosing kind words. • Loving you, Sistah’s Cafe Movie of the Month Skyler Have godly vision: Affirm Films “Faith like Potatoes”

~Sister -2 -Sistah~ A Sistah Challenge for you! Are U doing this? Set aside one day each month as a Sistah’s Appreciation Day. Choose a Sistah to honor, (include little Sistah occasionally) ~Pray for her ~Send them a Sistah’s Greeting Card ~Call them ~Go to breakfast, lunch or dinner ~Bring them to the next Sistah’s Fellowship

Join the Fellowship become a Sistah! 2010 Calendar to be posted Online

`aude’s aaturally 114 Wilson St. Dunn, North Carolina For Natural Products and Herbals Workshops also held at Maude’s Contact: Maude 910 892-2460 or Drop in! And have a great smoothie! Tell her hometown Author Sharon sent you by

We are praying for you at Sistah’s Café. Stop in let’s sup with him together, there is nothing impossible for our Father. When we call on Him, He answers. Pray with us daily!

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Artist Ibanda G. Roland Sample Greeting Card CIG Creating Cards with a mission!

. Featured Artist Ibanda Roland Jinja, Uganda Roland’s dream is to someday come to America and attend college. ABOUT I. G. Roland At the tender age of eight Roland began working numerous jobs to help support his disabled mother and siblings. His mother had sustained extensive injuries from an attack by robbers. In spite of his enormous responsibilities, Roland was a successful student. He completed secondary school and qualified for advanced level high school education in Uganda. Students in Uganda must pay for their high school education. Roland helped pay his tuition by working at the high school doing maintenance cleaning. Now a young man Roland is still pursuing his dream of coming to America to attend college - and to be able to grow his art and writing — through love. Email: For More information about Roland, his art and writing, please visit Sistah’s Café Helping Hands is using our resources to reach others on behalf of I.G. Roland and has made a list of things to aid him in reaching his dream to fulfill what God has for him. Look for his work in Sistah’s Café. visit Sistah’s Café Helping Hands is using our resources to reach others on behalf of I.G. Roland and has made a list of things to aid him in reaching his dream to fulfill what God has for him. Look for his work in Sistah’s Café. Visit Sistah’s Café Helping Hands is using our resources to reach others on behalf of I.G. Roland and has made a list of things to aid him in reaching his dream to fulfill what God has for him. Look for his work in Sistah’s Café.


Flower of the Month: Chrysanthemum “mum” Birthstone: Topaz National Inspirational Role Models Month Month (Though we as

Christians are celebrating Jesus everyday for being our inspiration and life, but take time to give thanks to God for those inspiring people He has given us.) 5 National Men Make Dinner Day 15I Love to Write Day 22-28 National Family Week 26 Thanksgiving Day (Give thanks unto the Lord and enjoy your family)

Framed Art Also Available! Visit online to see more.

Sistah’s Café Helping Hands Is Outreach Proverbs 31 Woman “…Extends her hand to the poor, and she stretches out her hands to the needy.”

Prov. 31:20 Give Your Best Gift Too often people think that giving a little isn’t a lot and too often people measure giving by the number or how much; giving by God’s standard is unlike man. I think we can sometimes miss the value of the gift by placing a numerical value to it even when it can be counted numerically. This kind of thinking can push us to compare, boast, and completely miss it with God’s blessings in this area. A few points here, (1) Do not minimize your gift or someone else’s. (2) Don’t hold back on your best gift, God didn’t. (3) Don’t take advantage of people that are willing to give. (4) Seek and listen to God concerning all things including, giving. (5) Have a pure heart in giving, and remember your giving is between you and God. ~Thank God for all the comforts of life we have and eternal life He provided for all through His giving~ read John 3:16 ~ Thanks to all that supports SC in helping others. SC ~Love goes beyond words~ Formal & Semi Formal Invitation Corporate Greetings

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Churches, Organizations, Business and Personal Order your Christmas Cards Today! Evening Comfort: Come to Him¸ there is no life without Him! That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. Romans 10:9-10

November 2009

Order Today! “God's Woman in her own destiny will take you back to your beginning place with God to start a heart to heart journey of truth and change to your very own ordained destiny. In this dynamic book you will get to know who you are created to be. You will be persuaded to join in love toward one another as women, because you are God's Woman. It is a book that both men and women can grow and become a godly example to the generations to come. In this book Sharon joins life experiences and truth to convey God's never forsaking presence and love. She also encourages you in being all of who you are through poetic meditations and enjoying time with God. Sharon gives you an opportunity to access and strengthen your spiritual life through personal time with God with intimate moments and scripture readings. God's woman is a book that reveals love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control through a day to day walk with God in real life situations and circumstances. Order:;;


ghe cen c of [is Tnointed fcribes When He speaks to my heart, I listen, I write….

jrite 4 [im Vafé A Prophetic Word A prophetic word was spoken to my ears. “Delayed but not denied” As I cried, while I was being tried. Tried by life’s circumstances and chances of me actually making it. There was a direction I was trying to go, but God’s prophetic word said, Oh no. He decided I hadn’t been through enough yet. To appreciate the blessing I was about to get.

Every Woman has the potential to be God’s Woman. Being God woman is being the woman that God purposed you to be, fulfilling your specific destiny. Jeremiah 29: 11 We have a pre-ordained purposed life (you and me). He equipped us with certain qualities to be successful in life. God purposed our lives to be good, peaceful, and hopeful in your final outcome. (Hope: looking to the future with confidence. We must develop genuine confidence about ourselves in Him if we are going to faithfully serve others and be godly Mothers, Sisters, Friends, Women, and Wives.

Genuine confidence: is not in ourselves or our abilities, it is in knowing God, “Knowing God as Father.” Now grab a copy of the book “God’s Woman”, and we will talk more next month…as we prepare ourselves for the years ahead.

Sharon D. Holliday Woman of God Poetess, Author, Speaker Telephone 919 596-1013 Facsimile 919 596-1013 P.O. Box 13093, Durham, NC 27709

He delayed what I wanted to happen immediately. He had other attributes he wanted to seed in me. His prophetic word whispered patience to me. I have great plans for your destiny. When God is challenging our faith while taking us through. We become easily frustrated without a clue. There is always something so much bigger on the other side for us. If we exhalt God and continually trust. “Listen and analyze what you hear so you do not miss your divine destiny” Josciaa Maree Expressions

Give thanks each day unto the Lord for all His goodness. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us. Please do not copy or use any of the writer’s work without written (signed) permission of the author. Sistah’s Café is Creative Words Publications© 2009

© 2009

jrite 4 [im Vafé A Story from Africa

The Wise Bird & Foolish Hunter by Ibanda G. Roland Jinja Uganda Long time ago, there lived a man in the dense forests of Africa. He was a hunter and ate wild animals and birds. He had a dog, spears, bow and arrows, nets and many other hunting tools. He woke up very early in the morning as usual to go and get food. He and his dog sought hours for food but, unfortunately, he was unable to locate any animals because it rained so heavily. He sensed something different this day. He and the dog walked over and stood under a dark tree waiting for the rain to stop. While under this tree, he saw a bird resting on the branch above, he walked in silence and caught the bird amazingly in his hands. He was very excited because he had got what he wanted, food to eat with his dog that day. The bird screamed and cried so much because this seemed like it was going to be the end of life for her. The bird begged the hunter to spare her life, “please let me go in peace.” But the hunter explained to her, he has no food for himself nor to give his dog, “I have no option but to eat you,” the hunter told her. We need food to survive. The hunter and his dog gladly prepared to eat the bird. Then the bird cried louder and she pleaded harder. She thought it was all in vain and accepted this would be the end. Suddenly she saw some insects flying, she cried wait! She asked the hunter, “please let me eat some insects before I died. They are right over there flying before me, and then I shall return to you hunter bigger and better, more for you and your dog.” The hunter hesitated, but she continued pleading and finally the hunter accepted. He let the bird fly to the near by tree to the insects before he killed her. But when she got to the branch, she told the hunter, “I am sorry I can’t let you have me for your meal, I still love my life just like you and your dog.” The hunter reminded her of the agreement they had just made, but the bird was not willing to return to the hunter. Foolishly, the hunter missed a meal that day. Then the hunter cried, but the bird asked him to know two things in life. 1. Never cry for what you cannot have in life. 2. Some treasures are meant to keep, when you lose it, perhaps you will not have it again. After these words, the bird flew away leaving the hunter and his dog in tears. They both went home disappointed and hungry and the hunter prayed that he would have wisdom the next time he and his dog hunt for food, because this day he unwisely lost his hunt.


2009 IGR

All rights reserved please do not copy this story without written permission signed by the author and publication.

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November 2009


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Sistah's Cafe Newsletter November 2009  
Sistah's Cafe Newsletter November 2009  

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